Selected Quatrains
            (still working on)
Here are all the Quatrains I have translated myself up to this point.
The ones that are in the book may not have any commentary but
just the page number(s) where they can be found. I have grouped
some of them that pertain to a certain topic. If a word is in () I have
added it so the line is not so choppy, if it is in[ ] then I could not find
a word to use, and what is there is the original, I may tell you what 
others use and you can decide for yourself. I have 2 copies of the 
1568 edition and a copy of 1672 edition for reference. Only the 
1568 editions are used because this was the year that the first 
complete, all 10 centuries were published, anything later has been 
altered by other people, because Nostradamus died in 1566 and
his complete book was published by his assistant Chavigyny and 
his wife Anne.

                                  Quatrain 1.2

1        The stick in hand put in the middle of the BRANCHES

2        from the water he wets the limb & the foot

3        out of fear & (a) voice trembling through the sleeves

4        splendor divine. The Divine himself sits close.


The word BRANCHES appears capitalized in the book, I believe this

is a reference to the Branch from Isaiah 11.1-2;

            And there shall come forth a rod out of the stem of Jesse,

            and a Branch shall grow out of his roots. A the spirit of the

            Lord shall rest upon Him, the spirit of wisdom and

            understanding, the spirit of counsel and might, the spirit

            knowledge and of the fear of the Lord.

also John 15.4-5;

            Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit

            of itself, except it abide in the vine, no more can you,

            except you abide in me. I am the vine ye are the branches.

            He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth

            much fruit, for without Me ye can do nothing.

Nostradamus is the stick in line 1 who places himself with the others

who are on the vine. Line 2 is about a bowl of water he used to see

the visions and line 3 is when he heard Jesus' voice, and line 4 is

when he can feel His presence as He sat down next to His son and



                               Quatrain 2.13

1        The body without (a) spirit to be no more by sacrifice,

2        the day of death put through (the) birth of Jesus,

3        the Divine Spirit will make the soul rejoice,

4        seeing the "the Word" (Jesus) in His eternity.


Line one is referring to my death but also many others who have and

will die for Jesus. Line 2 refers to being reborn in the spirit of Christ,

lines 3 & 4 are when He will make us rejoice at seeing Him and the 

eternity of life in Him.


                                      Quatrain 1.48

1                Twenty years of the reign of the moon having passed,

2                 7000 years another will hold his monarchy,

3                 when the sun will take his weary days,

4                 then accomplished my prophecies & expressions.


        Nostradamus says in his letter to Cesar his son that his prophecies

will not be finished until the year 3797. What is going to happen then?

We will have to wait and see.


                      Quatrain 2.51

1        The blood of the just in London wrongly taken,

2         burned by fire in 20 (X) 3 and 6,  (=66)

3          the ancient lady cherished  from a high place,

4          of the same sect many will be killed.


 This is about the Great fire of London in 1666, which was retribution

against the people of London for killing their king, from God. The

ancient Lady is the Virgin Mary, a large statue of her fell from a high

place on St. Paul's Cathedral and killed some people seeking refuge

in the church from the fire.



             Quatrain 2.19

1           New arrivers (to a) place built without defense,

2           occupy the place until now uninhabitable,

3           meadows, houses, fields, cities, to take at (their) pleasure,

4           hunger, pestilence, war long plow able acres.


                Quatrain 1.63

1           The scourge past the world diminished,

2           long time the peace (and) lands uninhabitable,

3           (people) will march on through the sky, land, sea & waterways,

4          Then anew the wars incited.


Eventually the time we are in will pass and there will be a long

period of peace. The world becomes smaller not only from our

communications and travel, but also from rising sea levels as the

ice caps melt. Also depending on how bad things get some areas

may have to be abandoned because of radiation poisoning and

other toxic pollution. How bad it gets really depends on all of us.

If we all sit and do nothing and watch, it will be much worse. But

eventually the earth will be purified and peace will reign. Then

around the next millennium the devil will be let out to trouble the

earth again.


                                                 Quatrain 1.81

1                    From the Human herd 9 will be put in a special class,

2                    from judgment & and council separated,

3                    their fate will be divided by (their) departure,

4                    K, T, L, death  exiled  lost.


This is a direct reference to the final 3 with the initials of there first

names listed in line 4, and as it says in line 3 their fate will be

divided by how they leave or end their time here, one by death

another will be exiled and another will be lost. Line 2 just explains

the special class a little. Why are there 3 left? From Rev. 17.10;

                And there are seven kings, five are fallen,

                and one is, and one is yet to come.

