Alleged incidents at St Francis

Alleged incidents at St Francis

From Ann:

1) Talking about the Virgin Mary and asking if they are interested in a free video about

Garabandal, Spain? I feel sorry for anyone who thinks it is bad to talk about our Mother to

anyone who is interested.

Having a loud conversation with one of my team members, who doesn't agree with the

accusation. Ann's statement that I was not receiving special treatment is also wrong for a

40 year member of the Parish stood up and said;

" If I can't get an honest answer from my Pastor I'm leaving."

Sadly that was one of the most truthful statements made at, and about the 3rd Parish Forum.

I find it ironic that it took years to get you to get involved at the Poverello Center on a regular

basis and you have done nothing but cut back on what little our Parish does there. I hope you

do want to do more there maybe after your summer break you can have your social justice group

pick up a day at least once or twice year if a regular slot is too much, and you could hold your

meetings at the same time. Actually many of those who help at the Poverello have left our Parish

because of what they believe is a lack of Holiness and Hypocrisy at St. Francis.


To try and involve the Poverello Center is a new low in this matter.

Just show me the justification which you promised years ago.


Accusation from M.;

Her's is so weak and base less and is refuted by others. Maybe if she hadn't been so busy talking

with her friend she would have heard that there was nothing new anyway. Not to mention the report

we were supposed to get after the meeting, which we still wait for over a year later.


Accusations by Fr. Perry;

I held the elbow of a council member long enough to say "did you hear that". Which was in reference to

something said from the pulpit. There are some very strange things said from the pulpit.

Then there is the most serious of all the accusations asking a group of Parishioner's

ONCE if they wanted to Pray the Divine Praises before I put the Blessed Sacrament away,

which is done every time. I'm sorry I've been busy with more important things like the squandering

of millions of dollars, the loss of over a million dollars to the Catholic

schools and the deceptive, at best, unsubstantiated numbers you are still

trying to use to justify your actions.

Not to mention the heresy and complete garbage being promoted at St. Francis, by Fr. Perry.


What you are afraid of, is the truth getting out, for what has been

done in the dark will be seen in the light.


I continue to pray for you, I hope you are not afraid of that to.

Peace be with you,

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