Bishop Robert Morlino,


It was good to meet you when you came to town to bless the Church on 1/13.

In case you lost the petition I've enclosed another along with a self addressed,

stamped envelope.


I doubt the Vatican told you everything they know and want you to do what you're

doing, nothing. Here are the words of Jacinta and Sr. Lucia that will not be swept

under the rug like they did the ashes of the last Pope. (From Sr. Lucia's memoir)


Jacinta;     "I don't know how it was but I saw the holy father in a very big house,

                    kneeling by a table, with his head buried in his hands, and he was weeping.

                   Outside the house, there were many people. Some of them were throwing

                    stones, others were cursing him and using bad language. Poor holy father,

                    we must pray very much for him."


I do pray for the Pope every day in my prayers.


Sr. Lucia from the 7th vision in the convent in Tuy, Spain, 6/13/29, the Virgin Mary

asks for the consecration of Russia to her Immaculate Heart. Then later in a letter

to Fr. Goncalves, S.J., on 6/18/36 she writes;


"Pray very much for the Holy Father! He will do it but it will be late.

Nevertheless, the Immaculate Heart of Mary will save Russia, which has

been entrusted to it."


Now while John Paul II has consecrated the World to Mary, Russia was never

mentioned in the texts. Now what was this to be done for? To lessen the Tribulation

that God is going to give us and then for a period of peace. Neither of which have

happened, yet. So for the Pope to proclaim it is in the past is wishful thinking.

All of the apparitions of the Virgin Mary have been random, except Fatima which have

all been on the 13th of the month, it is a warning about the 13th chapter from Rev., I'm

here with others and so are they, we are first and last, in the middle is their turn.

So you are saying that the greatest Miracle (10/13/17, read Luke 21.25) since Jesus

walked the earth was all about ???, an assassination attempt on the Pope where he

is spared, but does not do Jesus Christ's wishes and say RUSSIA in the consecration.

But even though He had said this would only lessen the Tribulation, the Pope in all his

arrogant self righteousness, has declared, "it is in the past". BLIND GUIDE.


Of course the Church is ignoring Garabandal, another little girl saying what the

pompous men of the Church don't want to hear, modern day Pharisees, but the

book will be fulfilled. Why is Jesus sending His messages through His Mother and

then to little girls?


The end of male domination is at hand, in His Church, and the World.

Also you should read the last verse from the Gospel of St. Thomas, part of the

Nag Hammadi Library, where Peter asks Mary to leave. It is her head that rests

on Jesus' chest, as the most beloved disciple in John's Gospel.


Like I told you, you will have to choose who you follow, Jesus or politicians.

I grew up in the Midwest and on a hot muggy day way off in the west you could

see a line of thunderheads forming. In the other directions it was clear, but you would

look back to the west and the clouds were noticeably closer. Look away and it was

clear, but they kept coming, if you never looked to the west you didn't know about the

storm until it hit with a vengeance. The storm is getting closer and LYING to the people

about it plays into Satan's hand, you are doing his will, NOTHING. But the storm is

coming, and everyone is going to get wet.


Another Bishop shall come to St. Francis in this century, and SHE will talk about

1/13/02, ... , there is that 13 again, just a coincidence, ignorance is bliss, but these

days shall be known as the end of ignorance. Sign the petition and return it.


                Peace be with you,


                  Tim Bernard


cc the World

     future generations