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                  A Walk thru the Stars and Time


                                  ALTAR OF TEARS  

      Scroll down to the bottom for the Table of Contents, this story begins before Genesis and continues through the Bible and into the present and  looks at the future. I would recommend to first pray for wisdom and guidance from the Holy Spirit.     from Proverbs;1:20 Wisdom cries without;    she utters her voice in the streets:1:22 How long, simple ones, will you love simplicity? and the scorners delight in their scorning,  and fools hate knowledge? 1:23 Turn you at my reproof:  behold, I will pour out my spirit unto you, I will make known my words unto you.

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Letter Archbishop Sartan 3 -23 -2015

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God sows the seeds in the 20th Century, and the days of Noah began    1/16/15

The Woman Clothed with the Sun   8/29  15 min.

Here Must Appear the Constancy of the Saints. Warnings about the mark of the Beast and the Beasts from the book of Revelation  8/17 15 min.

Spiritual Warfare the Battle with the devil and his servants                 8/9      17 min.

Why Am I Still Weeping the Blood is Flowing & the Apostasy is growing    21  min.    7/28

The Sword the Blood and the Wall where Scripture Prophecy and Life are Colliding  7/20

There Will Be Peace the Virgin Mary's promise to the World from Fr. Gobbi    10 min.     7/11

Marie-Julie Jahenny 1850-1941 The Stigmatist and the Future French King 

Archived videos of the Virgin Mary's Prophecies, warnings and solutions

DNA the Divine Molecule video   17 min.  8/3

New old World Order and their Eugenics Operation  A letter sent to all U.S. Bishops   6/23

A response to an author downplaying the sex scandal                              1/17/12

The Truth and the Light a letter to Vatican Cardinal Turkson   6/2/11

 A Letter sent to all the U. S. Bishops              4/15/11       

A Letter to the Pope written in St. Peter's Square 11/27/10

The Comfortable Cross      7/8/10      

View Seattle University school paper     7/8/10

Working Together in Preparation for the Storm  6/10 

Some Signs of the Times              6/10

The Rosa Mystica  apparitions from Montichiari & Fontinelle

A Few Thoughts on the Time mag. NWO article  2/12

 Table of Contents  

   Click on the Chapters (white letters) and use your back button or the links at the end of the chapters to navigate.            

EVERYTHING HAS ITS TIME                         Ecclesiastes  3.1-8    

A WALK IN THE STARS              a story about the Creators laboratory 

DNA the Divine Molecule     brief discussion

A WALK THRU TIME    a quick walk thru time      

ABRAHAM             the first king, the covenant  

Jacob becomes Israel                           rough draft   

JOSEPH      the 2nd king, his story related to today  

MOSES     the 3rd king, his story related to today

DAVID      the 4th king, his story related to today

OLD TESTAMENT PROPHETS                    Elijah, Jeremiah, Isaiah, ...

JESUS CHRIST       the Messiah and 5th king         


JOAN of ARC      her story and go to the Basilica (pictures)

MICHEL NOSTRADAMUS 7 chapters Bio &1568 "Les Propheties"

The Education        17 chapters starts in 1960s and goes through 1999

ALTAR OF TEARS           story about the altar

The Church and other visionaries 11 chapters Fatima, Garabandal, etc.

2001 and 2002 Chapters        13 chapters    9-11, Europe, etc.

Other New Chapters through 2006  12 chapters

2006-7 Chapters and articles

a few Miscellaneous articles 2008

MY PROPHECIES AND WARNINGS          predictions and warnings   

TOMORROW               a brief talk about the future   

LAWS AND TRUTHS                  Laws and truths for the 3rd millennium

The Bible     King James Version from 1611 & The New American Standard

BOOK OF REVELATION        Book of Revelation

PEACE PLAN              God's simple Peace Plan

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The Bible verses are from the King James Version 1611 edtion, I am using the 1568 edition of Les Propheties by Michel Nostradamus,  For translation I'm using Le Robert & Collins Super Senior, a Cassell's French Dictionaries along with a Le Robert Dictionnaire Historique De La Langue Francaise. Latin and other's are from the University of Montana Library.  I have pictures in Jesus, Joan of Arc, Alaska, Michel Nostradamus, Altar of Tears, Fatima, Forty two, Sept. 11, and France 2001 so far.  (must be less than10 lines and no anonymous  e-mails and please put the word Jesus in the subject line to get past the spam filter. Thanks

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Why Pope Francis Is Obsessed With Mary

Fr. Z also notes the real Pope Francis effect: Faithful Catholics are taking their religion back

The L.A. Religious Congress Dancy Hand-Clappy Didgeridoo Mass

On the priest’s perspective at Mass

Havana Bp. Petit-Vergel: Castro gov't only permits 400 priests for 11 million people

Oklahoma Tornado Leaves Cross in Its Wake

Dean of Catholic U of St. Thomas Defends Internship with Pro-Abortion Group, Alumnus Responds

Vatican Blasts ISIS for ‘Repulsive and Damnable Atrocities’                3/28

Vatican’s doctrine chief: ‘Absolutely anti-Catholic’ to let bishops conferences decide doctrine or discipline

Francis-Obama to discuss: caring for the marginalized and the poor; advancing economic opportunity; serving as good stewards of the environment; protecting religious minorities, promoting religious freedom, welcoming immigrants

Vatican cardinal tells German bishops: We can’t adapt the faith to the times like Christians did under the Nazis

Heavy firings, downsizing in Abp. Cupich's new Chicago. Seminary shake-ups

‘Groundbreaking’: Kansas may become first state to ban dismemberment abortions

10 Things Catholics Don't Have to Believe

Pro-life march draws half-million participants in Peru

Firebomb tossed at pro-lifers outside Texas abortion clinic: no injuries, no major-media coverage

20-Week Ban: Pro-Lifers pray, get arrested outside GOP Speaker Boehner's Office

BBC Less Tolerant of Climate Skeptic Than of Pedophile              3/27

St. Gabriel Archangel

Romero teaches Church is called to speak out clearly on injustice of our time: the traffic of human beings, uncontrolled sale of arms, wars to seize natural resources, the spreading phenomenon of corruption, the ruthlessness of hidden powers of finance, the unscrupulous works of multinationals?!

Hundreds of Priests in England and Wales urge Vatican Synod to end confusion over Marriage and Sexuality

Vatican Must Intervene to Stop The Death Of Catholic Universities In America

Japanese archbishop says decline in Catholic population reflects crisis for faith

Woman throws molotov cocktail at pro-life activists outside Planned Parenthood

Episcopal Lady Bishop Jefferts: 'Climate change denial is immoral'

Franklin Graham: When US Rejects Bible 'End Is Near'

Left Stunned By Disturbing Ultrasounds Showing How Unborn Babies React In The Womb To Mothers Smoking                                       3/25

Vatican To Clear Knights Templar After 700 Years

Pope Francis condemns gender theory a third time: ‘The family is under attack’

Bishop backs Catholic school’s removal of teacher over pro-marriage Facebook comments: cites Pope Francis

Report: 2 ‘underground’ priests arrested in China

Cultural decline: Americans and church are growing further apart

Drag Show to Celebrate Sinful Lifestyle at Catholic University of San Diego

Yoga Stations of the Cross at Holy Family, Pasadena!

Charges dropped against the 'Catholic Warrior' who pulled down Florida Satanic display                                 3/24

St. Catharine of Sweden, Virgin

Francis at Prison: The small fish are in prison, while the big ones are outside swimming freely

Capital punishment never justified, Pope argues

Amid arrests and protests, bishop linked to abuser priest takes over in Chile

That's not Catholic and not what Francis wants! - Boise Bp. Christensen slams senator for protesting Hindu prayers

After public appearance in St. Louis cancelled at Vatican request, Medjugorje 'seer' holds private event

Texas ‘Bathroom Bill’ Criminalizes Entering Facility Of Opposite Sex

Senate Democrats block bill to aid victims of human trafficking, insist on abortion funding

Why Planned Parenthood’s Margaret Sanger Shouldn’t Be on the $20 Bill

Veteran Journalist: ‘Gay Rights Sharia’ Has Silenced Common Sense       3/23

Pope to Dine with Gay, Transgender Inmates

No murder charges for woman who ripped baby from mom’s womb? Colorado voters have only themselves to blame

Who's pro-life at Notre Dame?

Senate Democrats block bill to aid victims of human trafficking, insist on abortion funding

Illinois CCD teachers face felony child-porn charges

Woman Raised by Lesbian Couple: 'I Ached Every Day For a Dad'


RISE OF ROBOT ROMANCE                        3/21

St. Cyril Of Jerusalem

Pope Francis: A Society Without Children Is ‘Sad and Gray’

Vatican Diary / The two-step of the Argentine pope

The tide is turning against the porn industry. And they’re scared.

Priest arrested for exorcisms on anorexic girl

Muslim Cattle Herders Kill 82 in Christian Village                         3/19

Francis: Who are you to shut the door of mercy for someone?

Vatican: no papal endorsement for LGBT Catholic video

Australian authorities charge Bishop of Adelaide with concealing child sex abuse

Christianity Today runs article praising eugenicist Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger: ignores history

China will not budge on appointment of bishops without Vatican approval, AsiaNews director writes

Speaker at L.A. archdiocese conference says Catholic teaching on homosexuality is ‘abusive’ and ‘gravely evil’

British Girls Raped by Muslim Gangs on "Industrial Scale"

Presbyterian Church Approves of Homosexual ‘Marriage;’ Presbyteries Revolt

Is Technology A New Religion That Will Take Over The World?  Yes & No    3/18

Pope Francis Appoints Homosexual Pederast Voyeur As Bishop And Ignores Outrage And Demands To Rescind It From Faithful

Pope's zero tolerance for pedophiles faces test in Chile

ISIS Fighter Converts to Christianity After Allah Refuses Him

Pro-choice, pro-LGBT activist headlines feminism week at Catholic university

Christian school told to have Muslim imam lead assemblies

New Report Confirms Christians in Britain Face Widespread Discrimination

Activists: Schools must teach sex consent to kindergartners

Pedophilia in Britain ‘woven into the fabric of society’ – Theresa May

Reform Jewish rabbis install 1st openly lesbian leader

Porn belongs in the classroom, says Danish professor              3/16

USA Today: Latin Mass resurgent 50 years after Vatican II

China cool to Vatican proposal for compromise on selection of bishops

Cardinal vs. Cardinal - I stand with the one who will resist because he stands with Christ!

San Francisco Catholic Students Slam Morality Clauses In Latest Protest, Say Archbishop Is Out Of Step

‘I did not create my life’: Super Bowl champion with ALS speaks against Maryland’s assisted suicide bill

Attacks on religious sisters in Haiti

WATCH: Prominent London Church ‘Illegally’ Hosts Muslim Prayers

‘We say no!’: Liberal MPP shuts down Scarborough meeting as hundreds of parents challenge Wynne’s sex ed

Having sold mansion he built, Atlanta's Archbishop Gregory completes move to more modest residence

Breitbart Exclusive: Syria’s Christians Plead for Help from U.S. and Europe


Gay activist: Of course our goal is to ‘indoctrinate children into LGBTQ agenda’

Corporations have been taken over by the sexual left and Christian employees among them are on notice.

‘Catholic’ Gay Rights Org Taps Obama-Approved Bully Dan Savage as Keynote Speaker                                     3/14

Modernists attempt to re-write Scripture and early Church history to their own benefit. Is there a similarity in some recent papal statements?

Vatican Secretary of State outlines goals of Holy See's diplomacy

Cardinal vs Cardinal: We can’t ignore Christ’s teaching on marriage!

Roman Exorcist Says the Battle Against Evil Begins In the Family

Two Elderly Christian Women Defy ISIS as Iraqi Ghost Town’s Only Residents

Company Seeks to Harvest Organs From Aborted Babies

Oklahoma House Approves Bill Shifting Marriage Licenses from State to Clergy

Sorry folks. Contraception access increases abortions. And here’s the proof.

First Muslim College in US to Gain Accreditation

Supreme Court asked to hear $200 million Planned Parenthood fraud case

‘Star Wars’ to Introduce First Gay Character                        3/12

Number of Eucharistic Adoration chapels jumps

Sts. Perpetua and Felicity, Martyrs

French cardinal dismisses government's plan to counter Islamic radicals by teaching secularity

Italian bishop protests trend to censor Christianity

Christians to storm Boehner office for massive sit-in

La Salette Revisited: Satan’s Head and Mary’s Heel

How can Catholic teachers in Ontario teach morality, when OECTA supports the "...homosexual experience"?

Supreme Court vacates ruling against Notre Dame in contraceptive-mandate case

France: Extramarital Dating Site Unsettles the Land of Discreet Affairs

Confessions of a Gay Jesuit:                    3/10

Francis Commemorates New Authentic Paul VI Mass, Slams Self-Interested Money Changers

Francis biographer Tablet's Ivereigh: Pope has no Synod agenda, doesn't support Kasper Proposal

NYT Ends Two-Year Love Affair with Pope Francis

Teen spends 45 minutes dead after drowning, miraculously recovers following family prayers

11-Year-Old Children to be Taught How to Consent to Sex Under Guise of Rape Prevention

These Florida crisis pregnancy clinics have astonishing 90% success rate with abortion-minded women

UC Berkeley Scholars’ New Tome: ‘Reproductive Justice’

Archbishop reacts after historically Catholic, black university honors Eric Holder and Mary Landrieu

George Washington University YAF Smeared as Hate Group for Asking for Resisting LGBT Sensitivity Training

St. John Joseph of the Cross: Model of Charity and Humility

La Salette Revisited: Satan’s Head and Mary’s Heel

San Francisco city officials, most Catholic-school teachers, challenge archbishop's policy

Italy's bishops help the poor through a 'Loan for Hope' microcredit

Investigative Organizations Address Denials Made by Catholic Relief Services

Are kids just as well off with same-sex parents? Maybe not, studies say

ABCFAMILY 'THE FOSTERS' Creators Defend 13 Year-Old Gay Male Kiss

World’s First Three-Gay Marriage!                       3/6

Pope backs Secretariat for Economy in bid for Vatican reform

Francis: God Loves Sinners, But He Hates Those Holy Hypocrite Pretenders A Thousand Times Worse

Wisconsin diocese raising funds to handle spike in number of seminarians

Cardinal Wuerl on the Synod: 'There will always be diversity of opinion in the church'

Russian foreign minister condemns rising anti-Christianity in the West

Canada's Supreme Court Creates Right to Assisted Suicide, Leaves Details Up to Parliament

No more theology at Marquette University

Study finds maternal health statistics best where abortion is restricted

Government docs show Catholic Relief Services ran abortifacient-pushing sex-ed program in Kenya                              3/4

Pope Francis attacks 'throw-away culture'

Money is 'devil's dung'

Will there be an ecology department at the Roman Curia after reform?

Fr. Theodore M. Hesburgh (1917-2015) dies, pray for his soul

UK Midwives Left With $500,000 Legal Bill After Court Forces Them to Assist in Abortions

Man with '666' tattoo stabs man in church

Spiritual leader 'manipulated 400 men into removing testicles so they could be closer to God'                          3/2

Vatican condemns leaking of documents showing power struggle

US Bishops’ Comms Chair Welcomes Government Takeover of Internet

Government to Shut Down Christian School Where Students Were Branded ‘Bigots’

MMR vaccines contain cells from aborted human babies

South Carolina college scrutinized for 'biblical' stance on homosexuality     2/28

St. Porphyrius

Francis to the mafia: “External expressions of piety don’t make you true believers”

Of angels and demons

This man won’t be bullied: Bravo Archbishop Cordileone!

US bishops' spokesman welcomes FCC vote on 'internet neutrality'

Islamic State begins killing hostages; 5,000 Christians flee in Syria

ISIS Abducts 220 Christian Civilians, Burns Two Churches in Syria

Planned Parenthood rep: young girls who sext have done ‘nothing wrong’

That time NARAL held a protest in an empty room                         2/27

St. Polycarp, bishop and martyr

Lent is a time of spiritual combat, Pope emphasizes

Pope calls for public conversion of those involved in organized crime

Pro-Lifers Work For Satan, According to Rev. Rosica

Holistic Christian families now criminalized in America; parents having to flee with children

US Names First Envoy for 'Human Rights of LGBT Persons'

VA Secretary Admits He Falsely Claimed Service in Special Forces           2/24

Cardinal Bergoglio on the celebration of the Mass

IMPORTANT! Francis says "Reform of the Reform" is "mistaken".
"Traditionalist" seminarians criticized, Pope says their "imbalances" are manifested in their celebration of the liturgy

Was Pope Francis warning against bishops ordaining ‘traditionalist’ seminarians?

Vatican pension fund insists finances are in decent shape

Report: 30% of Kenyan vaccine samples contained sterility-inducing antigen

Obama tells faith-based groups they must refer refugee children for abortions

Euro bishops slam rise of conservative nationalist parties who reject Muslim nightmare

Vatican commissioner for Franciscans of the Immaculate refuses to issue court-arbitrated retraction, launches counter-suit

Things I trust more than the Catholicity of Fr. Thomas Rosica's theology

A group of Chilean Priests demand the resignation of a new Bishop, accusing him of covering up for a prominent priest who sexually abused altar boys

La Stampa slams Hong Kong Cd. Zen, claims he's obstructing Chinese reconcilitation

The Synod on the Family and the heresy of eroticism

More free condoms, lubricant for underage kids as UK expands condom ‘credit card’ program

Mysterious 'Demonic' Ring Eating Away Boy's Finger                2/21

Pope Francis: "The issue of married priests is in my agenda."

Vatican Press Office Threatens Legal Action Against Faithful Canadian Blogger!

Assoc. of U.S. Catholic Priests to USCCB: Make Confession More Available!

Catholic Pamphlet About Sexuality, Morality Upsets Parents in San Francisco

Nigerian bishop: US won’t help us fight Boko Haram because of their population control agenda in Africa

“Philippine Francis” Cardinal Luis Tagle, cancels Ash Wednesday fast for Chinese New Year

An Open Egg Donor, I chose my son by clicking and unclicking a series of boxes, not unlike online dating.

This is Gabriel. His mom aborted him…then changed her mind. And that’s when the incredible happened.

Daily Beast Champions Satanic Cults to Save Religious Freedom

Seattle High School Eliminates Gender From Graduation Ceremony

Report: SF school distributes pamphlets about sodomy, masturbation UPDATED

New Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf Once Escorted Women To Abortions

Huge mob of teens rushes theater after being denied entrance to R-Rated ‘Fifty Shades’
Unbelievable, but true: Famed abortionist compared himself to Nazis who worked in concentration camps                2/19

Be pure of heart, Pope says in message to youth

Pope's Pseudo-Embrace of the Poor All About Control

Will this be the year the media turns on Pope Francis?

NYC St. Patrick’s Parade rejects pro-life group as gay activists prepare to march

Vatican economic reform plans meeting resistance, leading Italian journalist reports

The times are dire. So where are the priests we desperately need to lead us?

Gov. Jindal, local Bishop, Halt Construction of Abortion Clinic in New Orleans

Rev. Graham: 'Storm is Coming'

‘You can be Christian, or you can be successful’: how leftists are (successfully) working to squeeze us out

Five-Year-Olds To Get Sex Education To Stop Child Grooming Gangs       2/18

Pope Francis Denounces ISIS Slaughter: ‘Their Blood Confesses Christ’

Pope Francis Tells New Cardinals to Avoid Pride and Self-Interest

Vatican mulling new department to tackle environmental issues

Jesuit university ends staff abortion coverage, cites Church’s ‘unequivocal’ teaching

Vatican’s finance czar reports $1.5 billion in hidden assets

How Planned Parenthood tried to hijack the pro-life movement’s greatest weapon—and failed

Box Office: Feminists Whipped & Sodomized Over Valentine’s Day Weekend

St. Saturninus and Companions (martyrs)

Cardinals, archbishops, and even an African king urge Pope to defend the faith at the family synod

Typical new US religious: 37-year-old cradle Catholic with 3 or more siblings

CNN ANCHOR: Rights Come from Man, Not God

Irish archbishop raps religious orders for slow implementation of sex-abuse policies

The Quiet Christian Insurgency in the Middle East

Abortion advocates definitely do not like the word ‘dismemberment’

Scott Walker’s Possible 2016 Run Hits Pro-Life Speed Bump

Scott Walker ‘Punts’ on Evolution Question

Middle School Students Given Explicit ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Puzzles

BOX: '50 SHADES' Breaks Record in France

CBS to Create ‘Transgender’ Legal Drama, Starring Laverne Cox            2/13

Our Lady Of Lourdes

RORATE EXCLUSIVE: Open letter by Archbishop on the crisis in the Church

Clear signs the Franciscans of the Immaculate are dying

Vatican: Homily should not be an abstract or moralist sermon

'C9' prepares to brief College of Cardinals on Curial reform

Some Vatican offices resisting economic reforms, cardinal reports

In today’s Church, a seminarian who doesn’t have an interest in learning both forms of the Mass is a bit like a fellow who dreams of becoming a parking valet but who refuses to learn to drive a standard transmission

Parolin: in a world marked by conflicts we need more dialogue

Gallup: Americans want stricter abortion laws; satisfaction with current policy plummets

Uh oh: AP gay ‘marriage’ poll suggests all’s not well in the land of tolerance and progressivism

Chinese prelate held in secret for 14 years dies at age 94              2/12

POPE: Devil is root of jealousy, war

Pope Francis: The Devil Is a Family Wrecker

Wenski: Catholics working for justice is not ideology but the gospel

Gallup: Only 34% ‘Satisfied’ With Abortion Policies, Want Stricter Laws

Pope Francis Backs Slovakia's Referendum Against Same-Sex Marriage

Pope Francis: Apply Rule of Law When Dealing with Immigrants

Pope says; 'All of us are on this road and we are travelling towards the land where we will all end up'?

Card. Burke: 'Liturgy is absolutely the first act of the New Evangelization.'

WH: Obama Wanted to Be Provocative in Criticism of Christianity

Rev. Franklin Graham Blasts Obama’s ISIS-Christian Moral Equivalency

UN: Islamic State Selling, Crucifying, Burying Children Alive

Planned Parenthood celebrates history of killing millions of unborn black babies for Black History Month                    2/8

Vatican Bank may be too corrupt for Pope Francis to save: Posner

Pope Frances Endorses Ban on Same-Sex Marriage

The Catholic Church’s Terri Schiavo scandal

Chaldean patriarch decries divisions, other problems within Church

If All the Saints Were like Oscar Romero, Would We Have Utopia?


Report: Islamic State opens market to sell plundered Christian property

Do we really want to restrict the medical profession to doctors who are willing to kill?

The future is now!: Virtual reality Porn, ‘Smart’ Toys, and Avatar sex Nearly Market-ready                            2/6

Vatican urges UN: do not ignore attacks on Christian women and girls

Minnesota archdiocese lists $45 million in assets, over $100 million in potential liabilities, in bankruptcy filing

Mom wakes up 4 hours before life support yanked 'Miraculous' recovery from coma after limbs turned black, body began to fail

UN-Socialist Chilean President Moves to Legalize Abortion

UK gvmt to faith schools: promote homosexuality and other religions or face closure

Religion, Eugenics, and Three Parent Babies

Cousins worried about being separated commit joint suicide at Swiss clinic: weren’t terminally ill

20% Sex Scenes: ‘50 Shades of Grey’ Raunchiest Film in a Decade, Nudity SIte Says

LBGT Demands For Other People's Children Are Misogynistic

Bakery to pay same-sex couple up to $150,000 Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries determines discrimination

Iceland to build first Norse gods temple since Vikings               2/4

EPA's McCarthy on global warming encyclical: We're not trying to influence its contents, only 'provide information'

Vatican conference addresses evangelization in Europe

Vatican Calls Plastic Surgery ‘a Burqa Made of Flesh’

Egypt's new government allows Christians to build new churches, ending years of opposition

Cuba Allows Construction of First Catholic Church Since 1959

ICE: We Have ‘Special Housing Unit’ in L.A. For ‘Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Detainees’                 2/2

Woman who chose life after brutal rape at 12 has no regrets; says her daughter was worth the pain

Catholic Relief Services ‘looking into’ charge that it helped develop sex program pushing Planned Parenthood

Christian school attacked in Pakistan

Obama administration seeks pope’s help on climate change

Egypt's new government allows Christians to build new churches, ending years of opposition

State Dept: Muslim Brotherhood US Trip ‘Organized and Funded’ by Georgetown University                            1/31

Planned Parenthood down to 666 clinics

Media black out 200,000 marching Americans News outlets slammed for ignoring massive pro-life event

Bible survives Muslim mob attack on churches 'Can you imagine the international outcry if this were the Quran?'

Report: Middle Schoolers Arrested After ‘Sex Party’ Recorded on Phones

School Makes Two Dozen Children Drop Pants After Feces Found on Floor

Two Planned Parenthood workers who taught high school sex-ed revealed to be sex-toy instructor and ‘pleasure activist’                                1/30

This pro-life story made bishops, cardinals, and a papal nuncio rise to their feet cheering, along with 15,000 teens

Pope laments absence of fathers from families

Bishop Oscar Cantú defends CCHD-funded pro-abort group

The Shemitah: The Biblical Pattern Which Indicates That A Financial Collapse May Be Coming In 2015

Great caution should be used by those in the hierarchy of the Church when addressing scientifc theories

Obama admin tops list of ‘Dirty Dozen’ porn promoters

Breitbart Report: Texas Islamic Tribunal Dispenses Shariah Law

Church burned down in India

How yesterday’s sextremists shaped today’s sex ed

Death-penalty opponents excluded from jury in 'Marathon bombing' trial

‘Quartet of Truth’: Adult children of gay parents testify against same-sex ‘marriage’ at 5th Circuit                              1/28

Catholic Relief Services promoting abortifacient contraception, masturbation, and homosexuality in Rwanda

Francis welcomes in private audience same-sex "couple": transexual "former woman" and "wife"

Chinese bishop says Church should take initiative to end conflict with Beijing

Bishop Silences German Priest for Speaking at PEGIDA Rally

Should the West take on Nigeria's terrorists? Bishops say yes

China planning illicit ordination of more bishops for 'official' Church?

