Other Lessons and Stuff

 These are different lessons and things that happened outside of
school at various times in my life after the first lessons.
There were no formal lessons in school from 8th-12th grade while
I was in public school. Just the everyday lessons we all face
whether we realize them or not. They are roughly in
chronological order. I am not telling everything for various
reasons which I choose not to explain, for my privacy, for this is
not about me, it is about the Most Holy Trinity.
 Several movies from my younger days come to mind one being a
story about the early church and the persecutions specifically.
There was no voice or feeling just a sordid tale about feeding
Christians to the lions. This was one of the incidents which
started to move me away, because it is one thing to turn your own
cheek but quite another to offer other peoples. I am simply not
as strong as Christ, and I am not like Him in the fact that He
existed before He came here, and I didn't exist until I was born.
I was mistaken, God has laid out a very hard path for me to walk,
but we all have are own things we have to deal with here on earth.
Then one day, when it is time, They will stand back and let you
kill the body I live in. The correct answer was to get closer to
Him, because the one thing He won't ask anyone to do is give up
your soul for the others. Though it worked out as He had Christ
foretell in the story the Prodigal Son. Now while this story in
general can apply to nations, races, and individuals, it also
applies to me, with Christ as the older son, who was perfect and
the younger one who wasn't and was starving, spiritually.
 That is a good lead into the next movie which was Samson and 
Delilah. There were no words spoken but I understood that I was 
being warned about women. This happened before I was a 
teenager and I remember thinking no big deal I can control that 
part of my life. Oh how wrong I was, about the only good thing I can 
say is that I didn't indulge as much as I could have and I still have 
to work at it to this day. Another was an old Hercules movie and 
with one part being the trials he faced and the other was a part
where it shows the Royal Court sitting around a game board 
talking about what They should do next. I grasp that part all 
too well. 

 Then I was allowed to feel my spirit once as a teenager. I was
almost electrocuted by accident and my father saved my life. But
during the experience I could feel my spirit or life force
leaving my body through my mouth and I remember clenching it
closed as tight as possible to keep the spirit in, until I blacked 
out and woke up sometime later. I didn't see anything
just the feeling of my spirit leaving my body.

 I always use the number 13 from by birthday, I was born on a
Friday the 13th, on my jerseys in sports. The number seven was
introduced back in the seventies when Phil Esposito who wore
number seven was playing for the NHL against the Soviets and as
he got on the rink he accidentally tripped and fell. While
watching a replay of the incident, he was a great player, I got
that feeling and caught the drift that you will stumble and fall.
I have definitely done that and I fear the worst falls are yet
to come.

 There is a place in northern Minnesota along the north shore of
Lake Superior where we would jump off of a cliff by Gooseberry
Falls into the pool at the base of the falls. The only thing you
had to do was clear some rocks at the base of the cliff. Well
once I slipped off, and as I prepared to hit the rocks the voice
said, "you owe me", and I landed way out past the rocks like it
was one of my best jumps ever. I thought about asking my friends
if they had noticed anything, but saying nothing was the 
easiest. There is a bench there now to block the area, because
someone died there.

 Once I was in the foyer to St. Mary's church listening to mass,
when while during the Gospel reading, father was reading from
the twelfth Revelation which has the only name in all of the
Book of Revelation. When he read the name Michael, it sounded so
sweet and flew around the church and I got the message and I
said okay so that is your first name, but what is your last name,
and what do you really want, because what you told me still makes
no sense. No answer.

 The movie Gandhi was on TV and I was watching it alone, when
this lesson took place. I was always interested in people who
did great things for peace and he was especially inspiring as he
did it with nonviolence. Near the end of the movie, I was very
wound up and couldn't sit any more, so I was standing and
watching as he was taking his final steps, the voice says, "and 
there will be several assassination attempts that we will help 
you with", and Gandhi disappears into the crowd and a gun
goes off ... .

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