The kings are listed in the book, the reason for 7 is for the Big Dipper,

which has 7 stars, and we have 9 planets so God chose to have 9

total. The great sign at Garabandal will be done in a group of 9 pine

trees, as God lays out His plan before us all.


                         Quatrain 6.24

1                Mars and the scepter (empire), to find himself conjoined,

2                under cancer a calamitous war,

3                a little after shall a new king be anointed,

4                who for a long time brings peace to the world,


Mars is the God of war in line 1 and he will be given his scepter by

God. I see this as a war between God and man, and he is a cancer.

Eventually in line 3 he will be anointed, but the long period of peace

will not really begin until after his death, but as we'll see in another

Quatrain he goes most of the way. The time after my death will be

the worst and how well people work together and resist what will

eventually seem like the easy way out.


Quatrain 5.74
1                Of Trojan blood to be born (with a) Germanic heart,
2                That he comes into power so high;
3                Driving out (the) foreign Arabic people,
4               returning the Church to pristine preeminence.

 This Quatrain lists out my grandfathers bloodlines in line 1 and in lines 3

and 4 two projects. The first involves the Temple in Jerusalem and the

second is to help the church return to it's foundation and move into the

new millennium and to lead the way, instead of bringing up the rear.


                                 Quatrain 4.43

1                Weapons will be heard fighting in the skies,

2                the same year the priests are enemies,

3                They will want, unjustly, to query the holy laws,

4                through lightning and war many believers put to death.


The church received the first set of new laws in August of 2001 and

of course ignored them. Many priests will become enemies, as the

Virgin Mary warned back in 1965, at Garabandal that many priests,

Bishops, and Cardinals were on the road to perdition. Line 4 will

happen after the 2 witnesses are gone.


                                         Quatrain 6.93

1                (A) covetous prelate deceived by ambition

2                shall not believe that anything (is) too much (for him), to betray

3                his messengers & him completely trapped

4                to see everything in reverse him who cuts the timber.


This is a Quatrain about the battle with the Vatican and the 7th king

in the previous Quatrains. I think it is pretty self explanatory.  They have

decided to do nothing, they were told I would come in 1999, but they

wanted more proof. The Pope thinks nothing is to great for him in line

2 because the Vatican calls him the "sweet christ on earth" which is

blasphemy. But God has the Vatican completely trapped for what

they are doing and have done, has been written long ago. But the

book will be fulfilled. I have been a sawyer in the woods and to see

things in reverse is a key to some prophecies and a warning to me,

and is also the truth about some of the things I've done in my life.



                                        Quatrain 6.13

1                (A) doubtful one shall not come far from the reign,                    

2                the greater part will wish to support him                                   

3                A Capitol (will) not want at all that he reign,                          

4                on account of his great burden not (able) to maintain.       


This is right where we are now, because I do not bring what

they want to hear. Line one is me and line 2 is that eventually

many will come to support what I say. The Capitol in line 3 is

the Vatican which is run as the 4th line says by 1 man. That is

the prophecies over the years about the head of the church

moving is true. And the Vatican worships its position more than

Jesus, as they have made very clear over the years with their

disobedience. Modern day Pharisees, with their preservation

as the most important, not doing God's will. I am called the

doubtful one because it is just a little hard to grasp, though it is

getting easier, and as I said before I will not make it as a man

to where we want to go. In line 4 we have the words of Jacinta

being fulfilled as God raises the pressure on him and as she

said, "pray much for the holy father (as I do everyday) for I saw

many people outside his house calling him names and throwing

stones". Also the Virgin Mary said the Pope will repent and

consecrate Russia to her immaculate heart.


                                Quatrain 5.79

1                The sacred pomp will come to lower its wings

2                through the coming of the great lawgiver.

3                to raise the humble and trouble the rebellious.

4                upon the earth born no more emulators.


 This is part of the great war, with the Vatican and other religions who

say yes to God but do not do His will. Also many other power groups

will not like this, like the military and some business leaders. You see

one of the new laws, it outlaws any nation from having a standing army,

navy or air force, needless to say this will not sit well with some people.


