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    Published on August 17, 2002. Article 6 of 109 found.
    SOURCE: Todd Hartman
    ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS Denver's summer of drought set more sweaty benchmarks Friday, even as smoke from another forest fire nearly blotted out the sun in the northern metro area.Visibility was so bad around Boulder that area residents feared a new foothills fire had broken out. In fact, state health officials traced the smoke to burning forests more than 150 miles to the west, near Steamboat Springs.Meanwhile in the Denver region, locals baked under record-setting 100-degree heat. The high temperature, 564 words, Rocky Mountain News (CO)


    Published on July 2, 2002. Article 36 of 109 found.
    SOURCE: Michael BeDan, John Accola, Charley Able, Jody Berger and
    Ellen Miller
    News Staff Writers The Hayman prediction will hold this time.More specifically, it will be 100 percent contained at about 6 p.m., officials said Monday.The 137,760-acre blaze - the largest in Colorado history - has evaded several predicted containment dates, the first coming and going Friday when officials were confident they could fashion a line around the perimeter of the fire.The sticking point was a precarious 8-mile segment on steep, rugged terrain, bordering the Lost Creek Wilderness 1353 words, Rocky Mountain News (CO)

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