The second King, the first born of Rachel and the eleventh son of
Israel. Who endured many hardships before one day being raised up out 
of Pharaoh's prison to be second only to Pharaoh in the land of 
Egypt. In the Bible many stories are repeated, and are used to set 
up future events and show how God has slowly taught the people His 
ways and will.

 First lets take a look at what took place to Joseph and gets him out
of prison for those who may not know the story. Notice the numbers 
and how everything is interconnected. Pharaoh was having 2 troubling 
dreams that were about the same story that was about to unfold. The
first was about 7 fat cows swimming with him and then 7 wretched cows
coming and eating the fat cows. The second was about 7 rich and 
healthy ears of corn that were then eaten by 7 withered ears of corn.
Joseph was told the meaning by God and then told Pharaoh that there
would be 7 years of plenty with abundant harvests followed by 7 years
of famine. Then Pharaoh asked if there was anything that could be 
done about this to which Joseph replied that you need to store 1/5 of
your grain during the good years and then during the famine you can 
eat and feed your animals from the grain you stored. Then Pharaoh put 
Joseph in charge of this and disaster was averted. Also notice the 
numbers, do you see how they were used to foretell the future 2 sets 
of seven and the 2 dreams. This is how our Father introduced the 
number seven again into the Bible and the number 2 which Joseph is, 
the second of seven. Also overnight he went from a slave in the 
dungeon to the 2nd most powerful man in Egypt, only Pharoah was 
above him.
 This whole story was written by our Father and laid out since the 
first single cell organisms were made in the sea. I don't understand 
how, but it is a beautifully interwoven story.

 The Lord works in mysterious ways to us because we see but one piece
to the puzzle which he designed. Joseph was sold into slavery, and I
felt his pain, by his brothers who were jealous of his standing with
his father. Then while in Egypt he was tried again by the wife of
Potiphar who had become Joseph's benefactor even though he was his
slave. During the famine which had reached Canaan, Israel sent 
Joseph's brothers to Egypt in search of food for their flocks. While 
he still harbored some resentment for what they had done, he found 
it in his heart to forgive them and to unite the family again. It is
while watching this part of the movie on Joseph that I feel his 
spirit the strongest and tears have rolled down my face, though I've 
never heard his voice.

 This story is about to repeat itself on a global nature, as before
there has been advance warnings from the Revelations of Saint John the
Divine to many Prophecies by Michel Nostradamus among others. While 
this is still unfolding I believe what the answer is going to be is 
this. First God wants his children to repent and ask for his 
forgiveness and guidance, and to respect him. He is like a wealthy 
Father who will give all of us, if we choose, more than anyone on 
Earth shall ever possess. All he asks is that we love thy neighbor as 
thy self and love and respect Him. Respect His and His Son's, and the 
Holy Spirit's names and to worship and thank Them once a week for 
what They've given us and at least twice a day we should pray using 
the prayer that His only Son taught us, the Our Father, for the Creator.
Then a Hail Mary for our Lord Jesus Christ, and a prayer to Shekhina 
the Holy Spirit, and talk to each of Them after Their prayer is said.
Once when you get up and again before you go to bed at night. A small 
price to pay for the winning ticket to the largest jackpot on earth, 
eternal life. Seek Them and you shall find Them.

 Then that tens of millions of people are going camping for awhile in 
safe places that will be shown to us. Just like Abraham wandered 
where he was told. What we will see is one of the main reasons the 
Dinosaurs and many other species died off so suddenly from a 
combination of natural disasters like an Asteroid (Wormwood) and 
earthquakes that have not been seen since man has walked the earth. 
This will cause a tremendous swing in weather patterns and there may 
be a 2 year winter coming. I of course hope I'm wrong because your 
laughter and scorn would be much easier to deal with, because even 
in a best case scenario hundreds of millions will die.

 My blood tie to Joseph comes from his son Ephraim. There is much for 
us all to learn from the story of Joseph from what he endured to his
ability to forgive what his brothers had done to him. There has been
a story unfolding and we are headed for a major jolt in Human History.
This is a time to repent and praise The Great Spirit.
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