Prophecies and Warnings

            and Possibilities


   Here are some verses that I've written, most are from 1995-7, with a few more recent

ones. First I would like to talk about the early part of Graduate school which started in

1995. The first prediction which I wrote out reluctantly was on 7/13/95. First my teacher

 was standing above me (no visual) looking down on me very cold hearted, and said,

"What do you think about bluffing?" I responded, "Not much, but I suppose it has its uses,

but I would rather speak the truth." Thinking great this is going to be BS and I'll get in trouble

and be thought a fool. I remembered reading how his (MN's) first predictions were wrong,

and I wanted to avoid that part, the twisting in the wind phase, as much as possible. But

I wrote out the first prediction about a boy having an aneurism on his right common carotid

artery. Then I had to give it to his grandmother, I told her he wouldn't be hurt and mentioned

the little boy that Nostradamus helped at the beginning of his career as a prophet and that

the child had been blessed for the rest of his life. I knew her and she was happy, until

nothing happened, and well that was it for my time with them, I had been caretaking a

house for the last 5 years for them. I was asked to leave, which I did.


Now my next prediction led into my third which I made and was not repeating his words.

I had told him (MN) that if what he had told me didn't happen, that I would burn his book

before the sun went down. I enjoyed ripping the pages out of his book and throwing them

into the wood stove. He sat above me again like a benevolent father, not upset but I knew

what the message was even though he didn't say anything, this won't go away just

because you burnt the book. It was several months before I bought another.


The big push in the spring of 97 lead to me contacting some news organizations about

Mt. Rainier coming to life in June of 97. The whole time I was getting pushed to say this

he was telling me that the word from God was, "and let the little one (my nickname) come

forth and fall on his face, but not to hard." So I wasn't expecting much, and nothing

happened. Not everything he says is a bluff, for he had told me that a bunch of people

would die around my birthday in 96, and a couple days after a jet went down off of Long

Island, on its way to France, where I was preparing to go in 1999 to fulfill a prophecy.

1998 was quiet, but the year I had been waiting for since I was a 9 year old boy finally

came, 1999. So he wanted me to predict Mt. Rainier again and that the earthquake that

brought it back to life would destroy the new ballpark in Seattle. I didn't believe it because

I see Mt. Rainier fulfilling the 2nd trumpet from Rev. 8.8, which means we need the fires

from the first trumpet, Rev. 8.7, to happen. But no matter I contacted people with the

prediction and it didn't happen, but in less than a month Seattle had the largest earthquake

in 30 years, which in earthquake predictions is a direct hit, even though it wasn't as big as

I said and the stadium was not destroyed.


He was right when he said JFK jr. would die soon in May of 1999, and when I said I didn't

want to come back to France in 2001, he said in August that it would be a "Sept. to

remember and that I wouldn't like", also that it would be like before, referring to the crash in

96. I was given no dates or specifics, just that the first 2 would be in July around my

birthday (7/13) and in August of 2001 that it would be a "September to remember" and

that I wouldn't like it. In the chapter  Sept. 11 I have scanned in a receipt from Sept. 10

for 4 packets of information I sent to various groups, the bill was $6.66, view receipt. By the numbers

from the 3 times I've been told that a bunch of people were going to die.

                7/95       Sarajevo                                                             around   30        people

                7/96      Airliner by Long Island (going to France)         around  300       souls

                9/11/01     World Trade Center                                        around  3000    souls

I think you can see the pattern developing. So here are some verses. They link up with

the Bible and various Quatrains.


In the tomb of the great man who was the

first king will be found one of the greatest

treasures on earth, a small white stone with

what is written on it known only to one.


This is about the verse in the Book of Revelation 2.17, the numbers of the verse have

meaning as I am the second and it is in the 17th chapter (Rev.) verse 10 that the kings

are mentioned.


The great man silenced, blessed in his youth,

with fast hands and dancing feet and a mouth,

shall be given the key to regain his silver tongue,

from Garabandal he'll return to spread the word.


This is about Mohammed  Ali and if he goes to Garabandal he will

be healed and return to Jesus to convert others.


From a city that, a river runs through it, of the

same name, shall come a great woman who

will be a 2nd and serve her 2nd term alone, war

breaks out and ends with another second.


In the U.S. from coast to coast a drought,

the greatest ever seen by a white man,

at least 1/3 of the trees and all the grass shall burn,

it will not end until capital punishment is abolished.