Google Fined Over Abortion Ads as Putin Pushes Values

Feminism’s self-defeating about-face on porn

In first-ever speech to Duma, Russian patriarch calls for total abortion ban

GOP’s Abortion Barbie causes a meltdown - of more than just the GOP

No longer science fiction: Aborted human fetuses harvested to grow kidney organs in rats for transplantation into human patients       

Jesuit Priest Says ‘No Thanks’ to Whipping in Place of Raif Badawi

Philippine Government: Homeless Were Hidden in Resorts, Not Jails, for Pope Visit

Couples to Have Sex in a Box for TV Series                      1/26

Video: Francis shows no remorse for cruel rebuke of pregnant woman with 7 children      and even more about some of his actions

Pope Francis Shocks Liberals on Same-Sex “Marriage”

Abp. Cupich: People ask me if I like what the pope is saying. I say, 'Yeah, but I've been saying this for forty years.'

Could a US priest face jail for refusing to break confession seal?

Scientists moving closer to harvesting organs from aborted babies

GOP Caves on Abortion Bill as March for Life Kicks Off

…SHOCK POLL: Two-thirds who identify as ‘pro-choice’ want abortion banned after first trimester

Democrat, feminist, atheist – the growing face of the pro-life movement

House Passes Bill to Completely Ban Taxpayer Funding of Abortions          1/23

St. Agnes, Virgin, Martyr

Pope Francis walks back ‘rabbit’ remarks,’ praises large families

Pope Francis Making New Sins Which Conflict With Old Ones

Blessed Sacrament Hosts Lost in Mud: Philippine Conference Defends Mega-Mass

S. African Cardinal Slams Obama’s SOTU

New York Times Wants to Force Nursing Homes to Starve Alzheimer's Patients to Death

Bill: Catch Trans Student in Wrong Bathroom, Win $2,500

Christian School Forced to Close As Inspectors Brand Children ‘Bigots’ for Not Knowing What a Muslim Is                       1/22

Minnesota archdiocese files for bankruptcyMinnesota archdiocese files for bankruptcy

Mom has only months to live after delaying chemo to save unborn child, but she ‘wouldn’t change anything’

The twisted medicine of immoral America: Killing your baby is a choice; protecting your baby is a crime

Missouri bishop objects to Catholic hospitals' choice to extend employee benefits to same-sex partners

How can there be a “6 million people Mass”?

Was the Eucharist “Desecrated” At a Papal Mass in the Philippines?

Catholic Charities And CCHD - Their Scandal Counts Are Ever Mounting

'Designer babies' debate should start, scientists say

“The DHS has come and stolen our kids from us under the guise of ‘protecting our children,’”                                                   1/19

THE HOLY ROSARY: Ultimate Liturgy

Pope Francis criticizes gay marriage, backs ban on contraception

Pope says 'ideological colonization' threatens traditional family

Minnesota archdiocese files for bankruptcy

Bankruptcy court approves reorganization plan for Montana diocese

Ten reasons to reject Wynne’s sex education curriculum

Chicago Strip Club Awarded for ‘Improving Neighborhood’

Duke Nixes Plan to Use Chapel Tower for Muslim Prayer Call

Plans Floated for Britain’s first ‘Gay School’

Supreme Court to decide if states can ban gay marriage            1/17

Archbishop argues against change in Northern Ireland abortion law

Russian parliamentarian proposes near-total ban on abortion – but will it pass?

Christian florist who turned down gay wedding faces ruin

Neuroscience has proved that porn is literally making men’s brains more childish. Seriously.

Singing, Dancing Genitalia in Swedish Kids’ TV Show Stirs Debate

'Pleasure activist' teaches sex-ed to 13-year-olds at high school          1/16

Papal Purge: Bishop Coadjutor Assigned to Traditional Diocese of Albenga-Imperia

This is What a Mess Looks Like

Rev. Graham: America increasingly embracing 'culture of death'

Archbishops say Church faces 'urgent' struggle to fill pews

Isil group in Libya claims mass kidnap of Christians

Japan’s Child Porn Comics Craze Raises Questions of Legality

Anti-Porn Watchdog Proposes Changes to ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Rating

NBC’s Brian Williams Okay with Daughter’s ‘Girls’ Analingus Scene: ‘No Animals Were Harmed’                                1/14

St. Benedict Bishop

In ‘state of the world’ address, Pope decries ‘throwaway culture’

Rebuilding Haiti rests on ‘3 solid pillars,’ says Pope

Francis: You cannot follow Jesus Christ without the Church

In new interview, Francis strongly defends criticisms of capitalism

Florida bishop suggests same-sex relationships can be ‘marked by holiness’

Christianity Exploding in China

Government shouldn’t force religious schools to violate religious beliefs

Doctors said their baby had ‘zero’ chance of surviving, urged abortion: then came a ‘true miracle’

Emergency contraception will reduce abortions? Then explain these staggering numbers from Planned Parenthood’s latest report

Golden Globes: Transgender Series ‘Transparent’ Wins Best TV Comedy    1/12

Kibeho's unheeded messages

Phoenix politico: Inviting pro-marriage Bishop Paprocki to say the Red Mass goes against Pope Francis!

How Catholics should approach protection of Creation

20-week ‘pain capable’ abortion ban will be GOP priority in new Congress: members

The Blessings of Abundant and Affordable Energy

Female Bishop Arrested over Lethal Hit-and-Run

Atlanta mayor sacks city’s fire chief over book expressing Christian beliefs

'Spiritual warfare' as interest in occult rises

Voodoo priests, doctors on frontline of Haiti's mental healthcare       1/10

The Power of the Rosary to Change Your New Year

Pope's New Cardinal: Don't Be So Negative! Holy Communion for Everybody!

....Four of Pope’s New “universal” cardinals head dioceses with fewer than 30 priests

Priest in Rome arrested on sex-abuse charge from Argentine

Europe Sells Off Churches, Raising Questions about its Religious Future

Christians again dominate US Congress

UK: Three-parent IVF treatment to be legal within weeks                  1/6

Pope Francis: Christ is inseparable from Mary and from the Church

Pope: Men talk about light but often prefer the deceiving quiet of darkness

Large families are schools of solidarity and sharing, Francis affirms

Live as children of God, not slaves to sin, Pope preaches at year’s end

Court rules against Catholic firefighters ordered to drive in gay pride parade

In refugee limbo, Iraqi Christians keep the faith

For Catholics in Ukraine 'the situation in the war zones is catastrophic'

2014: The Year of the Christian Genocide

The real war on women: stealth sterilization in Kenya

650 Babies Euthanized in the Netherlands Each Year Under Right to Die law

Kansas church to host Planned Parenthood abortion ‘celebration’

2 dead fetuses found near Southern California church

…174 Abortions for Every Adoption Referral in 2014                 1/5

POPE: Remember life's fleetingness

Pope Urges United Fight Against Slavery, Human Trafficking

Catholic Bishop Declares War on ‘Witch Hunters’ in Papua New Guinea

Philippine bishops' Liturgy Commission cracks down on the 'Reform of the Reform', directs new churches to have tabernacle outside sanctuary

Metaphor For America: Starving 4 Pound Baby Dies In Car While Parents Eat At Golden Corral   

Was Marquette Professor Disciplined for Upholding Church Teachings?

K of C capitulates to request for use of hall for sodomarriage reception - at no charge!

Planned Parenthood: We Aborted 327,653 in FY2014

Report: Abortion Centers Hit Record Low in 2014

Hasbro Under Fire for Penis-Shaped Play-Doh Toy                      1/2

Pope Francis Climate Push Anything But Catholic

Society needs you, Pope tells large families

Thailand’s Catholic Bishops Declare Holy Year of Prayer for a New Pentecost

Belgian bishop seeks Church recognition of same-sex unions

Americans more comfortable with profanity than Christ

California: Demands that Kindergartners be Taught About 'Sexual Consent'

Europe, US: destruction of Christian symbols, disruption of Mass

Ancient Lebanese Christian town fears conquest by Islamist militants

Planned Parenthood’s newest low: Abortion-themed s’mores at Christmas?

Would-be assassin places flowers on tomb of St. John Paul II

The real war on women: stealth sterilization in Kenya                 12/31

Senate Democrats Plan All-Out Assault On Bill to Ban Abortions After 20 Weeks

Chinese Authorities Ban Christmas, Call It ‘Western Spiritual Pollution’

China to list legal places of worship, 'root out' illegal

The Left Coast: Student activists demand California teach sexual consent to kindergartners

Christian Woman Says She's 'Sorry' but Had to Destroy Satanic Display Next to Nativity Scene at Florida Capitol

Saudi Arabia Grand Mufti: ‘Nothing Wrong’ With Child Brides       12/28

Structural change is needed, as well as individual repentance - Economist thrilled with Papal tirade

Lajolo on the speech to the Curia: nothing like this has ever happened before

UK bishops compare defenders of Catholic moral discipline to ancient rigorist heretics

Priests facing dangers in Mexico

Nuns on the Bus: A Blatant Whitewash

STUDY: Religious people happier than others

Boy mutilated, sacrificed in witchcraft ceremony

"That's Just Wrong!" - Woman Jailed for Damaging Satanic Florida Capitol Display

Report: ISIS Driving Yazidi Women to Suicide Through Rape, Sex Slavery

Only 46% of US children now living with their married parents

The real ‘war on Christmas’: it’s not what you think it is

Madonna Sings About Illuminati, All Seeing Eye, New World Order, Obama In New Leaked Song

A War on Christians Rages Around the World               12/24

Pope Francis greets Curia for Christmas, and rips them to shreds

Pope Francis launches blistering take-down of Vatican bureaucrats and their 'lust for power' in Christmas address  

Demonstrators Sing Christmas Carols Against 'Islamization of the West'

Church's Nativity Scene Depicts Homeless Virgin Mary At Bus Stop     12/23

Pope Francis: Separation from God Is Cause of All Human Misery

Proposal to allow Communion for those in irregular unions attacks the ‘very foundations of Christian life’: Cardinal

Syria's Fr. Hanna: "Our Christmas under Al Qaeda. Christians will remain until the last drop of blood "

Marquette: "Jesuit" School Fires Conservative Professor For Exposing Leftist Hegemony

HOLDER: Crossdressing A Civil Right

We're Broke: Key man at Cong. for Religious leaves a trail of financial scandal with the Fransicans?

Cuban Exile Tells Story: Socialist in the White House. Vatican doors wide open to marxists, UN

Atheists create anti-Christmas TV special

'Merry Christmas' Sign On Roadway Removed After Complaint

Baby Jesus gets GPS to track thieves

UNICEF Promotes LGBT Agenda for Children

Thieves Killed by Lightning After Robbing Church?            12/20

Vatican offers olive branch to US nuns

Everything's Fine. Nothing  to see here, folks.

Pope Wants Vatican to Host 2024 Olympic Events

Catholic group laments ‘weak’ results of Lima climate conference  ???

Cd. Dolan: Fr. Pavone is preventing me from fulfilling my Vatican mandate to restructure Priests for Life

Syrian Patriarch John X: U.S. Must stop financing and arming fighters

British agency says Catholic school could foster extremism; Church official protest 

They got abortions when the test said their baby would be disabled, but the tests were wrong

Infanticide Now “Debatable” in Bioethics                    12/17

Gagliarducci: With 15 new red hats, Pope Francis can change the geography of the College of Cardinals.....

Pope Francis: 'Disinformation' Is Media's 'Most Insidious' Sin

British agency says Catholic school could foster extremism; Church official protest

Left-Wing Group Calls for Federal Crackdown on LGBT Discrimination        12/16

What is Catholic about the Pope's apostolic letter to consecrated people?

Former Czech President, Vaclav Klaus, an economist, said this in 2011:

global warming is a religion conceived to suppress human freedom....It is used to justify an enormous scope for government intervention vis-a-vis the markets and personal freedom.

- See more at:

Is the Pope Really an Expert on "Climate Change?"
Is the Pope Really an Expert on "Climate Change?"

Is the Pope Really an Expert on "Climate Change?"     NO

Gay Christians choosing celibacy emerge from shadows                 12/13

POPE: Time to tackle 'global warming' running out        ????

“Is She Not Our Mother?” – A Story Of Pilgrimage To Our Lady Of Guadalupe

FFI Komissar Volpi Tries to Muscle Italian Bishops, Says Friars Want to Overthrow the Pope!

Catholic Hospital CEO: Obamacare More Important than Right to Life       12/12

St. Juan Diego: Ordinary Son of Mary

St. Juan Diego’s miracle

Gay marriage was never on the agenda at the recent Synod of Bishops on the Family and the subject “did not cross our minds,” Pope Francis said - See more at:
Gay marriage was never on the agenda at the recent Synod of Bishops on the Family and the subject “did not cross our minds,” Pope Francis said - See more at:
 Gay marriage was never on the agenda at the recent Synod of Bishops on the Family and the subject “did not cross our minds,” Pope Francis said  - See more at:
 Gay marriage was never on the agenda at the recent Synod of Bishops on the Family and the subject “did not cross our minds,” Pope Francis said  - See more at:


Two former top executives of Vatican bank face charges; Vatican freezes their accounts

I worked at an abortion clinic. I was 100% pro-choice. Then two women opened my eyes.

Bible passages banned from Irish religion class

LA billboard aims for bold statement on persecuted Christians               12/10

You Better Watch Out—St. Nicholas is Coming to Town

Listen and treasure God's Word, Pope advises theologians

Exclusive: Prosecutor freezes accounts of ex-Vatican bank heads

Vatican clarifies: off-budget accounts were not corrupt

Notre Dame conference on gender-bending and childhood leaves out Catholic teaching

Churches Shielding Illegals from Deportation

MN Girls High School Sports Teams to Include Transgender Athletes

5-foot crucifix stolen from church during Mass

Animal Rights Group PETA Ordered to Remove 'Indecent' Poster              12/6

For the record: In a Week of Papal Firsts,  "All of us will be up there together, all of us!"                       

Pope Francis's 'US Messenger' Praises Obama Exec Amnesty, Concerned about Privacy of Illegals

CCHD and the notorious Cleghorn Neighborhood Center

CCHD Funding Gender Ideology to for $35,000 and Priests Promoting It

Melinda Gates Lies to Time Magazine, Claims Gates Foundation Doesn't Fund Abortions

Hell's bells: Nine priests spotted in Irish gay bar. The sexual lives of clerics revealed in new book

Chinese ex-police boss starts gay dating app, gets $30 million investment and official praise

Poland gets first gay mayor in elections with record number of LGBT candidates                   12/2

Bishop: Read Koran at Charles Coronation

Growing number of clergy vow not to perform any civil marriages

My husband divorced me for his gay lover, then court gave him our children 12/1

The CCHD and Saul Alinsky  

After 2000 Years, The Last Christians In Iraq Flee

Miraculous Medal Nov. 27

As Chicago Loses the Faith, Abp. Cupich Goes “Calmly Ballistic” Over Dearth of Altar Girls

While Rome Burns, Pope And Bishops Attack The Latin Mass And Traditional Orders

Obama Proclaims a Nearly 'Godless' Thanksgiving

Pro-life groups launch website to showcase abortion funding in Obamacare

Jesuit Fordham Alumni Discuss 'New Theological Perspectives' on 'Sexual and Gender Diversity'

UK: Compulsory sex education with restrictions on parential opt-out rights on gov't agenda

Homosexual Activist Organization In New York Receives Grant

Catholic college dean cites Jesuit mission in support of ‘digital transgender archives’                             11/27

St. John of the Cross, Doctor

Vatican's new top prosecutor was involved in notorious abuse case, Boston Globe finds

Do not manipulate the immature, Pope tells members of new ecclesial movements

Executive Amnesty’s Alinsky-inspired ‘Bishop-gate’

Dying liberals running the Church are afraid of the new Catholic media, the faithful youth!

In the latest in a series of attempts by German bishops to align Church teaching with secular values, a sub-committee of the German episcopal conference is planning to amend Church labor law to allow Church employees who are homosexual or divorced and civilly remarried to work in ecclesiastical institutions.        >>   the apostasy we were warned about long ago

19-Year-Old Recovers as Doctors Start to Harvest Her Organs

Homeschooling Parents Pepper Sprayed and Tasered Because Home School Was 'Messy'

1,000.00 Fine for complaining about opposite sex using restroom?

Ontario: Liberal party's sex ed secrecy debases parents

Doomsday pope warns man's greed will destroy world

Rails against greedy priests

Beijing sends short list to Rome, Rome picks from list

BEIJING: In a bid to repair strained relations with the Vatican

10 Examples Of The Social Decay That Is Eating Away At America Like Cancer

'Bullies' cancel chastity advocate's speech

Topless Femen Protesters Stage Priest Kidnapping

Media ‘gagged over bid to report MP child sex cases’

National Catholic Reporter: The priesthood of the future will include married, celibate, male, female, gay and straight!      ??  not in the true Church

Episcopalian Priest Compares ISIS Beheadings to Vandalism of Abortion Clinics

Taxpayer-Funded Sex Conference For Students Offers Tips On Masturbation, Internet Porn, Role-Playing              11/24

St Elizabeth of Hungary

Montana diocese files reorganization plan in bankruptcy court

Toronto politician: End Catholic Schools! - Any schools other than public schools go against pluralism?

China: Yujiang's underground bishop released but under police surveillance

BILLY GRAHAM: In Our 'Lawless and Wicked Age We've Taught Philosophy of Devil'

Beyond religious differences: Interfaith leaders unite on marriage

Kirk Cameron Faith-Based Film Performs at Box Office Despite Negative Reviews

Kenyan government, Church to jointly test vaccine thought to sterilize young women

10 Spanish priest removed in abuse inquiry; Pope calls to apologize to victim

Fmr. Planned Parenthood employee to host White House Correspondents dinner

Head of Catholic university’s presidential search chaired org that gave thousands to Planned Parenthood                      11/20

Marriage and family are in ‘crisis,’ Pope Francis tells marriage colloquium

Pope Francis blasts abortion, euthanasia as 'sins against God'

Abp. Fulton Sheen Center Disaster in NYC

Chicago schools teaching ‘safe’ anal sex to 5th graders                11/18

New study shows mass exodus from Catholic Church in Latin America

Translation ‘error’? Final English Synod text cuts marriage ‘between a man and a woman’

The deadly cost of population control: India's targeted women

UNICEF Denies Giving Kenyan Women Birth Control Vaccine Without Their Knowledge

90-Year-Old WW2 Vet Defies Authorities Yet Again to Feed Homeless

Voice of chaste same-sex attracted Catholics ‘absent’ from Synod: head of Courage      11/14

Many exorcists plan to stick with the more effective Latin prayers, despite USCCB-approved English rite.

DC School Cancels Christmas After Muslim Complaint!

Eminem on National Mall: ‘Happy Motherf*cking Veteran’s Day’

UPDATE: At least dozen women dead after India sterilization camps        11/13

Pope Francis: pray for the grace to live in accord with the faith

UPDATE Bishops to vote on new exorcism rites at annual meeting

Federal judge finds for insurance company in suit against Milwaukee archdiocese on abuse claims

School bans students from praying together

CA Parents Enraged at Planned Parenthood's Involvement in Sex Ed

Harvard Sex Week Explores Islamophobia, Imperialism, Anal Sex

Wendy Davis Supporter Deletes Tweet Calling for Mass Infanticide

NY Farm Owners Fined $13,000 for Refusing to Host Same-Sex Wedding   11/11

Pope Francis: 'Pagan' Christians 'in Name Only' are 'Enemies of the Cross'


Francis codifies pope's ability to effectively fire bishops

Kenyan bishops find that women were unknowingly sterilized in vaccination campaign

Exorcists see rising demand, cite increase in occult activity

US Circuit Court: There is No Constitutional Right to Same Sex Marriage

Supreme Court to again decide fate of health care law       

Catholic website Crux says that obsession with the occult is no big deal     11/8

Francis condemns attitude of being “Catholic, but not too Catholic”

Pope ordered rejected paragraph on homosexuality retained in final Synod document: Cardinal Marx

Pope Francis sacked Catholic official for profiting from divorce fees

Francis intends to go all the way: sounds from a meeting in Argentina

A quiet threat: Religious freedom dwindling in Europe, US

Argentina lawmakers rebuked over abortion push for minors

Broadcast TV's New Low: Penis Pictures, X-Rated Sex Acts in Primetime as Ratings Decline                           11/6

Hearing God's voice is hard if you're self-absorbed, Pope warns

CDF's Cd. Muller: Some bishops 'blinded by secularized society,' pulled far from the teachings of the Church

‘Miracle’ as unborn baby of Delaware mom beaten to death survives

Fort Lauderdale Police Arrest 90-Year-Old for Feeding Homeless People

Britain makes sex selection abortion illegal

Maynard's suicide called tragedy, symbol of 'culture of death' in U.S.

ABC airs 'SCANDAL' sex scene moments after 'CHARLIE BROWN'        11/5

Mary the center of heavenly host, Pope says on All Saints Day

Francis: The devil is no myth, he exists and we must fight against him

Vatican releases official English translation of synod's final report

Priest who helped blow the whistle on Scottish Cd. O'Brien, facing parish closure

SSPX fights back against high-placed bishop: Look at the things that are sanctioned in your diocese!

Candidate in Washington state lampooned for his Catholic faith

Approximately 50 New York parishes to close, merge


Obama to stay-at-home-moms 'That's not a choice we want Americans to make!

USAID funding pro-prostitution and LGBT political activists

New York appeals court unanimously OKs some incestuous marriages       11/1

St. Marcellus, the Centurion, Martyr

Francis: Arm yourself with the Truth to fight the Devil, who doesn't throw flowers

Francis: Life is a continuous battle against the devil, the world, and the desires of the flesh

Non-negotiables are now negotiable. Don't you see what's been happening the past 18 months! 

Israel to Reopen Religious Site in Jerusalem as Tensions Rise

Fatah calls for 'day of rage'

Pope reflects on relation between Church’s ‘visible and spiritual reality’

Head of Exorcists Assoc.: Halloween causes spike in demonic posessions, change it to Holy-ween

Pope: Fighting for the poor doesn't make me Communist – it makes me Catholic

Media Distort Catholic View on Evolution       DNA the Divine Molecule video 

‘Gender ideology’ is an ‘inhuman revolution’: Croatian bishops

Catholic Church warns of rise in Satanism and occult

The Secret Way The Latin Mass Has Won

"We cannot discuss our Ten Commandments at school, but they can discuss Islam's Five Pillars,"

SHOCK REPORT: College students increasingly support 'post-birth abortion'

Despite Ban, Transsexuals Already Serving Openly in U.S. Military

NARAL Ad: GOP Senate Win Would Cause Condom Shortage             10/30

'Solidarity' means thinking of people's needs, opposing 'throwaway culture,' Pope says

Pope Francis revealing his take on Synod controversies in his private homilies?

Pope Blesses Work of Exorcists

Pope: We run the risk of imagining God was a magician, with a magic wand able to do everything. But that is not so??????          DNA the Divine Molecule video 

Are you Catholic? Then stay in the Church, Pope says

Will NYC St. Patrick’s Day Parade Allow Pro-Life Groups to March?

4 priests charged with child pornography

Philadelphia priest placed on immediate leave following arrest

‘Playful’ Irish LGBT-positive play teaches 7-year-olds to bend gender     10/29

Pope Francis: 'Corruption Is a Greater Evil Than Sin'

“The excluded are the motor of social change” Pontifical Justice and Peace to host 'World Meeting of Popular Movements?'

Cardinal Turkson: We're Not Trying to Replace the UN, But Help it Do the Same Thing Better?

Another Faithful Bishop with Many Seminarians on the Chopping Block

A clear case of selective enforcement against a conservative bishop

Ebola survivor Nina Pham: I believe in the power of prayer

For Profit: The Absurd Reason Why an Idaho City Claims Pastors Must Perform Same-Sex Marriage Ceremonies

'Ouija' Review: Five Dumb Teens Summon Demons, Audience Suffers      10/25

St. Ursula, Virgin and Martyr

Bishops revolt against Synod manipulation: Only 3 in 10 support Kasper proposal, says Cardinal Pell

Chaldean Patriarch introduces sanctions for “errant clerics”

Christian ministers told to perform gay 'weddings' or face jail time

Regulators have informed a Christian school that it needs to have a Muslim imam come in to lead assemblies                  10/22

African Cardinal: Same-Sex Unions a 'Sideshow' at Vatican Marriage Summit

Bishops Scrap Welcome to Gays in Sign of Split

Lesbian Mayor Uses Position To Go After Pastors

Martin Luther King, Jr. Niece: 'Moral Bankruptcy' Ruling D.C. Under Obama

Vandals deflate Paris 'sex-toy' sculpture after outrage                 10/18

St. Margaret Mary Alacoque and the Reception of the Sacred Heart

African cardinal: Pressure groups behind push to change Church teaching

Cardinal Pell: Synod says no to 'secular agenda'

Cd. Kasper: I never said those things about Africa (Edward Pentin: I have it recorded)

Bishops Rally to Refute Gay-Friendly Vatican Document

Satanic Temple Wants Display of Satan Descending Into Hell to Be Featured Inside Florida's Capitol


Atheist jailed for denying ‘higher power’ in Calif. drug rehab gets $2M     10/17

‘Shameful,’ ‘completely wrong’: Numerous Vatican Synod fathers lining up against interim report

How an incorrect translation of the synod report created chaos

Scandal-Synod: Nothing courageous about offering 'pastoral' recommendations that fail to challenge a corrupt world

Supreme Court allows a dozen Texas abortion clinics to reopen

TV Pastor Accused Of Forcing Church Members To Get Abortions And Vasectomies

School Board Votes To Remove, Cover Biblical Verses On High School Monument                           10/16

Be on your guard – the devil never rests, Pope Francis warns

Synod of Bishops: October 9 roundup

Vatican delegate tells UN: spur development by helping families, not pushing abortion

Bishop weeps as he reads about the Synod: They are going to flock to the Evangelicals and Muslims! “Oh my God, What are they doing in Rome?”

