The Coming Economic collapse

The signs are everywhere if you look even a little. The article below will give you just a brief

look into what the future holds for us. It is not going to get better any time soon and I recommend

that you get prepared. Christina Gallhager foretold of a coming collapse, if you want to hear it from

a prophet. But the boys who are orchestrating the collapse have said they are going to do it. WHY?

Consolidation, the same people who create the problem, will then act as our saviors. It is all part

of the plan to bring about the NWO. If you have noticed lately they, international bankers through

their puppets have consolidated power in the Federal Reserve Bank, which they own. Just in case

you didn't know it, our central bank is actually a private bank, primarily owned by foreigners. It is

only called the federal reserve to fool the people. The Great Depression was caused by the same


folks, and they have publicly stated they are going to do it again, research it for yourself. The

basic plan is to have a slow collapse so it will be to late for us to do much about it. They are

moving their assets out of the U.S. and into safer areas and will leaqve us holding the (empty) bag.

There is a good chance they will stage another "false flag operation", like 9-11, to blame the

collapse on someone else and then they pose as our saviors, it is called ORDER out of CHAOS.

It is an old plan that has been used many times throughout history.

"I sincerely believe ... that banking establishments are more dangerous than

standing armies, and that the principle of spending money to be paid by posterity

under the name of funding is but swindling futurity on a large scale." – Thomas Jefferson


Here is a front page of a Paper from England in early 2008, I read articles by the Elite in 2006

about them wanting to collapse the Dollar in 2008. At the end of last year and the beginning of

this year the previous heads of the Fed and Bernake the current head openly talked about the

decline of the Dollar and the head of the IMF said it could loose all it's value over night. They

want to replace it with the Amero as they continue to merge Canada, Mexico and the U.S.

into the NAU. We are being taken down right now. Just look around at where our manufacturing

has gone over the last 7 years, the value of the Dollar is almost 1/2 what is was against the Euro,

which is a Gold backed currency. The dollar is backed by nothing. Our debt has doubled in the

last 7 years and countries are starting to move away from using it. I'll post more info shortly.

They have a plan and let there be no doubt about what it is, we are heading for a cashless

society, where as it was spoken in the BOOK OF REVELATION (chapter 13)  that you will not be

able buy or sell without the Mark of the Beast, and Nostradamus said that when the "cycle of

the centuries is renewed", the millennium, "that everything will be controlled". Just in case you

haven't been watching here is just one mainstream article on it, do a search on "RFID chip".

   on MSNBC         They are preparing us.

I have studied this subject for a long time now. Here is a short article on a part of the problem

with many more of his writings available at his site, which you can reach by copying and pasting

his URL;

There are many more people out there who are telling you the truth.


                           & LONG TERM FINANCIAL FUTURE !!

The entire financial system is about to die and die on purpose. Here’s why: have you heard of the words CREDIT DEFAULT SWAP (CDS)? CDS’s are basically insurance (protection) for investors to purchase when investors invest in risky investments. Most investors would buy CDS insurance to insure Collateralized Debt Obligations (CDO), a form of a debt instrument that holds subprime and other mortgage loans. With these CDO’s losing a tremendous amount of value recently (BBB CDO’s have lost roughly 90% of their value; AAA’s roughly 50%), the sellers who have sold CDS insurance to insure these investors are now on-the-line, BIG TIME. A big seller of CDS insurance WAS Bear Stearns and what happened to them? They set aside “hardly” any money to reimburse these investors; plus Bear Stearns was also one of the firms creating or packaging together these CDO worthless investments. As you know, Bear Stearns had to liquidate their assets and that happen quickly!

Well, the purchasing of CDS insurance to insure the CDO default market only amounts to around a trillion dollars. Meaning, if all CDO investments defaulted the sellers of CDS insurance would be on the hook for a trillion. WHERE THE BIG BOYS PLAY though is in the Corporate Default Arena; 10s of trillions of dollars! Analysts say this arena encompasses roughly $45 trillion dollars worth of CDS insurance! With the biggest debt bubble ever created bursting RIGHT NOW, 400% of GDP, corporate defaults are going to skyrocket soon! Most investors in the corporate default arena however are speculators, meaning they don’t have an underlying investment to protect or insure against. So they’re buying CDS insurance as a BET that a company or companies will “default.” If the company or companies default then the investor that purchased the CDS insurance makes mega dollars (i.e., investor buying CDS insurance pays JP Morgan $20 million premiums a year and if the third party company defaults within the CDS insurance contract timeframe, the investor that bought the insurance gets $10 billion from JP Morgan; there are thousands of these contracts out there!)

So, why did JP Morgan buy Bear Stearns and why did the Federal Reserve orchestrate the bailout? BECAUSE JP Morgan was the major seller of CDS insurance insuring those investors that were betting Bear Stearns would default! $13 trillion worth of bets were on the line that JP Morgan would have had to fork out. But JP Morgan isn’t worth anything close to $13 trillion, SO THEY WOULD HAVE HAD TO DEFAULT AND LIQUIDATE TOO! And guess which investment firms sold CDS insurance insuring investors of a JP Morgan default? ALL OF THE FREAKING WALL STREET FIRMS PEOPLE! 10’s OF TRILLIONS! THAT’S RIGHT, WE’RE FREAKING DOOMED! IT’S A FREAKING CHAIN REACTION, A VICIOUS CIRCLE THAT GOES AROUND AND AROUND UNTIL EVERY FREAKING MAJOR FIRM DIES! And guess what, the bankers knew this would happen! Alan Greenspan told Congress to NOT regulate the CDS (derivative) market and that the market would regulate itself! HELLO PEOPLE! Do you actually think some of the smartest people in the world would not have thought of these disastrous consequences? Regulate itself? THIS WAS ALL PLANNED TO TAKE DOWN THE ENTIRE FINANCIAL SYSTEM AND TO BRING THE MIDDLE CLASS DOWN WITH IT! WHO IS ON THE OTHER SIDE PURCHASING THESE CDS INSURANCES, BETTING ON DEFAULTS??? THE CORPORATE ELITE, THE FREAKING PEOPLE THAT CREATE THIS EVIL SYSTEM! THE PEOPLE THAT RUN THIS WORLD! These are the people that are also manipulating the gold and silver markets, keeping prices low while loading their boats full of God considered money, and then BAMMMMM!!!!!!, the financial system collapses and it looks like an accident!


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