The Virgin Mary's Prophecies, Warnings

   and Exhortations Given to Fr. Gobbi

                   The Marian Movement of Priests


                 Garabandal           The Warning, the Great Miracle, the Chastisement  full length documentary 56 min.

                                           actual footage from the 1961-5 apparitions.


Virgin Mary's Prophecies and building her Army of Little Ones      19+ min. 

The initial overview of God's answer to what is coming as the great battle for humanity unfolds.

More Prophecies from the Blessed Virgin Mary given to Fr. Gobbi & commentary  24 min. 

2nd installment of early prophecies and how they are being fulfilled

March 2013 the Virgin Mary's Prophecies the First Sign Confusion           31 min.   

Prophecies of the Virgin Mary the 2nd Sign, the Lack of Discipline from Fr. Gobbi, The Marian Movement of Priests  18 min. 

Prophecies of the Virgin Mary, The 3rd Sign, Division         25 min.

Virgin Mary gives Fr. Gobbi the 4th sign, the Persecution of the Church    16 min.

267 Why I Wanted You Here. Our Mother discusses the Battles with the Red Dragon and the Black Beast         27 min.    

Jesus in the Eucharist Our Mother Foretells the Coming Eucharistic Reign of her Son 19min

He Loved Them to The End. The coming of the Eucharistic Reign of Jesus   20 min.  

The New Jerusalem the Virgin Mary describes the path with the trials, the black beast and the Saints         20 min.

The Mark on the Forehead and the Hand explained by the Virgin Mary     25 min.    

The Holy Spirit Will Come the Virgin Mary tells of the 2nd Pentecost and the Warning  19 min

The Hour of the Holy Spirit as told to Fr. Gobbi by Virgin Mary for the Coming Trials 13 min

How it Makes His Divine Heart Suffer! A Grave Warning and the Cup of Wrath   10  min.

Marian Prophecy It is not given for all to understand     12 min.     

Prophecies of the Virgin Mary from Fr. Gobbi on China and Russia from Fatima and more, plus an analysis of the prophecy unfolding now.  9 min.


                                               Other Videos

Medugorje,(English) June 2014, Ivan one of the Visionaries tells his story  

Medugorje June 2014 the Visionary Vicka reveals Our Mothers Plan           27 min.  

Adoration Medugorje Beautiful International Service June 17      65 min.    

French Virgin Mystics, a quick look at 6 visionaires and their importance spiritually and prophetically today           25 min.


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