<<< mailed to the Pope on 7/31/01, certain people were expected to obey the Lord

     who were given insight by God, the Pope being one and as was foretold by the

    living saint Sr. Lucia you would be late but you will do it, I am here to tell you

   that you are now late.     <<<<<<



Dear John Paul II :

It is with great sadness that I write this letter. I heard your response to

the last letter and the lack of one. First to reply about the status of Rome.

The spiritual capital of the world will be the city anointed with the blood

of the Fatherís promised Christ who was Jesus of Nazareth. The line

that was started by St. Peter shall return to Jerusalem.


The title of the last letter "Free Will", was meant as a warning to you, that

doing nothing will not be tolerated by Them. So I have been told to now

ask for a meeting with Sister Lucia, for she is the only one who can clear

up this matter. Only a meeting with her will do, not one of your servants

talking to her and relaying the message. You can tell her these things:

1.) That I was born on 7/13

2.) That the Holy Spiritís voice is that of a woman.

3.) A carpenter wishes to speak with her about the "little book".

4.) That Fatima is a part of the Second Coming.

For I state that you knew I was coming, but not how, also that I would contact

you in 1999.


I am saying that a period of Human history that will be known

as the Second Coming began in 99 and will end sometime this century with

the return of Jesus Christ for the first judgment (Rev. 20 1-6).

She warned you repeatedly, but you would not listen. Instead you had her

cloistered and put out of the publics eye. This reminds me of when your

Pontificate started and a General was afraid of you. Now you are afraid

of another carpenter who has come to prepare the way for the greatest

Carpenter. For your info my middle name is Jon like the last preparer

and my last name is written in the stars. This is what my teacher wrote

about our relationship:


The sacred pomp will come to lower its wings at

the coming of the great lawgiver. He will raise the

humble and trouble the rebellious. His like will not

appear again on earth.


This will be like Moses and the rules he gave the Jews, NOT COMMANDMENTS.

Here are some examples:

1) That the Father and the Holy Spirit (Shekhina) came from Mizzar in the Big Dipper.

2) We are not alone in the Galaxy, and there are no weapons in space,

     And will be none.

3)The "Hail Mary" shall be changed, add in place of the word Jesus:

      Who was the greatest Man to ever walk the earth,

      the only Son of God,

      our Lord Jesus Christ.

4) Our Lord Jesus Christ was Their first creation.

5) There will be no standing armies, navies, or air forces for any nation.

6) There is not to be one nation in the world.

7) There will be one religion and Jerusalem will be the spiritual capital.

8) Except for special reasons (i.e. a police investigation) the dead should be left

     buried. The recent event with Pope John 23rd is sick. Just out of curiosity

     you must be planning on cremation like you had done to John Paul. Pope

     John 23rd will not become a saint, and he is in purgatory.

9) There will be no exploring of Mars or anything put into permanent orbit around

     it for the planet is where the sacred sign was built (the face).

10) The church will recognize Michel Nostradamus as the author of "the little book"

       mentioned in the Book of Revelations, and the sixth King.

11) That our Lord Jesus Christ was his teacher.

12) The King James version of the Bible will be taught in all schools on earth.

13) The Church will bless an altar in my house where Abraham stood on 12/23/95

       And said to me "God made a covenant with me that one day my children would

       ... and you are the one.". You will also maintain the house after I am gone until

       She comes in about 1000 years.

These will be added to and finalized by the 2 who will fulfill the 11th Rev. I

realize how long it took to figure out that the world is not flat. Before the

Seventh planet completes another orbit this will become a part of our laws.>>> 84 years <<<

I will explain more about this matter latter. I have enclosed a few of my

lessons as a child, you should read the one about sixth grade and know

that there is blood on your hands. I keep you and the clergy in my

prayers daily. While I feel sorry for you, it is the ones you lead astray by your in

action that I have the most sympathy for.


Everyone else in the World can plead ignorance, but not you, either Iím a heretic

or you are a LIAR. The Fatima revelation was about the Second Coming, and not

a personnel revelation. I wish I could say something that would get you to wake up

and work together against Satan. I donít think you have the courage yet, to repent

and change so weíll watch the U.S. burn as the Lord turns up the heat as the drought

grows, with next year worse than the previous years.


Also I once again ask to be allowed to speak and tell my fellow parishioners who I

am and what period of time we are in. I will speak from the pulpit, it is Their church

not yours. Also to understand one thing I mentioned before, I believe one of your

titles is the Bishop of Rome, and remember Reims and who Joan helped crown,

also how she found her sword. <<<  she crowned Charles 7th, I'll  be Selin 7th <<<<<


When Jonah came to the Ninevites, with no prior warning they immediately

repented and changed their ways. I came announced by the greatest physical

Miracle since the days of our Lord Jesus Christ, that being the "miracle of the sun"

which happened and was witnessed by over 40,000 people on 10/13/1917. But

you do NOTHING and want more ...? As both Abraham and Jesus have told me,


To end on a positive note, you are in my prayers daily.


Peace be with you,

T Bernard


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