Fort Hood Shooter Writes Letter to Pope Francis, Threatens Jihad

Iraqi Bishop: Long-Term Strategy Needed to Destroy 'Sick Ideology' of Islamic State

Pro-choice feminists uneasy about sex-selective abortion…but support it anyway

Brown Passes Law Forcing Doctors to Undergo LGBT Sensitivity Training

Notre Dame Now Offers Spousal Benefits to 'Married' Gays and Lesbians

Kansas Supreme Court temporarily blocks gay marriages        10/11

Synod wants to make Church “a friend of the world”

Why can 5th graders figure out what many priests don’t?        10/9

How the 1571 Battle of Lepanto saved Europe

Saint Bridget of Sweden

Pope Francis: The Devil Works to Divide Christians

Bored, porned, and alone: our children’s counterfeit world

Trailer released for ‘Sex Ed,’ R-rated comedy filmed at Catholic school in Tampa

America's youth adorning their bodies with demonic, 3D tattoos     10/9

Our Lady Of Victory Of The Most Holy Rosary Oct. 7

St. Denis, Patron Of France

Bishops' Statement: The Church has been more concerned with power than service, so she doesn't inspire!

SYNOD AND TRUTH - or, How a Holy See Journal Created a Historical Deception on Trent to Favor Kasper   - by Roberto de Mattei

Family needed today as much as ever, synod official emphasizes

Schockenhoff: To allow communion for the divorced is not to deny the indissolubility of marriage

Synod hears explosive proposals to drop ‘disordered,’ ‘living in sin’ etc.     10/8

CruxMag quiz tells people they're more like Francis than Benedict?

Rome Conference Shatters Myth of Pius XII as 'Hitler's Pope'

'The Crusades': EWTN to Separate Myth from History in New Docudrama

Catholicism and the family; The letter and the spirit

Tens of Thousands Take to the Streets of France in Defence of Traditional Family Values

SCOTUS Rubber-Stamps Same-Sex Marriage                        10/6

St. Francis of Assisi, Patron of Italy

5 Prayers Recommended by an Exorcist to Combat Evil

On eve of family synod, pope prays for "open and fraternal" debate

Church in Europe should be 'prophetic voice,' help families, Pope tells bishops

Wisconsin couple a bit in awe to be invited by pope as synod auditors

Detroit priest admits to embezzlement from charity

Calif. abortion mandate deemed a 'flagrant violation' of civil rights

‘Gay Catholic’ groups converge on Rome for Synod on the Family        10/4

St. Jerome: Doctor of the Church

Pope Francis: Satan seduces by disguising evil as good

Vatican spurns UN child committee's call for changes to canon law

Over half of Canadian religious over 80!

Seattle Cathedral: Man Spiritually Abused by Catholic Priest

First we killed our unborn children. Now we’re killing our own parents.

Catholic College Decides to Cover Abortions in Healthcare Plan

Minneapolis priest laments removal of music director who contracted gay ‘marriage’

Christian college to consider dropping ban on ‘homosexual practice’ during accreditation review                       10/1

Fearless Hildegard: A saint for extroverts and doers

“A Christian cannot understand Christ without the Cross”

Vatican Paedophilia Scandal: Archbishop Jozef Wesolowski Stored Over 100,000 Child Porn Videos

Coptic Christians targeted for kidnapping in Egypt

Supreme Court prepares for another round of same-sex marriage arguments

Catholic scholars rap Common Core as 'disservice to Catholic education'

Black Mass Satanist: I’m no more evil than a lion who eats a gazelle.

Decriminalize incest, says German gvmt’s ethics council

Healthy husband and wife to die in world's first 'couple' euthanasia           9/27

Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Parolin: Science is consistent. Human Beings are Warming the Planet!   ???

Cardinals Dolan, Wuerl, and Kurtz to be the 'Synod Fathers' from U.S.

‘Electoral fraud’: Pro-lifers slam Spanish gvmt for backing out of promise to restrict abortion

Emma Watson Concedes Women 'Are Choosing Not to Identify as Feminists'

Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Poor People Should Have Abortions, Not Children     9/25

Francis remembers the martyrs of communism, Christians who “did not succumb”

Rich liberal groups funded gay push on San Fran archbishop to back out of marriage march

Thousands of prayerful witnesses dwarf black mass turnout in OKC

People's Climate March Gets Over 4 Times as Much Coverage as March for Life

Justice Kagan Officiates First Same-Sex Wedding

Genderism – a new ideology destroying the family

Chad becomes 37th African state to seek ban on homosexuality                9/23

EXPLOSIVE The Pianist: "How I Plan to Manipulate the Synod At Will"

Pope Francis invites China’s President to meet to discuss world peace

Francis rejects clericalism which turns faith into a set of rules and instructions

Cardinals criticize Kasper proposal, escalating debate on remarriage/Communion

107 bishops at training from Cong. for Evangelization of the Peoples being 'modelled on Francis' example'

Are you praying for the upcoming Synod on the Family? You should be, and here’s why

Montana gay couple denied Holy Communion after priest learns of  'marriage' - bishop supports

Human trafficking brings shame on southeast Asia, says Myanmar archbishop

Catholic leaders criticize Cardinal Dolan’s defense of gay group at St. Patrick’s Parade

Exorcists Warn of Danger from Oklahoma City Black Mass

50 Facts That Show How Far America Has Fallen In This Generation           9/20

“Mary and the Church two great women who accompany us in life”

Pope Francis invites China’s President to meet to discuss world peace

Purge of Faithful continues

'Black mass' must be fought with praying, fasting

satanists want to hand out material at schools

Wisconsin diocese will not adopt Common Core in schools

Abortion ‘doula’: I was trained to ‘support’ women choosing gendercide    9/18

Want to learn obedience? Look at the 'woman by the Cross'

Our Lady's Tears

7 Year Anniversary of Summorum Pontificum: UK Blackfen: Fr. Tim Finigan transferred out, Ancient Mass cancelled

85,000 join in petition to stop Black Mass in Oklahoma

Non-Catholic donors financed pressure campaign on San Francisco archbishop

Birth Statistics Show Collapse Of The Family

Saudi Arabia Arrests 27 Christians at a Private Home

Mad Science: ‘Genetically Modified Micro Humans’ to be ‘Farmed’ for Drug Testing by 2017

Catholic university posts internship with politician opposed to sex selection bans

Why are pro-abortion protesters always taking their clothes off?          9/16

Battle of Vienna Sept. 12th, 1683 and the Holy Name of Mary

Francis: 'The Rosary always accompanies me in my life'

Pope says world's many conflicts amount to piecemeal World War Three

Catholics in America will - and do - suffer for 'swimming against the tide'

‘Burn White Jesus’ challenge sweeps the Internet

Pictures of Simulated Sex Act with Jesus Statue Lead to Desecration Charge

Vatican Calls Out Islamic State, Boko Haram for 'Contemporary Slavery'

Satanists Sell Out 'Black Mass' Event

Iraqis will be seen like early Christian martyrs, priest predicts

The new witch hunt: banning Christian volunteers, hurting inner city kids

'Genetically Modified Micro Humans' to be 'Farmed' for Drug Testing

Thousands pray America reverses 'departure from God'

1,400 British girls were gang-raped for years thanks to the sexual revolution

Pro-Gay Dissenter Invited To Address Priests... Diocese Of San Diego Won't Comment                       9/13

The Culture War is Over 09-11 According to Cardinal Dolan ???

Religious Leaders Sound Alarm on Christian 'Genocide' in Middle East

Antonio Socci: Liberation Theology Triumphant as Work of John Paul II & Benedict XVI is Completely Wiped Out."

Topless FEMEN who desecrated Notre Dame awarded €1,500 each. Guards ordered to pay thousands for 'jerking them with too much force'

Satanists to Hold Controversial Black Mass

HHS Gives $500K to Planned Parenthood to Boost O-Care Enrollment

Nude Devil Statue Pops Up Overnight                 9/11

Murder of Catholic Nuns Shocks World

ISIS: Just The Latest Islamist Threat to Christians

Queer Studies Professor Busted for Sex with Kids           9/9

Cardinal George: American Catholics Against the Fake Church

Pope Francis pursues a thaw in relations with mainland China

Pope: Holy Spirit 'living presence of God in the Church' keeps it moving forward beyond the limits...making unthinkable choices?

New York Cardinal Dolan welcomes gay activist participation in St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Living Large: The Scandal of Bishops' Residences

Christians in Lebanon Prepare for Invasion by Islamic State

'Sharia Police' Patrolling Streets in Germany

Head of German Conf. Cd. Marx: Church tax changes no reason to quit. Not paying them is unjust and anti-social

Second largest Catholic school in Ireland sending group to gay pride parade along with principal

French Catholic bishop accuses pro-marriage rallies of ‘violence against homosexuals’             9/8

“The Gospel is something new, we should not be afraid of changes in the Church”

Admission of sin is crucial step toward Christ, Pope tells congregation

Francis: “Some simple old women speak better than any theologian”

Patriarch calls for UN force to liberate territory captured by Islamic State

Peres’ proposal to Francis to set up a UN of religions

Pro-Life Students Could Be Punished Under Vague New ‘Solicitation’ Policy, Suit Says

Selling Yourself Out, Ignoring Evil Gets You No Where

Belgium doctor kills woman for being depressed, son not informed until next day

Michelle O Tells Beyoncé: 'You're an Incredible Role Model'

Scottish 12-year-olds get long-acting contraceptives without parental consent

'Trangender' [Sic]: Typos Haunt San Francisco's New LGBT Monument

Ecuador approves further recognition of same-sex civil unions

Florida officials seek to appeal ruling against gay marriage ban

Court overturns two more gay marriage bans              9/5

Pope Francis lists 10 ways to lead a happier life    what about Jesus & prayer???

Child Rape Scandal Isn't Just Happening in Rotherham, And More Heads Must Roll Immediately

MAG: Nuns are endangered species  72% decline

Appeals Court Reinstates Case Alleging Planned Parenthood Fraud and Abuse

Federal judge suspends enforcement of new Louisiana abortion law

NY Farm Yanks Wedding Ceremonies After $13k Court Fine for Refusing Lesbian Wedding

Feds spent millions studying lesbian obesity?                              9/2

St. Rose of Lima

Famed exorcist asserts that Fatima request was stymied by 'political' pressure

ISIS: Pope Francis 'in the Crosshairs'

Bishop distinguishes Syria’s Muslims from Saudi-backed militias

Troy parish gets new pastor to replace priest charged with embezzlement

President Obama’s nominee to represent America in the worldwide fight for religious freedom is raising alarms over his positions on abortion, homosexuality and marriage

So Why is the Wife of Microsoft Founder Raising Billions to Inject Them with Depo-Provera

PBS misses the real story with plans to air late-term abortion film, “After Tiller”

Hindu fundamentalists 'reconvert' Christians in Indian village

Couple Fined For Refusing To Host Gay Wedding Shuts Down Venue

U.S. judge halts major part of Texas law restricting abortions

Muslim Rape Gangs: the Disturbing Role of Britain's Leading Child Welfare Charity                         8/30

War, the UN and humanitarian intervention according to Pope John Paul II

Pope Francis has removed a key protege of Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI from the Vatican's prefect of the Congregation for the Divine Worship and Discipline of the Sacraments

Poland interested in extraditing former papal nucnio

Italian bishops' leader says Church should welcome 'unconventional couples' to sacraments ???

Pope removes key protegé

Iraqi prelate holds US responsible for plight of Christians

Family breakdown is ‘an iceberg lurking to shipwreck society’: Anglican bishop

French president criticized for appointing gender ideologue as new education minister

New Abortion Controversy Roils Irish Politics

Soros Groups Create Pro-Abortion Spin on Ice Bucket Challenge

Majority of UK doctors oppose assisted suicide: poll

Verrecchio: Emeritus Benedict XVI was pushed

Video: massive tumor disappears after prayer

PBS to air late-term-abortion propaganda report

Prof Threatens To Lower Students' Grades For Saying 'Bless You' After Sneezes

Same-sex Adoption: Not as Harmless as Portrayed                        8/29

Saint Monica, Patron Saint of Mothers, Wives and Marriages

St. King Louis IX And Catholic Christendom

Church ‘urgently needs’ the teaching of anti-Modernist Pope Pius X: Cardinal Parolin

Historic visit of 5 patriarchs to Iraq’s persecuted Christians: full text of remarks

Spanish bishop again preaches Church teaching on homosexuality, despite lawsuit

Egypt: a year after attacks, Coptic Christians worship atop church ruins

UK: 1,400 non-Muslim children exploited by Muslim rape gangs, authorities did nothing 'for fear of being thought as racist'

Satanic 'black mass' gets green light from Oklahoma City

School texts in India promote Hindu extremism, Jesuit charges

Johansson Launches Pro-Abortion T-Shirt Line

Obamacare now pays for gender reassignment

MIXED GENES: 1 CHILD, 3 PARENTS!                8/27

Pope Benedict was right about Islam at Regensburg. The world owes him an apology.

Faith of Iraqi Christians called unbreakable, despite persecution

Francis and popularity: it is important not to believe you are somebody

Franciscans take their mission into heart of Rome's summer nightlife

15 contradictions you have to believe to fit in with pop culture

India: Christian women arrested on ‘forced conversion’ charges

Massive rescue proposed for trapped Christians

Pakistan: rape an ‘instrument of power’ over Christian girls, says attorney   8/23

How To Shrink Your Church In One Easy Step

Almost half the Catholic schools in U.S. have closed

Satanists Return Blessed Sacrament to Archbishop Coakley

Raunchy 'Sex Ed' film about middle school students shot at Tampa's Sacred Heart Academy

Real couples will have sex in a box and address their issues with experts in the new tv series                      8/22

St. Bernard of Clairvaux (Abbot and Doctor)

China to Pope Francis: Don’t ‘interfere’ with religion

Oklahoma Catholic bishop sues over planned black mass

The Legitimacy of Calling Oneself a “Traditional Catholic”

The power of the chapel veil

UPDATE: High School Student Suspended For Saying 'Bless You' After Classmate Sneezed...'We're Not Going To Have Godly Speaking'

Rise in Visitors to Switzerland for Assisted Suicide

Planned Parenthood CEO uses Ferguson to push abortion

Richard Dawkins: 'Immoral' Not to Abort Down's Babies

Government to Farmers: Host Same-Sex Wedding or Pay a $13,000 Fine     8/21

New Fatima revelation?

What I Want is Mercy, Not Sacrilege: The Dangers of “Routine Communions”

Chaldean Catholic Archbishop Amel Shimoun Nona, of Mosul, Iraq,You have welcomed the enemy into your home

Pope visits cemetery for aborted babies, denounces moral relativism on Korea trip

Pope writes to China again: 'God bless your country'

Mobilizing Against Black Masses

Babies deemed 'threat to the environment' by population control freaks from a catholic? college Boston U.

UK quietly opens the door to genetic engineering, ‘3-parent’ embryos

Russian patriarch: Ukrainian Catholics want to ‘eradicate Orthodoxy’

Porn Studies prof. who attacked pro-life teens sentenced to 3 years probation


St. Philomena (Virgin and Martyr)

Pope warns religious against those who take vows of poverty but live as though they were rich, causing scandal

Pope warns Korean Bishops: Don't let the 'deceptive light of relativism' obscure the splendor of truth

Pope makes biggest gesture yet to China, eyes ties - US News

How I moved from my megachurch to Catholicism

Pro-Gay Catholic Coach? - Bishop of Sioux Falls Crumbles to Marxist Political Attack                 8/18

Pope Francis: Family Under 'Attack' from 'Worldly Centers of Power'

Pope makes strong, silent anti-abortion statement

Vicky Beeching, Christian rock star 'I'm gay. God loves me just the way I am'

Adult Swim's 'Black Jesus' Wallows in Stereotypes          8/17

Fortune Mag: New Pope has replaced bishops with lay experts who are now largely setting strategy, heading regulatory oversight, and running day-to-day operations.

Vatican Calls on Muslims to Condemn 'Barbaric' Jihad in Iraq

Coptic Bishop: We're Seeing 'Heinous Cleansing of Entire Christian Population in Middle East’

NYC Archdiocese threatened to recommend having Fr. Wylie’s priestly faculties removed after his pro-TLM sermon

"People don't want the copy": NYC Holy Innocents facing closure as it's popularity grows

Feds pay for film festivals showing decapitated heads, promiscuous teens

China withdraws priests, young people from Asian Youth Day

12-Year-Old Gamers 'Raped' by Dorky Weirdos on Grand Theft Auto

Congress Hires First Openly Transgender Staffer

Bridal Shop Bullied by Lesbian Bridezillas Sparks Firestorm         8/16

Madagascar: The missionary who rescues children from a local landfill site

Benedict XVI on military force to restore conditions of peace

Pope's finance chief talks Vatican reform

History Repeats Itself: Lepanto and the Current ISIS Crisis

Dutch Muslim spits on seminarian wearing 'nouwn' symbol in solidarity with Iraqi Christians

Chinese 'underground' priest released after 8 years in prison

Planned Parenthood employee to young girl: whips, clamps, rope burns during sex are ‘normal’

Report suggests Planned Parenthood may defraud taxpayers

Planned Parenthood ‘dismayed’ it had to close abortion facility in California

Survey: Christian supporters of gay unions show other moral divisions

S.D. Catholic High School Chooses To Keep Openly Gay Coach

Obama, Biden promote homosexual agenda at African summit          8/14

Barna: Many pastors wary of raising 'controversy'
Barna: Many pastors wary of raising 'controversy'
Barna: Many pastors wary of raising 'controversy'

De-Throne Jesus Christ, And You Get Nothing But Death And Destruction

5-year-old Christian boy cut in half by ISIS

Iraq: Chaldean patriarch meets with leading Shiite cleric

The 'Pope Francis Effect': The war on conservative Catholics in New York

Oklahoma Governor Falin Backs Archbishop in Condemning Black Mass

Mexican report: 45,000 children abducted for sex traffic, organ transplants

Lesbian Bridezillas Bully Bridal Shop Owner over Religious Beliefs

State-Run Churches Caught Red-Handed                    8/13

St. Clare of Assisi: Contemplative, Lover of the Eucharist, Miracle Worker

Vatican II at 50: Graph of the Day

Christian Brothers and Sisters: Did You Know Our Government Is Supporting Islamic Terrorists?

King niece: Planned Parenthood falsely portrays MLK as pro-abortion

IRS in clandestine move against churches again?

'Inappropriate' Sex Ed Book Shelved Following Parent Outrage

S. Korea: Catholicism's unlikely Asian pillar

Crucified by the Caliphate in Syria

Uganda holds first gay pride rally

Same-sex marriage continues its march back to the Supreme Court

China cracking down on Christian groups along North Korea border: sources

Obama Makes Video For Gay Games          8/11

Interview with Cardinal Pell on reform of Vatican finances

Priest from Nineveh: 'Christianity is finished in Iraq'

Conversions to Christianity on the rise in Egypt

Prayers urged as black mass organizer claims consecrated Host

Fourteen sex offenders in England dodged the courts after admitting their guilt and apologising to their victims, who were all under 13

Huge numbers of German Catholics quitting over the "Church Tax"

Target tells shoppers it's going 'gay'

Critics Love 'Black Jesus'                8/9

Bishops move to counter black Mass in Oklahoma City

Offer preteen girls sex ed and abortion while they are still ‘malleable’: Georgetown researchers

Report: Hollywood Hypersexualizes Hispanics on the Big Screen

Sunday Mass attendance in Germany falls below 11%

De Blasio’s Prekindergarten Expansion Collides With Church-State Divide

“Even if only one Christian remains in Libya, I’m staying here”

Peruvian abortion law prompts call for prayer, fasting

British gvmt to fund sperm bank for lesbians and single women

Catholic groups unite to help Iraqis ousted by extremists

How Evangelicals Are Protesting ‘The Rush Limbaugh Of Christianity’   

Female Islamic Newsreader in Trouble After Appearing on Saudi TV Without Hair Covered                8/7

St. John Vianney                St. Dominic

Pope reflects on Christ feeding the multitude

Strong USCCB support for Child Welfare Provider Inclusion Act

Ten U.S. bishops who live in spreads worth over $1,000,000!

Hollywood takes notice as Bible Belt brothers turn faith-based films into box office bonanzas

Hillsong NYC, a church that resembles a club, draws thousands of young New Yorkers

Why the Mars Hill Faithful Have Started to Question Mark

Questions arise about stands taken by Obama nominee to religious-freedom post

African denounces Western elites pushing population control in his country

Why I Don't Want the NHS to Spend My Money on Sperm Banks for Lesbians

Gay Leaders Upset by Low Population: 'Political Influence Matters'       8/4

Fifteen Favorite Quotes from St. Alphonsus Liguori

Feminized Clergy and Young Men

“Children’s Advocates” in Scotland Want to Allow Doctors to Euthanize Children

Francis: I'm sorry we Catholics obstructed the growth of your Evangelical communities?

Scientist fired for making dinosaur discovery

New Vatican Bank Chief's son works for Promontory, the Washington Firm hired to oversee Vatican books

The sign of peace is to stay but needs to be a more sober affair

Bishops offer support for national standards to reduce carbon pollution doing the bidding of the moneychangers once again

Catholic Bishops: Amnesty for Illegal Immigrant Children Is 'Pro-Life' but are silent on the issue of the orchestration and real reasons for problem

Report: Christians flee Syrian city as Islamic State advances

UN tells Chile and Peru to legalize abortion

Russia's Putin Rebuilding Destroyed Church, Monasteries in the Kremlin

Oregon district halts condom giveaway to 6th graders amid community uproar

New York Times reporter: ‘Anti-LGBT’ people ‘deserve’ incivility        8/2

Saint Peter Chrysologus, bishop and doctor

I don't know how a Pope has managed to make a ten point plan for happiness without mentioning God but with His Holiness all things, it seems, are possible?

Pope: Turn Off TV During Dinner

When bishops support the illegal border flood, they overlook Leo XIII and the legitimite rights of American citizens

Peru’s bishops call for ‘new battle’ against threats to life, family

As Christians Are Purged, Obama Stands by Muslims; Pretending They Helped Build the “Very Fabric” of America

Court Ruling Implies States Must Have at Least One Abortion Clinic

Middle East churches: ‘we are going back to the prehistory period’

UPDATE: Teen Raped At Keith Urban Concert As 'More Than A Dozen People Looked On, Taking Photos'                7/31

‘Read the Gospel and find Jesus,’ says Pope

Too Much Catholicism? - Pope Francis Suspends Priestly Ordinations in Paraguay: The Fate of Bishop in the Balance

Pope says priests should be men of prayer who are close to the people

Caserta: Taking action against ecomafia and unemployment

Pope meets Meriam and thanks her for being a courageous testimony of perseverance in the faith

Bishop Davies: Lourdes shrine a light amid war, death

Dutch orchestra storms out from Muslim proselytizing in front of Queen Beatrix

Chinese government removes cross from church in crackdown

Chinese Use 'Building Regulations' to Crack Down on Churches

European court: no 'human right' to same-sex marriage

Margaret Thatcher Covered for Pedophile Ring

Pakistani mob kills two children after 'blasphemous' FACEBOOK post         7/29

Quebec churches closing one per week; becoming gyms, community centers.

Sunday Mass attendance falls below 40% in Poland

52 priests laicized in England and Wales because of abuse, watchdog group reports

Beware of government mammon: It always comes with strings attached

Lion's Heart: Publisher dedicated to Theology of the Body releases the next 'Catholic Brokeback Mountain?'

'ELLE' Magazine Cover Girl Reveals Self as Transgender            7/28

Dublin's archbishop worried by rise in homelessness

Iraqi prelate: we need action, not just words

High praise from United Nations for the Vatican's 'by invitation only' economic seminar

UN disability treaty heads to US Senate floor, critics fear it limits parental rights

Former Dutch regulator of euthanasia now criticizes practice

The Vatican is ready to make a statement on extraterrestrial life

 Fetishism ‘Very Common’                       7/24

The Feast of St Elijah the Prophet

Bishops: Executive order is flawed approach to discrimination

Wireless birth control is no fantasy

The abortion of JFK’s children was evil – but it’s also a tragic loss

New MTV motto: 'Incest is hot!' Forthcoming teen show features sibling perversion

McDonalds labeled worst sponsor of sex-laden TV

CDC: HIV Down in General Population but Surging with Gay, Bisexual Males

Iraqis Jihadists Burn Down Cathedral

Last Christian Forced to Leave Mosul

Christian Pastor Attacked by Muslims Warns Israel

Sebastian Gorka: Christian Holocaust Underway in Iraq, USA and World Look On                   7/22

ISIS to Iraqi Christians in Mosul: Convert or Die

A Desperate Cry from Iraq's Christians               7/20

Vatican official calls for greater commitment to sustainable energy

2012: Bishops received $65.9 million in federal grants to care for unaccompanied alien children and refugees - $1.4 million from actual Catholics

Obama Administration Suppresses Talk of Muslim Persecution of Christians

Bishop Warduni: Islamists demand protection money from Christians in Mosul

Archbishop calls slated black mass offensive, horrendous

Peruvian cardinal: Foreign groups use ‘blackmail’ to push abortion and gay agenda

Vancouver Catholic schools introduce transgender policy after human rights complaint

Priests kidnapped in Ukraine

ISIL removes cross from Mosu


CDC study finds there are far fewer homosexuals in US than many think

Mega-pastor: beware 'Satan's church'           7/18

Pope: Welcome Them

Pope: United States must welcome and protect illegals crossing border prevent humanitarian crisis

Pope Francis prepares encyclical on the Ecology for start of 2015

Voris Bombshell: Are the bishops being bankrolled to help Democrats build a permanent majority with illegals?

