The End of the Millennium 

 So I was back from France, flat broke. But I took some more
time and finished a rough draft of this project. What a relief
to finally be done, I can always dream. But it was back to work
and try to get out of the huge rut I was in. I was thinking
how much money I could have made just on that Y2K crap that was
all the rage. This had nothing to do with anything that my 
teacher had said, it was simply my understanding of computer
programming. A few simple strategies would have easily dealt
with the problem, but Bullshit is King with Ignorance his Queen,
in the world. But I was back to work waiting for the next bomb
to fall.

 As December approached I was feeling the heat to write the Pope
a letter. I was thinking that my formal contact with the church
in April would fulfill the prophecy that ... , I'm not even sure
what. Sister Lucia the living saint, who is the last of the 3
children seers of Fatima, or Conchita from Garabandal  I'm not
sure yet, which one had said in an interview, on TV, that
something would happen in 99 that only she and the pope knew. I
am saying that it is that I would come forth, or stumble forth as
the case may be. As Christmas was approaching the pressure was
growing immensely, and I was resisting. But like usual I did what 
They wanted and wrote a letter and sent a copy of a chapter of 
mine titled 19, about the 19th chapter in Revelation's. I 
wandered around the Vatican Website until I found a fax number. 
I think it was for journalist's requesting special permission for 
work at the Vatican. I sent the fax on Christmas Eve. It must 
have gotten through because right after the New Year My Pastor 
was summoned to Rome, more on that later.

 Well that was it I was burned out, fed up, and glad to see the
Millennium over. The last few days were uneventful. I said my 
prayers early on New Years Eve and went to a friends house up
in the mountains who was having a kegger and watched some 
fireworks that some other folks had brought up. I brought up the 
bottle of Champagne from my birthday in Seattle in 95. A fitting 
way to end the strangest decade in my life. Fortunately while 
many people there had heard something about the crazy things I 
had done that summer no one asked any questions and I surely 
wasn't going to bring up the subject. So as the embers of the 
fire faded, a new Millennium was beginning and what laid ahead, 
frankly at that moment, I really didn't care, I just went inside 
and took a nap until daybreak, and went home and let the dog out.

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