Financial Statement          last update October 26,    2017


 Please say a prayer for me and for everyone, and pray daily.  So I have basically sold almost

everything I owned, house, etc.. Of course I will continue to pray for all of you.  I asked for a 1 time

donation of $1.-- starting over a decade ago and I did get $1.-- and someone sent a $20.-- dollar bill.

The income for 2016 and so far this year is 0 so it is easy to keep track of. I had a much different plan to

self fund myself through my business dealings but our Father had other plans. So I became little but my 19

year old car works well and I get by and do what I can. I have been able to give away 5500 Rosaries from

Medugorje. I am not planning on getting much help until I move to France at some point in the future and I have

know idea when that might be. As what was written long ago by others continues to unfold. Because it is not

up to me, I let go of the wheel (to the car/life) years ago. I am simply trying to prepare people for what is unfolding

in front of us from both the secular and Religious sides. I have all that I need because Jesus lives in my heart.

Also, anonymity is priceless. It has allowed me to wander easily among the people and interact with them in an

everyday simple way.     

                                               Peace be with you                               Tim Bernard                                                                              

                                                                                                                   Box  381                                          

                      HOMEPAGE                                                         Mercer Island,  WA  98040