Dear Bishop Thomas and Fr. Perry,


     The readings this week were appropriate for what is going on in our Diocese and Parish. You

should be careful about the lies you are spreading again about me to try and deflect attention from

what you are doing. I am still asking for the justification of the numbers you have put out. I was asked

who I represent, the Truth and those who seek justice for the poor and the young. A tree is known by

it's fruit, actions speak louder than words.


    It is your right and the Bishop's to squander Church assets, and to mislead the people as to what is

really going on and what could be done with the buildings. I do not want the Bishop's and your sin on

me, for unlike most I have the knowledge of how to develop property and the true costs involved. The

real costs have been explained to you and the Bishop many times over the years, but you both have

decided to ignore the truth and as you said; stand by, "your truth". I am sending this short video to

the Vatican so they can see the buildings in question and understand the issues better, that I brought

up in a letter I recently sent them. I don't expect anyone to do anything, after all nothing was done

about the abuse of our children until we forced Church leaders to do something. But the day will

come when you stand before the Light and only the Truth is in Heaven.


     I continue to pray for both of you and hope you will change and "Come to the Light".


Peace be with you,

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