A Letter from St. Peter's Square


 This letter was written on 11/6/2010 on a beautiful sunny day in St. Peter's square, dealing with the dark times we live

in and trying to shed some light on the subject. I wanted to deliver this documentary directly to the Vatican because of

the problems with the rising police state in the U.S. The Documentary is an edited versions of 2 that I put together which

help to show the real power structure of the world and what they have done and are doing now (links are at the end). I

do not know who all may have viewed the film or read the letter. I also gave some of this information

(The Comfortable Cross) to a Priest who works at the Vatican who was visiting our Parish. Unfortunately the people

are not being told the plain truth and being lead to resist the Tyranny that is unfolding around us. The letter also deals

with the Apostasy and some steps to help turn the problem around. This will be a major factor in the coming schism

in the Church, with the few who will bear witness to the truth and take a stand and those who will

compromise with the world.


Holy Father,


  I hope all is well with you. I dropped off a Jesuit College newspaper at Gesu (the Jesuit Headquarters in Rome) that

made the Jesuit very sad. I will send you a copy soon or you can view it now at;  View Seattle University school paper .     

The school is located in Seattle, WA. I hear good things about our new Bishop. We need an Exorcist for our ArchDiocese.

Also we need to have an Exorcist visit and give a retreat for the Priests to help prepare them and give a talk(s) at Seattle

University, the school I mentioned.  (private note)

   As the controlled economic collapse unfolds and the Global (Beast) System rises in front of our eyes. We need to speak

out as you said; "it is our duty", ( Pope slams call for NWO. ) in 2000 and to prepare our leaders. Many in the Church will

rationalize their way into darkness. Just as the prophecies have stated. The vision of Pope Leo XIII is reaching the end as

are Marie-Julie Jahenny's and other's. The prayer to the Archangel St. Michael is needed now more than ever. I have

enclosed a copy of a shortened version of the Obama Deception that lays out the real power behind the throne. Also is a

90 minute version of Endgame which lays out the Rulers Eugenic plans along with their Global Government agenda in their

own words and documents (links are at the end). I know you are aware of this. May Jesus continue to bless and protect you.

You are always in my prayers.

Peace be with you,

Here are links to the full length versions of the documentaries:

YouTube - The Obama Deception HQ Full length version all most 8 million views

ENDGAME- ALEX JONES - Blueprint for Global Enslavement...

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