                             Quatrain 9.66
1             There will be peace, union and change,
2	estates & offices low high, high very low.
3              To prepare for a sojourn the first offspring tormented, 
4              War to cease, civil processes, debates.
The first 2 lines talk about changes that are coming soon, the 3rd line
is about preparing to go to France and fulfill the first part of 10.72.


Quatrain 2.57

1                Before (the) conflict (the) great man will fall,

2                great man to die, death to sudden & lamented,

3                Born imperfect, the most part will swim,

4                near the river the ground stained with blood.


Like I said earlier I will die before the real peace begins, the

3rd line is a reference to great amount of blood that will be

shed and going most of the way. In line 4 is part of the location

where the end for me will come.


                         Quatrain 4.49
1        In front of the people blood will be spilled,
2        which from high heaven shall not come far from.
3         But for a long time shall not be heard,
4         The spirit with one alone (he) shall come to bear witness.
This is what we need to try and moderate as much as possible, for the
final death toll has not been set, beyond that it will be a great number.
So far it is a solo job with people who should be helping, but are not.
The worst is the church, the hierarchy is acting shamefully at best.


                         Quatrain 6.97

1         (At) 45 degrees the sky burns,                                

2         fire draws near the great new city,                                     

3         instantly great flames scattered blow up,                          

4         when they want concerning (the) Normans to have proof.


This talks about what was told to the Pope and the Vatican in July, 2000.

Line 4 lays out my background from my grandparents and that this was

another sign that I'm who I say I am. For after I told them about the drought

in the US, fires blew up all around where I live with many of the biggest

fires growing into complexes at 45 degrees, which is just south of town.

But still the church ignores this, it is so sad to see the warnings of the

Virgin Mary fulfilled, that many Priests, Bishops, and Cardinals are on

the road to perdition, from Garabandal, June 18, 1965.


         Quatrain 2.5

1        Then from inside (an) iron fish, letters (documents) locked up,

2        out will leave someone then will make the war,

3        his fleet will have by sea gone far,

4        appearing near by the Italian shore.

This is a story about someone coming in a submarine from a great

distance to Italy, probably to try and forge an alliance with the Vatican

as the military and the Vatican will loose power


          Quatrain 5.78

1        The 2 united not to hold out (for a) longtime,

2        and within 13 years to the barbarian despot,

3        to both sides  shall be such (a) loss, (of life)

4        that one to bless the small boat & son [cappe].

I'm not sure about this one yet, but we have 2 leaders coming

together, and after 13 years a war and one is Christian for the

small boat is a code for the Papacy. Could be an anti pope

who tries to hook up with someone to stay in power.


            Quatrain 7.1

1        The Arc of the treasure for the sake of Achilles deceived,

2        to the Procreators the quadrangle known,

3        in the Royal act the (reason) why shall be known,

4        (a) corpse seen hanging in view of the people.


                        Quatrain 5.53

1         The law of the Sun, and Venus contending

2         appropriating the spirit of the prophecy.

3          Not the one nor the second, shall be understood,

4          By the Sun the law of the great Messiah retained


                   Quatrain 10.72

1    The year 1999 and seven months

2     from the sky shall come the great king [deffraieur]

3      to bring back the great king [d'Angolmois]

4      Before and after Mars reigns by good fortune.


                        Quatrain 10.73

1       The present time together with the past,

2        shall be judged by the great [Iouialiste].

3        The world late shall grow tired of him,

4        and disloyal by experts in God's law, (clergy).


                        Quatrain 10.74

1       The year of the great 7th number finished,

2       appearing at the time of the games of a great slaughter;

3       Not far from the great age of the millennium,

4       when the buried (dead) will come out of their graves.




        Quatrain 2.89
1      One day shall be halved the 2 great rulers,
2       their great power shall increase,
3       the new land shall be at its height,
4       To the bloody man the numbers reported.
This is about the 2 witnesses in lines 1&2, the new
land is the US, which is at the height of its power as the
strongest nation on earth. I am the man in line 4 if you
remember the reservoir from sixth grade and all the numbers
I've laid out throughout the chapters.


         Quatrain 1.91

1       The Gods shall to the Humans appear,

2       that only They shall author the great war,

3        Before (the) sky's view serene, (from) weapons and rockets,

4       That towards the left hand side will be (the) most great affliction.


I explain this one in Sept. 11, but the main thing is that, it is God who

makes the wars to punish us, this is made very clear in the Old

Testament and from Prophets, like Jacinta from Fatima.


