To the Parish Council,

        The Face of God and the Miracle

 Ever since graduate school started back in 95 They have been having me run into the

the door, fall down and pick myself up and try again. You can see the door, and you know

They can open it, if They want to, but They haven't so far. I grow weary of slamming into

the door and having to pick myself up, sometimes complaining, to little avail. For the

response is always the same from the teacher, "When I say jump, the correct response

is how high, period. Which I'm still working on, for this is a work in progress.


 So one night about a little over a week before the Bishop showed up to say Mass, 1/13/02,

and I was getting pushed to contact the Parish council , the priests and the Bishop, since

before Christmas, and then talk to the Bishop before his Homily, because he was doing

the standard Catholic Hierarchy response, NOTHING. And They had had enough waiting for

them to do something. For as I was told in Spain, this will be the year I go public, at the age

of 45, so I can tie Isaiah 45.23 together with Isaiah 66.23. The 2 verses are the same;


       45.23 I have sworn by Myself, the                 66.23 And it shall come to pass, that from

       word has gone out of my mouth in                 one new moon to another, and from one

       righteousness, and shall not return,               Sabbath to another, shall all flesh come

       That unto Me every knee shall bow,               to worship before Me, saith the Lord.

        every tongue shall swear.

 If you think it is a coincidence that we are made up of 23 pairs of chromosomes, you

are dreaming, the Creator made us with 23 pairs and put these verses in the Bible

for when the end of the age ignorance came. This will be taught in all schools on the

planet. Darwin is dead and those who worship the monkey plan will be mocked for

centuries to come. But that story is for another chapter on DNA.


 Now one night I dosed off in the bean bag chair that is in the War Room, and at some point

I found myself standing in front of the door, and it was open. I could see through to the other

side, but it was like looking into fog or a cloud. I was getting major pressure from behind

pushing me, I could feel the finger tips digging in just above my waist, and it did hurt. I was a

little groggy and I wasn't picking up my feet, He was just pushing me. I wasn't sure I wanted to

go but it was inevitable, but before I got to the threshold, He stopped pushing. I was curious

who was pushing and thinking back to when Shekhina picked me up off the ground after my

assassination, a story from on the boat in Alaska, and how I had fought with Her to see Her

face. But before I could even turn around, He came around to the front and looked me in the

eyes for a few seconds then it was over.


 He, the Creator, was a little bigger than me, maybe six feet tall or so, and had on an off

white robe that went down to the floor, but did not cover His head. He was clean shaven

and it looked like his hair was pulled back into a ponytail. I couldn't see well enough,

as it was a face to face meeting and He was about two & 1/2 to 3 feet in front of me. So I

never got a profile look. His hair was light brown and wavy and His face was rounded

and full, and His cheeks were full and round, and His jaw was not square but rounded. I

had been wondering if I would see His face, while I am still a man, since the day 4 & 1/2

years ago when He took me for a walk in His Laboratory in the stars.


He didn't say  anything this time. I told Him I would go through he door some how, it may not

be pretty but even if I half to  crawl, I'm going through. Though I did remind Him of all the

times I've tried, and slammed into the door, just to pick myself up to try again. I've been

beat up  physically and emotionally, and waited for decades to see what might happen. I

woke up, not asleep very long, and it wasn't until a few days later that my teacher explained

it to me, and what we were going to do with the vision.


The Miracle at St. Francis that they won't like


The priests want more or something, they don't even have the guts to talk about it. Though

the last Pastor when he first heard about it said a few times from the pulpit to come

forth and speak, not realizing that God was setting him up and that the year was 1999,

not 97, and he would have to wait. Though when the time came. I asked for his help and

he ran the other way, I'm just a cheerleader, don't ask for my help. They just want to ignore

it and do their thing, very little. So I was told that our Almighty Father would change the

pictures of Him on the Church ceiling to be more accurate. Now this could be similar to

the writing on the wall in Babylon, but that would be so boring. If you think about this for

awhile you will see the beauty of His logic. Here is how it is going down.


I am commanding you, the Parish Council and priests to do it, in the name of the Blood of

our Lord Jesus Christ, as is my right as the 2nd grandson of our Lord Jesus Christ and

Mary Magdalene. Now this should get a chuckle from the Council and priests. But if you

read the story about the Mass in Orleans and how livid Christ is with His ministers, then

you know what he said. "I will place you as a yoke around their necks and they will obey."

So that will take a Miracle of some sort, I don't know how He intends to put on the

pressure or what they will do. For they are very weak and chickens, hiding in the shadows

and trying to ignore it. It could be along the lines of what was said along time ago to me, "I

will bless those who bless you, and curse those who curse you. While I've got your attention

I'm also giving all the readings and Homilies at the Easter services this year. I'll tell you what

the readings will be. Whoa unto anyone who gets in my way, and does not help.


 For I am starting to build what will be called my non Empire, in the church where I will pray

when I'm in town, which is for our Lord Jesus Christ. There will be no borders or taxes other

than the request for a 1 time donation of 1 dollar, of which 50% I'm giving to Catholic

Charities. There will be changes on the earth, I'm not setting up, or will I be in any government.

I'm here to do what I'm told and to prepare for the 2 witnesses, who come after.


                         Peace be with you,


                            T Bernard


cc  Bishop Morlino

      pastor and priests

      the World

      future generations