Father Perry,


I have a couple things to bring up. The easiest is to remind you that Judah

is not the last son of Israel as you stated. I'm sure you just made a slip for

you know that Israel had sons from 4 women the first six from Leah, the

next 4 were from the handmaids of Leah and Rachel, Belhah and Zilpah,

then God opened Rachel's womb and she gave him Joseph and Benjamin.

Judah was the 4th son of Leah and is how God marked the fourth king, David.


The next is about your portrayal of John and the other priests saying that the

people in church were greater than John was as a man. I have given a few

reasons which are in the letter to the Bishop, enclosed. They (the Trinity and

John) have some problem with you. I spoke in your defense but was told there

are things I don't know and that it is from before you came here. The message

from John is repent and make your ways straight before the Lord.


I am asking you to sign a petition for me to speak to Sr. Lucia, for reasons listed

in the Bishops letter. I'm told that a meeting is unlikely. I suggest that you think

about what I told the Bishop about the Pope, for you will have to choose who you

truly serve. You are in my prayers.

Peace be with you,