To the priests, staff and Parish Council,


I have a message for the priests and deacons and some advice for the rest of you.

From the book of proverbs 3.11-13;

               My son, despise not the chastening of the Lord; neither be weary of

               His correction. For whom the Lord loveth he correcteth, even as a

               Father the son in whom He delighteth. Happy is the man that findeth

               wisdom, and the man that getteth understanding.

The Master our Lord Jesus Christ is not happy, to put it very mildly with you. You say

yes to Him in front of the people but you refuse to do His will, even though it is so easy.

If the judgment were today the best His ministers at this church could hope for is

purgatory, for none of you are obeying His commands given to us by the Virgin Mary.

You worry more about your body than your soul, you have to earn a place in His Kingdom.

You will push the Lord's peace plan from Fatima or you will not enter the millennial kingdom.

Not only is our country at war, but there is a far greater war going on between the

children of the light and the sons of darkness. There is no middle ground, the standard

Catholic church response, to DO NOTHING, is leading you all astray. You will spread the

message of Garabandal, which is just a continuation and a clarification in the simplest

terms of the message from Fatima which has been IGNORED by the church.

First Father Healy, who do you think you are lying to, not me, but the One you say you

serve. Tell Jesus, father, why it is too much to ask of you to obey His command and help

the people to understand the times we live in and how to make things better. You lie to

the people by saying how bad the pathetic sex scandal is and then you leave them in

ignorance, leading many more into perdition, read the last paragraph.

Father Burke, you think the message of Fatima is beneath you and laugh at the thought

of telling the people about it and the truth. You think your little stories and poems are

more important, well the Master has some advice for you, repent and obey His

commands. He is curious what you think is more important than His simple commands.

He says that for your disobedience, your words shall be forgotten before you die. You

wanted to know what it is like to get closer to Him, well He has severed your string and

the only way to retie the knot is to repent and OBEY him, period.

Father Perry, you should never play John the Baptist again ever, you disgrace his name

with your hypocrisy, do you think he would act anything like you. The only reason you

ever spoke to me is when you foolishly thought I would harm you. It is out of my mouth

that my Father's sword shall come. I can not tell you how upset He is with you, and you

have been warned, remember July 16th, you had better read those readings again and

change. For it is as I told you, if you say you see, your sin remains, and the penalty will

be very high. He doesn't want you to acknowledge the truth that Garabandal is real, He

wants you to OBEY HIS COMMANDS given by the Virgin Mary.

Carlton and Mike what have you done to spread the message, nothing, remember

Carlton it was in your Homily that you correctly said Satan's greatest weapon is that

we do NOTHING. What have you done? There will be change, period.

I've enclosed an update on the fires and drought which continues to spread across our

country. We have been blessed here as I told my neighbors last Spring. I don't think this

Miracle will be enough for you to do anything, you delay at your own expense and the

expense of others. I told you, you would not like how God would force you to obey Him.

People will leave the church because of this, but more will come until we have to add

Masses on the Sabbath, Saturday, for we will add NO more Masses on Sunday. There

will be change. The day will come when the beard is removed from the 2 paintings.

To the Parish council I have told you that it might be better for you to resign and say

the Rosary instead. For there is a war going on and WE are not going away, and this

will become the premier church in the US, period. You have already received your

reward for the ceiling, here on earth. There is no middle ground, you will either help

me spread the message, as you lied to me and said you would, or you will be replaced.

Free Will!!! Below is part of a letter St. Bernard wrote called Apology;


But these are minor abuses. I shall go on to major ones which seem minor because

they are so common. I say nothing of the enormous height, extravagant length and

unnecessary width of the churches, of their costly polishings and curious paintings

which catch the worshipper's eye and dry up his devotion, things which seem to me

in some sense a revival of ancient Jewish rites. Let these things pass, let us say they

are all to the honor of God. Nevertheless, just as the pagan poet Persius inquired of his

fellow pagans, so I as a monk ask my fellow monks: "Tell me, oh pontiffs," he said,

"what is gold doing in the sanctuary?" I say (following his meaning rather than his metre):

"Tell me, poor men, if you really are poor what is gold doing in the sanctuary?"

