Christina Gallagher and the

              New House of Prayer

              Christina Gallagher, a Irish housewife, is visited by Jesus, and

              eventually is given some of the wounds of the Stigmata and opens the

              House of Prayer, in an old convent, she is still receiving visions and

              speaking out today. Here is a link to brief bio;



              She was told a few years ago by the Virgin Mary that she wanted more

              Houses of Prayer built around the world. The first one opened on

              June 23rd in Leander, Texas which is located 20 miles NW of Austin.

              Christina and Fr. Gerard her Spiritual director were there from 6/23-27.


               I had a 2 hour conversation with Fr. McGinnity where he discussed the

               History of Christina and the House of Prayer and the new House in the

               US, along with recent revelations. I have turned this into a Documentary

               which will be available shortly. The cost should be under $5.__ to cover

               the costs of the CD or VHS tape and shipping etc. You are encouraged

               to make copies for your friends and family. For info contact me at;

       Please write "documentary" in the message box.


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