Congratulations Pope Benedict XVI,


 May our Lord Jesus Christ bless your pontificate and may it be very fruitful. For there

are great changes coming. I believe you were picked by the most Holy Trinity to lead

the Church after the passing of John Paul II. As I prayed for him I now pray for you to

fulfill the mission God has for you for the good of His Holy Church and for the good of

all the people of the earth. John Paul II ended his pontificate on the twin pillars of the

blessed Virgin Mary with the year of the Rosary and the core of our faith the Eucharist,

this year. This began to fulfill part of the prophecy of John Bosco, and there has surely

been chaos in the church, which is far from over.

                ‘There will be chaos in the Church. Tranquility will not return until the Pope succeeds

                  in anchoring the Boat of Peter between the Twin Pillars of Eucharistic Devotion

                 and devotion to our Lady.                   St. John Bosco  1862

If you follow this path you will be the best you can be and the world will be better for it.

For Jesus has said " There will be no compromise on the Eucharist and My Mother."

I plead with you to announce the 5th Marian dogma for it is LATE, that the Queen of

Heaven, the blessed Virgin Mary is our mediatrix, advocate, and co-redemptrix.

[ Marian Dogmas ]

A few words written by St. Bernard about Mary;

                            Following her, you will never lose your way.

                            Praying to her you will never sink into despair.

                            Contemplating her you will never go wrong.

Of course you know that the Eucharist is the cornerstone of the Church, the sweet

Christ on earth, the physical presence of our Lord Jesus Christ.


 Finally I hope you change your mind and inform the people about the times we are

living in. Sr. Lucia's death was very prophetic as was John Paul II's, the numbers

2/13 and 4/2 the 3 chapters in the Book of Revelation 2, 4 & 13, very powerful as the

coming years unfold. You know what Fatima is about and that it is not in the past as

you stated in 2000. Please help prepare the people.


I will continue to pray for you Benedict XVI as your faithful servant.


Peace be with you

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