Bohemian Grove

 Satan's retreat for our Leaders

                   The Bohemian Club

 Here is a 10 minute video;  Dark Secrets inside Bohemian Grove ( Alex Jones ) 

This is the program cover for the cremation of care ceremony at the Bohemian Grove for

July 15, 2000. It was obtained by Alex Jones who went in undercover and also took hidden

video of the ceremony that takes place every July for over 100 years in front of the 45 ft. stone

owl you see here. Notice the human skeleton on the altar in the circle.

                  The Lunchroom (1915)

This is a picture from National Geographic, Collector's Edition vol. 8, page 90

 which came out the summer of 2004. I include this because some people don't

believe this place exists. This picture was taken in 1915 (lower right corner) and

A story on the club was done by 60 minutes, but they did not go inside. You can

also find a good article in the Feb. 22, 1981 edition of Parade, where it talks about

the ritual performed here. Program cover obtained by Alex Jones, for more

information check out his web site, in the circle is the mock(?)

sacrifice. The pictures from the Annals of Bohemian Grove are from his site. He

has a documentary on the site where he went in with a hidden camera, which I

also recommend. This is right out of the Old Testament, sacred groves and human sacrifice.



Picture of the priests in front of the 45 ft. tall stone owl god, in the middle in front of the

4 priests is where the mock (?) sacrifice of a human being is held every July for over

100 years, called the Cremation of Care. This picture  is from the book  and the others

below are from this book put out by the Bohemian club every 10 years.



World leaders and industry and media moguls and leaders of the military are a part of the over

2000 members of the Bohemian club. The decision to use Cheney and the rest of his fathers friends

in the Bush administration was made at Bohemian Grove in the summer of 2000.

Democrats and Republicans belong to this club, most of our leaders belong, though they don't admit it,

or want to talk about this all male club, started in the late 1800s, on 2700 acres in northern California.

 Everyone may not believe in the bizarre ritual which is similar to the Old Testament pagan worship

mentioned in the Bible. But it is sick to think our leaders would even attend such an event, just to be

a member of the New World Order.


Here are some new pictures Alex was sent on the grove from around 1926.


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