Women bishops are now a reality in England

Mosul Archbishop: ‘My diocese no longer exists’

Report: ISIL orders no food aid for Christians in Mosul

Report: 35 Disney World Workers Arrested Since 2006 on Child Sex Charges

Suit claims Colo. Planned Parenthood ignored sex abuse

Planned Parenthood's Sex Ed Pushes BDSM to Teens

Christian college under pressure after seeking exemption from gay special protections

Comic Icon ‘Archie’ to Die Protecting Gay Gun Control Advocate In Upcoming Issue

World Health Org: HIV Exploding Among Gays, Transgendered          7/16

POPE INTERVIEW CONTROVERSY...1 in 50 clergy are pedophiles

Cardinal Dolan: Anti-Catholic conspiracy theories after Hobby Lobby decision ‘drippingly bigoted’

Vatican media committee appointed to bring Church into digital era

Vatican official: Pope not calling for abandonment of market economy

Christians 'disappearing' from Iraq, bishops lament

This is precisely how a late abortion is performed: now, tell me about the ‘right to choose’  

Mass. Christian college, resisting homosexuals demands, faces questions on accreditation

What's Next For Jack Phillips, Baker Who Refused To Make Cake For Same-Sex Wedding                      7/14

Conjoined twins in danger of abortion are now co-valedictorians

IOR: De Franssu announces more help for the poor and more transparency

Francis Against Orthodoxy

Senate Democrats Propose Law to Force Christians to Pay for Abortion Drugs

Young mom chooses baby’s life over chemo

After pope's condemnation of mafia, bishop bans processions

Clashes go into the night in Bethlehem

SHOCK: Drunk Teacher Taught Class to Twerk -- Suspended for Just 15 Days!

Emmy Noms Honor Climate Change Doc, Obama, Transgender Star

Researcher questions data in same-sex parenting study

Judge says incest may no longer be taboo                7/11

U.S. Church Official: 'The Day May Come When We Have to Resist'

Hate-speech laws a 'tool of totalitarianism,' lawyer warns

Jubillee Year of abdicator-Pope Celestine V who Dante placed in the vestibule of Hell

Vatican bank releases balance sheet, continues reform

Louisiana High Court Orders Priest To Testify About Facts Heard In Confession

China. "Not even during the Cultural Revolution, the Communist Party had never removed the crosses from the churches' Leggi di Più: China, Christians, Xi is worse than the Cultural Revolution

Egypt's Copts appeal to president to curb kidnapping

Catholic Cathedral Besieged by Islamist Rebels in Central African Republic

20 establishment figures 'in elite paedophile ring'

Media barred from conference on sexual conversion therapy

SHOCK REPORT: Churches Ask Parishioners to Shelter Illegals in Their Home – Not to Tell Media (Video)

Lombardy rejects ‘gay marriage’ and gender propaganda in schools

Pro-lifers demand Catholic hospital in Wisconsin sack doctor with alleged abortion ties

Bill Gates’ new remote-controlled contraceptive microchip could be used for eugenics: critic                  7/8

Learn from Mary, serve the Lord with true freedom, Pope preaches at Mass in Molise

Parallels between the Liturgy and Revelation

First-ever international Rome Pro-Life Forum (video highlights)

Little Sisters of the Poor, NOW calls them: 'Those Filthy Catholic Nuns'

Nigerian bishops reject foreign efforts to impose abortion and gay unions

The devil in daily life

Okla. civic center defends black mass with sex offender

Laos. Here the Communists have a mission: to starve the wretched Christians and force them to recant

New Irish guidelines allow abortion up to birth: pro-life group

79% of Peruvians support Catholic Church’s strong stand against abortion

Dr. Alveda King: While We Marched in the Sixties, Planned Parenthood Was Preparing Us a Place

ISIS: Give Over Girls For ‘sex jihad’            7/7

Francis: The balance mothers make between work and family points to a flawed economic system?

Singapore Archbishop Goh apologizes for insensitive comments on LGBT issue; authorizes gay support group???

Exorcist warns: Public Black Masses are seriously dangerous

Cop-Turned-Demonologist Says 'Possessions' on Rise

Euthanasia Activists Push Assisted Suicide for Everyone, Not Just the Old or Ill

Anti-Catholic Ad in the New York Times

Minnesota Governor Wants Licensing of Dog Breeders, But Not Abortion Clinics

Planned Parenthood and Liberal Clergy Distribute Condoms Outside Hobby Lobby         7/5

Report: Houses of Worship Declining Across U.S.

Cardinals council zeroes-in on Vatican management, finances

Entire board of Vatican bank to be replaced?

Freedom demands vigilance, archbishop reminds Americans

Archbishop asks Okla. civic center to reconsider black mass

Exorcist Speaks Out on Planned Oklahoma Black Mass

Peru’s bishops denounce government’s move to permit abortion

Is IMF Chief Christine Lagarde Delivering an Occult Message in this Speech?

Iraq: jihadist group occupies homes belonging to Church

NYT Allows Anti-Catholic Hobby Lobby Ad            7/4

Pope Francis, in newspaper interview, laments ‘moral decay’ of society

Historic Win for Religious Liberty in Hobby Lobby: What It Means Today and in 2016

New changes looming at the Vatican bank?

Portland archdiocese consecrated to Our Lady of Fatima

Build-A-Baby coming soon?

630 people file for compensation over North Carolina forced sterilizations

'Obvious Child': Potent PSA for Planned Parenthood

Two Nuns Missing In Mosul, Iraq

Bahrain: construction beginning for Catholic cathedral

Two Employees Claim Chase Bank Surveyed Staff's LGBT Loyalty        7/2

New book by priest emphasizes prayers that defeat demons

Synod secretary: don't expect change in Church teachings

First time in 1600 years no Mass said in Mosul, Iraq, says Chaldean Archbishop

Iraq's Christians: We need proper allies like Putin, not America

Former papal nuncio found guilty of abuse, laicized

USAID sends $146 million more to overseas abortion groups

Major FBI bust highlights problem of human trafficking

Tens of thousands of Syrian Catholics flee Islamist advance

NGO: ISIS Crucifies 9 Men in Syria's Aleppo

Christian Mother Jailed for Apostasy Now 'Safe' at US Embassy

Sarah Palin: Nancy Pelosi Cares More About Illegals at Border than Unborn in America

White House hosts first international White House LGBT Forum

Ontario’s lesbian premier promises to ‘push’ gay acceptance in Catholic schools

'Dozens' Dead as Boko Haram Sacks Churches in Chibok           6/30

Influential Italian Vaticanist, bewildered, reaches shocking conclusion:
"In the Catholic Church, it's now Open Season on Conservatives"

Vatican comments on recent reports on Franciscans of the Immaculate, Legion of Christ

Pope Francis Openly Contradicts Summorum Pontificum?

Vatican blocked bishops' actions against abusive priests before 2000, Australian bishop says

Rand Paul: Cut Aid to Pakistan over Persecuted Christians, Women

Johns Hopkins: 57 Percent of Children Born to Millennials Are Out of Wedlock

National security advisor: ‘America’s support for LGBT rights’ is a ‘global enterprise’

Communist Chinese Regime Steps up War on Churches

Sudan Charges Meriam with 7-year Sentence, Detains Entire Ibrahim Family

SHOCK: Pole Dancing Lessons for 7-Year Olds

Boston Franciscans take part in Gay Pride Festival - Hand out 'Who am I to Judge' buttons

UN elects pro-family Ugandan as president, Africans resist gay pressure

Bill Maher: Obama is 'a Drop-Dead Atheist'             6/26

Seattle Catholic archdiocese to pay $12 million to settle sex abuse claims at 2 schools

Methodist Pastor defrocked over gay wedding is reinstated              6/25

The Pope speaks with the young Franciscans of the Immaculate

The courage to label mobsters “adorers of evil”

Mafia excommunicated, Pope says

Pope’s admonition against torture: “It is a mortal sin”

Archbishop: Church must be free to imitate Christ through service

Transgender woman gives graduation address to Catholic U. social workers

Pakistan’s high court: government must do more to protect Christians

State Dept. Honors Advocate of Destruction of Marriage

Ireland: Pop video sex scene filmed on Catholic altar

International Pressure Reverses Death Sentence for Sudanese Christian Mother

David Mamet Halts Production of His Play After Man Cast in Female Lead

The transgender movement is not the new civil rights frontier

FBI Snares 281 Pimps in Child Sex-Trafficking Sting             6/24

Rand Paul: There Is a War against the Unborn               6/21

Pope to meet the Mafia: Vatican brushes off danger warnings

Bishop backs church that barred openly gay man from serving

Marriage breakdown threatens society, religious leaders say

Why are so many Planned Parenthood clinics closing? Hint: It’s not why you think.

EXCLUSIVE: California School Faces Lawsuit After Censoring Bible Reference from Graduation Speech

Presbyterian Church Votes 'Yes' To Allow Same-Sex Marriage

Blog: devil worship as entertainment

California bishops decry budget: 40% higher payments to abortion doctors, 10% cut in everything else

Latin American nations reject same-sex unions at international assembly

U.S. Slaps Sanctions on Uganda for ‘vile’ Anti-gay Laws            6/20

Francis: «The corruption of the powerful is paid by the poor»

The Pope: "Even some prelates are corrupt"

The Pope: «Let us help a tired Europe to rediscover its roots»

Vatican cardinal: acknowledging weaknesses can contribute to Christian unity

Archbishop to Pelosi, critics: No, I won’t drop March for Marriage

Milwaukee Abp. Listecki to Common Core Protesters: "To think parents are more qualified than our academic experts to select curriculum is ridiculous"     

Illinois nuns take legal action against bordering strip club

Chinese church's fightback fails to stop cross removal

'Satanist' arrested for ritual murder in public square

Planned Parenthood: Kill Amendments to Ban Sex-Selection Abortions

Faith-Based Film Summit Shows Spiritual Content in High Demand

Gay couple's discrimination suit against Massachusetts diocese will go to trial

Gates abortion funding drop met with praise, caution

Slovakia enshrines true marriage in nation’s Constitution

This speech on abortion by a 12-year-old left her pro-choice teacher speechless.                        6/18

Progressive Films Falter While Faith-Based Movies Score

Breitbart News Sunday: Children Deserve Mother and Father

Report: 'Father of the Bride' Sequel to Feature Gay Marriage

HuffPo Lead: Not Iraq Chaos but LGBT Executive Order!           6/17

Saint Anthony of Padua, Priest and Doctor

Pope Francis: God always prepares us for our mission

Focus of attacked Phoenix priests was Latin Mass

Figures show dramatic jump in Spanish Mass attendance, religious vocations

Cardinal Zen raps Beijing's claim to 'comprehensive sovereignty' over Hong Kong

Melinda Gates’ claim to not fund abortion is ‘outright deception’: pro-life group

In 33 U.S. Cities, Feeding the Homeless Has Been Criminalized

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal Signs Pro-Life Bill That Could Close Three Abortion Clinics

The last thing a 3-year-old Syrian said before he died: “I’m gonna tell God everything”

Polish Prime Minister says doctors must do abortions despite conscience objection

Why Aren't Any of the Biggest U.S. Law Firms Defending Traditional Marriage?

Gay marriage on hold in Wisconsin pending appeal

Thad Cochran: 'I Don't Remember Ever Saying' I Did 'Indecent Things with Animals' as a Child                    6/14

Pope: Fear of the Lord an alarm reminding us of what's right

Pope to traffickers, arms manufacturers: God's judgment will come

Cardinal George still a powerful force among American bishops

Cardinal Dolan Retaliates -Wherein That Jolly Old Francis Show Turns into Godzilla in Gotham City

NYC: Order to remove Fr. Justin Wylie came directly from the Cardinal's office

79% of SC GOP backs personhood, pro-life Republican tops pro-abortion GOP foe, Cuccinelli’s new gig

Christians among 500,000 fleeing Mosul after Islamist forces seize city

News: Priest didn't know child-abuse law?

Video: Bite and draw ‘some blood’ during sex, Planned Parenthood tells teens                              6/12

Christianity is hands-on action, not school of thought, pope says

World financial system built as 'new idolatry,' cardinal tells forum

Distinguishing Between Authentic and Heretical Ecumenism

23 GOPers, 55 Dems Confirm HHS Secretary Who Will Force Christians to Act Against Faith

Wis. bishop: Redefining marriage has domino effect on family

«Where is your brother?»: The cry of the bishops of Eritrea

Washington assisted suicide law leads to over 100 deaths in 2013: gvmt report

'Comedy' promotes abortion

Britain’s Missing Babies: How Thousands of Children Have Disappeared From Council Care in the Last Two Years

Liberals, Conservatives Unite in DC to Launch Gay Marriage Initiative

Brazil’s employment website offered tips for those wishing to attempt prostitution

British Schools Accused of Plotting to Impose Conservative Islamic Teaching on Pupils

Transgendered priest to give sermon at National Cathedral         6/10

Anyone can follow Mother Teresa's footsteps, priest says

Pope Francis shakes up Vatican financial watchdog

Syrian rebel rockets damage prelate’s residence, Catholic school

Nun wins 'The Voice Italy,' leads crowd in Our Father

Contraception: the gateway to moral decay

Euthanasia law passes in Quebec, Canada

Florida would ban abortion post-viability, Ohio moves to ban abortion insurance, and more

Father jailed for beating pregnant daughter after she refused abortion

Catholic church destroyed in Boko Haram rampage

Sanctioned sin: homosexuals begin getting 'married' in Wisconsin    6/7

Pope fires entire board overseeing Vatican finances

Islamic Prayers, Readings from Quran to be Heard at the Vatican for the First Time in History

Bp. Athanasius Schneider: Liberals, collaborating with the 'new paganism', are driving the Church towards a split

Demographics favor the faithful

Planned Parenthood affiliate has lost more than a quarter of its customers since 2012

Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz Closes Centers in Oregon and Washington

Thought Police Force Local Baker to Participate in Gay Wedding

The End of GOProud

Parents outraged after teacher hands out sex toys to teens during drama awards ceremony

Telling Children Fairy Tales Could Damage Them, Says Richard Dawkins   6/5

Pope’s spiritual roots are to be found in St. Ignatius and Our Lady of Luján

Philadelphia archdiocese files suit against HHS mandate

US bishops: reduce carbon pollution following the money changers plan again

Skojec: I’ve said before, and I’ll say it again: we need new Catholic gatekeepers.

Syrian rebel group expels Christians, confiscates property

Religious parents 'could be criminalised' under new UK law

Gay multi-millionaire activist funds Catholics United

Colorado: Christian guilty of discrimination for refusing to bake cake for same-sex wedding

HHS Board rules Medicare must cover sex change operations

Viral video about ‘transgender’ 6-year-old not so heartwarming, says psychiatrist

New poll on US morality shows need for clearer preaching: Head of Human Life International

Culture Upside Down: There Has Been A Colossal Shift In America’s Values Since 2001                                   6/4

St. Joan of Arc: A Guide for Every Age

Northern Irish First Minister Defends Christian Who Attacked Islam

The Colorado civil Rights Division is telling a Lakewood, Colorado, baker he must violate his faith and create “wedding” cakes for same-sex duos, even though the state doesn’t recognize such unions

DUCK DYNASTY Star: 'If We Don¹t Turn To God, We¹re Going To Lose The USA'           5/31

Last week Hilary White wrote an article for Lifesite News in which she reported on the fact that Pope Francis concelebrated Mass with and then later kissed the hands of an activist priest - See more at:
Last week Hilary White wrote an article for Lifesite News in which she reported on the fact that Pope Francis concelebrated Mass with and then later kissed the hands of an activist priest - See more at:

Straight-facts reporting from Lifesite's Hilary White on pope's concelebration with pro-homosexual activist priest

Catholic Long Knives Out for LifesiteNews?

MAG: AMERICA'S NEXT CIVIL RIGHTS FRONTIER                            5/30

New Boy Scouts president: Gay scout leaders acceptable

Event planners see growing demand for divorce parties               5/28

Pope denounces arms dealers at start of Mideast trip, demands urgent end to Syrian war - See more at:
Pope denounces arms dealers at start of Mideast trip, demands urgent end to Syrian war - See more at:
Pope denounces arms dealers at start of Mideast trip, demands urgent end to Syrian war - See more at:
Pope denounces arms dealers at start of Mideast trip, demands urgent end to Syrian war - See more at:

'Who sells weapons to these people to make war?..This is the root of evil, the hatred, the love of money'

‘Violence cannot be defeated by violence,’ Pope tells young Palestinians

Francis: “Bishops and priests must not be false traitors”

Pope to meet with sex abuse victims for first time in June

Francis: “I’m open to discussing the Petrine Primacy”

Pope says 3 bishops under investigation, sees overemphasis on question of Communion for the remarried

Cardinal O'Malley Should Resign USCCB Pro-life Post for Honoring John Kerry at BC Graduation

Report: Russian Orthodox Church distances itself from Ecumenical Patriarch’s meeting with Pope

Shock: 1 in 3 pregnancies in Detroit ends in abortion; 3 times higher than Michigan rate

Capturing America's Heart: A Third Awakening?

Florida couple threatened with jail time for feeding homeless in violation of local ordinance

Stop the premature talk of surrender on same-sex ‘marriage’

Slaughters 20 Villagers for Failure to Pay Islamic Tax

'Fifty Shades effect' blamed for rise in STD's among over-50s                5/27

Destroying creation is destroying a gift of God, pope says at audience

Pope reportedly displeased by sumptuous canonization banquet

UN ready to build on the upcoming encyclical on the environment

Catholic scholar calls graduates to 'new moral movement'

Search begins for Cardinal George's successor

American nun urges funding for abortion abroad

Government Health Care Schedules Child’s Sex Change Despite Parent’s Objection

Republicans can’t avoid abortion in 2014 elections: Gallup

N.Y. State Suggests HIV Tests For 13-Year-Olds, Sex Ed In Elementary School

Media 'Railed Against Me for Giving Them the Truth About Their Sins'     5/23

Gift of knowledge attunes us to vision of God, Pope says

“Do we have a heart that flits from one thing to the next or one that firm in the Holy Spirit?”

Vatican Financial Authority boosts checks after suspicious transactions soar from 6 to 202

Typical new US priest: 32-year-old who prays Rosary, takes part in Eucharistic adoration

Archbishop: Europe’s governments ignore attacks on Christians

Catholic priest Rev. Edwards Beck, who believes that denying climate change is a sin

‘The Porn Pandemic’: Documentary shows porn’s ‘devastating effects on children, family and society’

Planned Parenthood defrauds Medicaid with unnecessary procedures on incarcerated minorities: lawsuit

Libyan situation has never been more ‘critical,’ says prelate

Rainbow Flag Flies over U.S. Embassy in Madrid

China Tears Down Church Because Cross on Building 'Too Shiny'

Cops arrest rabbi, scoutmaster in massive NYC child porn sting        5/22

Transgender Students Get Title IX Protection

'How to Train Your Dragon' Character Comes Out as Gay in Sequel      5/20

Francis: “Pray with your heart, not like a parrot”

Pope Francis decries arms trade as hindrance to peace

Exorcism conference at Vatican addresses need for more demon-fighting priests

At UN, Head of Council for Families Abp. Paglia's Warns against 'regressive familyism?'

Cardinal Collins urges Canadian Liberal Party leader to reconsider ban on pro-lifers

Report documents anti-Christian discrimination in Europe

Notre Dame refuses to recognize pro-marriage student group

Cities All Over America Are Becoming Extremely Cruel To The Homeless

Federally funded Children’s Hospital gives 12-year-olds Plan B without telling parents

Current Sexualization of Children Predicted in 1932 Novel  

UKIP Candidate: Catholics Must be Ready to Die for Their Faith

Husband of Condemned Sudanese Christian: 'I Am Just Praying'          5/17

Pope goes old school on the Devil

Pope calls for ‘worldwide ethical mobilisation’ in address to UN

HGTV Cancels Show After Hosts Outed As Christian Conservatives

Chuck Hagel: Military Ban on Transgenders 'Should Be Reviewed'         5/12

Did Divine Intervention Save This Man From The Flames?

UN Urged to Tell Catholic Church it Has No Right to Oppose Abortion

Leona Lewis: 'So Sad' Nine out of Ten Babies with Down Syndrome are Aborted               5/9

UN official to Vatican: Catholic teaching on abortion may be a form of ‘torture’

Supreme Court Makes Broad Defense of Public Prayer

Why Is The Media Silent About The Crucifixion Of Christians By Radical Jihadists?

School Bans Bible During 'Free Reading' Time...

Woman Films Own Abortion                       5/6

Oklahoma Battles Group over Statue of Satan

Gene Robinson, First Openly Gay Episcopal Bishop, to Divorce Husband   5/5

Vatican reform takes courage, determination, Pope tells new Council for the Economy

The Dobson Rebuke: Are There Catholic Clergy Speaking Like This? I'd Like to Know

'Heaven Is for Real' Director Embraces Faith, Small-Town America

52 pro-life leaders worldwide call on bishops to deny Communion to pro-abortion politicians

Belgian doctor euthanizing healthy people on psych meds; families lodging complaints

Gosnell Movie: Why Did Abortionist's Horrors Endure?

American Pro-Lifers Inspire European Action

Gay mag: "Right-wingers" condemning Catholic pastor for proclaiming the 'Year of Our Lady Gaga'

Obama administration says Title IX anti-sex discrimination law covers transgender people              5/3

Holy Spirit's gift of understanding enlightens minds, Pope says

Pope urges Christian communities to be ones of peace

Pope says jealousy is devil's work; Holy Spirit brings unity

Is Pope Francis Ignoring Collegiality to Intervene on Behalf of Dissident University in Peru?

Vatican's canonization ceremony sponsored by Big Oil, Big Banks and Big Food

NC Reporter: Curial Gang of Eight Cardinal Errazuriz protected well known pedophile priest

Syrian rebels crucify 2 prisoners

CO HS students say Pledge in Arabic: 'One nation under Allah'

Pride Toronto co-chairman charged with drugging, raping young man 

Transhumanism comes face-to-face with religion               5/1

St. Louis de Montfort

'Be not afraid!' Pope tells young Argentine Catholics

Council of Cardinals meeting this week for fourth time

Cardinal Bertone defends himself against accusations of luxury  ???

What Does “Thrown Under The Bus” Mean To Traditional Catholics

Christian presence vanishing from Iraq, Chaldean patriarch fears

Growing up near Treblinka inspired priest's Holocaust research

NARAL victory? Crisis pregnancy centers face ‘blacklists’ from Google over ‘deceptive’ ads     4/29

Feast of Divine Mercy Sunday

King Louis IX of France – saint and hero

The risen Jesus, not money or power, is the source of life, pope says

Pope asks southern African bishops to combat abortion, divorce, corruption

Pope Francis: ‘Abortion compounds the grief of many women’

Swedish 'megachurch' leader explains conversion to Catholicism

China denies demolition campaign against churches

Disgraced priest's partner was gay recording artist

Oregon County Orders Incinerator: Stop Using Aborted Babies to Generate Power

Aborted Babies Could Reduce Greenhouse Gases, Fight Climate Change ?

Missouri governor faces impeachment over pro-gay ‘marriage’ executive order

Teacher Arrested For Giving Lap Dance To Student In Front Of Class      4/26

Francis: Don’t place your trust in money and success

Archbishop Nienstedt, in deposition, says he knew little about sex-abuse complaints

Cardinal criticizes Catholic teachers’ union over gay pride parade participation

French bishops cautioned against political manipulation

Ireland’s singing priest, Fr. Kelly strikes again

Syrian Jihadis ‘Take Aim’ at Christian Toddler

Obama sends pro-abortion delegation to Vatican

Origins of the Rosary

Former chancellor of NH diocese, head of treatment center, will serve jail time

10-year-old boy raped male classmate after watching porn, now on trial

Aborted babies incinerated in Oregon to provide electricity             4/24

'Evil will not have the last word,' pope says during Way of Cross

Papal preacher slams 'curse' of money-driven corruption

Cardinal Bertone's luxurious apartment raising eyebrows

Mao Thought He Could Eliminate Religion, He Was Wrong

Left Media Claims Britain Not a Christian Country

Hollywood Child Rape Scandal: Three Execs Named as Alleged Abusers

Pro-Life Display Vandalized at George Washington University

Amazon Delivers Condoms to 8-Year-Old Girl, Won't Reveal Sender

Boy Scouts Ban Church From Hosting Troop                  4/22

100 Facts About The Moral Collapse Of America That Are Almost Too Crazy To Believe

Restructuring of Roman Curia next on agenda for Pope, Council of Cardinals

Catholic Relief Services pro-abortion grantee wins UN Population Fund Award

Alabama Democrat: I introduced the bill for gay marriage and I think it's OK for a man to marry a mule too

Nevada Republicans drop pro-life, pro-marriage stand

Rape of Catholic woman prompts protests in Bangladesh

Obama-appointed federal judge says Ohio must recognize out-of-state same-sex ‘marriages’               4/19

Pope criticizes clergy for lavish spending

Pope: Meditate on Christ's passion during Holy Week

Atheists chide Denver Bp. Aquila: Media should not report Satan is real

Nevada Republican Party Strips Pro-Life, Pro-Marriage Language From its Platform

US will pay $5 billion in subsidies to ObamaCare exchanges that permit elective abortion coverage                4/15

Francis: “Every civil right is based on the right to life”

'Church must rediscover mysticism'

HHS secretary nominee Sylvia Mathews Burwell oversaw Gates Foundation’s population control efforts

Catholic Schools: Are They Catholic?

Campaigners Set Up 'Abortion Travel Agency' in Spain

Christian Journalist 'Can't Sleep, Lost 14 Lbs, And May Leave City' After Threats by Gay Marriage Advocates             4/14

Pope; Don't even let the Devil get his first temptation through the door ...

