Relationships and Human Sexuality


 Human sexuality is a major problem in our culture these days with the attack on the

family and our children by the media and entertainment industry helping to flush our

moral standards down the toilet. With pornography flooding our society and being

portrayed as mainstream in the news and popular television shows. Instead of what

it really is, the degradation of women and men to the level of animals or even lower.

The advertising in public places has got to change, along with what is put on the

television. Industry leaders will be held accountable when they are judged along

with the actors and others who support the filth.


                                    Human Sexuality


First all sexual contact should be done within the sanctity of your marriage. Remember

that God is a God of love and compassion with mercy and forgiveness as one of His

primary gifts to His children. If you ask for forgiveness with a sincere and contrite heart

and change your ways, you will be forgiven. There are a few rules to guide you.

1.)       NO ORAL SEX, our mouths are to be used for praise and worship.

2.)       NO ANNUL SEX, period.


3.)       You should make love to your spouse less than once a week, except during high

            fertility times when you are trying to conceive.

4.)       After conception you should refrain from intercourse until after the birth of the child.

5.)       No sexual relations during the menstrual cycle.

6.)       No artificial birth control methods.

7.)       NO ABORTIONS FOR BIRTH CONTROL, only if the life of the mother is at stake or

            in the case of rape and incest, this is to be between the woman and her doctor and

            God. She does not have to have a rape conviction or report it.

8.)        We all need to remember that we ALL MAKE MISTAKES and we are here to help

             each other, not condemn each other.

9.)        DRESS MODESTLY, no tight or revealing clothes, no cleavage.



 A marriage is between a man and a woman, and you ideally you should only be married

once, so go SLOW and pray to God for help. People of the same sex may live together

but they may not sleep together and have sexual relations.