         Quatrain 4.86

1        The year that Saturn in Aquarius shall be in

2        conjunction with the sun, the king strong

3        and powerful, in Reims and Aix shall be

4        received and anointed, after conquests innocents murdered

    This is an unfortunate one about the trails that await, if you read in the

story about David, then this is what is talked about. How David made a

mistake and God made him chose between 3 things that He would do

to the people, and David wanted to die but that was not one of the options,

so he chose and 70,000 people died. As I climb the ladder the straighter

my steps have to be, but I'll make a mistake and I will suffer like David. I

have to be anointed to fulfill other prophecies, there appears to be no way

around this, because I'm not perfect. But I look at like I've been told that

I'll be lucky to keep the death toll under a billion and all I can do is effect

the level. So lets say there is a 200 million swing and I make a mistake,

collateral damage is the militaries term, and I suspect the number will be

greater than David's, but still a small fraction of the number helped. No

easy way out.



         Quatrain 2.41

1        The great star through 7 days will burn,

2        (A) cloud will make 2 suns appear,

3        The large mastif will howl all night,

4        when the great pontiff will move to new soil.

This could be talking about wormwood which  is the 3rd trumpet from

Revelation's. It is talking about moving the Papacy or spiritual center

back to Jerusalem.



         Quatrain 8.99

1        By the power of 3 temporal kings,

2        into a different place will be put the Holy seat,

3        where the substance of the body and soul or spirit,

4        Will be put back & recognized as the true seat.

This is talking about 3 world leaders involved with moving the

spiritual capital back to Jerusalem.


             Quatrain 2.30

1           One who the Gods of infernal Hannibal,

2           will be reborn from humans to frighten;

3           still more by horror not anymore say newspapers 

4           that before (first) will come through [Babel] to the Romans


The coming of the antichrist and the lies that newspapers will tell

and he will come to the Rome first.


             Quatrain 2.21

1           The ambassador sent by small boat,

2           at halfway by unknowns repelled,

3           from such reinforcements will come four larger boats,

4           Negro in ropes and chains on deck bundled.


             Quatrain 2.10

1           Before long time the everything will be ordered,

2           we look forward to one century very evil,

3           the state of the masks & of one very changed,

4           few will find that at his rank (they would) want to be.


             Quatrain 1.96

1          The man who will have the charge to destroy,

2           temples and sects, changed by extravagance,

3           more to the rocks than the living will come harm

4           By ornate language (speeches) with ears satiated.



            Quatrain 1.43

1           Before the coming of the change of the Empire,

2           there will happen an event very supernatural,

3           the field transformed, the pillar of porphory,

4           put in place upon the gnarled rock.



              Quatrain 2.45

1         Too much the sky cries (tears) the [Androgyn] born

2          near to the sky human blood spilled

3          by death great people reborn

3          late and early comes the rescue(help) awaited.


This is about the times we are in right now. Like Jesus said He is

Alpha and Omega, first and last or early and late, and in the middle

is their turn, line 4. Line 3 is people who die will go through the rebirth in

Jesus talked about in Quatrain 2.13. Line 1 is about the bad boy and

line 2 is about the blood he will spill.


                Quatrain 1.4

1          By the whole world will be made a monarch,

2          who in peace & life will not be long,

3          Then will lose itself small fishing boat (Papacy),

4          will be state controlled to greatest detriment.


This I believe is after I'm gone the world and Rome will suck up to the

antichrist and will eventually be controlled by him, for the greatest



                     Quatrain 10.75

1          So long awaited not (to) return (,) never,

2          within Europe, (he) appears in Asia,

3          one issued of the line of the great Hermes,

4          and to grow over all kings from (the) Orient.


                      Quatrain 4.95

1         The reign left to 2 very little (time) to hold on,

2         3 years 7 months past shall be the war,

3         the 2 vestals rebelled against,

4         victor then born on American soil.


                       Quatrain 5.40

1        The royal blood shall be so very mixed,

2        shall constrain (the) French from the [Hesperie],

3        they will wait (and) let the term finished,         

4        and the memory of the voice has perished.



                             Quatrain 4.50

1         Libra shall rule over [Hesperies],

2         of the sky & earth to hold the monarchy,

3         (the) strength of Asia shall not perish,

4         not before 7 to hold the hierarchy from (the) ranks.