Traditional Latin Mass Finds Support Among Young Priests

Box Office: Anti-God 'Noah' Dives, 'God's Not Dead' Soars

Student Union Votes to Ban Pro-Life Rallies       4/12

Do theology on your knees, Pope tells students at Gregorian University

Pope Francis warns against the dictatorship of narrow thought

Francis meets former sex slaves on second day of conference against human trafficking

Vatican, civil authorities join forces against human trafficking

Colorado Reacts to Bill That Would Undo Pro-Life Successes

Jesuit, who used YouTube to appeal for help for Homs, reportedly killed

Pakistani report: 700 Christian women kidnapped yearly, forced into Muslim marriages

New docs: Notorious abortionists’ facilities weren’t inspected after allegations of illegal abortion

Study: Many Children View Porn                4/11

God's mercy goes beyond our sin, Pope Francis reflects

Pope Francis will not close Vatican bank, reaffirms its mission

Bishops voice abortion concerns over Affordable Care Act

USCCB’s sex abuse report contains bad news and good news

Bishop urges US to take ‘clear stance against torture’

Atlanta's Archbishop Gregory will sell new residence

Denver archdiocese defends new $6.5 million meeting center, residence for archbishop

Scotland: Vatican launches investigation into Cardinal O’Brien

US: Pro-abortion politicians are denied Communion

Charlotte diocese backs nun who gave school talk promoting Church teaching on homosexuality

Prominent pro-gay liberals criticize Mozilla for forcing CEO’s resignation

Boston Police Report: Woman 'Unresponsive' after Planned Parenthood Abortion                  4/8

Pope: Real prayer is courageous, frank dialogue with God

Pope: OK to fight with God, hold him to his promise, remember his love

Priest who survived labor camp recalls suffering as gift

Illinois bishop upholds priest’s decision to deny Communion to pro-abort Sen. Dick Durbin

Archbishop's deposition ends 'heatedly' in Minnesota abuse lawsuit

Catholic Church Confronts Maduro over 'Abusive Repression' in Venezuela

Mozilla’s co-founder is out. So is tolerance.        

US Department of Justice to begin transgender training with police forces  4/4

Pope Francis asks: Where are you on your spiritual journey?

Be open to the light of Christ, encourages Pope

Enforcing Church Laws? - Bp. Morlino enforces ban on washing feet of women on Holy Thursday

San Francisco Archbishop: Those dissenting from Church teachings shouldn’t receive Communion (VIDEO)

Environmentalism 'has become a religion' says Gaia Theory's Godfather of Green                   4/1

Fr. Augustus Tolton: Scholar recounts black Catholics' rich history worldwide

Two ex-Vatican bank chiefs face money laundering trial

Men try to deposit billions in fake bonds in Vatican bank

New York town awaits ruling on moment of prayer

Christians Versus Muslims in Central African Republic

Pakistani Christian Sentenced to Death for Insulting Mohammed

16,000 births, 18,000 abortions in San Francisco

Planned Parenthood Hypocrisy Exposed in $5M Urban Clinic          3/30


Churches answer Pope’s call for 24 hours of Confession

Pope Francis joins penitents, makes his confession at Vatican basilica

Cardinal Burke stresses Catholic media’s 'supreme importance'

Vatican abuse commission member: bishops must be held accountable

Catholic Nun's speech at Catholic High School causes uproar; accurately portrayed Church's teaching on divorce, homosexuality

"Things are about to get much worse" Steve Skojec pieces together an image of 'The Great Apostasy’

First Grader Silenced for Mentioning Jesus

'Noah' Review: Brilliantly Sinister Anti-Christian Filmmaking

9 Problems with Aronofsky's 'Noah'            

Georgia Catholic organizations win permanent exclusion from Obamacare birth control mandate

Gay Marriage to Become Legal in UK at Midnight

Opponents of California transgender bill sue state officials over tossed petition signatures

STUDY: Thousands of children accessing porn websites each month       3/29

Culture of exclusion sacrifices children, elderly, Pope warns

Pope; “The devil pushes us to be unfaithful to the Lord. Sometimes he pushes hard.”

Holy Orders fosters a passionate love of the Church, Pope notes

Cardinal Ruini: 85% of the cardinals openly disagreed with the Kasper Report. The rest just looked embarrassed.

Remnant slams Shea, Keating, and the revived Catholic "nomenklatura”

Minnesota archdiocese again seeks delay in releasing abuse files

German bishop accused of luxurious lifestyle resigns (Updated)

Man who calls himself 'queer Bohemian' heads theology at Catholic school

World Vision reverses decision to hire people in same-sex ‘marriages’   3/27

Mary's humility shows the path to salvation, Pope says on feast of Annunciation

The good thief, St. Dismas

Vatican cardinal says clergy must speak out more on life and family as Pope focuses on lost sheep

Priests should be waiting in confessionals, says Vatican official

Questions rise about costs of new archbishop's residence in Atlanta  ???

Supreme Court Deeply Skeptical of Obamacare 'Abortion Mandate'

Coptic leader: 'Arab Spring' was really a winter

Left Fearmongers over Creationism to Discredit School Choice

Catholic college hosts ‘bioethicist’ who supports forcing Catholic hospitals to do abortions

Kansas can strip Planned Parenthood of taxpayer funds, appeals court rules

Aborted Babies Burned to Power Hospitals in UK

British government bans burning of fetuses to heat hospitals

Abortion fight haunts Obamacare                         3/26

Francis: The pharisees took over the Word of God for their own 'ideologies', 'theologies', and interests

Pope Warns Mobsters: Hell Awaits

Cardinal Burke opposes Cardinal Kasper's proposal for divorced/remarried Catholics

Vatican staff unsettled by prospect of budget cuts

Pittsburgh’s bishop rejects Common Core standards

Japanese firm to digitize works in Vatican Library

Report: Russian Orthodox move to seize other churches in Crimea

UK prime minister denounces sex-selective abortions as 'appalling'

Melinda Gates says her Catholicism does not temper her support for contraceptives

Couple sues for ‘wrongful pregnancy’ after failed sterilization

‘Their viewpoint kills people’: Stanford revokes funding for pro-marriage conference after backlash

Report: Missing Word in 'Noah' Film? 'God'                3/22

St. Joseph: The Model of Manhood

Cardinal Marx: “The IOR will no longer be able to harm the Vatican’s reputation”

Riccardi: “Here’s who’s standing up to Pope Francis”

Worldwide Christian persecution a growing trend, report shows

The chess game between the Church and China

Minnesota court confirms: archdiocese must yield names of accused priests

Ukrainian Catholics experiencing 'total persecution' in Crimea

Syrian Islamic leader asks the world: stop sending weapons

Belgium: doctors want euthanasia without consent of the patient

Former ‘Two and a Half Men’ child star says he left after realizing he was a ‘paid hypocrite’

Catholic League Bill Donohue Calls for Boycott of Guinness          3/20

Catholic Alumni: Finalists for Loyola Marymount Dean Both Worked at Planned Parenthood - See more at:
Catholic Alumni: Finalists for Loyola Marymount Dean Both Worked at Planned Parenthood - See more at:

Finalists for Loyola Marymount dean both worked at Planned Parenthood

Science Mag: 'Cosmos' Attack On Church Gets History 'Downright Wrong' 3/19

Pope Francis: carry a pocket-sized edition of the Gospel, read it daily

Pope Reportedly Nixes Meeting with Noah Director and Russell Crowe

Air Force: Christians' Religious Speech Not Legally Protected Right

Three years in, Catholics note brutality of Syrian conflict

Guinness Caves to Gay Pressure, Drops St. Patrick's Day Parade Sponsorship

5 Big Wins for Militant Gay Pressure Groups                  3/18

Can Pope Francis Fix the Catholic Church?

Francis finds office work a bore

The Francis Effect: A Gathering Storm

Cardinal remembers Opus Dei priest as man 'chosen by God'

Pope Francis invited to address US Congress

Spokesman hired by Cardinal Dolan leaves USCCB

Syria’s bishops lament continued violence, urge prayer, fasting for peace

21 percent say religion ‘not that important’

Nigeria: Over 500 Catholics killed by Boko Haram since 2009

LA Religious Ed Conference: Three Days of Darkness - Underway          3/15

Francis, the Pope who shunned “royal court” ways

Here’s how Francis is changing the “bishop factory”

UK bishop: Denying Communion to anti-life/family politicians is ‘an act of mercy’

Hundreds flock to glowing Virgin Mary statue

Priest lauds Catholic class offerings at largest state school

"We do not need a Church that moves with the world, but a Church that moves the world." - Chesterton via Mario Palmaro in his Last Essay

Group of 200 Catholic employers sues to block HHS mandate

Traditionalist: they wanted to gut the Rosary

Hillary Clinton tells UN:  No human progress without abortion-on-demand

Disney's 'Frozen' Not Homosexual Propaganda                 3/14

Canadian Supreme Court to decide if govt can force Catholic school to teach contrary to its beliefs

Medjugorje visit cured boy from 19 tumors

Critic: 'Noah' Betrays Essence of Bible Character

'In-your-face sexuality is the point of the damn thing': Toronto columnist on nudity at Gay Pride

Pew Poll: GOP Youth Supports Gay Marriage                3/13

TIMELINE-The first year of the papacy of Francis

Pope: Do not argue with Satan, defend yourself with the Word of God

Pope Francis: 'The gender ideology is demonic!'

Lessons in style: Pope's gestures, choices are teaching moments

Swedish 'megachurch' leader converts to Catholicism

Abortionist didn’t report pregnancy of 11-yr-old girl police say was caused by incest

Kansas judge restores license to Tiller accomplice who referred 10 year olds for late-term abortions                      3/12

The Pope appoints 8 cardinals and 7 lay people to the new Council for the Economy

Pope Calls for Careful Management of Finance and Resources in Religious Institutes

In first year, Pope Francis has challenged 'all' to live Gospel

Benedict XVI discusses John Paul I in interview excerpted in Italian newspaper

Bishop Morlino: "Pope Francis has made me a stronger culture warrior"

GUURL: Dunham Goes Nude to Mock Bible              3/11

Pope meets with leader of World Council of Churches, urges prayer for Christian unity

4 Christian villages attacked in Nigeria

Georgetown University student group hosts 'Sex Positive Week' with erotic dancing instruction

RNC chairman: ‘March for Life was a little bit of a wake-up call’

Catholic school news roundup: Seattle, Charlotte, North Dakota

Disney ends Boy Scout donations due to gay leader ban

Church Distributes Flier with Photo of AR-15, 'My Peace I Give to You'     3/7

Catholics: Increasingly a Dissident Minority

Francis: the Pope is “a normal person”, not Superman

'Weeping,' 'bleeding' statues reported in Russia and Ukraine

Ukraine’s churches unite behind nation, seek prayers for peace

Report: Syrian rebel group makes Christians low-status subjects

CPAC: No Room for Pro-Life Panel

Abortionist LeRoy Carhart sends another victim of botched abortion to the emergency room

Eugenicists Rejoice: 53.6% of Babies Aborted in Georgia Are Black    3/6

Pope: More martyrs exist today than in the early Church

Under threat, Syria's Christians sign accord with Islamists

Arizona advances bill for surprise inspections of abortion clinics

‘The Romeike’s can stay!!!’: Surprise decision means German homeschooling family won’t be deported

Planned Parenthood CEO: ‘It’s nearly impossible to find out which’ ObamaCare ‘plans cover abortion’

Ugandan Anglicans threaten schism over homosexuality

Red Reign: China's horrific nonconsensual organ harvesting and religious oppression unveiled                   3/5

Our Shredded Constitution, Part I: Free Exercise of Religion

Nine new Qumran scrolls discovered

Ethicists Warn Against Three-Parent Reproductive Technology

NY Middle School Forces Girls to Ask One Another for 'Lesbian Kiss' And Pretend Like They Are On a Date

Girl Scouts hire gay-married lesbian as chief 'girl experience officer'

'Rise of erotic liberty' signaled in Arizona veto           3/1

Central African priest goes door to door warning Muslims of impending Christian attack?

Pope Francis: Inconsistent Christians Cause Scandal

Obama’s UN delegation tries to scrap parts of Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Belgium's child euthanasia move lamented as 'unbelievable'

The Continuing Assault On Christianity

PBS Hit Piece Falsely Slams Church, Benedict; Praises Francis

Syrian rebel group demands tribute from Christians

Angry pro-life moms: Girl Scouts CEO lying about Planned Parenthood connection (VIDEO)

New prenatal test will further eugenic targeting of Down syndrome children: ethicist

Planned Parenthood Prez: Beginning of Life 'Not Relevant' to Abortion Debate                           2/28

Pope Francis: Christians should weep at tragedy of war

Vatican’s Cardinal Burke: Media is ‘mocking’ the Pope by creating a liberal caricature

CDF head sees liberation theology strengthened by elimination of Marxist influence

New Orleans archbishop takes aim at Planned Parenthood

Fr. Robert Barron Denies That Adam Was a "Literal Figure"?

Ecumenical Group Comments on U.S. High Imprisonment Rate

UPDATE: 'Religious Freedom Restoration Act'

Republican AGs reject Holder’s legal advice, vow to defend marriage

Prelate: extremists in Libya are targeting Christians

U.S., Canada among the world’s top 4% most permissive nations on abortion: Report

73% of Abortions In Mississippi Are Black Babies                   2/26

Christian leaders should serve, says Pope

Pope establishes panel, with lay members, to oversee Vatican finances

A new exorcist

'Son of God' movie 'a love story,' say husband-wife producers

Supreme Court kills Arizona law defunding Planned Parenthood

Federal appeals court refuses to grant Notre Dame an exception from birth control mandate

A kindergarten teacher has been suspended from her job after two of her students were found ‘having sex’ while naked in her classroom’s bathroom

Kindergarten teacher suspended after two of her students, aged five, are caught 'having sex' in school bathroom                           2/25

A kindergarten teacher has been suspended from her job after two of her students were found ‘having sex’ while naked in her classroom’s bathroom

Pope Francis: 'To Know Jesus, One Must Follow Him'

Pope: Our own dependence should spur empathy for weak

Pope calls for 'intelligent, courageous, loving' approach to families

Go directly to confession, don't wait, pope says at audience

San Francisco archbishop calls for passage of federal marriage amendment

D.C.-Area Bishop Paul Loverde: No Gov't Has Authority to Alter Design of Marriage

Bishop criticizes Catholic politician who flip-flops on abortion

Deposition: Cardinal Mahony admits directing vicar not to release information to police

Filmmakers draw attention to plight of Middle East Christians

Christi had six abortions. Why are stories like hers so common in the African-American community?

South Dakota kills bill to ban dismembering and decapitating babies during abortion

You Cannot Be Christian and Support UKIP' says Tory Peer            2/21

Local nun joins in appeal to discipline Bishop Finn

“Temptations grow, infect and imprison us. Only the Word of God saves us”

When Bergoglio warned: we cannot betray the people with the illuminist mentality

Maradiaga: There's no real power in the Council for the Laity. We can't go on like this

Vatican admits infighting in financial watchdog

Pope, Council of Cardinals weigh future of Vatican bank

Vatican official examines developments in relations with World Council of Churches, Baptists

Buffalo bishops takes issue with Vatican

Newark's Abp. Myers Under Fire for Making Lavish $500K Addition to $800K Retirement Home Despite Pope Wanting 'Poor Church'

St. Paul archdiocese names nine more priests accused of abuse

Olympic figure skating star hailed as example for Catholics

Planned Parenthood Flagstaff’s chemical abortions could mask statutory rape again: pro-life group

Slate: Lying about rape is OK because abortion is fabulous

‘The devil gets no more screen time,’ says producer of The Son Of God

'Naked Dating' Reality Show Gets Greenlight                2/19

Fact Check: Did Bill Nye Tell A Huge Lie About The Fossil Layers?     2/15

Remember Benedict the Meek              As we celebrate Pope Francis, remember that a year ago today, Pope Benedict XVI performed the greatest papal act in the history of the Catholic Church.

Catholic Bishops Deeply, Publicly Divided On Anti-Gay Laws

Genocide looms in Central African Republic, archbishop warns

Priest conceived in rape: I forgave my father and heard his Confession

Priest adds details on fight with Indiana demons

Immodesty and the Culture of Death

Belgium Socialists Get Ready to OK Child Euthanasia

Planned Parenthood Prez: Women Need Abortions for Valentine’s Day

Pro-marriage young people do exist, say youth fighting for Indiana same-sex ‘marriage’ ban

Facebook users can now choose between 50 new ‘gender identity’ options

Cruz bill stops Obama from 'forcing' gay marriage onto states      2/14

Our Lady of Lourdes Apparition to St. Bernadette and The Holy Rosary

Head of Cg. for Clergy: A clericalist is the 'kind of priest who wants to give orders, who always thinks he knows best, and does not listen to the laity'

Christians are most persecuted group on earth, legislators told

Nigerian prelate defends Catholic teaching against Western influence

10 Catholic campuses to host V-Monologues this year

University of Alabama Removes 'Offensive' Pro-Life Display

Left Redefines Abortion as End-of-Life Care

Georgia abortionist extradited from Germany to U.S. for prosecution after 11 years on the run

Court: 'Choose Life' License Plate Unconstitutional

Helena diocese enters bankruptcy

Democratic rep says ‘colic, sleepless nights,’ learning disabilities may be good reasons to abort

Report: 'Noah' Fixated on 'Overpopulation and Environmental Degradation'

STUDIO FIGHT OVER 'NOAH'               2/13

The Eucharist is not “a social act”, it’s more than this: In the liturgy, God is present.”

Cd. Schönborn: “Francis has already changed Church” - far-reaching reforms on marriage and family life on the way?

New stem-cell method offers another alternative to embryonic research

Rick Santorum at Legatus 2014: America is broken because we’re afraid to fight

Cardinal O'Malley: UN report showed ideological influence

‘Catholic and rural’ – New Evangelization?         2/12

A Christian must give light to the world, urges Pope

Francis: “I think of the dark night of the soul of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta”


Global poll of Catholics finds 2/3's support the Church's stance against gay marriage

Materialism, 'rejection' of Christianity factors in World War I

The UN’s attack on the Church: prelude to a persecution?

Is demonic infestation rare or common?

Satan uses fear of death as 'door of entry'

Korea: A Church of martyrs

Breaking: Planned Parenthood to pay $2 million in ‘wrongful death’ of Tonya Reaves

Hollande Backs Down on Same-Sex Parenting Law After Huge Pro-Family Demonstrations        

Why is the Mass Media Promoting ‘Gay Rights’?                 2/10

Francis: The Eucharist constitutes the source of 'the very life of the Church.'

Syrian priest: Homs used to be home to 60,000 Christians. 'Now I find myself alone with only 66 other Christians'

John McCain Has A Temper Tantrum During Meeting With Syrian Christian Leaders After They Detail Atrocities Carried Out By His Rebel Allies

Kansas school in furor over poster encouraging anal sex, grinding, ‘touching each other’s genitals’

French gvmt withdraws anti-family stepparent law after hundreds of thousands march in Paris

Montana AG barred from defending abortion consent laws

Washington state House passes bill forcing insurance companies that cover maternity to fund abortion

Two-thirds of women seeking abortions were using contraception: Britain’s largest abortion provider                2/6

Pope; "God too weeps like a father who never disowns his children even if they rebel”

New Orleans archdiocese vows to boycott firms that build Planned Parenthood abortion clinic

LA's Catholic Bobby Jindal scraps laws that would shut abortion mills

U.S. abortion rate at lowest since 1973

The other Super Bowl ad: Dan Savage proud of Butterfinger commercial promoting ‘threesomes’                           2/5

German bishops tell Vatican: Catholics reject sexual morality rules

Bare-breasted protesters besiege bishop in Spain


Pope: Presentation of Jesus joins young, old

Fr. Z: The Pope doesn't want nuns as escorts at abortion clinics

Seahawks Coach, Players: Super Bowl 2014 Great, But Jesus Better

You’ve heard of flash mobs? Behold the Mass mob
You’ve heard of flash mobs? Behold the Mass mob
You’ve heard of flash mobs? Behold the Mass mob

You've Heard of Flash Mobs Now in Buffalo Mass Mobs

French conservatives march against government 'family-phobia'

On the 4 Sins that Cry to Heaven for Vengeance

China's unwanted babies at 'baby hatches'               2/3

Francis: 'When you lose the sense of sin, you lose the sense of the Kingdom of God'

Francis: In the Church children need to be protected and supported

Francis:”Defend and preserve Catholic identity”

Matt Archbold: Search for Authentic Catholic School 'Disheartening'

Woman possessed by demons in 'portal to hell' house reveals new details

Disney Channel same-sex couple episode yields protest

Nancy Pelosi to receive Margaret Sanger Award from Planned Parenthood

The facts about Super Bowl sex trafficking          2/1

Pope John Paul II's blood stolen from church in Italy

Nigeria: Islamic jihadists murder at least 62 people, including 22 at Mass

Christian Singer Walks Out on Grammys After ‘Satanic’ Performances

AJ McCarron: 'Really Demonic' Performances at Grammys Show 'There's a Lot of Evil in the World'                 1/28

Pope to Davos: Stop thinking only of yourselves

Catholic teacher: Black America is ‘quietly pro-abortion,’ because ‘our men aren’t men’

Typical new US religious: 37-year-old cradle Catholic who regularly takes part in Eucharistic adoration

Baby Panda Gets 6 Times More Coverage Than Pro-Life Rally

Detroit priest sentenced on child pornography charges

Little Sisters of the Poor win Supreme Court injunction barring enforcement of HHS mandate                    1/25

Abortions down thirty-two percent from all-time high

Tens of thousands march for end of abortion in Washington on Roe anniversary (PHOTOS)

Obama celebrates Roe v. Wade’s 41st anniversary: abortion allows women to ‘fulfill their dreams’

IOR explains steps taken towards transparency

Seattle Catholic High School Principal Sr. Mary Tracy Resigns         1/23

Francis: “I ask you to ensure that humanity is served by wealth and not ruled by it”

Pope Gives Davos His Blessing in Message on Wealth Distribution

God always chooses the 'little ones,' Pope Francis reflects

Ex Swiss Guards Chief: Vatican 'Gay Lobby' Poses Risks For Pope

MLK's witness continues to push for justice 'rooted in love'

Georgetown U honors Martin Luther King’s legacy with talk by abortion advocate

Ex-Vatican accountant hit with new money laundering charge

Ohio health department shuts down abortion facility after ‘history of problems’

Files Show Chicago Archdiocese Hid Decades Of Child Sex Abuse           1/22

Former Swiss Guard: Vatican secret gay society more loyal to each other than Holy See

Rabbi Skorka: Pro-Abortion, Pro-Homosexual Marriage Religious Leader Receives Another Honorary Degree from a Catholic University

'Incredible!'Uncredible: TX Abortion Heroine Lied About Being Divorced Teen Mom

Girl Scouts Honored Davis as 'Incredible Woman'               1/21

St. Margaret of Hungary

Pope Francis warns against a 'worldly uniformity'

Pope Benedict defrocked nearly 400 priests over two years for molesting children

Appeals court rules against Bloomberg's pregnancy center notice law

NY Gov. Cuomo: Pro-Life, Pro-Gun, Pro-Marriage Conservatives 'Have No Place In The State'                   1/18

Pope; Priests who cause scandals do not give the Bread of Life, only a poisoned meal?

Vatican document denies link between faith and violence

Report: Medjugorje commission set to hand Pope study 

Parents outraged over classroom poster that lists sex acts

Haiti encounters hope, challenges four years after devastation

Social hostilities toward religion reached six-year high in 2012

How much is that halo? Vatican regulates costs of making saints       1/17

The Gay Priest Party 01-14   

Pope Francis reshuffles Vatican Bank overseeing panel

Scottish official rejects sex ed guidelines for Catholic schools

Study: 24 nations have ‘very high’ government restrictions on religion

Global religious hostilities reach six year high

Fatherless Churches

The continuing over-sexualization of our children

Abortionist under criminal investigation over failure to report child sex abuse

Western Media up in arms; Meanwhile 98% of Nigerians don't think homosexuality should be accepted by society

New Mexico judge: Euthanasia is constitutional              1/16

Pope: God "has been preparing us" for generations, "When things are not going well, He gets Himself involved in history, he sorts the situation"

Is Medjugorje and Virgin Mary behind Famed Cancer Cure in Israel? 

Republicans move forward with abortion funding ban: U.S. bishops throw in their support

Francis’ message to Christians: “Let us not be legalists, hypocrites or corrupt”

Cardinal calls the word capitalism 'misleading,' urges better dialogue

Cardinal Reinhard Marx wrote an essay; “Beyond Capitalism,”

Revelation helps answer reason's questions, priest scholar say

What Should Be Done To A Country That Kills 56 Million Of Its Own People?

Government Fires Navy Chaplain who Sued over Government Shutdown of Catholic Mass                            1/15

Pope Says Abortion Evidence of 'Throwaway Culture'

Chicago cardinal stresses accountability amid past clergy reports

Supreme Court to decide on constitutionality of statewide abortion clinic barrier

The man who led the U.S. Defense Department through its transition to allowing openly acknowledged homosexuals to serve in the military is set to take over the Boy Scouts of America as the iconic youth organization undergoes a similar historic change.
The man who led the U.S. Defense Department through its transition to allowing openly acknowledged homosexuals to serve in the military is set to take over the Boy Scouts of America as the iconic youth organization undergoes a similar historic change.
The man who led the U.S. Defense Department through its transition to allowing openly acknowledged homosexuals to serve in the military is set to take over the Boy Scouts of America as the iconic youth organization undergoes a similar historic change.

Robert Gates who led the U.S. Defense Department through its transition to allowing openly acknowledged homosexuals to serve in the military is set to take over the Boy Scouts of America as the iconic youth organization undergoes a similar historic change                    1/14

Liberation Theology is back as Pope Francis holds capitalism to account

Jerusalem's Latin patriarch hopes pope's May visit is 'cry for peace'

Report: up to 600,000 Christians have fled homes in Syria

Catholics used to be open to the lessons of freedom from the American experience

Egypt's defense minister applauded by Coptic congregation

Seattle Catholic high school caves: President Sr. M Tracy, "I look forward to the day where no individual loses their job because they married a person of the same sex."

