This part of the story begins in 75, though while flying over the 
state several years earlier the turbulence was so intense that we 
landed and spent the night in Missoula. Not knowing at the time that 
this would become my base camp, where what will be called my home is 
located. I picked up a place in 84, it was the only piece of bare 
ground in the area that was affordable. Only a couple acres of the 
five are useable and it has an interesting shape, that of an hour 
glass, also if you look at the borders of Israel before they
occupied the West Bank, it looks just like the outline of my
property. While things had been fairly quiet in the 80's the shape 
didn't escape my attention and reminded me of this story, that just 
will not go away.

 Well lets go back to 76, I had moved to Missoula the previous year 
and had met the woman who would become my first wife, on the first 
day in town. The following summer we were up in the Missions on a 
backpacking trip. I have known different things about all of the
most important women in my life, their first name and about what 
they would look like etc., before I met them. She was not the first 
and back then I didn't have clue what it was all about and meant. 
I'm not going to talk about my personnel relationships though much 
beyond what I just said. On this trip was the first dream lesson.

 Almost none of my lessons have been dreams, only about a handful. 
I rarely dream because I can think while I sleep and so if a dream 
starts I will take over and start thinking about something I'm 
interested in or doing at the moment. A couple that have been 
lessons have been interactive dreams. This one was very direct just
like the daytime lessons, BANG you are dead. This woke me and I said 
I have just seen my death and this woke her up though she was half 
asleep and said "It will only happen if you want it to.", and she 
went back to sleep never really waking up. I said to my teacher 
"Why don't you give this to someone else more deserving and there
are lots of people who would like this position and if I must die 
young that is okay but I have no desire to be a public person.".
 In the morning she never asked me about it and I wasn't going to 
bring it up and explain what had been going on in my life. This was 
for a couple reasons one being I was sick of being alone and if I 
had said anything she would've thought I was nuts. Then also if we 
broke up the story would have been known to someone. I did later 
though, as we became more serious, talk to her about my plans for 
the future and I said there may come a time when there may be some 
problems and that I would have to get involved. Also I said that 
no matter what, I will go to the city some day, because there were 
things that I wanted to do, in medicine, computer science, public
service, etc., and that later in life I would get involved in 
politics. I was thinking of being an adviser, because in my lifetime 
alone, it became very clear that good advice was something that our 
leaders needed, and I like making deals and staying out of the spot 
light and letting someone else have that.

 It was a couple years later or so that we borrowed a friends MG and 
went for a drive in the mountains and drove up by what has become my 
place and was thinking how great it would be to live up here. I don't 
want to tell some things but I will say that life is a series of lessons,
and some are very subtle, generally, and not big dramatic ones with 
the voice or feeling or something, just life rolling along like the creek 
making it's way to the sea. 

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