The Flight of Little Bear

 I have waited 33 years, and now the trip to France and beyond, 
maybe. When I was asked when I would be back, I flew out on
7/6/1999, I said sometime between the twentieth of July and 
Thanksgiving depending on what happens or doesn't happen 
whatever the case may be, and I don't have a clue what it will
be. All the lessons over the years have tried to prepare me 
for what is about to unfold, if my public life begins. The 
fears of a lifetime are about to be played out on the world 
stage and the price of admission will be great. Everyone on 
earth is a member of the cast with an integral part in the 
outcome, and you can't refuse to be a part of it. But we will,
through our free will, decide our individual review's. The 
critic will be Jesus Christ when He returns in the 21st 
century to judge the living and the dead, as foretold in 
Revelation 20/1-6 and Quatrain 10.73-4. View Passport.

 The flight to France fulfills the first part of Quatrain 10.72 
which states "In the year 1999, and seven months from the sky 
will come the great King of Terror." Many people have said this 
is the coming of the third antichrist or a comet that hits the 
earth, they are all wrong. The greatest of all to fear is God, 
and He has sent a messenger to tell His children that they will 
all bow down before Him, the Holy Spirit and the Messiah, our 
Lord Jesus Christ, and worship Them. Though as I stated 
elsewhere the two from the Thirteenth chapter (Rev.) are here. 
One is older and one is younger than me. I am in the middle,
as I am between you and them and we need to work together 
to counteract them.

 I am afraid of God and what He wants me to do and I feel sorry 
for those who do not fear our Creator and will not honor Him. 
When I made my way back to Seattle I didn't really feel like 
seeing anyone I know so I rented a motel room by the airport 
and waited for morning. I couldn't sleep though as the thoughts 
of what I was about to do just kept flowing through my mind. 
Finally I fell asleep for about an hour and then woke up and 
killed the last couple of hours before it was time to go, packing 
and watching TV. Some political pundits were on giving their 
thoughts on the upcoming presidential election. One of them said 
that Nostradamus had predicted the end of the world for 7/99. 
Which makes no sense, when he said his book made predictions for 
the next 2 thousand years (from his death), 3797 actually. I was 
thinking how full of crap the commentator was and what I was 
about to do. I also thought of all the garbage that will be said 
about me, by people like him and others.

 With the first leg of the flight over I was in Philadelphia 
waiting for the final leg to Paris, and having a beer and talking 
with a guy who had just come back from Germany where he had been 
involved in the Kosovo conflict. We talked about the situation 
over there and the previous one with Bosnia and I thought back to 
my childhood when I studied wars and the conclusion I drew then 
was brought home by the lunacy of the Serb Slob. I supported the 
NATO action and we agreed that in Bosnia we should have acted 
sooner. I didn't mention that I would like to make NATO obsolete 
and to disband it. My goal is to help bring peace to the earth 
and to disarm the world. The way we respond to future problems 
and how we get to a long term peace, is to worship God and to 
pray to Him for the peaceful world that His Messiah, Jesus Christ 
promised us. The Virgin Mary gave a plan to three children at 
Fatima and they told us what God's plan was, that being, for 
the Pope to gather all the Bishops together for a Mass 
dedicated to the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart 
of Mary. Then for all of us to go to Mass on the first Saturday 
of five consecutive months, also for the consecration of Russia 
to her Immaculate Heart, and to contemplate on the first Saturdays
about Jesus and what He did for us. Also to pray the Rosary once 
a day, or as often as you can.

 Well it is time to hit the road and see what lies ahead in 
France. While telling me to go I was also being scared off at 
the same time. There are many unpleasant things that are used 
to show you how high the price is to do this, but in the end 
you are stuck between the rock and a hard place. I can think of 
a million things that I would rather be doing, but that is life 
and there are things that are more important than what we want 
for ourselves. I doubt many soldiers wanted to fight in their 
wars, but duty called and they went for the good of the larger 
group. Well, there is nothing left to do, so I boarded the plane 
and went to see the country I had feared since I was a 
little boy. 

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