Bishop slams CofE ‘dumbed down’ baptism service

Drastic increase in murders of religious, missionaries in 2013

Poll shows rise in belief that marriage is a religious institution        1/9

Miraculous healing in Jesus stuns Israel

Pope Francis: the path of 'humiliation' leads us to Jesus

Test the spirits, Pope urges faithful

Vatican spokesman: media manipulated Pope's comments on families

China ranks Francis among top ten key men of 2013

American priest expelled from Jesuit order

Report: Teacher Tells Student “Jesus Is Not Allowed In School”

Girl Scouts tout pro-abortion politician

EPA turns up heat on wood-burning stoves
EPA turns up heat on wood-burning stoves

American Heritage Girls Offers Faith-Based Patriotic Alternative to Girl Scouts

Creationism enters the 21st century

Supreme Court halts 'gay marriage' in Utah pending appeal

Belgian officials back legalized euthanasia of children by doctors

Libya Targets Christians with Sharia-Based Constitution

No Dissent Allowed: Deletes Indian Petition To Reject Gay Lifestyle Choice


St. Elizabeth and the Eucharist

Faith desires to 'change the world,' Pope Francis says

Francis: Same-sex couples pose new educational challenges

Vatican hires leading pro-homosexual corporations as internal consultants

Church must not create selfish 'little monster' priests, pope says

Italian cardinal decries propaganda campaign to redefine marriage

Rise of exorcists in Catholic Church

22 Church workers slain worldwide in 2013

Obama Administration Tells Supreme Court: Force Catholic Nuns to Obey Birth Control Mandate

Calif. community grieves loss of murdered pastor

70 new anti-abortion laws OK'd in 22 states...

Texas Mayor Declares 2014 'Year of the Bible'             1/4

The Mother of God and Undoer of Knots

New Study from India Reveals oral contraceptives Increase breast cancer risk by 950%

Norway: Total ban on late term abortions

President Obama has awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom to feminist icon Gloria Steinem. Steinem, in turn, said she hopes Obama’s action “honor[s] the work of Margaret Sanger,” liberalism’s iconic racial eugenicist.           1/3

Mary, Mother of God
Mary, Mother of God
Mary, Mother of God
Mary, Mother of God

Mary the Mother of God

the Mother of God
the Mother of God

U.S. justice Sotomayer grants exemption in contraception mandate challenge

Man's sex with 11-year-old not abusive, Italian court rules

Billy Graham’s son Franklin: Homosexuality is ‘a sin,’ and ‘I want to warn people’

HORROR: Man kills son with axe; believed he was 'demon'

Beyonce Stands in for Jesus in 'Last Supper' Pic

Transgender kindergarteners allowed to pick bathrooms in CA       1/2

"Woe to you when all men speak well of you.."

"I have rejected any further participation in such Masses because all this is no longer Catholic" - Foreign priest reveals schismatic reality of the German Church

Obamacare abortion pill mandate delayed for Christian universities

Israel to fund all abortions for women 20-33 starting next year

Scouts open ranks to gay boys on Jan. 1

Rose Parade's Homosexual 'Wedding' Float Corrupts Children

Legal group fights Swiss lawsuit promoting euthanasia

Belgium considers legalizing euthanasia for minors            12/31

The Holy Innocents

Peace requires 'daily commitment,' says Pope in Christmas message

Francis: “Violence and discrimination against Christians must end”

Francis Effect: Republicans Re-Examine Relationship with Catholic Church

California: 29 percent of the nation's abortions

Rose Parade to feature 'gay' wedding on float
Rose Parade to feature 'gay' wedding on float
Rose Parade to feature 'gay' wedding on float
Rose Parade to feature 'gay' wedding on float
Rose Parade because two Los Angeles men will be married atop a float

Gay wedding atop a float during the Rose Bowl Parade

Twerking Miley Cyrus Pushes Homosexual Agenda            12/28

Pope: Contemplate St. Joseph’s 'greatness of soul'

Russia's Putin: "We need to go back to our traditional values, and based on them to move forward"

USF’s Privett Compares “Vagina Monologues” to “Grammar School Christmas Pageant”

Utah judge strikes down state’s marriage amendment: could force same-sex ‘marriage’ nation-wide

Catholic Schools Lose Bid to Freeze Contraceptive Order

Spanish Conservative government moves to restrict abortion: pro-aborts, feminists furious

Planned Parenthood Releases 'Twelve Days of Contraception' Christmas Carol

Georgetown Professor: Loving Jesus 'Interestingly Homoerotic'  ???

15 Quotes About The Duck Dynasty Controversy That Every American Should See             12/24

Did you get that? Pope Francis now promoting the Rosary

Has the Pope declared war on the Vatican?

Catholic High School Students in Seattle Stage Mass Protest After Gay-Married Vice-Principal Is Fired

Spain Proposes 1st EU Bill to Reverse Legalized Abortion

Canada's Highest Court Strikes Down Country's Anti-Prostitution Laws

Judge Strikes Down Utah Traditional Marriage Laws, Calls Them 'Irrational'

the rise of homo-fascism                      12/21

Christianity Booming in Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa

Vatican Hires Large U.S. Consultancy Firm to Advise on Media

Attorneys Appeal Decision Ordering Destruction of Cross at Veteran Memorial

Parents Upset After School Removes Religious Lyrics From 'Silent Night'

Scouts' 'gay' policy brings financial fallout

2014 Rose Bowl Parade will end with a gay ‘marriage’

Outrage: A&E fires Duck Dynasty star over questioning homosexuals; Palin, Jindal, pro-lifers react

A&E Tried to Cut 'Jesus' from Family Prayers...             12/20

Health group slams push for abortion in Catholic hospitals

There’s ‘no constitutional right to abortion’ N Dakota gvt says, sick sex ed returns to Hawaii, more

Duck Dynasty star refuses to back down on ‘anti-gay’ remarks

Catholic Common Core Removes Books Celebrating Same-Sex Parents from First-Grade Unit Plan

POLL: Half of US celebrates agnostic 'Christmas'           12/19

Holiness means 'letting God write our history,' preaches Pope

POLL: Americans' Belief in God Declining

Trust In Clergy Members Hits Low

Oregon high school teacher fired for pro-life activism

Syrian rebels impose Islamic law on town’s Christians

Hindu groups block move to decriminalize homosexual acts in India

Switzerland Sued for Not Providing Assisted Suicide Drugs to Woman Without Fatal Disease                        

King County Jury awards couple $50 million in ‘wrongful birth’ lawsuit   12/18

Francis: "The Church is a house of joy, not a refuge for sad people"

Pope addresses Marxism accusations, women cardinals

Vatican Cardinal Burke interviewed on Pope Francis: says ‘we can never talk enough’ about abortion

Five priests removed from ministry; two restored to duty

Woman conceived in rape slams campaign for Obama to fund abortions for rape victim overseas

Oink.. Oink.. Planned Parenthood healthcare services plummet as tax subsidies soar

Teen porn addiction growing problem              12/16

You can't DIALOGUE with someone who HATES you. Please watch this Vortex episode and pass it to your family and friends.

Francis’ Peace Day message: Only fraternity defeats hunger, war and corruption     

U.S. Bishops urge daily Rosary, fast and abstinence on Fridays

President says Russia stands on international stage in defence of traditional values against 'fruitless so-called tolerance'      12/13

An incredible story about Mother Teresa at the Prayer Breakfast

Mary’s 'embrace' shows unity of the Americas, says Pope

Gang of Eight Cardinal Gracias: Gay sex is no crime. Gay people aren't criminals

Air force base removes Nativity scene after…
Air force base removes Nativity scene after…

Ukrainian Catholic bishops join anti-government demonstrators

European Parliament rejects notion of abortion as human right

U.S. senator's top aide arrested on child porn allegations

Honeymoon over for gay couples after Australia overturns same-sex marriage law                 12/12

Pope: respect for human dignity against the "culture of waste"

A Syrian city overrun by the Muslim Brotherhood was the scene of the execution of three Christian men who refused to convert to Islam
A Syrian city overrun by the Muslim Brotherhood was the scene of the execution of three Christian men who refused to convert to Islam

A Syrian city overrun by the Muslim Brotherhood was the scene of the execution of three Christian men who refused to convert to Islam

Loving my daughter into death in the 19th week changed my view of abortion forever

Pro-life leaders urge caution, while Pope, Cardinal Dolan praise controversial Nelson Mandela

Worldwide shock as UK government claims to own woman's child before it's even born

Same-Sex Weddings 17% of Washington Marriages           12/7

Pope: 'seed of eternity' has been planted in our hearts

Council of cardinals begins second meeting on curial reform

Gang of Eight leader Cd. Maradiaga: The Pope wants a Church with fewer cardinals and less Rome

Vatican finance group signs agreement with German counterpart

ACLU sues U.S. bishops over policy forbidding Catholic hospitals from doing abortions

Bishop threatens to excommunicate Greek MPs who vote for gay unions

Sky-high abortion rate among blacks, minorities only getting worse: latest CDC data

School district mulling anti-transgender bullying policy after 16-yo ‘girl’ slaps teen girl in face                        12/5

100 US Dioceses Embrace Common Core

Bishop Olmsted: key to New Evangelization is to trust the ‘tough truths’ on sexuality

Abortionist who kept 36 bags of aborted babies in storage unit found dead

1,341 and counting: how a high-tech pro-life start-up is changing the way we save lives                     12/2

Bishop dresses as homeless to teach congregation lesson

STUDY: Prayer boosts self-control, emotional stability

Church Group Kicked Out Of Public Park For Handing Out Thanksgiving Dinners To Homeless               11/30

Pope Francis: Abortion ‘cries out in vengeance to God’; Church will never change teaching

“Those who practice mercy do not fear death”

The 21 Most Important Quotes From Pope Francis' Sweeping Apostolic Exhortation 'Evangelii Gaudium'

Begin 'new chapter' of joyful evangelization, Pope exhorts

Pope Francis' meeting with Putin zeros in on Middle East

Francis: 'Authentic Islam and the proper reading of the Quran are opposed to every form of violence.'

4 Christian villages attacked in Nigeria; 37 dead

Colombian rebels ban celebration of Mass

This is how we break their backs: One woman’s testimony gets sexual foreplay curriculum tabled

NARAL urges pro-aborts to leave fake negative Yelp reviews for pro-life clinics

China eases one-child policy for first time in decades         11/27

Pope Francis echoes Pope Benedict, underlines continuity of Council of Trent, Vatican II

Supreme Court to decide this week,whether to tackle religious liberty, contraception mandate

Obama's Medal of Freedom Recipient: Women 'Need' Abortion and Abortion is a 'Sacrament'

Texas defunding abortion providers violates a woman’s ‘right to life,’ pro-abortion group says

Abortions in Russia trending downward; new legislation introduced to stop government funding

Owner of last abortion clinic in Mississippi: ‘I feel like God wants me to do this job’                11/25

"She, Mother of hope, supports us in moments of darkness, of difficulty, of distress, of apparent defeat or of real human defeats"

Pope: adoration 'most important point' of faith communities

Pittsburgh Diocese Wins Lawsuit: All Catholic Institutions Exempt

Supreme Court orders Obama admin to respond on German homeschool case

Illinois bishop explains why he performed an exorcism to counter same-sex ‘marriage’

US Postal Service ad for 'holiday stamps' includes Kwanzaa, Hanukkah -- but not Christmas

End funding for destructive embryo research, European bishops' group urges EU

New York mayor-elect includes clergy, but not Catholic priest, on transition team

Texas defunding abortion providers violates a woman’s ‘right to life,’ pro-abortion group says

It’s Time to Find Out Who Protected the Infamous Paedophile Information Exchange  

Gay teen activist honored by Obama charged with sex crimes against a 14-yr-old boy                 11/23

“The Pope is also a sinner and goes to confession every 15 days”

“I will not resign myself to a Middle East without Christians,” says Pope Francis

Church is 'depository' of God’s forgiveness, Pope says

Church must foster encounter with culture, cardinals say

Obama Honors Lincoln's Gettysburg Address By Including Gays And Omitting God

UPDATE: COSTCO Apologizes After Labeling Bibles 'Fiction'

PLANNED PARENTHOOD Opens Abortion Clinic -- Next to Adoption Center

FEMA Refuses To Help NJ Town Destroyed By Sandy on Religious Grounds            11/21

Conference highlights Mary as example of evangelization

Pope prescribes daily rosary for what ails you

Pope reiterates call for Catholics to adopt missionary mindset

Pope warns against dangers of 'adolescent progressivism'

Pope Francis’ criticism of the ‘human sacrifices’ of progressive Catholics must be about abortion and euthanasia

Disfigured man embraced by Pope breaks silence

Vatican tasks outside firm EY to check finances

Hong Kong cardinal: Holy See should be more supportive of underground Church in China

Pittsburgh Bp. Zubik won't comply with HHS mandate, even if it shuts down Catholic schools

Bishop will lead prayers of exorcism as Illinois governor signs gay ‘marriage’ bill

Scottish priest who wrote of 'lavender mafia' is suspended; parishioners revolt

Transgender bathroom laws an assault on freedom, expert says

Homeschool group, Catholic education watchdog among those concerned by Common Core standards

Police make massive international child-porn bust: schoolteachers top the list of offenders                    11/19

Baptism is a 'bath of regeneration,' says Pope

National physicians advocacy group backs Texas pro-life law

U.S. Bishops: DOMA ruling ‘renewed our determination’ to defend true marriage

US bishops' new leaders commit to protecting human dignity

Archbishop Kurtz elected president of US bishops' conference

US Catholic scholars denounce Common Core as doing “a grave disservice to Catholic education”

Catholic University of Notre Dame celebrates LGBT ‘Coming Out Day’: should it?     11/14

St. Martin of Tours: The saint who became a soldier at 15

Pope calls for children to be baptised as early on as possible

Forbes ranks Francis as 4th most powerful person in the world

Catholic scholars voice concern over Common Core curriculum

Supreme Court case examines prayer at public meetings

National 20-week abortion ban introduced in U.S. Senate

Pro-Choice Darling Wendy Davis, Who Is Running for Texas Gov., Claims She Is 'Pro-life' for Caring About 'Life of Every Child'

Ireland to hold referendum on same-sex marriage

Gay Activist Calls For Mandatory Abortion                   11/8

When the Rosary goes, the Faith soon collapses

“God invites everyone to join the feast, beginning with the most marginalised”

Pope Francis Sends Out 'Modern Family' Survey Asking Bishops About Gay Marriage, Contraception

Catholic Bishops say ENDA could ‘punish’ traditional religious views

Christians Buried in Mass Graves, City Destroyed in 'Biggest Christian Massacre' in Syrian Civil War

Germany Allows Third Gender, 'Intermediate Sex,' Babies Option for Parents

World Council of Churches Elects New Presidents; Inter-Religious Ceremony Marks Importance of Water                11/6


Francis takes on slavery

Vatican focuses on human trafficking, modern slavery, at Pope's request

Bill to ban workplace ‘discrimination’ against gays, bisexuals, transgenders passes key Senate vote                   11/5

Francis: “God takes our hand like a father and brings us to heaven”

Food is a human right, Vatican archbishop tells UN

Archbishop Aquila: rejection of God threatens democracy

Letter Bishops from 132 Catholic Scholars Advocate Against Implementation of Common Core

National groups send a prayer to the High Court

A dozen facilities could stop abortions today as appeals court lets pro-life Texas law go forward

Court overrules religion: Catholic business owners must offer contraceptive services under Obamacare

Justices O’Connor, Ginsburg perform same-sex ‘marriage’ ceremonies inside Supreme Court

Germany can't seem to tell a boy from a girl: Allows 'indeterminate' gender at birth

Belgian Parliament Posed To Approve Child Euthanasia Law          11/1

New cardinals and a Consistory on reform on the way in February

“Reform is going to go deep”

Controversy sparked as L.A. archdiocesan magazine hails pro-abortion Gov Jerry Brown

New U.S. Ambassador to the Vatican slams pro-life CRS critics in first week

European Commission: 28 million Euro Earmarked for the world-wide abortion industry

Sen. Rand Paul Warns Advances in Abortion, Science Could Lead to Society Killing Off the Imperfect

Judge Blocks Part of Texas' Abortion Regs, But 20-Week Abortion Ban Still Goes Into Effect

Keep this away from your kids: Planned Parenthood Launches Mobile Sex Ed App

Three New Carolina Churches Drop Boy Scouts of America                             10/30

Pope Francis: Catholic aid agencies that don’t ‘bring Jesus and his Gospel’ are ‘dead’

Africa’s bishops call for development and democracy to stop immigration

Tridentine Mass draws international pilgrims to Rome

Iranian Christians face lashings for communion wine

Georgetown class requires work with abortion group

ACLJ Challenges 'Anti-Christian Crusade' Removing References to God in US Military

U.S. Olympic athletes must promise to fight ‘discrimination’ based on ‘sexual orientation’                   10/29

Francis: “The family is the engine of the world and history”

Pope: "The tax collector was justified not because he was better or more humble than the pharisee, but because he was open to a God that is not earned"?

Pope: Sacrament of Confession is not a 'torture chamber'

Christian Doctors Restoring Faces of Children, Adults Accused of Having Demonic Spirits in South Sudan

Si Robertson of 'Duck Dynasty' Says America Needs 'Sin Control,' Not 'Gun Control'

Religious practice drops in the US

Army Halts Program That Labeled Christians Radical Extremists

“So Help Me God” Now Optional for Air Force Cadet Oath  

U.S. Olympic athletes must promise to fight ‘discrimination’ based on ‘sexual orientation’

Moral Decay of America: Pop Star Ke$ha Says Her Vagina is Haunted           10/26

Pope: Mary is united to Christ in the 'martyrdom' of her heart

Pope Francis; “The Church is not a shop. If it doesn’t bring Jesus it is dead”

Pope Francis draws non-believers to notice Gospel, cardinal says

Be pro-life unconditionally, Denver archbishop says

Video: Bishop’s bold statement halts ‘blasphemous’ rosary for gay ‘marriage’ inside cathedral                                        10/24

Pope Francis explains why the Catholic Church is 'Apostolic'

Vatican Diary / How the new curia is taking shape

Huge contradictions in 'scientific' thinking revealed: Theory of evolution in no way explains origins of life

Modern slave trade has 'many faces,' human rights expert says

Underage Somalian girl trafficked to UK for organ harvesting: UK report

Planned Parenthood’s Promiscuity Policy—Sex Now!

Colorado officials illegally funneled $14 million to Planned Parenthood, alleges new lawsuit                     10/23

What did the Pope really say in his short, non-magisterial fervorino about 'ideology'?

Who advises the Pope?

Grim news as La Stampa reports that Cardinal Murphy-O’Connor is a close adviser of Pope Francis

No to Proselytism. Yes to Mission

Canadian Bishop Gordon obeys govt order to remove Catholic school teaching on sinfulness of homosexual acts

Christianity the world's most persecuted religion says new report

The State of American Education  

‘Devastating’: Kansas Supreme Court suspends law license of pro-life former attorney general

Arkansas Abortion Rates Hit Record Low, Show Possible Incline in Pro-Life Culture

Thousands Foregoing Jesus Christ to Become One With the Force; People Flock to Jedi Church               10/19

No punishment for late-term abortionist Carhart after client death: Board of Physicians

Seahawks QB: Jesus Came To Me In A Dream

NARAL-backed Booker defeats strongly pro-life Lonegan in New Jersey Senate race

‘Transgender’ boy accused of harassing girls in the restroom at Colorado school: school denies                     10/18

St. Margret Mary Alacoque

Pope Francis: The Church has obligation to 'safeguard and transmit' the teaching of the apostles.

Horrible, blasphemous Mass in Germany

"Those of you who uphold the traditional ways had better tread lightly, and with a smile."

Archbishop Marini: Many Vatican II liturgical reforms still have yet to be made

Former heads of state call on EU to set up state surveillance of ‘intolerant’ citizens

Obama Administration Tries to Lock Up Body of Christ

Noah Movie Runs Into Problems; Director Clashes With Paramount After 'Worrisome' Feedback From Christian Viewers                        10/17

Marian Day: Pope Francis welcomes statue of Our Lady of Fatima

Pope Benedict XVI on St. Teresa of Avila from 2011 General Audience

Vatican implements state of the art financial transparency efforts

Priest sues Obama Admin: No Mass allowed on Naval Base, Church locked

Supreme Court term brings questions of prayer, religious liberty

Obama's War on Christians: AFA called 'hate group'
Obama's War on Christians: AFA called 'hate group'
Obama's War on Christians: AFA called 'hate group'
Obama's War on Christians: AFA called 'hate group'
Obama's War on Christians: AFA called 'hate group'
Soldiers ordered not to affiliate with pro-family organization
Soldiers ordered not to affiliate with pro-family organization
Soldiers ordered not to affiliate with pro-family organization
U.S. Army soldiers at a Mississippi base were being instructed that the American Family Association is a “hate group.”
U.S. Army soldiers at a Mississippi base were being instructed that the American Family Association is a “hate group.”

U.S. Army soldiers at a Mississippi base were being instructed that the American Family Association is a hate group.               10/16

Francis: “Mary helps us undo painful knots in our lives”

Pope warns against 'Jonah syndrome' of the pharisees

Pope Francis to Rome priests: be "shepherds of the people, not clerics of the State"

Uproar After German Catholic Bishop Spends $42 Million on Lavish Residence; to Answer to Pope Francis

Pakistan’s Christians are victims of terror

Police stood by while pro-lifers were assaulted in plain view: March for Babies organizer (VIDEO)

Lila Rose: 'I Would Leave the Republican Party' If It Dropped Social Issues

Pro-life campus display defaced at Northern Kentucky University – again

Medical licenses no longer required to perform abortions in California

John Piper Draws Attention to Effect Internet Porn Has on Human Brain

Girls Threatened With Hate Crime Charges For Complaining About Transgender Bathroom Harassment                         10/15

Marian Day: Pope Francis and Benedict XVI to welcome statue of Our Lady of Fatima

ACLU: Jesus is NOT an historical figure
ACLU: Jesus is NOT an historical figure

Francis: “The devil exists, let’s not confuse it with a mental illness”

Alms and Liturgy. How Francis Wants Them

Debate over reforming synod of bishops stretches back decades

Ben Carson Compares Obamacare to Slavery; Calls Americans to Not Be Ashamed of God

ACLU: Jesus is NOT an historical figure

ACLU; Jesus is not a Historical Figure

Africans reject UN’s promotion of abortion, homosexuality

ObamaCare enrolls unborn babies, then pays to abort them

Rand Paul: Obama aiding christian-killers

EU May Declare Abortion a 'Human Right'

Virginia abortion facility botches two abortions after suing to block safety rules

Wells Fargo Ranked Lowest on Corporate Responsibility in Human Slavery Report

‘We need the pedophile’: Child-love sympathizer to keynote conference at University of Toronto

Left's new crusade: Adult-kid sex                       10/12

Francis: “The Church is a big and varied orchestra”

Britain: Ordinariate has a new text for Mass

Someone in the White House thinks marriage is a bad idea - See more at:
Someone in the White House thinks marriage is a bad idea - See more at:
Someone in the White House thinks marriage is a bad idea. - See more at:
Someone in the White House thinks marriage is a bad idea. - See more at:

New Marriage Penalty Tax a Gift from Obama

Syrian Christians Choose to Stay Because 'It's God's Call'

WHO sex-ed guidelines promote masturbation, abortion, homosexuality to children: parents outraged

British authorities declare sex selective abortions legal, despite law: pro-lifers outraged

Jerry Brown Signs Bill Allowing Non-Physician Abortions                       10/10

Our Lady of the Rosary

Italy's Orvieto miracle inspires thousands during jubilee

Let God disrupt your plans, Pope Francis teaches

Francis: “Even Christians run away from God”

Vatican analyst warns of global 'war' against Christians

Washington National Cathedral Leader Labels Homophobia 'Sin;' Homosexuality 'Not For Me to Say'

Nebraska Supreme Court denies parental consent exemption for 16-year-old seeking abortion - See more at:
Nebraska Supreme Court denies parental consent exemption for 16-year-old seeking abortion - See more at:

Nebraska Supreme Court denies parental consent exemption for 16-year-old seeking abortion

Nebraska Supreme Court denies parental consent exemption for 16-year-old seeking abortion - See more at:

Ohio School District Settles With ACLU, Agrees to Remove Jesus Portrait, Pay $95,000 Fine

Nebraska Supreme Court denies parental consent exemption for 16-year-old seeking abortion - See more at:
City orders: Remove 'God bless America' yard signs
City orders: Remove 'God bless America' yard signs
City orders: Remove 'God bless America' yard signs
City orders: Remove 'God bless America' yard signs
Nebraska Supreme Court denies parental consent exemption for 16-year-old seeking abortion - See more at:
Nebraska Supreme Court denies parental consent exemption for 16-year-old seeking abortion - See more at:
Nebraska Supreme Court denies parental consent exemption for 16-year-old seeking abortion - See more at:

‘Sugar Daddy’ Website’s Memberships Soar Following the Govt. Shutdown       10/8

Top defector to unveil secret plan to kill pope         10/7

Benedict views Mass restrictions placed on Franciscan Friars as a 'wound' against Summorum Pontificum

Papal visit to Assisi: Francis retraces St. Francis' footsteps

“The Pope wants me to go out in person to help the needy”

Curial reform, role of laity top subjects in council meetings

Cardinal O’Malley kicks off U.S. bishops’ Respect Life Month with call to action

Pro-life group asks CRS: Why are you so committed to abortion and contraception-pushing groups?

