This letter was sent to all the Bishops in France April 2024


                Fear of the Lord is the Beginning of Wisdom


There is so little wisdom in the Church Leadership today or fear of the consequences of your inaction. I have

been warning you for years now on several topics like the foundation for the One World Religion and

Government being put in place. Openly talking about the complete enslavement of mankind and massive

population reduction. The World Economic Forum openly admits to wanting to change our DNA and bodies. The

WHO is trying to implement a totalitarian Pandemic Treaty on the World after the last failure. Historic excess

deaths are reported around the World while being suppressed by our leaders. The money changers are

planning on implementing a cashless society by the end of the year and no later than the end of 2025 along with

the Chinese Social Credit System. Which will become the beast system spoken of in the 13th chapter of

Revelation. Nothing but silence, as was foretold 400 years ago by Our Lady of Good Success. That at the end

of the 20th century that this would take place. How the people suffer because of your inaction and silence. The

continued destruction of France continues and will get much worse.


I was in Rome 5 months ago and dropped off a letter to the Pope entitled, “Repent”, which he ignored and has

again promoted the fake Vaccine which is a Bioweapon. We have the drug companies own documents proving

this. There is a short 30 minute presentation given by Dr. David Martin to the EU leaders that has been watched

over 1 Billion times on the making of the covid pathogen beginning in the 1970s. In France they have passed a

law against stating scientific facts and that the government will decide what the “Truth” is, more silence. France

enshrines abortion and what is done? The Pope continues to try and promote homosexuality while ignoring

St. Paul's prophecy in the 1st chapter of Romans and Catholic tradition and doctrine. I suggest you read

St. Faustina's words from the day the Pope was born, # 823, then read St. Francis of Assisi's prophecy about a

future Pope. Then we have the lightning hitting the statue of St. Peter in Buenos Aires his Diocese on his

birthday a few months ago and removing the keys and halo from the statue. There are more examples, the

writing is on the wall. Anyone who remains silent or endorses this apostasy and genocide is in grave danger

and are fulfilling the prophecy; “many Priests, Bishops and Cardinals are on the road to perdition and they are

taking many souls with them”. You are in my prayers. Please join the fight for Humanity.


As a child I was told about a connection to France and about a reservoir of blood coming that I can only effect

the level of, which I cried for weeks after, . In my relationship with

Our Lord and our Almighty Father I am as others before me have done, standing in the gap (Ezekiel 22.30). But

you need to be warning your flocks and to make sure they have done the first 5 Saturday devotions asked for at

Fatama and remember our Lord's warning to His clergy who do not, that they will suffer as the King of France

did for ignoring St. M. M. Alacoque. You should also promote the 1st Friday devotion. They want to lock us down

again you must resist and read and promote Marie Julie Jahenny's warnings and divine help for us. May the

bless and strengthen you for what is coming, the purification of the World. You are in my prayers.


                                                                              Peace be with you,


On the back side are these pictures;


The pachamama idol venerated in St. Peter's Basilica. 12 /17 /2023, a lightning strike hit a statue of St. Peter

Warning given from Heaven on Pope Francis's birthday also the location was in his Diocese in Argentina.



Sell out to the Globalists.                    The greeting of the artist of “p**s christ” the video is even more disgusting.


2010 white paper from the Rockefeller Foundation             Microsoft Patent WO2020 060606 the foundation

chapter named lockstep which lays out planned demic.      for the Mark of the Beast from Chapter 13 in Rev.


more info at                                    Professor James Gioradan, head of neuroweapons development