Michel Nostradamus
(painted by his son Cesar)
 The sixth King is also the first in two ways, Michel Nostradamus
was the greatest prophet in the last millennium. Living in a time
when ignorance ruled, with a zealous church imposing the Inquisition,
and in the field of Medicine, bleeding was a common practice. From
his childhood he knew he was different, though he didn't understand
what was happening to him or how he fit into the larger picture.

 While studying to become a doctor the Plague broke out in France
and he went to help the sick. Not using conventional methods that
were used at the time he came up with his own treatment. He did not
bleed his patients and was concerned about their personnel hygiene.
He also made pills which he gave to his patients to suck on, which
were made from roses (vitamin c) and a combination of five other
ingredients. He had great success and saved many people and his fame
was just starting to grow in France.

 When the Plague finally subsided he went back to school to finish
his work and become a doctor by passing his final exams. After this
was completed he was offered a job at Montpellier as a teacher where
he stayed for a few years. But he became restless and left to travel.

 He was invited to the home of an intellectual named Scaliger where
he stayed for awhile studying and set up a practice in Aix. He was
married for the first time here and had two children. Things were
going very well for him until another round of the Plague broke out. 
While he was away treating others in another part of the country the
Plague swept through his home town and his family died while he was
away. He saved many but the three he wanted to save the most died 
and he was heartbroken. When I whine about what they are doing to me 
I only have to look at what was done to him and I really have little 
to complain about. That is not to say that They've done nothing and
that there isn't some very unpleasant things coming. I use the word
They because he is not the one giving the orders, he is my teacher,
and They refers to the Trinity. Well after the death of his family 
when he was about thirty he moved on and traveled for about the next 
ten years. One of the sayings about him was, that he saved half of 
France, but couldn't save his own family.

 He finally came back to his home in Salon where his brother was
the mayor. He settled down and married his second wife Anne Gemelle
and they had six children. About this time he started to write "The
Prophecies". Which he worked on until his death publishing parts of
them during his life with the complete book, as far as he was 
supposed to take it, published 2 years after his death, by his wife
and an assistant named Chavigny who lived with him the last decade
of his life. It was not an accident that the seventh century was not 
finished or that it stops after the forty second quatrain. I was 42 
when I went to France for my forty third birthday to fulfill Quatrain 
10.72, "and from the air will come the great King of Terror", as that is 
one of my names. There was violent opposition from many about his 
prophecies and if he had told all that he knew they would have killed 
him. The church especially for who he could have said he was and he 
is, the Michel mentioned in Daniel chapter 12 and in Revelations 
chapter 12. Daniel 12. 1-4 reads:

         "At that time Michael, the great prince, the protector of your 
          people, shall arise. There shall be a time of anguish, such as 
          has never occurred since nations first came into existence. 
          But at that time your people shall be delivered, everyone who 
          is found written in the book. Many of those who sleep in the 
          earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to 
          everlasting contempt. Those who are wise shall shine like
          the brightness of the sky, and those who lead many to 
          righteousness, like the stars for ever and ever. But you 
          Daniel, keep the words secret and the book sealed until 
          the time of the end. Many shall be running back and forth, 
         and evil shall increase."

 Now the "time of anguish" that had not been seen since the nations
had first come into existence was the Black Plague, and he helped
many of his countrymen. Also this speaks to the time which we are
just entering, the end of the time of the gentile, and he is here 
as my teacher and with the "little book" that he authored. I'll speak 
more to this subject later but here is the last 2 lines of the 
Quatrain 10.74:

        "Not far from the great age of the Millennium
         when the buried (dead) will come out of their graves."

and from Quatrain 2.46:

                 After great misery for mankind an even
                 greater one approaches, when the great
                 cycle of the centuries is renewed.

The twentieth century saw 2 world wars and killing on an 
unprecedented scale. But nothing like what is coming in this

 He foretold the King's death and what the wound would look like
and when and how this would happen. The Quatrain 1.35 states:

             The young lion will overcome the old, in
             a field of combat in a single fight. He will
             pierce his eyes in a golden cage, two
             wounds in one, he then dies a cruel death.

The Queen sent for him in 1556 to explain it to her, and he went to
Paris, the joust was fought in 1559, and the prophecy was fulfilled.
The Queen became his benefactor and she protected him for the
rest of his life. So he was able to work on his book and practice
a little medicine on the side. I like the story about how he helped
to build a canal to bring water to the Salon area as I am very 
comfortable with building things large and small. He built a study
on the top floor of his house and this is where he did the bulk of
his work, writing the 10 centuries of Quatrains.

 I have a blood tie to Michel, it is through his daughter Magdalene.
This story has been woven through the eons from the beginning of
life on earth up to the present and beyond. There is meaning in his
daughters name and it was no accident that they gave her that name. I
have read the letter to Cesar and it is not a coincidence that he was
the first born or the name he was given.
 Michel Nostradamus is interned in Salon at the church, St. Laurent,
in an alcove about in the middle of the church on a side wall and the
altar in the back has a statue of the Virgin Mary with the baby Jesus
in her arms. There is a piece of marble with the words his wife
          Here lie the bones of the illustrious Michel Nostradamus, alone
          of all mortals judged worthy to record events of the entire world
          with his almost divine pen, under the influence of the stars. He
          lived 62 years, 6 months, 7 days. He died in Salon in the year 
          1566. Let not prosperity disturb his rest. Anne Pons Gemelle
           wishes her husband true happiness.

Quatrain 1.2

                 The stick in hand put in the middle of the [BRANCHES]

                 from the water he wets the limb & the foot,

                 out of fear & voice trembling through the sleeves,

                 splendor divine. The Divine (himself) sits close.


The word in [ ] is as it appears in his book, could mean the tripod

that a bowl of water sat on and he gazed into to see visions. He

is talking about Jesus who was his teacher, sitting close during

his lessons.

Quatrain 1.48

                   Twenty years of the reign of the moon having passed,

                   7000 years another will hold his monarchy,

                   when the sun will take his weary days,

                   then accomplished my prophecies & expressions.


He says in his letter to his son Cesar that his prophecies go to

the year 3797, and not that the world will end then.