I found a job, and tried to settle into a normal routine. Then I
pulled out what I had written the Winter and Spring before and 
any thought of normalcy went out the window. I couldn't even
believe what I was looking at, let alone that it was my 
handwriting. But I put it back in the drawer for now and dealt
with getting ready for winter.
 They were getting more impatient with me, while only he speaks, 
it is the word from the Royal Court, They being the Trinity. He 
has said many times that he is not the Master but a servant, 
granted a well placed servant. So with late fall coming to an end 
and early snows coming, foretelling the season that was moving in, 
the drumbeats were getting very loud to quit and work on this 
project. They got so loud that one day in December, it started to 
thunder in the valley, which is rare for that time of year, 
actually, the only time I can remember hearing it that late.
So I quit and went back to work slowly on this project along with
some predictions. Plus I decided to help the children of Missoula
get a rink by not only helping with the work, but also by helping
the management folks get their act together, or replace them. They
didn't want to listen, and just kept telling me BS, and then 
throwing me out of meetings. So with the help of the Lord, for He 
is the one who cuts the red tape and throws those against me into 
confusion, the plug was pulled and they faded away.

 So it was a good snow year, actually one of the best ever, so I
got to do some riding during the day and then come home to this
problem at night. My folks were coming out for Christmas (96) for
what would be our second meeting since I had begun to tell them
about this in the summer of 95. At the previous Christmas no one
wanted to talk about it, including me. The don't ask, don't tell
policy, I guess. But this year was different they knew I was not
working a normal job and what I was working on. Everything that
I had to say was not what they wanted to hear, actually they
would have just as soon not heard anything, but this is not a
perfect world. I had heard that my father would see more snow
than he had ever seen out west skiing. We had the conversation
a day or so before Christmas and it was very emotional to say
the least. I could feel the ancient ones in the room listening
as well ... . Christmas morning there was 2 feet of fresh powder
at the base, So I let my daughter who was about his speed, ski
with him and I headed for the trees.

 Now as things progressed for the next couple of months it was
relatively mellow, though things were heating up on the rink 
project, and you can read about that there. I was being pushed
again to go public, always a scary deal if you think about it at
all. So with Lent coming, some fasting was coming to the fore
front. Started with a 4 day one with a few days off, then 7 more
days beginning on Ash Wednesday, Easter was on April 1 that year 
so then he wanted the month of March, okay sure, just a little 
afraid. I said I wouldn't go riding either. So just before midnight 
on Feb. 28th I had a big meal and said my prayers and went to bed. 
The next day I woke up to a foot of fresh powder at my house, and 
said, real funny. A couple of weeks later I missed the best days of 
my life when a storm came in and buried the dip stick on top of the 
mountain, that is over 10 feet deep. But things were progressing
slowly, time really goes slow when your waiting for a month to go
by so you can eat. You have lots of time to think about other
folks who don't have enough to eat, and that eats on you even
more. All the leaders of the world worried about their petty
power and not their people. I mean all their people, I remember
when we had 10 percent unemployment and our leaders were giving
money away to the haves and when asked about the others their
reply was, well we gave 90% of them money so they'll vote to
stay the course and keep us in power.

 Now I was thinking about Christ and how He was tempted, because
He had the power to make food from nothing, though He was so
close to God He could live off of Him forever. But I'm sure They
let every cell in His Body scream for nourishment. While the 
devil never tempted me in person, I only had to wander into the
kitchen and look around. After a couple weeks I would go in and
take the lid off the peanut butter and take a few wiffs, it 
never smelled so good. I was allowed a small cup of water in the
morning and evening and I savored those. As the end was nearing,
not nearly fast enough, I would go to the grocery store to buy
food. I got a chuckle out of the spectacle of me wandering up
and down the aisles picking out a few things. It was always a
good thing to get past dinner time, that was the worst time of
the day. The spirit was getting stronger near the end and it
was good.

 The end was good though, Easter finally arrived, I had been
thinking about the first meal. As midnight was approaching,
I wasn't waiting until morning Just for the new day, I began 
to lay out some food, a carrot cake and some other things. 
Then just before midnight I put in some clam chowder. It was 
ready by 5 minutes after, and I was to.

 Now writing and going through the Bible and the "little book"
and listening to things that They wanted me to do and say and 
what things meant or may mean, well I could never explain it so
you would understand it, ... . While I was preparing for the
supposed coming out, which I didn't really believe because it
seemed more like 99 was the year. But he is very persuasive and
holds all the cards because he does know the future and some of 
the stuff in the book that you see in black and white. Then of
course there is that little thing about the reservoir to think
about. I sort of look at this like training for a sport, no pain no
gain. So I sent out a few things to some folks in the media one
being a person who they had almost broke my back when I was 16
to get them involved, more later about that.

 Basically the bottom line is, the time will come when They will 
show you a sign or something, because I expect no help until then 
and even then, very little in the beginning. So we have the twist in 
the wind stage continuing. The sign was to be Mt. Rainier where I 
was born, and so I told NBC Dateline that in a couple of months it 
would awaken, in June 97.

 Well I was broke, and even though he was saying to work on the 
book, I went and got a job, because I was poor again. I said if 
Mt. Rainier awakens I'll deal with it, but this is probably just 
another bluff. One reason being, he kept saying the word from the 
Royal Court was, "Let the little one come forth and fall flat on 
his face, but not to hard." I had given myself that nickname after 
the meeting with the Kings in 95. Also I was thinking that 
Mt. Rainier was more likely to be the fulfillment of the second 
trumpet for a couple of reasons, it is the second, I am the second 
and I was born in the area. From Rev. 8.8-9;

              The second angel blew his trumpet,
              and something like a great mountain,
              burning with fire, was thrown into the
              sea. A third of the sea became blood, a
              third of the living creatures in the sea
              died, and a third of the ships were destroyed.

This would be relatively easy to picture in the Puget Sound. Then
since the first trumpet had not sounded, Rev. 8.7;

              The first angel blew its trumpet,
              and there came hail and fire, mixed with
              blood, and they were hurled to the earth;
              and a third of the earth was burned up,
              and a third of the trees were burned up,
              and all the green grass was burned up.

I'll talk more about this later, so I got a job and on the side I
was the ramrod for a rink for the kids which opened Thanksgiving
weekend of 97. That side job which lasted into summer and the
paying job kept me busy and occupied late into the next summer. 
Of course he was always telling me this and that and to quit. 
Well I turned 42 that summer and the heat was rising because of 
the number from my first lesson in fourth grade and now 1999 
which seemed like a million miles away, as a child, was now less
than 6 months away.

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