This chapter was sent to the Vatican on 12/24/99 along 
with this letter LETTER # I                                                    
   The Nineteenth Chapter from 
         the Book of Revelation 
         and Related Quatrains 

 First I would recommend reading, the Book of Revelation, and the 
whole Bible for that matter. I will explain the meanings behind 
some of the verses of the Nineteenth chapter, and how they tie in to 
other verses in Revelations and how some of the Quatrains fit in. 
I have stated before that the book "The Prophecies" by Nostradamus 
is the "little book" of the Bible. There are two verses which 
speak about this first from 19.10 that says "for the testimony of 
Jesus is the spirit of prophecy." and since Biblical times there 
has been no one who has been a greater Prophet than Michel 
Nostradamus. The "little book" that is mentioned in Revelation 
10.8-10 is his book. He is the Michael mentioned in Rev. 12.7, 
and is the Sixth King.

 Now lets read Rev. 19 verse 7 which says:

           "Let us be glad and rejoice and give Him
            glory, for the marriage of the Lamb has
            come, and His wife has made herself ready.

This is referring to our Lord Jesus Christ's marriage which 
happened after His resurrection and before His ascension into 
Heaven. Jesus told this to me on Thanksgiving day in 1995 when 
he said to me;
 "My greatest hardship was that I could not have a family as a man.". 
I hope you have noticed that the seventh verse was used in both of 
the previous chapters mentioned. 
Chapter 10.7 states:

          "but in the days of the sounding of the seventh 
           angel, when he is about to sound, the mystery
           of God would be finished, as He declared to
           His servants the prophets."

               Mary Magdalene
 There was a child born to Mary Magdalene, the 1st wife of Jesus 
Christ, and she had a daughter and Their children are now as 
numerous as the stars. 
The painting of the Crucifixion is from the Basilica
Sainte-Marie-Madeleine et le Couvent Royal, in St. 
Maximin. The painting of Mary Magdalene at the Church
in Les Saintes Maries de la Mer.
When Peter asked Mary to leave with her daughter, Sarah, she and
her sister Martha and brother Lazarus, along with a few others, left
in a boat that washed up at St. Maries de la Mer in southern France,
in an area known as Provence. The story is that she brought the blood
of Christ with her in a jar. There are many old paintings with her holding
a jar. This is the sanitized version of the truth, which the church in Rome
has tried to destroy throughout History. She didn't bring a jar, she was
the chalice, and she gave the world the most Royal bloodline from
David, through the Virgin Mary, to Christ, with her to Sarah. Mary lived 
in southern France and is buried there in a Basilica St. Mary Madeleine. 
This is the area where Their first son to come forth, Michael 
Nostradamus was born, and I am the second, that has come to prepare 
the world for the return of Jesus Christ, in the 21st century. 
The Basilica Sacre-Coeur in Paris, the boat contains Lazarus,
Mary Magdalene and Martha, notice the serpent trying to get at
the jar in Mary's arms.
The primary mission is clearly stated in 19.10;
                              "Worship God!".

 In 19.12 it speaks about a name written that he himself knows 
and no one else knows. Well back when I was very young I had 
this lyric from another Minnesota boy (Bob Dylan) that would 
get stuck in my head and get repeated, but I could never figure 
out why I always said it wrong. The correct version was "and I 
don't even remember the sound of my own name" and the one that 
would rattle around in my head was "and I don't even know the 
sound of my own name". The name is Selin, found in 8 Quatrains. 
Quatrain 6.27, first 2 lines;
               Selin King, Italy peaceful, kingdoms 
                united by the Christian king of the world.
I'm also called several other things in the 2 books, from the 
Quatrains in 10.72 I'm called the King of Terror, in several others
it is the Seventh, and the one that leads into an understanding of
verse, Rev. 19.13, the man of blood who the numbers are reported.

 So we should read 19.13 which states:

           "He was clothed with a robe dipped in blood,
            and his name is called The Word of God."

Now this has a literal and a figurative meaning and first I'll 
explain the literal with the help of Quatrain 2.98 which states:

            His face is spattered with the blood of a
            newly sacrificed victim. Jupiter and Leo
            warn through prophecy. He will be put to
            death for the promised one.

This is describing the death of a friend of mine who will give 
up his life to save mine and I will have his blood upon me as 
he dies in my arms. I am the promised one. This will happen 
near the end of my physical life as the last of the prophecies 
dealing with this time will be fulfilled. The figurative meaning 
is the story I told about the reservoir of blood which you can 
go back and read about. In Quatrain 4.49 it speaks of a large 
amount of blood being spilled and that the spirit of a single 
man will bear witness to it. Also the number 13, is not a 
coincidence it has several meanings which tie several people 
and events together, which are: 

1) The culprits are the two mentioned in the 13th chapter (Rev.),
     with the 2nd one being the famous 666 guy.

2) The Fatima revelations were on the Thirteenth day of the month,
     for a warning.
3) I was born on the Thirteenth and will try to lesson the              
     severity of what is coming.

 In the sixteenth verse it talks about what is written on my 
thigh. The mark on my thigh was given to me 19 years ago on leap 
day (2/29) at about 7:00 AM when I was in a car accident just 
outside of Rapid City. The place has meaning as it is the home 
of the Sioux Nation, and Native Americans will form our security 
detail, God has made a great Council from their ancestors and
Sqaunto, a man full of wisdom is at the head of this council. They 
lead the spiritual army that will protect us until it is time, and then 
they will stand back and our part will be over. The prophecy of 
the birth of a female White Buffalo was fulfilled in the mid 90's and 
some interesting details are that the Sacred White Buffalo pipe is 
kept by the Nineteenth generation keeper, and that the calf was 
born to a white man in the state of Wisconsin where my French 
Grandfather lived. My Grandfathers are correctly predicted in 
Quatrain 5.74 as being French and German. To leave this section 
on a positive note, the children of Fatima were promised that 
eventually there would be peace for a long time and in Quatrain 
6.24 it predicts that there will be peace for a long time. The 
book "The Prophecies" was laid out in ten centuries to show the 
length of this peace which is the same as in Revelations 1000 
years. It is just getting from here to there that will be 
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