A Brief Timeline at St. Francis Parish



1997              I talk to Fr. Clarke looking for help and he speaks from the pulpit saying to come

                               forth if you have something to say, not understanding that 1999 would be the year.

                               Fr. Healy stumbles through a sermon about the Seventh, which was one of the

                               things that I had told Fr. Clarke about.


1999              I formally tell the priests of St. Francis who I am and ask to speak and tell the people

                               at the Easter services, I am rejected. I fax John Paul II on Christmas eve to fulfill a

                               prophecy he knew about. In the short letter I ask him to allow me to speak at the

                               Easter services and to release the 3rd secret from Fatima as he was supposed to do.


2000            Two weeks later my Pastor is summoned to Rome, upon his return he misleads the

                              people and says he just went to Rome for a vacation. Some representatives from

                              the Vatican show up for Easter looking for another Miracle. Then they release the

                              3rd secret from Fatima and say; "it is now in the past". Then Jesus has me respond

                              that they are wrong and that the 1st trumpet is now blowing (Rev. 8.7) and that there

                              will be a great drought in the US, greater than any ever seen by a white man.

                             Forest fires explode in Montana and elsewhere in the country. Prophecy by Nostradamus.


2001            We get a new Pastor during the summer, later in the year he enters church playing

                             John the Baptist, here is an excerpt from my letter to him on the subject:

                                             The next is about your portrayal of John and the other priests saying that the

                                              people in church were greater than John was as a man. I have given a few

                                              reasons which are in the letter to the Bishop, enclosed. They (the Trinity and

                                              John) have some problem with you. I spoke in your defense but was told there

                                              are things I don't know and that it is from before you came here. The message

                                              from John is repent and make your ways straight before the Lord.

                              The drought continues.


2002             While the Bishop is consecrating the church we meet and I tell him I am the carpenter

                              that the Vatican  had spoken against while he was in Rome. I again write to Priests and

                              Parish council about their disobedience and about speaking at Easter along with a

                              change that Our Almighty Father wants in the 2 portraits of Him on the ceiling of the church.

                              I also inform the Priests that Jesus has told me that He will place me as a Yoke around their

                              necks and will force them to deal with this. At the end of the year I tell them about how the

                             drought is raging on and that we will suffer in Missoula because of their continued inaction.


2003           A battle continues to rage within the Parish on the use of a School on the property with

                            some of us wanting to put the School to a good use and a few wanting to tear it down to

                            build a new smaller building. There are things being kept secret about the project and

                            the Pastor is blatantly misleading the people. In a letter at and the end of the year I update

                            their continued disobedience and how we will continue to suffer because of it.

                            The drought continues.

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