>>>> After the first letter, my pastor was summoned to Rome, and when he got
     back he lied to the congregation that the trip had been a pleasure trip,
     but I was confronted by one of the higher ups in the church while he was
     gone. Then they waited for me to do something and finally released the
     3rd secret as I had asked though they said Fatima was a personnel
     revelation and it was over.            <<<<<<
                                                       July, 2000
                    Free Will

 Dear John Paul II, Christians and all Yahweh's children,

 Since the church has decided to try and ignore the truth and I have
been told to evangelize, God has said "Let it be so." Specifically 
the statement written for the Pope by the Cardinal concerning the
Fatima revelations was rubbish, it is not in the past. It was good 
that you released the third secret but your insights are wrong.

 First   Why was there 1 boy and 2 girls, because there is 1 King and
         2 Queens left to come. Will God not have His chosen at the
         end of the 1000 years of peace to help His people.

 Second  You stated that all is known about God, blind guide. Have you
         not read Revelation 10/7 But in the days of the voice of the 
                           seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound,
                           will the mystery of God be finished.
 Third   The Pope and all the Bishops are to consecrate Russia to the
         Virgin Mary in a very public way and that you must mention
         Russia specifically in the ceremony. This was done half hearted
         at best and Russia was not mentioned. Please try again.

 John Paul II you said you were the man in the third secret that you
revealed May 13th, 19 years after you were shot. I completely agree,
now I will expand on what I told you in my first letter. The Creator
has woven the story into everything, History, the stars and planets,
and our DNA. Everything is connected including you and I. 
>>> though another Pope may be killed between 20-35 years  <<<<
Why were you called a Bishop when They clearly new you were a Pope?
    >>>>also the Pope is considered the Bishop of Rome<<<
 First  A Bishop follows a group of Cardinals (the curia).

 Second Recall the story of Joan of Arc, there are 3 important
        numbers in her life 7,13,19 which I'll explain shortly, and
        there was a Bishop. Now do you recall what she said to him?
        "Bishop I die through you."
   >>>>> I will out live John Paul II, but later you'll understand <<<<<

 Now the number 19, you were told when I was coming though you did 
not understand how. I told you I am the one who will fulfill the
19th Revelation. Now you and I are joined by blood. 

First I was told by the Holy Spirit as a child listening to our
      Lords passion that I had blood on my hands that I could not
      wash off because I was in a reservoir of blood and could
      only effect the level. This is your destiny and only united
      will we achieve the lowest level. This number will dwarf the
      total number of casualties from all the wars of the 20th
      century combined.
  >>>> this was a non verbal lesson in 6th grade <<<
Second I die through you Bishop. This is also your destiny and I
       pray for you.

 Now this is what is similar to an experience I had. On the left
is a Quatrain written over 400 years ago by my teacher (The
Prophecies) in the "little book" and on the right is one of mine. 

                  CHOOSE YOUR DESTINY

  Quatrain I.IV                          
An universal monarch shall be     Both by their deeds, the Great
created who both in life and      Polish Pope shares the fate of
peace will last a short time.     the first and the next will end
At this point the ship of the     his Papacy. There will be no 
Papacy will flounder, governed    Romans elected in Jerusalem.
to it's greatest detriment.

 Think and pray upon your decision John Paul II, as you will
fulfill one of these.  Cardinals, in mine is a warning to you, 
and you should read Revelations 22.19 and pray, then let him make 
up his own mind. 

 The numbers, it was not a coincidence that Joan of Arc's first
encounter was when she was 13 or that she crowned a King who was
the Seventh and the number 19 has already been explained.
 The number 13 also was the day of the month that Mary met with
the children of Fatima. To say this has no meaning is to be blind
and ignorant. I am here and so are they, being the two men who
will fulfill the 13th revelation. 

 As our Lord said "I have come to bring a sword", I am the sword.
We are in a time that will be known as the Second Coming which
will end with the return of our Lord Jesus Christ for the first
judgment which is written in Revelations 20.1-6 and the beginning
of 1000 years of peace. This period of time began in 1999 and
the peace will begin before the end of the century.
<<< but this century will make the 20th seem tame, the duration of suffering 
     depends on you and what you (everyone) do, watch or be active    <<<<<<<<<<<<
  Here are 2 Quatrains from the "little book" that describe this:
The year of the great Seventh number accomplished, it will
appear at the time of the games of slaughter. Not far from
the age of the great Millennium when the dead will come out
of their graves.  <<<< before the end of this century  <<<<<<

The Seventh number is my death because I am the Seventh as
stated in Rev. 17.10 

 And there are seven kings; five have fallen, and one is,
and the other is not yet come; and when he cometh he must
continue a short space.

Now it is easy to figure out the Fifth since it was written
by Saint John the Divine the fifth was Jesus Christ. Now the
key to the next quatrain is to number the planets. The fifth
planet is Jupiter the largest for the greatest, Christ.

The present time together with the past 
will be judged by the great man of Jupiter. (Jesus Christ)
Too late will the world be tired of him,    >>>   Mr. 666  <<<<
disloyal through the oath taking clergy.  << A warning to the clergy<<  
 Now John Paul II and your curia before I write one more 
quatrain that shows how we were put together centuries ago
I will tell you about the trumpets.
The first trumpet has sounded and this will happen in the 
continental U.S., from sea to shining sea 1/3 of the trees
will burn and all the grass will brown or black.
>>>  View what happened after they received this letter  Prophecy by Nostradamus. <<<<<<
Then the second will blow and Tomah (Mt Rainier) the sacred
bell shall toll.

Then the third shall sound and wormwood shall land in the
 As these things unfold you will find it hard to hide behind
your walls. There are many other Quatrains on this subject
which will become public as this progresses, but think upon
this one deeply and pray for strength and guidance.

The great prelate deceived by ambition will think
nothing is to great (for him). He and his messengers,
completely trapped. The man who cuts the woods
sees everything in reverse.
I am the man who has worked in the woods as a sawyer. This
has two meanings 

 First   It is a put down of me for all the foolish things I
         have done. I am also the prodigal son.

 Second  This is also a key to understanding the Quatrains
         and the Cardinal's worthless interpretation.

 The Lord intends to humble all the people of the earth not
just you and I. I pray for you that we will join together and
that the whole world shall come together. My message is simple

"Worship God", the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit.

For as you stated prayer is the most powerful weapon of all.
Let there be know doubt in anyone's mind that as I said in the
first letter, my Father wishes that I speak in His house and
it will be so, for this is the will of God.     

  May God Bless All Who Read This and Give Them Insight,
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