Raised in the heartland and one of 3, what was

saved shall be lost, for her safety the son,

before the father, the Queen of Sheeba to help her,

on her way to the Arc of the Covenant and strength.


In a thousand years she will come from South Africa,

an unknown daughter from the first black leader,

to France and Montana she will come to pray,

the sacred bell shall toll for the 2nd time.


The rabid dog changes into the Persian, blood

foaming from his mouth, hiding from the light,

bodies and blood rain down from the sky,

but not the prize he seeks the most.


The continent of ice and snow hidden for ages,

before the next revolution of the last planet is done,

the land will be free from its bondage,

and it will be settled but not for the first time.


Mother Russia so much blood spilled by tyrants,

you shall be consecrated to the greatest mother,

you shall rise again to a premier status,

not by the sword, but the plow and her graces.


All the west coast port cities have severe damage,

during the two year winter that shall come,

when the third trumpet blows and mankind weeps,

for many are swept away, whole cities on the Pacific.


Not long after the completion of sequencing of DNA,

within the Human Genome a message is woven,

a student will see the Creator' s wisdom,

she will share her enlightenment with the World.


Paradise lost, what hasn't been seen by man,

in the Pacific is where Wormwood shall land,

the islands of the south Pacific swept clean,

the great tsunami, great death and destruction.


There will be one more King of England,

though her first born shall rise above his father,

in the eyes and hearts of their people,

by the people and not blood, many accomplishments.


From Mizar one of the 7 stars that form the cup,

They came to their star and life began on our planet,

the cup is overflowing from the sins of man,

the enlightenment, will they listen and act to lessen.


From the seed of the Great Messiah and His wife,

Mary Magdalene and their daughter Sara banished,

His will forces the Vatican to their knees in repentance,

and Jerusalem becomes the Spiritual capital of the World.


The great Godless nation who will give rise to the evil one,

shall turn to the Savior of the world, Jesus Christ,

after the tribulation has run its course and in ruins,

one touched by an Angel and the Eagle shall be their first.


As He said the one day the MEEK shall inherit the earth,

then shall universal contact be made from the visitors,

who come from Barnard's star in peace and unarmed,

before the seventh planet completes it's orbit.


Both by their deeds, the great Polish Pope,

will share the fate of the first and the next,

will end his Papacy. There will be no Romans

elected in Jerusalem.


Drought shall come to engulf the boot,

and the Vatican shall be seen as a curse,

until the words of Jacinta and Sr. Lucia are fulfilled,

the seat returns to the city consecrated by Jesus' blood.


The city of Angels you prepare for the big one,

but before it comes you will be swept away,

the danger shall be seen from far far away,

and the people will have time, to leave.


The island of the Rising sun will set,

along with the rest of the south pacific,

when the tsunami comes to awaken the world,

the loss is half if we are fortunate.


There will be a 2 year winter before Lake Washington is salty,

when the snow melts, Manhattan sinks away,

Not worth the original bartered price,

Great changes in the weather approaching.


Before the Seventh planets next orbit is complete,

all military manufacturers, armies, navy & air force, gone,

AC will go back to DC, oil replaced by a light gas,

the sun will shine in, all will be held back.


Jesus the Messiah of our all Mighty Father shall come,

His dominion shall be everywhere and eternal,

from the seed of Mary Magdalene's daughter,

Their offspring are like the stars of Heaven.


The Second Coming is many events with a climax,

the return of the Master, with the Ark of the Covenant,

2 of His children shall witness for the time given,

at the end of the seventh's cycle.


The greatest test for the people of the world,

in cooperation, love, understanding and obedience,

how high a price is yet to be determined,

that we are all one in the one Trinity, through Christ.


Thanksgiving will be celebrated around the world,

in the spirit of the first, by the great warrior for peace,

Squanto, as the story is retold and remembered,

as the Great Spirit returns to dwell in Israel.


The world shall be united as one by one,

but never by one government by man,

the Messiah's kingdom shall reign on earth,

for the next millennium, then trouble returns.


In ten centuries the Sacred Bell will blow again,

as a signal for the world for the daughter,

from the founding fathers of South Africa,

she will travel to Europe and America, then Israel



The second trumpet shall sound,

in the Spring Mt. Rainier will awaken,

the pressure grows and lines are drawn,

the crown and the coronation.


If the son will not change his ways and

does not learn from the fathers mistakes,

that bore fruit a decade later,

1000 times greater in a different season.


After the 2 shall leave,

will the worst come, war & persecutions,

a young man and an old man from before,

then a great quake never seen before by man.