The Truth and the Warning

from Rock the Canyon Festival

           in Twin Falls, Idaho


  I was getting pushed to go see what was going on in Twin Falls, Idaho, at a 2 day

Christian Rock Festival. The reason I wasn't thinking about going is because it is 8

hours away and the bank account is basically empty, but I finally did go hoping to

learn something and pass out a few cards on my web site. I have been slowly

learning how others worship God from more traditional churches and other religions,

as in non Christian. I do like music so I was looking forward to hearing the bands. On

these trips you never know who you might meet and what new information you might

find out.


 I found a small Catholic Church so I could attend Mass and one of the parishioner's

and I got into a conversation after Mass. I sort of stood out in the very small

congregation as a new face. One thing led to another and I gave her a copy of my

book along with the 20th century update, but I tried to keep the conversation on the

bigger picture and not on my part in the picture. Before I left she gave me a book on

Lori G. with her messages from the Blessed Virgin Mary and our Lord Jesus Christ.

http://www.disciples-of-mercy.org    Locutionist Lori G.'s messages]


I went to the show and things were pretty uneventful, the comedian who was acting as

the MC for the show made a joke about purgatory but there wasn't any other Catholic

bashing, that I heard anyway. Many are glad for their Creator's mercy after they die

and they find out that they are not as righteous as they thought they were.

                                      The Truth

 It was about 2/3 of the way through the 2nd day when I heard;

        "There will be NO compromise on

             the Eucharist and my Mother."

That was it, it had been 2 & 1/2 years since He had spoken, this being the 5th time. It

was like the first 3 times, very short and to the point. I had been wondering if I would

hear from Jesus directly again. The last time He spoke was just before the sex

scandal broke in the Catholic Church and He was complaining about His disobedient

ministers [ THE GREATEST SOLDIER  ]. Woe to those who teach against this

doctrine for it shall be worse for you than those who follow you.


                       The Warning


I had just started writing this chapter and was about done with the first paragraph when

I got a call from a friend of Lori's about the 3 books containing the messages Lori had

received from Jesus and the Virgin Mary, she gave me some insights, one being about

the cover artwork which was given to Lori by an angel. The cover depicts an angel

holding a trumpet. I formally told the Vatican in 2000 that the trumpets had begun to

blow with the beginning of the 3rd millennium, and about a great drought here in the

USA, the drought is now greater in the west than anything in the last 500 years. The

trumpets begin in the 8th chapter, in the Book of Revelation.

[ 2007 prophecy, from Fatima Portugal, July 11,2004 ]


 I'll write a longer chapter on Lori later, but here is a message from Jesus, 12/27/94;

A great chastisement is coming, daughter. The world will be as an

ocean of blood. Yes, the blood of my lambs and satan's army shall

come upon the earth as the final plague of my wrath. Every chalice

in Heaven shall overflow with mankind's blood and the earth shall

be blanketed in death and destruction.


As innocent blood is shed, the final act of reparation shall be offered

to me, the Creator. Children, I, Jesus Christ, am asking you now for

your acts of reparation. You must begin to repair the damage caused

by your sin, and I will help you.


Satan's wolves are everywhere, children, and my little lambs are being

devoured, but remember, the Good Shepherd shall not abandon His

flock. Stay close to me, my little lambs. Do not wander or you shall find

yourselves in the crushing jaws of satan's wolves.


This is a warning that has been given by many and ignored by most, even many of those

who say they know and do the Lord's work.