Saddam and his comet


Quatrain 2.62

1)     [Mabus] next to die at that time shall come

2)     of people and animals a horrible destruction

3)     afterwards all go to attack the men appear vengeneance

4)     100, hands, thirst, hunger when the comet runs

A view of the Quatrain as it appears in the 1568 edition of "Les Propheties".

While discussing the Quatrain with others over a year ago (late 2001) my initial

feeling was that Mabus will die later around the time that Quatrain 10.74 is


                        Quatrain 10.74

1)       The year of the great 7th number finished,

2)       appearing at the time of the games of a great slaughter;

3)       Not far from the great age of the millennium,

4)       when the buried (dead) will come out of their graves.

As you see line 2 in both quatrains talks about a large loss of life, and I feel this

quatrain will be fulfilled in about a couple decades (2020), we can only effect the size

of the slaughter, and lines 1,3 & 4  will be fulfilled in the coming decades.

 Mabus is the actual spelling in the original quatrain, it is an anagram

Nostradamus uses, there are many in the quatrains.  It was pointed out to me

that be the reverse rule which I had shown them renders;

Mabus ---> Subam also if you look at mabus in a mirror it is sadum.

                                       Quatrain 6.93

4)            to see everything in reverse him who cuts the timber.

You can count on 1 finger the people who comment on the work of

Nostradamus who worked in the woods as a timber faller.


 Now back in 1986 Saddam gassed 60,000 of his own people in Halabja and

some other villages, many animals also died. In the same year Halley's comet

was passing by earth. So hopefully, that will fulfill line 2 in Q 2.62. Though no one

rose up after that attack they were subdued. Then out of the nowhere a comet showed

up in Dec. 2002 and flew by the Sun and came back by the earth in  Feb. 2003.

Surprise Comet Streaks Into Solar System National Geographic News

December 19, 2002

Astronomers have received a holiday bonanza in the form of the arrival of a previously unknown

comet that has entered our part of the solar system.

The comet was discovered by a Japanese amateur astronomer, Tetuo Kudo, early on the morning

of December 14, said Clay Sherrod, an astronomer with the Arkansas Sky laboratory. ...

Named Kudo-Fujikawa (and officially designated C/2002 X5), the comet is moving east-southeast

through the constellation Hercules. "In February the comet will be more favorably placed for observers

in the southern hemisphere, and there are some estimates that suggest that the comet could attain a

brightness equal to the bright planet Venus (a magnitude of less than 4)," Sherrod said.


I guess Mubarak must read Nostradamus, just another coincedence.

March 31 - President Hosni Mubarak warned Monday that a

drawn-out war in Iraq will lead to an increase in Islamic militancy

throughout the world. “If there is one (Osama) bin Laden now, there

will be 100 bin Ladens afterward,” Mubarak said, referring to the

al-Qaida terror network leader during a speech to army commanders

in the city of Suez, 80 miles east of the capital, Cairo.

For those who haven't been watching the news, the people of southern Iraq are very

thirsty and hungry, just more coincedences.


Here is another Quatrain that fits the well.

Quatrain 5.83

1)  Those who shall have undertaken (to) subvert,

2)  (a) kingdom (with) no equal powerful & invincible:

3)  shall by fraud, (cause) to warn 3 nights,

4)  as for the great man reading (a) Bible at a table.

A view of the Quatrain as it appears in the 1568 edition of "Les Propheties".

The first 2 lines are pretty self explanatory, the US is the most powerful nation on

earth, and the terrorists are trying to subvert the nation. The words in () I put in for

the flow and for a better understanding. In line 3 because of all the deception by

Saddam about his weapons George Bush has decided to disarm him and has

given him a final 48 hours to leave. George Bush reads from the Bible daily.


We will all understand that there is a God and He is in charge, as little Jacinta from

Fatima said; "Wars are one of the ways God punishes us."

         Quatrain 1.91

1       The Gods shall to the Humans appear,

2       that only They shall author the great war,

3        Before (the) sky's view serene, (from) weapons and rockets,

4       That towards the left hand side will be (the) most great affliction.