Woman Tricked Into Taking Abortion Pill by Boyfriend; Distraught Mom Now Suing Pharmacy for Malpractice

Abortionist who killed abortion client sends another to hospital in Detroit                  10/4

Holy reveal: Vatican bank publishes annual report for the first time

Woman tricked into abortion sues pharmacy

Parents warned about porn in schools              10/3

State officials said the Covered California website got 645,000 hits during the first day of enrollment, far fewer than the 5 million it reported Tuesday.
State officials said the Covered California website got 645,000 hits during the first day of enrollment, far fewer than the 5 million it reported Tuesday.
Claimed 1st-day consumer interest at 5 million -- only 645,000 hits
Claimed 1st-day consumer interest at 5 million -- only 645,000 hits

The Little Flower: An Intercessor for Priests

Pope stirs debate in interview with atheist

Bureaucracy is 'leprosy' 

Homosexual Doll Marketed to 3- to 4-Year-Olds

Former Porn Magazine Editor Now Warns Parents to Protect Children From It

New Hampshire College to Spend $3.6 Million on Gay Housing Project

'Atheist of the Year' Fired From Harvard Uni. for Lying on Resume; Former Christian Minister-Turned-Atheist Admits Lie          10/2

St. Jerome, Pray for Us on your Feast Day

Francis officially establishes “Council of Cardinals” to advise on Church government and Curia reform

Materialism robs us of our humanity, warns Pope Francis

Cardinal Burke Warns of grave scandal of 'false sense of dialogue' at Catholic Colleges

African Catholics stress importance of Bible in faith life

La. Pastor Shot to Death at Revival Service Would Forgive Killer, Daughter Says

House Republicans give up on pro-life, conscience regulations in ObamaCare fight

SURPRISE: Feds approve taxpayer subsidies for abortion coverage

India seeks to regulate its 'rent-a-womb' industry       10/1

St. Vincent de Paul

True Christians bear humiliation with 'joy and patience,' says Pope

Francis’ message to catechists: “An injured Church is better than a closed Church”

“If the present government, which can be described in no other way than totalitarian, is not held back from the course it is on, persecutions will follow.” - Cardinal Raymond Burke

Cardinal Turkson calls for urgent UN reform

Do not forget Syria's Christians, priest urges Westerners

Study: College Students About Evenly Divided Between Religious, Secular and Spiritual

Plot by City Officials to Shut Down Christian Food Program for Homeless Revealed, Claims Christian Group

Christian Leaves Victoria's Secret to Stop 'Selling Sex' and Become True Role Model

All Planned Parenthood services decline, except abortion, while tax subsidies soar: study

Former President George H.W. Bush acts as witness at gay ‘wedding’

Six-year-old in Argentina changes gender                      9/28

Francis: “Don’t respond to the crisis with a Pontius Pilate-like attitude”

Bishop Vasa: Where are the preachers ‘obsessed’ with abortion, gay ‘marriage’ and contraception?

Religious sisters lead first class-action suit against HHS mandate

Students Worldwide to Pray, Seek, Turn to God at 'See You at the Pole' Event                   9/26

Our Lady of Mercy, Our Lady of Ransom

Pope Francis: sacrament of the Eucharist is not a 'magic rite'

Key conservative in Vatican gets boot

Islamic Terror Groups Are Killing Christians All Over The World & Obama Wants Us To Ally With Them  

'House of Horrors' Abortion Doctor Kermit Gosnell Insists He's 'Spiritually Innocent,' Reads Bible in Prison

Frightening new assault on homeschooling                   9/25

Pope Francis’gentle stabs at change

How is putting the pastoral over the doctrinal any different than what the Church has tried to do over the past 45 years?

Late-term abortionist: We take photos, footprints for parents to remember ‘birth’ of aborted baby                      9/24

Annual miracle repeated: blood of St. Januarius liquefies

Pope condemns abortion in strongest pro-life comments to date, day after controversial interview

Pope Francis: “The Church is a field hospital where wounds are treated”

Vatican's new Catechism app aims to spread faith worldwide

Cardinal Burke: Nancy Pelosi ‘must’ be denied Communion

Is Boston Archdiocese Giving Sweet Deals on Sale of Church Properties?

Over 50 Percent of Christians Believe Prayer, Bible Reading Alone Can Cure Mental Illness

3 Million People Came 'Back to Church' on Sunday; Sets New Record

Jesus, Virgin Mary Statues Decapitated By Vandals Outside Church

USA one of only 4 countries that allows abortions post-viability   9/21

The Stigmata of St. Francis

The engine of Curia reform is warming up

Pope Francis: A look at the first six months

Archbishop: abortion, contraception, gay ‘marriage’ threaten ‘the stability of our civilization’

Our New Albigensian Age

Islamist Rebels Driven Back in Egypt After Months of Attacking Christians; But Some Skeptical If Peace Will Last

Pro-life activists to hospital: cut ties with local abortionists or face protests

Court Defends Right to Hand Out Bibles at Gay Pride Festival; 'Victory' for Religious Liberty

Former Stripper Quits Dancing After Finding God Through 'Strip Church' Ministry

Nation Of Sickos: Should We Be Concerned About The Moral Collapse Of America?                    9/18

Francis: “A good Catholic meddles in politics”

St. Hildegard von Bingen       9/17

The Gospel is demanding, it requires “strong things” from a Christian

Pope Francis: Approach mystery of the Cross with prayer and tears

Catholics reject bishops’ push for immigration increase

“Brochero, an example of the Church that walks beside the poor”

Syrian bishop says rebels have not sent one reassuring sign to Christians

Canadian Archdiocese Closes Main Office to save money to help in payment of sexual abuse suits

1 Million People to Come 'Back to Church' This Sunday

Abortion Clinics 'Closing at Record Rate' 

Convoy of Hope: Next Stop Sioux City, Iowa, to Give Away $1 Million in Food, Services

Former 'Satanic Drag Queen' Finds Love in Jesus, Hatred From Gay Community                      9/16

Catholic Church transforms Crystal Cathedral

Faith-based film handed R-rating for message?        9/14

12 Sept 1683: The Battle of Vienna continues

Romanian martyr hailed as reminder of freedom in Christ

Diocese bans Catholic school trips to center where students could ‘handle’ embryonic stem cells

Sioux Falls Bishop Swain tells clergy he doesn't approve of NETWORK's Sr. Simone Campbell speaking in the diocese

Spanish priest warns against ignorance of Church social teaching

International pro-life group calls for U.S. Bishops to dissolve Catholic Relief Services

Socialist publication: We can ‘change the world’ through abortion and gay ‘marriage’

Do You Have a Personal Relationship With Satan?

10-Year-Old Banned From Writing About God By Memphis Teacher, Told to Remove Paper From School Property

Carmelite Missionary: Catholics under fire - Islamists burn down 3,500 houses in Central African Republic

Black Jihadist Flag Flies Over Christian Town of Maaloula        9/13

St. Dominic & the Most Holy Rosary

Muslim Bros to Christians: Convert to Islam, or pay 'jizya' tax

'Million Muslim March' Confronted by Christians in DC; 'Two Million Bikers' in Separate Rally         9/12

Francis: “Empty convents are of no use to the Church. Let the refugees in”

The American bishops and the winds of war

Bishop: Catholics must adjust to cultural bias against faith

Calif. advances abuse bill that could bankrupt Catholic dioceses

The myth of overpopulation

The Child Exchange: Adopted, then abandoned online 

Boy Scouts Christian Alternative 'Trail Life USA' Releases First Promotional Video

Christian Food Pantry Refuses to Give Up Jesus, Loses Government Food Contributions

Man who slipped girlfriend abortion-inducing drug signs plea bargain: avoids life in prison

Ken Ham Calls for Prayers for Creation Museum Visitor Who Compared it to 'Concentration Camp'

DEFIANT: Porn Industry Continues To Film, Despite 4 HIV Positive Actors                                9/11

Francis: Following Christ means saying no to all forms of violence and the proliferation of weapons?

Part 1: Americans go online to abandon adopted children             9/10

Pope asks world leaders to reject 'futile' military action in Syria

Head of CDF and father of Liberation Theology to appear together, promote their co-authored book

The Holy See’s diplomatic action for Syria

Argentine bishop: weak faith life has caused marriage crisis

In his own words: Madagascar Archbishop criticizes Catholic Relief Services - full transcript

Catholic Bishops to Obama: Obey the law, and keep your promise, not to fund abortion for Congress

Department of Defense Classified Evangelicals, Catholics as 'Extremists' like Al-Qaeda, Documents Confirm

Frosh Week insanity: students chant praises of ‘non-consensual’ sex with ‘underage’ girls                   9/6

Mary's Nativity draws tens of thousands to Indian basilica

Pope: welcome, celebration, mission the soul of Christian life

US bishops join Pope in urging Sept. 7 prayer, fasting for Syria

King of Jordan Hosts Conference to Protect Persecuted Middle East Christians, 'Preserve Historical Arab Christian Identity'

In New Mexico, A Stunning Ruling Against Religious Freedom

Portland bar owner must pay $400,000 for kicking transgender patrons out of bar

Texas and Mississippi push back on federal same-sex “spousal” benefits                     9/5

Accepting Suffering and St. Catherine of Siena

Pope Francis calls for peace

Pope Francis: 'meek light' of Christ brings peace and the cross

New Vatican Secretary of State was 'messenger of peace'

Christians in Syria Will Pay If Assad Is Overthrown, Says Rand Paul

German rape victim rejects abortion after reading story of American woman conceived in rape

Washington Post Criticized for Op-Ed's Defending Rape

Video series sponsored by Jesuits promotes homosexuality

Gay Advocates Get Wish as Christian Bakers Who Refused to Bake Cake for Lesbian Couple Forced to Close Shop

Sex ed forced on kindergartners?               9/4

Giant billboard seeks college girls with 'strong Oral skills,' features porn star           8/31

During today’s meeting between Pope Francis and King Abdullah II of Jordan, the two agreed about their opposition to military intervention

Cardinal George says Same SexMarriage is Irrational

Bishop Olmsted: Jesus 'Not an Elective' for Catholic Universities

Obama: Sex Ed for Kindergartners 'Right Thing to Do'    ???

Supreme Court Justice to officiate same-sex wedding

Iowa gubernatorial candidates, Democrats pray to ‘the Lord’ for more abortion access (video)

Notre Dame Launches Gay-Friendly Campus Campaign

Germany SWAT Teams Homeschooled Children

IRS Will Recognize Same-Sex Marriages in States That Don't Allow Same-Sex Marriage                         8/30


Department of Defense Classified Evangelicals, Catholics as 'Extremists' like Al-Qaeda, Documents Confirm

Only Black Senator who is Pro Life Not Invited to Speak at March on Washington

Martin Luther King's daughter: 'Life begins In a woman's womb'

'Try God' Boston Billboard Vandalized With Derogatory Message

Most Americans Want the Bible in Public Schools

Justice Department: Atheists qualify for same housing tax exemption priests receive              8/29

Military involvement in Syria could spark world war, bishop warns

Cardinal Zen Ze-kiun is prepared for this if China does not fullfil its promise to hold democratic consultations by 2017

New Victories for Pro-Life Speech On University Campuses

Study: Senators, Especially Democrats, More Responsive to the Wealthy, Ignore the Poor

California Bill Would Let Nurses Perform Abortions

Court: Christian photographers cannot refuse gay ceremonies

Gay Marriage Legalized by New Mexico Judge Who Claims It Is 'Discrimination' Not to

‘Gay’ lawmaker to Christians: ‘We’ll take your children’          8/28

Francis and Fatima

Bishop: Abortion-supporting stance should bar lawmakers from Eucharist

Egyptian bishop: Christians live in fear as attacks continue

330 Texas Churches Join Large-Scale Billboard Campaign 'Explore God'

'Don't Believe in God? Join the Club' Billboards Erected Throughout South Dakota

Catholic Groups Request and Receive Taxpayer Funding to Promote Pro-Abortion Obamacare

Public hospitals that deliver babies must provide abortions, even if owned by Catholics: Wash AG

42 botched chemical abortions reported in Ohio

Parents should let kids have sex sleepovers, abortion advocate says in USA Today

NYC mayor candidate: Middle schools should give 11-year-olds morning after pill

Mass. Supreme Court Sets Oral Arguments for 'Under God' Lawsuit

NM Supreme Court: Christian photographers must shoot gay ‘commitment ceremony’                    8/23

St. Bernard, Champion of Our Lady

Bergoglio’s revolution against “the globalisation of indifference”

To what extent does the Pope acknowledge the devil?

Roman Catholics join call to end GMOs

Egyptian Military to Rebuild Christian Churches Destroyed by Islamists

'DUCK DYNASTY' Star Blasts Abortion Culture

'What in the World Happened to Us?'

Sex Ed in Public School—Information or Indoctrination?

Police will not press hate charges against letter-writer demanding autistic boy be euthanized  

Chris Christie signs ban on reparative therapy; Liberty Counsel promises to sue                       8/21

Pope: Jesus is our peace, a peace that is never neutral or compromise at all costs

Pope Francis criticizes 'ornamental' faith

La Stampa: Francis's papacy swings to the Left with a "form of liberation theology that replaces Marxism with Christian mercy?"

Tribune: More than 100 Catholic dioceses have adopted Common Core

Christian homes and shops marked with red graffiti before attack

Egypt’s Coptic Church announces support for army, police

Germany to become 1st European country to allow 'third gender' birth certificates

Among Christians, White Mainline Protestants Least Likely to Believe Abortion Is Morally Wrong

Religious Freedom Lawyers Respond to Atheists Wanting Prayer at City Council Meetings Stopped

Gay Activists Target Russia's New Anti-Gay Law as Olympian Defends Pursuit of Traditional 'Family Values'

Pennsylvania parents: As long as there is any Common Core in the diocese (schools), we will not be going back there'

Romania implored to return Communist-seized churches         8/19

Mary is with us in our struggles, Pope Francis teaches

Film tour hopes to reignite devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe

DC Planned Parenthood awarded $375K to promote Obamacare

Boston University Approves 'Gender Neutral' Housing

Thousands of teenage girls given birth control jabs at school, family planning clinics without parental consent or knowledge           8/16

U.S. college students sign petition to abort babies AFTER they're born

Chinese media report Pope Francis in "Honest, Objective way", cardinal says

Cardinal's work aims to foster love, devotion to Eucharist

Anti-Catholic Facebook pages worry Latino communities

North Dakota’s last abortion facility owner accepts award from Revolutionary Communist Party members

Revolutionary Communist Party leads ‘Abortion Rights Freedom Rides’ to 14 states

Pro-Lifers Rally Outside ABC News to Demand Fair Coverage of Abortion

Aleppo, the Bishop and the martyred city                          8/12

NBC: Pope on world economy - is he market-friendly or a rebel?

Parsing the USCCB’s defense of Catholic Relief Services

Vatican interrogation request is first test of financial agreement

14 priests killed in the world in 2013

State Dept. 'Faith' Office Headed by Liberal Who Praised End of 'Civil Religion' in America

Forget Wedlock, Marriage Should Be 'Wedleases,' Washington Post Op-Ed Says

Planned Parenthood targets Hispanics with ‘East Los High’

Obama to Leno: Opposing same-sex marriage ‘violates basic morality’

Chaplains group investigating claims Army threatened chaplain over Facebook post on homosexuality                           8/8

Pope Francis: “Proclaiming the truth of the Gospel is not an assault on freedom”

World needs courageous Christian missionaries, Pope says

California Pastor Prosecuted for Reading Bible Out Loud in Public Goes to Trial

Madagascar Archbishop: Why does two thirds of CRS funding go to their big salaries, and we work like dogs?

'I Could Never Go Back,' Says Former Porn Star Who Found Jesus

Tweetfest Wednesday: ‘Virgin Mary Should’ve Aborted’ Facebook page is hate speech

WYD 'dancing bishops' gay choreographer former nude model

Wendy Davis: Abortion Is 'Sacred Ground,' Should Have No Restrictions; May Run for Governor

Chinese Officials Reviewing Controversial One-Child Policy; Changes Discussed

ABC News producer who became a transgender ‘woman’ decides he is a man again                          8/7

Genetically modified babies? - New science lets parents select child's genetic sequence, rearrange DNA                    8/5

Motherly tenderness: Pope says church must embody, mirror God’s mercy

Mexico archdiocese investigating possible Eucharistic miracle

LA Catholics pray for victims as more sex abuse files released

New poll: Born again evangelicals by far most likely to support a child’s right-to-life

Army, Air Force to stop selling porn magazines               8/3

US Cardinal and Bishops clarify Pope’s ‘who am I to judge’ comments on homosexuality

Madagascar Archbishop denounces U.S. Bishops’ agency for pushing contraceptives in his diocese 

‘Illegal’ IRS harassment of pro-lifers continued to this day, 250 pages of evidence say                                          8/2

SSPX priest developing litany of issues with Pope Francis

‘Miracle’: Congresswoman rejects abortion, baby becomes first ever to survive Potter’s syndrome

We've Seen It All: the Exotic and Quirky Masses We've Attended While Road Tripping

Ireland President Signs Bill to Legalize Abortions Despite Pro-Life Objection

Ex-Penn State officials to stand trial

'Kids, don't forget to make your gender choice'

Archbishop Desmond Tutu: challenges 'homophobia' in heaven    7/31

Francis: "A young man who doesn't protest doesn't suit me"

Ancient Rite suppressed for thriving Franciscans of the Immaculate

What Pope Francis could not mean regarding gay priests and what he actually said

Do Christians Have Free Speech Rights to Preach That Homosexuality is a Sin? British Police Asked to Confirm After Arrest

Britain's online porn ban hailed as sensible solution

MSNBC says life begins whenever parents decide it does, including years after childbirth                  7/30

MSNBC host says newborn infants don't count as 'alive' unless parents decide they do; infanticide is the new abortion                        7/29

Roundup: The sneaky and cheap contraceptive hiding in your food7/27

Pope tells young at WYD: "Faith accomplishes a revolution in us"

Pope to youth: shake things up, bring Church to the streets

Pope Francis: “Never tire of working for a more just world, marked by greater solidarity!”

Francis continues Curia reform work from Rio

Beautiful 30 year-old press informer on Francis's Vatican oversight commission?

Saint James the Greater - The Pilgrim Apostle

Can a Religious Left Rival the Christian Right?

CRS head Bishop Kicanas defends $2.7 million grant to abortion giant

Poll: 50 percent of all Catholics support abortion in ‘all or most cases’

Video: College students sign petition to legalize 'fourth trimester abortions'

Catholic Relief Services distributes abortifacients in Madagascar: on-the-ground investigation                        7/26

Pope Francis: "When the Church looks for Jesus, she always knocks at His mother's door."

'God acts and he surprises us,' Pope teaches at Marian shrine

U.S. city looks to penalize Bible believers

A brief history of sex ed: How we reached today’s madness

American Evangelist Arrested in London Says He Preached on All Sexual Immorality, Not Just Homosexuality

Texas School District Decides to End 'Mark Of The Beast' Student ID Chips                      

Grandmother of Seven Leads Churches for the Homeless         7/25

Fears grow for Pope's safety in Brazil

Photos: Obama-Backed Syrian Rebels Ransack Christian Village

'Infect everyone' with joy of Christ, says Rio archbishop

Human rights group: Defund Depo Provera to battle international ‘population control’ elite

Black pastors remember dead Planned Parenthood client Tonya Reaves, call for abortion restrictions

Only 1 in 5 Americans Believe in Complete Evolution Without God - New Poll

NARAL Dings Liberal Reporter for Calling 20-Week Abortion Ban 'Reasonable'

Pro-life Leaders Demand Burial for ‘Gosnell Babies,’ Philly Stonewalls

Judge orders Ohio to recognize out-of-state gay ‘marriage’ despite state’s marriage amendment                   7/24

Lourdes shrine officially records 69th miracle

Mary Magdalene: Saint & Sinner

Judge halts North Dakota heartbeat law banning abortion after 6 weeks: ‘clearly unconstitutional’

Impoverished youth will give Marian image to Brazilian slum

India: Four girls abducted from a Christian school and gang raped

Former homosexual, fed up with threats of violence, launches ten-day road trip to Washington, D.C.

Kirk Cameron Excited to 'Spread Light Through Hollywood's Moral Filth and Darkness'

'I Don't Talk About Race That Often Because I'm a Neurosurgeon,' Says Ben Carson

Gay ‘marriage’ a ‘sign of the apocalypse’: Russian Patriarch       7/23

Seven laypeople and one cleric on Pope's new Holy See oversight commission

Ben Carson Says Obama's Legacy Riddled With Scandals and Broken Promises      

Disciples of Christ Church Votes to Affirm Homosexuality, Transgenderism; Allows Openly Gay Leaders              7/20

Brazil: Dead newborn revives after placed on chapel altar

'The Bible' Miniseries Earns Emmy Nomination; Roma Downey Calls It a 'Blessing'

Magister: Vatican gay lobby trying to undermine Pope Francis

BBC: Despite his cheery exterior, the Pope is angry at the goings on at the Vatican Bank

New Vatican bank official reportedly part of 'gay lobby'

U.S. Bishops’ relief agency caught giving $2.7 million to top abortion-marketing firm

UK bishops lament 'gay marriage' approval

Wyoming Senate primary pits pro-gay ‘marriage’ Republican Cheney against pro-marriage incumbent Enzi                        7/19

Francis insists life should be defended from conception to death

Catholic Bishop in Dominican Republic: Obama's Gay Ambassadorial Nominee 'Will Have to Leave’

Pro-abortion group NAACP calls the right to life 'most fundamental of civil rights' in regards to Trayvon Martin death

Living conditions of Christians in Central Africa worsen

Crossdressing camp for boys as young as six draws criticism from Christian leaders                    7/18

Pope: God always desires hearts of mercy

The powerful innovations of Francis' pontificate

Catholic Relief Services Scandals Continue Unabated

Attacks increase against Egyptian Christians

TV shows more likely to show sexual exploitation of underage girls than women: study

6-year-old girl living as ‘transgender’ boy

LA Diocese To Pay $10 Million To Settle Four Abuse Cases

Bill helping Sandy-wrecked worship houses draws praise

Penn. attorney general refuses to defend state marriage law

'Busiest' Abortion Clinic in Virginia Closes Up Shop       7/16

The Vatican judiciary has ordered that no documents relating to the Vatican bank are to be destoyed or tampered with

On contraception and the coming violence: Interview with Pope’s personal theologian

Scholar says population fears ignore history's evidence

Illinois Supreme Court unanimously upholds parental notice of abortion law                               7/12

Proclaim wisdom of the Church boldly, exhorts Archbishop Chaput

Catholic Relief Services gave $13 mil. + to pro-abortion group in 2012

Egyptian Coptic Bishop: New provisional constitution as anti-Christian as the other one

Coalition Gathers at Capitol Hill to Argue for Military Religious Liberty Amendment

Federal judge blocks Wisconsin pro-life law: would have shut down half of state’s abortion clinics

Slate writer: We need happy, ‘blithe and unapologetic’ abortion stories

National Coalition Announces Boy Scouts Alternative Founded on Christian Values

Scientists create human chromosome 

One Million Moms Slams Discovery Channel's 'Naked and Afraid;' Compares Show to 'Soft Porn'                       7/11

Pope Francis invites homeless to dine at Vatican

Vatican blasts UN Security Council call for 'sexual and reproductive health'

Ball State University Reportedly Hires New Professor Amid Intelligent Design Controversy

Bishop declares hospital no longer Catholic over intention to offer contraception, sterilizations

Catholic Health group approves of mandate, despite bishops

New generation of filmmakers to 'Impact Culture for Christ'

Bible App Hits 100 Million Downloads; Innovative Pastor Hopes It Surpasses Facebook, Twitter, Instagram in Popularity

64 Pro-Abortion 'Moral Monday' Protesters Arrested, Including Planned Parenthood CEO

$357K Federal Project Will Use Spanish Ads to Promote Condoms Among Gay Foreign-Born Men - See more at:
$357K Federal Project Will Use Spanish Ads to Promote Condoms Among Gay Foreign-Born Men - See more at:
$357K Federal Project Will Use Spanish Ads to Promote Condoms Among Gay Foreign-Born Men - See more at:
$357K Federal Project Will Use Spanish Ads to Promote Condoms Among Gay Foreign-Born Men - See more at:
$357K Federal Project Will Use Spanish Ads to Promote Condoms Among Gay Foreign-Born Men - See more at:

30 babies aborted after 20 weeks daily

$357K Federal Project Will Use Spanish Ads to Promote Condoms Among Gay Foreign-Born Men                    7/9

$357K Federal Project Will Use Spanish Ads to Promote Condoms Among Gay Foreign-Born Men - See more at:
$357K Federal Project Will Use Spanish Ads to Promote Condoms Among Gay Foreign-Born Men - See more at:

Read Pope Francis' First Encyclical

Ancient 'Prophecy of the Popes' coming true?

Gang intervention ministry is 'living the Gospel,' priest says

Dawkins rejects evolution!

60,000 rally against abortion bill in Dublin as minister offers ‘meaningless’ amendment

Female inmates sterilized in California prisons without approval

Gay pride Sunday – parishioner in tears

90+ Girl Scouts march in San Francisco Gay Pride Parade: first time ever (VIDEO)                7/8

Marriage one man and one woman for nurturing children: Pope Francis’ first encyclical

Vatican’s Cardinal Burke: DOMA decision will ‘destroy our culture,’ lead to ‘death’

Vatican Bank Board Told of 'Clear Failings' in Corruption Probe

On clerical homosexuality and the desire to modernize the Church: a perspective from Greece

Laity must help restore religious liberty, Cardinal Wuerl says

Marriage rulings pose obstacle to Church teaching, bishop says

France's Education Minister: "We Must Replace the Catholic Church with a Republican Religion"

Lawsuit seeks to uncover influences on HHS mandate policy

78,000 Latinos Accept Jesus Through BGEA Website Targeted at Hispanics

Catholic High School President Reveals He Is in a Gay Relationship; Resigns

GLAAD Pushes Boy Scouts to Now Lift Ban on Openly Gay Leaders, Volunteers

Goldman Sachs to Microsoft’s Support for Gays Pressures States

Seattle gay pride participants viciously beat Christian street preacher (VIDEO)             7/5

Pope Francis; “On the pathway to God, the church has made mistakes”

Vatican cleric was 'front for bank transfers'

2 Million Brazilian Evangelicals Shut Down Sao Paulo During 'March For Jesus' Event

Faith Leaders to Obama Admin: We're Not Backing Down on Birth Control Mandate

Kenyan Cardinal Njue to Obama on equal gay 'rights': "Those people who have already ruined their society ... let them not become our teachers to tell us where to go."

Banning Homeschools Teaches Tolerance of Diverse Views, Justice Dept. Argues

Texas protest: children hold coat-hanger signs, ‘suffragettes’ arrive, others yell ‘Hail Satan!’ 

Coptic Church Backed Egyptian Military Coup Against Brotherhood's Morsi

Russian President Putin Signs Law Outlawing Gay Propaganda     7/4

Take courage in your weakness, Pope Francis teaches

Lincoln bishop: strengthen faith to restore religious freedom

Coptic Pope Tawadros II: Support the rebels who wish to take back their 'stolen revolution'

Obama Justice Department: Draconian Nazi-era law banning homeschooling promotes ‘tolerance’

Abortion Is Good Because Babies Are Expensive, Liberal Argues

Post-abortive mom slams Sen. Wendy Davis for standing-up for ‘greatest crime against humanity’                      7/3

Prayer is 'negotiating with the Lord,' says Pope

Jesus does not want 'remote-controlled' Christians, Pope says

Catholic website launches cartoon of Pope Francis

Vatican Bank director, deputy announce resignations

Video: Kenyan deputy president strongly rebuffs Obama on gay ‘marriage’: ‘We believe in God’

Syrian Christians: 'Why is America at war with us?'

