Chyren Selin the 7th Quatrains
                          Quatrain 1.94
1	At the harbor Selin the tyrant (is) put to death,
2	the liberty not everywhere recovered,
3	the new war out of condemnation & remorse,
4	(A) woman by force of terror (is) honored.
I am called a tyrant in line 1 because things will change and there will
be those who will resist. When I lead the building of the rink many 
groups called me this from the building department, the group that
was replaced and even the group who were put in charge because I 
tried to keep them honest.  Sadly things will not get better as the liars
will claim, for the worst will come after my death. But the bottom line
is up to you and how you act.
	         Quatrain 4.77
1	Selin monarch the Italians peaceful,
2	kingdoms of the world united by the Christian king of the world,
3	dying (he) wants to lay down by [blefique] shore,
4	after having chased the pirates from the sea.
The goal is to try to bring everyone together, and like I said you have the 
biggest part. To understand line 4 look at Quatrain 2.5.
	Quatrain 6.42
1	[logmyou] shall be left the kingdom
2	of the great Selin who shall do more deeds
3	through the Italians his flag spread
4	shall reign through discreet forgery.
I believe there is more than one possible outcome to these days and
this Quatrain talks about some of the crap that will go on.
	Quatrain 6.58
1	Between the 2 monarchs far apart
2	from that time that the earth loses Selin's light
3	simultaneously great indignation between 2
4	then to the Islands & Sienne the liberty arrives
More stuff about after my death.
	Quatrain 6.78
	To cry out victory of the increasing great Selin
	by the Romans will be proclaimed the Eagle
	Ticcin, Milan, & Genoa do not consent
	afterwards for themselves they reclaim great Basil.
This is dealing with the continuing war with Rome as I increase
in strength and the games they will want to play.
	Quatrain 6.27
1	From the island of the 5 rivers to 1
2	by the growing of the great Chyren Selin
3	through the mist with the appearance of rage of the one
4	6 escape, concealed in a load of flax.
Line one is about where I was born, for the Hopi called north America
turtle Island long before the shape was known, and the five rivers are 
from where I was born and have lived most of my life, the northwest.
the rivers are, the Spokane, the Snake, the Willamette, the Yakima
which are all a part of the Columbia.
	Quatrain 8.54
1	Upon the appearance of the marriage treaty
2	(A) magnanimous deed for Chyren Selin
3	Quintin, Arras traveling to recover
4	the Spanish act second seat [macelin]
The act from line 2 is a part of what helps me come to power, line
3 could be a couple people who travel to Garabandal to be healed,
and line 4 could be about Garabandal because it is in Spain and
I'm the second.


                 Quatrain 2.79;

1              The beard frizzled & black through aircraft

2               subdues the nation cruel and proud,

3               The great Chyren will free from a vast distance

4                all the captives from the lunar banner.

this one is explained in the Sept. 11 chapter.


                Quatrain 6.70

1                The chief of the world shall be the great Chyren,

2                after [plus oultre] loved, feared, dreaded,

3                his fame & [loz] surpass the heavens

4               and by the sole title (of) victor very gratified (grateful).

This talks again about a great event seen before the people,

"plus outre", and in the last line I am very Grateful to the most

Holy Trinity for all they have done and especially to Jesus Christ,

for everything is done for Him and the Holy Trinity.


	Quatrain 10.53
1	The 3 [pellices] from faraway if between patron,
2	the greater remains to listen to the least,
3	the great Selin will be no more (a) patron,
4	him to mention fire, [pelte-> peltate] without direction,
This one I haven't found a couple key words yet, "pellices", from
the books I've looked at is said to be prostitutes, but I can't confirm
that yet. If it is though it would make since as meaning the 3 religions
Christianity, Muslems, and Judaism, who's leaders say yes to God but
do not do His will. But we will just have to wait for this one. 

                        Quatrain 10.74

1       The year of the great 7th number finished,

2       appearing at the time of the games of a great slaughter;

3       Not far from the great age of the millennium,

4       when the buried (dead) will come out of their graves.


                             Quatrain 4.50

1         Libra shall rule over [Hesperies],

2         of the sky & earth to hold the monarchy,

3         (the) strength of Asia shall not perish,

4         not before 7 to hold the hierarchy from (the) ranks.

The Ranks are from the lineage of Abraham.



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