To Whom it should concern,

I have enclosed 6 pages from a book Fr. Gerry is taught from and Fr. Perry has endorsed the

book in front of the council as adhering to the Catholic Catechism, which it clearly does not, what is your

opinion and what if anything are you going to do about it? I have also enclosed some pages from the

last book read by the Parish book club, which was again endorsed by Fr. Perry and clearly does NOT

adhere to the Catholic Catechism.

>>>> This is about a book by Marcus Borg, from the "Jesus Seminar", "Heart of Christianity", which

states Adam & Eve are just a myth, as in no original sin, Noah's flood and Arc, just a fairy tale and much

more heresy.  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


To sign off on the "plan" whatever that is would be a grave if not mortal SIN. We the Parish were promised

it last year, and still we wait. The only thing that is going forward is the destruction of millions of dollars of assets

over flawed unsubstantiated numbers which Fr. Perry has stated are "his truth". To continue will be to continue

 to pile sin upon sin. I have enclosed a 1 page series of articles and statements that show grave errors

and flaws in the numbers being used to justify the planned action. The "process" has been anything but open,

honest or transparent. Here is a very simple look at the project;

                  The Plan?                                                                                an Alternative

spend millions of dollars with NO income                     spend less than a million with a positive cash flow

Catholic schools or the poor of Guatemala                   They receive the money plus much more like

loose over 1 million dollars                                               funding for other projects.

loose a gym and get a smaller auditorium                      save God's gym for children and keep the larger auditorium

end up with 1/3? the building space                                 room for free to subsidized daycare, teen center, gym,

secret information so exact numbers                                Catholic bookstore, 1st Way Pregnancy Center, Library

can not be given and much more.

New expensive Blueprints Expensive                                 blueprints are optional and are not needed

small Vanity Center                                                               true Community Center helping God's people

               As the stewards of Jesus Christ the choice is clear.

By warning you in the clearest and simplest terms this grave SIN I am keeping it from me, but it remains with

you, until you repent. What is going on is part of what caused Jesus so much agony in the Garden when He

was shown scenes of actions like yours being done throughout His Church. By your actions He is not welcome

in our Parish. You may squander millions of dollars and build your Vanity Center and the "beautifully manicured

parking lot" but I promised the Bishop that he would not be able to hide from this by looking the other way.

I have decided to write a new chapter and make a Documentary on this subject, and the Title will be;

Welcome to the Country Club, one of the subtitles will concern "modernism" and I'll

bring Jesus' teaching on the "whited sepulchres" up to date it will be called; "the Glossy Brochure", plus much

more. You will have staring roles. I've enclosed a copy of another project where I helped the children, so I

have experience in these matters. I've also enclosed a copy of the accusations against me, just like before.

When what they are doing can't stand the light of day, they discredit and blame the one(s) who seek the truth.


You will continue to be in my prayers, your servant and servant of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Peace be with you,

Tim Bernard

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