by; Christina Galhager

"In January, 1994, I was given an awareness of the means whereby a soul advances

in holiness. It concerned ascending the SEVEN STEPS OF PERFECTION, which I had

been shown sometime back, but did not really understand then. I was given that God

desires the Seven Degrees of His Spirit to permeate the person who is being perfected

in the seven areas of our being of heart, mind, body, soul, will, intellect and memory."

On October 5, 1992, the Eternal Father spoke to Christina:

"My daughter, I am your Father. Arise and pray." The Eternal Father then told Christina

that on a later date He would awaken her again and that she was to arise and pray and He

would then reveal to her "... what was hidden from the wise and learned."

Christina has been given the gift of knowledge from Almighty God to understand how there

are seven steps, stages or degrees on the path to perfection, or the path of purification,

"I saw seven steps, and the more we respond, surrendering to the Cross for the love of Christ,

 the more we are drawn into the degrees of His Spirit with God raising the soul to a higher degree.

"The heart of the Holy Trinity is the Godhead and from the heart of the Godhead comes the beacon

of light which is the Holy Spirit. Through this beacon God desires to radiate His Spirit and to draw

the soul to a higher level of union with Himself. "From the unity and love of the heart of the Godhead,

he desire of God is to draw each soul in a deeper way into Himself. "Every soul is redeemed by

Jesus and in that way is part of the Mystical Body of Jesus. "By the person decreasing in self and

allowing God to increase in his or her soul, God desires to draw each one to a level of mystical union

or marriage with Christ. Many, however, do not achieve this union because they will not decrease in

self to allow God to increase within them."


"When Our Blessed Mother asks through her message for prayer, sacrifice and fast, these teach us

to decrease in self in childlike humility before God by depriving the flesh and so opening the heart to

permit the Spirit to freely flow in the seven areas of our being, that is, heart (which is the main channel

or entrance leading to the), will, mind, intellect, memory, body and lastly, the soul."


These first six areas depending on their response can lead the soul into light or darkness. Everything

is first of all desired in the heart and the heart then requires the will, the mind, the intellect, the memory

and the body to respond in an open channel to permit the seven degrees of the Spirit to purify and

strengthen the six areas of our being, whose response will leave the soul in either light or darkness.


THE HEART, because it is the main channel leading to the other faculties, and is itself the source of

desire which leaves the other channels open or closed in willing, choosing or action, needs to be

purified of its weakness, because the heart can be open or closed to God.


THE WILL can become so unyielding to God's will that it stubbornly resists the prompting of God and

becomes shaped in a pattern of self-interest and self-concern and can become too weak to decide for



THE MIND can be molded more and more by the thinking of the world, the expectations of people

and the standards of earthly judgment.


THE INTELLECT can lose its realization of God's Wisdom being supreme, a greater treasure than

all human expertise and greatness. It can even rationalize what suits itself and begin even to justify as

right what is objectively wrong. A loss of humility before God leads us to trust in ourselves and less in

Him: more in our personal potential and less in Him Who is indeed the source and giver of every talent

we possess. God may need then to prevent pride from building up and taking us over for then we

would lose the greatest gift, God Himself. But as He removes our securities we are made to feel

vulnerable and helpless of ourselves.


THE MEMORY can be clouded from consciousness of the merciful deeds of God in our past and need

a purifying and a strengthening from the clutter of personal concerns that accumulate and block our loving

dependence on the God Who loves us with an everlasting love. To make us realize this, He will have to

bring us down to a realization that we are nothing and that we draw all from Him Who is the giver of life itself.


OUR BODY through its weaknesses as a result of original sin and because of constant temptations from

the other deadly spirits - apart from pride - who can gain many influences over the bodily appetites and

temperament of a person through their attacks of greed, lust, anger, gluttony, envy and sloth, will need

strengthening for the mastery over self which is imparted by the Spirit's gift of self-control. This spiritual

reinforcement of our higher faculties over our lower appetites will shatter our composure the more

dependent on the flesh we have permitted ourselves to become.


THE SOUL through failure of the other faculties to respond to God can experience only light or darkness.

Although this work of purifying is not the release of the Holy Spirit as in the Sacrament of Confirmation,

it will inevitably result in a freedom of movement for the Spirit already received through the Sacrament for

He is hindered and hampered by our imperfections and impurities and the residue of past sins already



                           PURIFICATION CAN BE PAINFUL

The seven degrees of the Spirit of God can be at work at any given moment, or there can be three or four,

or any number of degrees of the Spirit at work at any time.


For instance, if the heart is open and the mind is weak and Jesus wants to purify the mind, sometimes the

darkness experienced feels like abandonment. The mind is not able to understand, and thinks God has

abandoned it until God can, in His degree, penetrate sufficiently to purify that particular area of the mind,

and then one can receive the Light and gain the understanding of the Spirit of God.


If somebody is living with bad thoughts, and God is purifying and strengthening the mind, it has the ability

then to overcome the bad thoughts, but when God withdraws that degree of the Spirit from the mind, the

mind is in shock, as it were. It feels like a depression, a feeling of distress, while the purifying is taking place.


As the Spirit of God progresses and works through each area, it is a painful procedure, and the key to

everything is surrender; surrender everything for the love of God.


Until God purifies a particular area, it is like being in a darkness, depending on how open or how blocked

the particular area is, and depending which degree of the Spirit of God is at work. The higher degree of

the Spirit, the more powerful it will be and the greater will be the shock caused.


God might bring a person to a particular level and that level can be purified and doing well, but that person

can, of their own free will, fall to the temptation of Satan in sin and darkness. The memory, for instance,

can forget the mercy of god, and the truth. Then God may have to repeat, in His mercy and goodness,

His purification of that person's memory again and re-awaken it's faculty.


If the will is weak, God will have to work on the will. It is the temptation of the flesh in our free will to decide

against the desire God has given in the heart. And if god is working on the will in any degree of His Spirit,

the will can get shaky, feel fragile, and even seem about to collapse.


                           SURRENDER IS THE KEY

The key is surrender. Everything has to be surrendered. As we get to know ourselves we get to realize our

own nothingness, that without God we are nothing and the will more than any other faculty is instructed and

taught by this. We realize that we depend on God for absolutely everything, for His gifts of Light, Wisdom

and Mercy and the degrees of the Holy Spirit in every area of our lives.


The Holy Spirit wants to strengthen all the areas of our being, and since all these areas work together, if

there is something blocking any one area, the other areas suffer. The quicker we surrender everything to

God, for love of Him, the better; and understand ourselves and our nothingness in the sight of God; and

come with hearts totally open and bent on receiving everything from God in humility.


                      When Things go Wrong

It is easy to surrender when everything is going right, but when things go wrong for us, when a person may

say 'Where is God in all this?', we find excuses and have negative thoughts and feel as if we've had enough,

then we can fall back to where we were previously. But if we can surrender out of love of God, and not even

be interested in questioning, then it is as if the heart is allowed to open up to a greater extent, and the Spirit

can flow freely, through this channel, into the soul.

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