There is no comparison here between bishops and monks. We know that the bishops,

debtors to both the wise and unwise, use material beauty to arouse the devotion of a

carnal people because they cannot do so by spiritual means. But we who have now

come out of that people, we who have left the precious and lovely things of the world for

Christ, we who, in order to win Christ, have reckoned all beautiful, sweet-smelling,

fine-sounding, smooth-feeling, good-tasting things-- in short, all bodily delights--as so

much dung, what do we expect to get out of them? Admiration from the foolish? Offerings

from the ignorant? Or, scattered as we are among the gentiles, are we learning their

tricks and serving their idols?

I shall speak plainly: Isn't greed, a form of idolatry, responsible for all this? Aren't we seeking

contributions rather than spiritual profit? "How?" you ask. "In a strange and wonderful way,"

I answer. Money is scattered about in such a way that it will multiply. It is spent so that it will

increase. Pouring it out produces more of it. Faced with expensive but marvelous vanities,

people are inspired to contribute rather than to pray. Thus riches attract riches and money

produces more money. I don't know why, but the wealthier a place, the readier people are to

contribute to it. Just feast their eyes on gold-covered relics and their purses will open. Just

show them a beautiful picture of some saint. The brighter the colors, the saintlier he'll appear

to them. Men rush to kiss and are invited to contribute. There is more admiration for beauty

than veneration for sanctity. Thus churches are decorated, not simply with jeweled crowns,

but with jeweled wheels illuminated as much by their precious stones as by their lamps. We

see candelabra like big bronze trees, marvelously wrought, their gems glowing no less than

their flames. What do you think is the purpose of such things? To gain the contrition of

penitents or the admiration of spectators?

On vanity of vanities, yet no more vain than insane! The church is resplendent in her walls and

wanting in her poor. She dresses her stones in gold and lets her sons go naked. The eyes of

the rich are fed at the expense of the indigent. The curious find something to amuse them and

the needy find nothing to sustain them.


Do not think any of this was said as if I am righteous, for I am the most pathetic of all. For it is

I who ran away and tried to hide from what I am saying, I am a repenting sinner. I have

received many beatings and will receive many more before this is over. We are on the same

side, but we must change and OBEY the commands of Christ given us by the Virgin Mary.

I keep all of you in my prayers because I know first hand this will not be easy.


There seems to be some problem understanding this message, as I've been told by a

couple of you, so I will help you by adding comments after sections of the letter.

 A final message was given on June 18, 1965, which said that

since the previous message has been ignored, this will be the last

one. [How can you not understand this, are you BLIND?]

Before the cup was filling up, now it is full and overflowing.

Many Cardinals, Bishops, and priests are on the road to perdition,

and they are taking many souls with them.

This is not just the sex scandal but the disobedience of the Fatima

message, it is so EASY to tell the Peace plan and the trouble we are in.

Less and less importance is being given to the Eucharist. You should turn the

wrath of God away from you by your efforts. If you ask for His

forgiveness with a sincere heart, He will forgive you.

First we need to have a monstrance placed on the back altar as I suggested

to Fr. Perry, then we need to spread the message of Fatima and the Peace

plan and the warning from Garabandal.

I, your mother, through the intercession of Michael the Archangel, ask

you to amend your lives. You are now receiving the last warnings.

I love you very much and do not want to see your condemnation.

Pray to us with sincerity and we will grant your requests. You

should make more sacrifices. Think about the passion of Jesus.


If you think this was easy to right you are mistaken, Jesus let me feel

His anger as He did in Orleans on 11/11/01, I fear Him not you.

Your part is so easy, just OBEY Jesus and do SOMETHING.

I keep you in my prayers everyday.


Peace be with you,

T Bernard


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