Syrian Catholic Priest Beheaded as Crowd Cheers

Central African bishops: Muslims who took over gov't have destroyed our society

Group Builds First-Ever Atheist Monument at Fla. Courthouse; Promises More Sites

Documents show Milwaukee archdiocese shielded pedophile priests

CBS execs meet with transgender activists to promote positive TV portrayals                   7/2

Senior U.S. Bishops’ official helped elect abortion lobby’s new ‘national hero’ to Texas Senate

Kenyan Bishops: Gov't has no moral authority for excessive taxes

WARNING GRAPHIC VIDEO - Obama-backed Syrian rebels beheaded Fr. François Murad

France Accused of Police Brutality Against Traditional Marriage Demonstrators

Gay marriages resume in California after five-year hiatus      6/29

Francis warns against temptation of living Christianity without Christ

Gracias: Francis has brought “a spring time for the Church” in Asia

A tribute to Benedict XVI, champion of liturgical reform


Update: Whistleblower Priest Exposes Ring of Old Liberal Decadent Satanists in Rome

Priest to Pelosi: Answer the question. What’s the difference between abortion and infanticide?

Obama provokes clash with African host over gay rights

Marriage ruling raises questions of religious freedom

Christians Outreach Into Strip Clubs, Porn Conventions to Share Love of Jesus

Texas Gov. Rick Perry Calls Second Special Session on Abortion Legislation

NARAL receives the only exemption to NY public disclosure law    6/28

Ior: Francis gets to the heart of things

Variety gives Church its richness, Pope Francis teaches

US Bishops: ‘Tragic day for marriage and our nation’

Justice Kennedy in "full communion" with the diocese of Arlington, VA?

Professor Who Told Students to Stomp on Jesus' Name Reinstated

Supreme Court strikes down part of Defense of Marriage Act as ‘unconstitutional’              6/27

God calls each Christian personally, Pope says

Pope's gang of eight to look at Church finances, collapse of the family, and more

Obama Admin to Pope Tawadros: Tell Egyptian Copts to stay out of anti-Morsi rallies

Pelosi laughs off priest’s letter challenging abortion views, says he ‘was acting hysterically’

Beach Goers Sign Petition to Ban Christian Symbols from Public View

Networks demand more sex, cussing on air              6/26

Francis: “There are more martyrs in the world today than in the early centuries”

Fight against secularism unites Jews, Catholics, Pope says

Pope 'snub' of concert stuns cardinals, sends signal

Archbishop Chaput: Catholics should live their faith 'all in'

The war between the Liberation Theology movement and Rome is over

Priest: You’ve contracepted our parochial school out of existence

Central Africa : Bishops warn against danger of “Islamisation”

Ireland’s bishops decry legal abortion, calling it a “crime”

6-Year-Old Transgender Student Wins Case to Use Girls' Bathroom

Supreme Court to review Massachusetts abortion buffer law limiting pro-life free speech

Pediatricians' new mission: Fight 'homophobia'  ???

Disney Channel series to feature two-mother, lesbian 'family'

Boy Scouts, Mormon Church sued in Idaho pedophile case     6/25

Candidates for the episcopacy should not be ambitious, Francis advises Nuncios

Vatican rep at UN stresses importance of family for development

The Gays in Church and their Catholic Media Accomplices

State Department releases 2013 human trafficking report

How Alinskyianism entered Catholic parishes

Congressman blasts government's 'anemic' response to Christian persecution

The HHS mandate is not the only threat to religious freedom

Teacher Fired for Giving Bible to Student Appeals Denied Claim

New York Senate defeats Gov. Cuomo’s radical abortion expanding bill

Planned Parenthood sues to block Kansas law telling mothers baby is ‘separate, unique, living human’

How the Left Uses Gays to Dismantle, Undermine, and Toxify the Catholic Church…the Gaystapo in Action in Chicago!            6/22

Pope: We can't call God Our Father if we aren't at peace with our brothers

Pope Francis praises Mideast Christians who have 'kept the faith'

Gracias: Francis has brought “a spring time for the Church” in Asia

No more broken promises: Pope talks to FAO members about poverty

Cardinal says foreign pressures fuel violence in Nigeria, Syria

Catholic and Muslim leaders meet for dialogue on secularism

Obama blames Northern Ireland tensions on Catholic school

Planned Parenthood heavily promoting Obamacare, prepares to reap taxpayer dollars

N.Y. Assembly passes Gov. Cuomo’s abortion-expanding bill 97 to 47

Retired bishops join pro-Planned Parenthood group in call for Catholic funding of pro-abort orgs   1 reason the Church is in trouble         6/21

'Hypocrisy in the Church makes all of us bad,' says Pope

Francis prays that unity prevail over conflict and division at today’s Audience

Cardinal Sandri calls for an end to material and spiritual destruction in Syria

Argentine bishops concerned over assisted reproduction law

Obama Likens Catholic And Protestant Schools To Racist Segregation System

President makes 'alarming call for end to Catholic education'

Obama Admin. Says It 'Strongly' Opposes Religious Freedom in Military

UPDATE: Gov. Cuomo resurrects radical abortion-expanding proposal as stand-alone bill

School Calls Cops on Gideons Distributing Bibles         6/20

“Francis’ distinctive trait is the universality of God’s message of love to mankind”

Pope Francis Vs. G8

Francis announces enclyclical letter, the work “of four hands” is nearly complete

In Plea for Peace, Patriarch of Antioch Consecrates Middle East to Mary

Cardinal George refuses communion to Rainbow Sash leader at annual archdiocesan gay outreach event - (gay site)

Dutch Doctors: Euthanize Disabled Children to End Parents' Suffering

Obama: Banning late-term abortion shows ‘contempt’ for ‘the Constitution,’ assaults women’s rights

Obama lectures Ireland: Catholic education undermines national unity

Pew Report: US Media Heavily Support Gay Marriage View

Marriage rates at historic lows                       6/18

A School ? Lessons in Modern Witchcraft

Obama snoops part 2: infiltrate, target, harass churches

Pope taps trusted prelate to help oversee troubled Vatican bank in first sign of reform                   6/17

Euthanasia for children nears approval by Belgian Parliament; doctors to mass-euthanize children and Alzheimer's patients             6/15

Rand Paul To Evangelicals: 'There is war on Christianity'               6/14

Pope: “The Church’s doors must be open to everyone not just an elite group”

Pope Francis repositions the papacy

Pope talks to CLAR about a “gay lobby” and corruption in the Vatican

Belgium’s Cardinal Danneels okays same-sex unions

Mark Burnett Reveals 'The Bible' Movie Will Focus on Jesus; Release Slated for Fall 2013

Euthanasia for children nears approval by Belgian Parliament; doctors to mass-euthanize children and Alzheimer's patients

Gosnell drug hearing delayed; black pastors say Gosnell is just the tip of the iceberg

Obama slated to name five openly homosexual foreign ambassadors

Planned Parenthood: ‘probably won’t’ have to report 14-year-old pregnant by 21-year-old boyfriend                          6/13

Francis: "You cannot serve two masters: either you serve the Lord or you serve the spirit of this world"

Belgium’s Cardinal Danneels okays same-sex unions

Secretary of State Kerry: promoting gay rights abroad ‘at the very heart’ of U.S. policy

Caught on tape: IRS agent tells pro-life group not to protest abortion clinics, keep faith to itself

This Won’t Turn Out Well: The IRS prepares to enforce Obamacare’s contraception mandate 

30th abortion clinic closes in 2013 after botched abortions, patient death

Obama admin. drops appeal of court ruling ordering Plan B sold to girls as young as 11

Netherlands show overwhelming support for pro-life initiative “One of Us”

George Weigel on Catholic charities partnering with pro-abortion groups - Video 3

IRS tells ministry: You can't talk about that            6/11

Francis steers future Vatican diplomats away from careerism

Cardinal Dolan: Cuomo’s bill could open door to forced abortions

Rockford Bishop Malloy: Scout gay policy does not seem to provide an obstacle to our continued sponsorship

NFL champ skips WH visit because Obama said ‘God bless’ Planned Parenthood

High school valedictorian rips up approved speech, prays forbidden prayer at commencement

Pain-capable abortion ban passes congressional subcommittee

Lawmakers Vote to Oppose Atheist Chaplains in Military

Ball State University Professor Awaiting Decision for Teaching Creationism                6/7

Russia Holds 1st Eucharist Procession since 1918

Pope: Wasting food like stealing from poor

Pope stresses threats to human person on Environment Day

Bergoglio’s true identity is finally revealed

Saying no to hypocrisy gives us the courage to speak the truth, says Francis

Are Catholic Bishops in bed with President Obama?

US dioceses prepare for second Fortnight for Freedom

Peter Singer: women’s right to have children might have to be sacrificed for the environment

Planned Parenthood Received $1,622 in Gov't Funds for Each Abortion

Bishop tells hostile crowd at gay marriage debate: my secretary was murdered by a gay activist

Do you know, Scoutmasters, what you have done?

Hard times a-Komen: Race for the Cure canceled in seven cities after Planned Parenthood controversy                     6/6

Pope prays that Christians avoid 'road of corruption'

Faith requires sharing, Pope teaches

Pope Francis: war is the suicide of humanity

Striking images of Corpus Christi celebrations around the world

Socialist president of Ecuador rejects homosexual ‘marriage’ and adoption as contrary to nature

Gay Advocates Want to Shutter Christian Bakery That Refused to Make Wedding Cake for Lesbians

The number of churches that were dismissed from Presbyterian Church (USA) last year has increased by fivefold compared to 2011 after allowing ordination of openly homosexual clergy

State-overseer to be appointed to every child in Scotland

Leading pro-life lawyer tells Fox he ‘can’t help but think’ IRS harassment was deliberate (Video)                  6/4

Justice Department Says Use of Husband and Wife is Considered Hate Speech

Pope closes Mary's month reflecting on her spiritual attitude

Vatican conference to reveal harm of prescription drugs for children

Pope criticizes 'savage capitalism' on visit to food kitchen

New Vatican bank head vows to verify accounts

Catholic Church's Top Exorcist Claims He Rid World of 160,000 Demons

Liberal Catholic group petitions against Bremerton priest’s orthodox Catholic teachings letter

Faith in the U.S.: Is God a goner?

Maine overwhelmingly rejects physician-assisted suicide

This is what Christian discrimination looks like

HHS Website For Girls, 10 to 16, Informs Youth About Birth Control, Gay Sex, ‘Mutual Masturbation’

‘Heartbreaking’: State, Planned Parenthood ignored repeated complaints about ‘nightmare’ facility

Girl Scouts Join Planned Parenthood at Huge Pro-Abortion Conference

Apple Removes Ministry App Aimed at Battling Habitual Sins

GOOGLE donates just 90 seconds' profit to charity policing online child sex abuse

3rd-grade boy forced to perform oral sex on classmates            6/1

“Without Christ we are insipid, museum-piece Christians”

Holy See decries intolerance 'in the name of tolerance'


Anglican Bishop: gay marriage opponents like Apartheid supporters

Archbishop Fitzgerald reflects on the Arab Spring

Muslim Persecution Against Christians Is 'Spreading, Intensifying,' Says Egyptian Copt

Major Obama backer negotiated Archdiocese of NY’s coverage of contraception, abortion

Study documents abortion's global health threat to women        5/31

NYC Launches Sex App for Teens -- Offers Directions to Birth Control, Abortion Clinics

First pornographic app for GOOGLE Glass set to launch             5/30


Church's Leadiing Exorcist wants the current rules for permission to perform exorcisms to be relaxed

God is love but not in 'emotional' sense, Pope says

Francis: “Following Christ is not a career”

The man whom Pope blessed says he's seeking liberation from demons

Italian bishops head gives Communion to notorious transsexual at Marxist priest's funeral

Christians are the Arab Spring’s biggest losers, says Melkite archbishop Chacour

France: Traditional Family March Draws Over 400,000

Several people offer to adopt baby rescued from sewage pipe; mom found                          

Kindergartener Allowed to Perform Christian Song at School Talent Show After Lawyers Intervene

Ky. Megachurch Boots Boy Scouts From Campus After Gay Vote    5/28

Pope Francis takes aim at Mafia        

Pope Francis: Economic well-being “causes us to be lacking in courage, makes us lazy, makes us selfish”

Archbishop Chaput urges Americans to 'wake up' on religious freedom

Military archbishop honors, gives thanks for US veterans

Abduction crisis as more Coptic women disappear in Egypt

Chinese Christians Protest Rule Requiring Bishops Be Elected by Government

Condom training, cross-dressing troop members and lessons on "homophobia": Welcome to the new, improved Boy Scouts of America.

GLAAD Pushes Boy Scouts to Now Lift Ban on Openly Gay Leaders, Volunteers

New Zealand pro-abortion group uses Gosnell case to push for decriminalisation

Congressman: Stop Gosnell by putting ‘a Planned Parenthood clinic in every neighborhood’

Chemical abortion advocates wanted FDA to legalize morning-after pills for girls as young as seven

Police surrounded a Chinese village to stop Catholics joining Marian parade                                                 5/27

Russian police detain activists, foes at gay rally            5/25

Pope Francis: "Power Struggles Within the Church Must Not Exist"

Chinese Catholics go on pilgrimage of hope to Sheshan shrine

“Only” 1.5 million young people will attend Rio WYD

Catholic Charities exec on board of organization that fought to save Planned Parenthood funding

Christian Brothers Institute to pay $16.5 million to settle sex abuse claims

‘It’s the beginning of the end’: gay scout vote only first step in demise of scouting, say leaders

God Must Weep: National Masturbation Month and Live Masturbate-a-Thon

Four Maryland abortion clinic licenses suspended: woman died at one clinic

Oklahoma votes on defunding Planned Parenthood, N. Carolina votes to fund pregnancy centers, & more

Doctor Who Did 1,200 Abortions Tells Congress to Ban Them    5/24

Pope; 'Without Christ we are insipid, museum-piece Christians”

Pope implores Virgin Mary to aid Chinese Catholics

Vatican's financial intelligence unit nets suspicious activity

China tightens rules for appointment of bishops in Catholic Church

Pro-abort politicians excommunicate Themselves, must not receive Communion: Irish Archbishop

NYC Council Passes 'Right to Worship' Resolution to Give Churches Access to Schools

IRS Morality: Defend Planned Parenthood, Deluge Adoptive Families with Audits

LeRoy Carhart, Peter Singer, Kathleen Sebelius to address ‘Women Deliver’ conference

Teens teach porn class, and other madness: inside a Planned Parenthood-sponsored conference

Over 12,000 Churches Join Billy Graham's Largest N. America Outreach

Elderly Christian florist files countersuit over refusing to participate in gay 'wedding'                       5/23

Francis: “Real power is service”

The media is starting to freak about Pope Francis

Holy See says Pope’s alleged exorcism was in fact a prayer

Kids start watching online porn as young as 6, flirt with cyberspace strangers by 8: survey

French president signs gay ‘marriage’ law

Gallup Poll: Majority Now Say Gay Sex, Unwed Births, Are Morally OK

U.S. Democrats target crisis pregnancy centers with new bill        5/22

Cardinal Dolan, Lila Rose, and things I don't get...

Hollywood's 'Gay Culture' Reshaping America                 5/21

Pope to Bishops: Don't worry that you're sinners, allow Jesus to transform you.

Ongoing Formation for US Priests Tackles Modern Issues

Breakthrough in therapeutic cloning reignites debate

St. Francis Sisters ignore abortifacients, urge Walgreens to ban tobacco

Archdiocese: "Cardinal Dolan would not, and did not, suggest the governor might not be a Catholic in good standing"    

Catholic School Tells Male Transgender Student to Wear Female Robe at Graduation       5/20

Pope: 'If we annoy people, Blessed be the Lord' Better than being a lukewarm Christian

Francis: “The problem is not that we are sinners: the problem is not repenting of sin”

Pope calls for a return of "person-centered ethics" in finance and economics

Mystical beat: from an archbishop prohibiting a locutionist to an alleged apparition

Christianity Facing "Catastrophic Collapse" in Britain, Number Of Muslims Surges By 75%

Gay adoption bill could downsize Catholic agencies

Spanish bishop exhorts faithful to speak out against abortion

Democrats ‘in decline’ under pro-abortion Obama: Bill Clinton’s former political strategist

Another abortion 'house of horrors' in TX?

'Twisted heads off fetus' necks with bare hands'

Christian School's Creationism Quiz Sparks Online Debate, Financial Donations                                     5/17

Holy Spirit leads to truth amid relativism, Pope counsels

Francis quotes Benedict XVI: “We live in an age rather skeptical of truth”

Pope: Pray for priests and bishops so they do not yield to temptation of money and careerism

Cardinal claims supernatural “signs” pointed to Bergoglio’s election

Cardinal 'deeply' troubled by human cloning development

Prominent Catholic Prof. Claims Audited Her After Speaking Out Against Obama

Genetically-modified humans are already walking among us

Catholic aid organization seeks to transform lives

Planned Parenthood congratulates Jesuits of Boston College for honouring Enda Kenny

It’s Silly Season for Catholic Universities Again . . .

IRS to Conservative Mentoring Group: Release List of Every Student You Trained

IRS is also targeting pro-life groups: Thomas More Society

Pro-life group says IRS refused to grant tax-exempt status unless they promoted abortion                         5/16

Pontificate of Pope Francis consecrated to Our Lady of Fatima

Vatican Bank to Publish Balance Sheet for First Time

Pope Francis warns: Satan 'always rips us off,'

A Bishop With Guts

Justice Ginsburg: Roe v. Wade let “unelected old men” overrule the people on abortion

Kermit Gosnell will receive life in prison for murder; escapes death penalty

Experts Warn Boy Scouts Delegates Against Being 'Snookered and Bamboozled' Into Gay Vote

Minnesota legislature approves same-sex ‘marriage;’ governor to sign bill        5/15

“Religious freedom, ecumenism and protection of human values” are priorities, Francis says

Francis Throws Down the Gauntlet to Religious

Pope Francis: “Christian joy is a gift from Jesus”

Coptic Pope stresses urgency of Christian unity at Vatican

Cardinal O’Malley to boycott Boston College commencement over honoring of pro-abortion Irish PM

Christian outrage! Moslem cleric prays at SEALS' funeral service, damns them

California Assembly Passes Transgender Bill Allowing Student Choice on Bathroom, Sports Team

Tebow: 'blackballed because of religion'

Congress takes action to root out other Houses of Horror

DEA bust shuts down shoddy Ohio abortion clinic that was stealing women’s blood                 5/10

Why Pope Francis Doesn't Give Communion

Pope Francis' First Crisis? Defiant Archbishop Refuses to Quit

Pope Leo XIII's Ideal Was Not State Control

Islam Expert Warns Christians May Disappear From Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt

Survey: Few Americans Believe Christian Faith Necessary for Good Parenting

Keeping Her Baby After Rape, Young Woman Finds Hope Rejecting Abortion

Pro-choice reporter covering Gosnell trial changes mind on abortion

Exclusive Video: Texas Cheerleader After Winning Bible Lawsuit: "I Knew That God Was Going To Work It Out"

With Delaware, Gay Marriage Now Legal in 11 States; The battle to protection traditional marriages moves to 5 more states

Churches Trusted Less Than Supermarkets                5/9



Without evangelization, Church is barren, says Pope

Pope urges Church to be courageous and inclusive

Reach America's High School Anti-Christian Bullying Video Calls For An 'Army' To Save America's Souls

Admiral Defies the Military Ban on Sharing His Christian Faith

NAT'LREVIEW: Kermit Gosnell not the only seedy backroom abortionist

Late-Term Abortion Doc: Unborn Baby Like 'Meat in a Crock Pot'      5/8

Broadway play about anti-Christian Mary closes early

US Backed Rebels in Syria Destroy Christian Monastery

Mass exodus of Christians from Muslim world ignored by media

Congressman calls attention to human trafficking in US

Pentagon Defends Unconstitutional Policy Against Soldiers Sharing Faith

‘I stared and stared at my son’: mom screamed for abortion workers to call 911 after baby born alive

Infanticide in America: it’s real, and it’s happening more often than you think

Gosnell-like abortion practices are business as usual in New Mexico 5/7

Francis: “We cannot be adolescents forever”

Pope Francis is attached to traditional devotions and is not afraid to show it

Pope: devotion to Mary must be 'well-ordered'

Science Shines New Light on Shroud of Turin's Age

Columbus Bishop risks jail defending Catholic school that fired teacher for coming out as lesbian

Australian Bishop prepares public for grim sex abuse inquiry

Hungarian PM: Hungary will only be renewed if they focus on traditions of praying and working

Obama admin. surrenders in HHS mandate case against Bible publisher

Delaware first state without surgical abortions since Roe after Planned Parenthood scandal

Baby born alive was tossed into a bag and thrown on the roof of the abortion clinic

Stewards of Wealth Streams                    5/6

Pope warns against lukewarm faith with personal story

Francis calls for peace and aid for refugees in the Middle East

Francis hits selfish corporations

Rosary recalls life, love of Mary, says Archbishop Gomez

Head of U.S. Catholic bishops marriage panel calls new Rhode Island law a 'serious injustice'

Columbus Bishop risks jail defending Catholic school that fired teacher for coming out as lesbian

Not again: Notre Dame professor calls early Christian martyrdom a 'myth'    ???

Minnesota Catholic Colleges Host NFL Same Sex Marriage Advocate

Accused Newark priest resigns from ministry

Evangelical Pastor: How does the church justify the sin of silence on abortion?

Pro-life demonstrators have strongest impact on undecided women: study

United Nations Leaders Lament 20-Year Failure to Promote Abortion

Air Force Officer Told to Remove Bible From Desk

HS track team disqualified after runner gestures thanks to God

Rhode Island governor signs same-sex ‘marriage’ into law

Weather radicalization worsening, global food supply at increased risk of regional failures                           5/4

Pope Francis: “The Church is not a bureaucratic organization, but a love story”

Pope: When the Church does not let the Holy Spirit work divisions grow.

Pope Francis asked the IOR maximum transparency

Anglican bishops in West Indies denounce Obama blackmail over gay 'marriage'

Religious Freedom in Our Military; This Is What Intolerance Smells Like

Swedish court rejects homeschool family's desperate appeal

Victoria's Secret Model Kylie Bisutti Quits Modeling and Turns to God; Launching Christian Clothing Line

Irish abortion bill would allow abortion through all nine months of pregnancy

VIDEO #3: Undercover investigation of late term abortion clinics      5/3

Pope warns against work that enslaves man

Pentagon Hires Anti-Conservative Activist Who Branded Fundamentalists as 'Christian Monsters'

Pentagon May Court Martial Soldiers Who Share Christian Faith

Pentagon Adviser Compares Christian Evangelism to "Rape"

Fox News Contributor Loses It Over Lila Rose

Mother finds out that severed feet in Gosnell clinic belonged to her baby

Obama's Planned Parenthood claims rejected by former employee

Pediatricians: Emergency Contraception – Not best for adolescents

Homosexual activist says gay ‘marriage’ isn’t about equality, it’s about destroying marriage                       5/2

Pope Francis: “A worldly Church is a weak Church”

Miami Archbishop: ‘Gay Marriage,’ Moral Relativism – Society ‘On Its Way To Totalitarianism’

Columnist: As 8-year old Catholic Boston bombing victim lay dying, priests denied access

Brazil priest excommunicated for liberal views

Council of Europe hailed for religious freedom resolution

Your Children Belong to the State

Teach students ‘how to view porn’, gvmt-approved group tells UK teachers

Minnesota school says it has 'every right to prohibit' 6th graders’ pro-life speech

Morning-after pill to be made available over the counter

Mexican Supreme Court strikes down state pro-life constitutional amendment

Chinese activist speaks out about 130,000 forced abortions        5/1

Sanctity is central to Church outreach, Pope stresses

Pope prepares IOR reform: “The Church is not a company”

Church must evangelize humbly, Pope Francis reflects

Cardinal Dolan gives St. Elizabeth Ann Seton award to pro-choice feminist CEO of the Girl Scouts                

Priest for Life Requests Bodies of Babies from Gosnell Clinic for Burial

Nuns celebrate one year of blocking Illinois strip club

New TX bill in works would end life despite patient, family wishes

Ohio abortion facility shut down by state health inspectors   

Catholic University Extends insurance to same-sex couples  

Colombian Senate overwhelmingly rejects homosexual ‘marriage’   4/25

Culture War Moves Beyond Homosexual Marriage

Pope Francis: “The Church is not a bureaucratic organization, but a love story”

Pope urges Christians to remember final judgment

Church is driven by Holy Spirit, not officials or militants, pope says

Cardinal Pell: "We've got a Pope who's got mud on his boots"

Six-figure grant to Catholics United tried to recruit clergy

BREAKING: Defense rests in Gosnell murder trial, calls no witnesses; Gosnell won’t take the stand

Judge drops nine charges against Gosnell

Dropped charges include 28-week baby found in freezer         4/25

Obama backs out of Planned Parenthood gala Thursday: White House

The simple, solitary life of Pope Francis

Cardinal Burke: 'Individual bishops' not just conferences must fight culture of death

Parents Upset After Middle School Girls Forced Into 'Lesbian Kiss' at NY School

A priest amid violent prison drug cartels

Citing 1,000+ Dead Christians, Experts to Call Attention to Nigeria's Pre-Genocide

Arguments Heard Today in German Homeschoolers Deportation Case

Debate, protests mark legalization of gay marriage in France      4/24

That didn’t last long: networks completely ignoring Gosnell trial…again

Lesbian who carved cross into own chest in fake hate crime gets seven days in jail, probation                   4/22

Pope Francis: Lukewarm Christians are those who want to build a church to their own specifications