This is the location where Abraham stood on 12/23/95 and told me
of the covenant that God had made with him. As we looked into 
each others eyes, though there was not a figure of a man before 
me, but the outline of him that started on the floor and was a 
4-6 inch aura that formed the outline of a man about 5 feet 
tall, he said to me; "God made a covenant with me that one day 
my children would, ... , and you are the one." I could feel how proud 
he was to tell me, but it was a bit much at the time. I said that we 
should sit down by the fire, as I didn't want to deal with it. He leaned 
on me for about half an hour and without saying anything he got the 
message across, "Deal with it."

 As the year progressed and I was being drawn farther and farther 
into my destiny. Through the reading of the Bible, the return to 
going to Mass on Sunday, reading the "little book", verbal lessons, 
etc. The TV at that time was next to where he had stood and the 
couch faced that direction so the place where he stood was always 
in view and never out of my mind. I just kept looking at the spot 
and thinking about what had happened there. Eventually the pressure 
began to grow to do something there, which I resisted for awhile. 
I would pray generally in my bedroom, once while during my prayers 
I was asking our Father who I was, They would play a video in my 
mind of my childhood, then the last time I asked, the Creator said; 
"I have.". This was the second time, and He spoke just 2 words, and 
the story is about the Second Coming. Never One for many words, but 
can He wrap it all together. So it became time to build the first 

 I had a nice piece of granite slab, a light brown speckled section 
about 2X2 feet square, which sat on top of a box, the motif is very 
low key up here. On top of it I placed a crucifix, the Bible and a 
candle. The crucifix, to represent Jesus Christ, the Bible, to 
represent our Almighty Father, and the candle, to represent 
Shekhina, the Holy Spirit. This became the place of prayer in my 
house, as They began to move in with me. 

 Now it stayed like this for a couple years until the spring of 
1999. I had been getting nudges to build one in the ancient ways, 
as Abraham and the Patriarchs did, that being with stones not 
touched by man. Here is what God told Moses in Exodus 20.25;
          And if thou wilt make me an altar of stone,
          thou shalt not build it of hewn stone; for if 
          thou lift up thy tool upon it, thou hast polluted it.
Now 1999 was the year I had feared since my childhood, when all 
this began. Back then it seemed so far away, over three decades, 
and to a child that is an eternity. But now the year had arrived and 
it was an adventure, with a lot of ups and downs. I had made a 
salmon dinner for members of the clergy and others from my parish, 
and then told them part of the story. After that I was told to 
quit my job and go to South Dakota and give the Sioux Chief who 
is the 19th generation keeper of the sacred White Buffalo pipe 
my computer and talk to him about the story.

 Now before leaving I had said if You will help me on my trip, 
I will make the Altar as You want. The chief wasn't to interested 
in listening to what I had to say, or his role. He knew the 
prophecy about the White Buffalo, that a female White Buffalo 
would be born and that at that time all the tribes of the earth 
would be united, and he wanted to be the one. But he only knew 
his prophecy and not the others, from the Hopi, the Bible, the 
"little book" which I gave him a copy of. I had brought a bunch 
of wood with me to have a fire with, to sit around and talk about 
this matter. He looked at me like I was nuts when I told him that 
we were supposed to perform the last Vow to the Sun. I told him 
representatives from tribes from the four corners of America would 
be invited as witnesses. The Iroquois, the Nez Pierce, Cherokee, 
and Hopi were all to send representatives. Since most of you don't 
know what the Vow to the Sun is, it is where you fast and prepare 
yourself and then your breasts are attached to a rope by pushing a 
piece of bone through the breast and the rope has loops that slide 
over the ends of the bone. Then you are lifted into the air, 
painful, but maybe I might be given a vision. I told him 
truthfully though that the pain would only be for a little while, 
They have already done things to me that are a lot more painful. 
On the physical side, 19 years earlier when I was crossing your 
land on Leap day 2/29/1980 and They started writing a story on my 
right thigh with a car accident at about 7 in the morning outside 
Rapid City, South Dakota. But I said the emotional things were 
far worse, an example is the sixth grade lesson about the 
reservoir of blood.

 The Sioux like to have sweats, it is like going to church and 
where they pray to Wonka Tonka, their name for God. Not really 
sure what to do about this crazy white boy who wanted to live 
with them  and ... , but they needed wood for the fire and I had 
plenty of that. So we sat around the fire heating up the rocks. 
The chief disappeared just before the rocks were ready, and when 
he came back it was time to go in, I was last. It was a very 
moving experience, for after awhile the ancient ones let me feel 
their presence. No one specifically but I knew it was some of 
their ancestors and mine. If you could have heard their singing 
and how it pleased the ancient ones, it was one of the more 
spiritual evenings of my life, and the after glow lasted a few 
days. Then the chief broke out the pipe and we all smoked it, 
well I couldn't see everyone, but I just figured that's what 

 That night, it was after midnight, we had made a connection but 
it was not to last, he was headed south and I went to Aberdeen,
South Dakota, to catch a few winks on top of a picnic table and 
then go to mass and talk to the nun from my sixth grade class. 
I went home then and built the Altar.

 I went down to the place in the creek where the Creator had first 
spoken to me, I had just been pondering things when he said; "This 
is yours.". I was wondering where I might find a flat or somewhat 
flat rock for the top when I spied one underwater. I can still 
remember pulling it up out of the water as the sunlight glistened 
off it a couple of years ago now. I had a backpack and made 7 trips 
up with rocks. After laying them out and looking at them for awhile 
to see how to put them together, I started trying different 
combinations until I wound up with 19 stones in the final 
configuration. There were a few left over which I threw back where 
they had come from. Then I cleared everything away from around the 
area and turned the couch around the other way and began separating 
Their space, from the rest of the house.