The first King, I have felt his spirit a few times. A man of great 
faith who followed God's word wherever it led him though he didn't 
understand why he was being led around or why he was asked to do
different things. It was a month or so after my first lesson that I 
was sitting in class listening to the story about how God tested 
Abraham by telling him to sacrifice his only son with Sarah, Isaac. I 
was thinking how lame that was to do to him when I felt his spirit for
the first time. No words were spoken, it was like a telepathic message
to shut up and deal with it and pull my head out of my ___. I could 
feel his presence for less than a minute then he was gone. I was very 
afraid about this experience and the other one since I was only 9 and 
was hoping that these things that were happening would just go away.

 Then for the second time was on 12/23/95, I had been getting beat up 
for months by my teacher and was feeling sort of down and wondering 
just what is going to become of all this. After putting some logs on 
the fire as I was about to shut the door to the stove, when my teacher 
said to wait that someone wants to talk to you. When I turned around 
to go back to the couch and sit down, before me stood Abraham, not a 
figure but an aura about 6" wide that formed the outline of a man 
about 5 feet tall. Then he spoke, "God made a covenant with me that 
one day ... and you are the one". I could feel how proud he was to 
tell me. I bowed my head because I have so much respect for the man 
and I knew he wasn't going to like my response which was, "I've gotten 
the gist of it since I was a child but the way I'm being treated. But 
you are welcome to sit around my fire.". So we sat down and he was on 
my right and I could feel his spirit for about half an hour and it 
was the same as when I was a child to pull my head out of my ___ and 
deal with it. I never looked over at him to see if I could still see 
his aura because of my fear, though I was curious because this is the 
only time I've seen anything with my eyes. The feeling was enough and 
I was trying to put my head somewhere to hide from this, as this just 
can't be happening. My teacher was telling me how proud he and the 
others were and that he had been promised that one day he would sit 
around a fire with me and that I would know he was there.
 Nothing else was seen but on my left sat the four other Kings and at the 
time I only knew 2 for sure because there are many great men in the 
Bible. Behind us sat the Great Council made up of  Native Americans 
along with all the Prophets, the 3 brothers and the rest of my family. I 
was sitting there alone yet surrounded, thinking this just can't be 
happening. Though it was also like sitting around the fire watching 
the embers glow with others who understood how I felt because they 
all had similar experiences when they walked the earth. There was 
some comfort in this but there was nothing to say because, that is 
just the way it is. Before they left I apologized and asked them to 
return after this goes public. I was told they would just before the 
end at the lake with a few more.

 There is much to learn from Abraham and I understand a little better
now how his life and what he went through fit into the larger picture.
Of course one of the main things is that God did sacrifice His only
Son for us, who was also His first creation. The first born has had a
special meaning through out the Bible. I have held the knife and will 
have to again. I felt his spirit again as I wrote the rough draft of
this chapter as tears were falling on the paper. My connection to him 
is this my grandmothers were Irish and Swedish and my grandfathers 
were German and French. My grandfathers were predicted in Quatrain 

        Of Trojan blood to be born (with a) German heart,
        that he by coming into so high (a) power:
        driving out the foreign Arabic people,
        returning the church to pristine preeminence.

I am of the 2 sons of Abraham from my German grandfather comes the 
blood of his only son with Hagar, Ishmael and from my French 
grandfather comes the blood of Isaac. I have felt the spirit of 
Ishmael a couple of times when they added his part to the story, it 
was the pain he felt when he and Hagar were asked to leave the camp. 
The angel of the Lord said to Hagar about her son Ishmael (Genesis 
16.12) that he shall be a wild man, his hand will be against every 
man, and every man's hand against him, and he shall dwell in the 
presence of all his brethren, and so it shall be for me.

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