This note was composed 2/6/2020 while in Rome for a conservative conference and 

         was put in the mail box in St. Peter's square on Feb. 6th. Here is the last letter I

         wrote back on May 13, 2017;  FREE WILL the 2nd Letter to Pope Francis


 Dear Pope Francis,


    I continue to pray for you everyday. It is very sad to watch what is going on in the Church.

How true the prophecies are as they unfold in front of us. Scandals and idols in the Church and

so much more. Clergy in hiding for fear of their lives for telling the truth and trying to obey our

Lord. The Church must and will be purified, one way or another. On the other side you will find

my  letter to Archbishop of Paris -- Notre Dame the Roof and the Future

The hour is late and we should be working together but you go your way and I follow our Lord.

                                                                            Peace be with you,  Chyren Selin 7th