The Prophets and Old Stories

 I want to tell some of the old stories and relate them to the
present and finish this section with the story of the Great
Prophet Elijah and what he did to the children of Israel and how
a similar event will be done to bring many back into the fold.
The Bible is the story about God, and how He wants His children
to live, and how He has and will bring all of His children to
know and do what He wants. The Bible is not the end but the 
foundation upon which the future is built. The Bible is growing
as the "little book", The Prophecies by Michel Nostradamus takes
it's rightful place within God's plan. Many say God is done 
talking to man, rubbish, His greatest statement is Jesus Christ,
but He is always with His people, those who choose to listen. In
the 11th chapter it speaks of 2 witnesses who will come and they
will prophesy to the people. We may choose not to hear, but He is
not done.

                       Dagon is brought down 
 This is one of my favorite stories about the power of our Almighty
Father. It starts when the Philistines capture the Arc of the
Covenant and place it before their statue of the god Dagon. When
the priests come in the next morning, Dagon has been taken off
his pedestal and is laying prostrate on the ground before the
Arc. They stand the statue up again, and the next day they find
it prostrate again with the head and palms broken off. The
Lord's hand was upon the Philistines until they finally return
the Arc. To read the whole story it is located in the first book
of Samuel chapter 5. There are a couple of points I want to make
about this story, one is about the Arc and the power of Who it
represents and how God forced the Philistines to give it back and
how the statue was made to bow down before the Arc, and this is
what will happen again, as all are made to bow down, more in the
story about Elijah. The other thing to notice is that God did
destroy the statue of Dagon and everything about that religion,
so that all that remains today is this old story. He will unite
all the people of the earth in Christ, the Savior he promised and
sent, and will crush all those who oppose His will. I have talked
to many people, from many varying points of view, and most want to
have it their way, but it will be Allah's way alone. I like what
the word Islam means, to "submit to", because that is the way it
will be, especially for the Jews and Muslims, for change is in
everyones future.


 The great prophet who foretold many things, especially about the
coming of the Messiah and some of what He would do. Well his
last chapter is about to be fulfilled, and I'll tell you a little
about it. The last chapter is number 66, now what is important
about this chapter and how it relates to us, first it is the last
chapter that tells what the last one will do. Also in the
beginning of 1966 (i.e. 66) is when the lessons began for the
one who will help fulfill this prophecy. The culmination of this
chapter is in verse 23, and it is no accident that we have 23
pairs of chromosomes. The verse states:                  

                      that from new moon to moon,
                      and from sabbath to sabbath,
                      all flesh shall come to worship before Me,
                      says the Lord.

 The Lord wants everyone to bow down before Him, because He is
everything, and everything is the Lord. He wants all His children
to pray at least twice a day, once in the morning and once in
the evening. We should say at least one Our Father, the prayer
given to us by Christ, and one Hail Mary, plus a prayer to 
Shekhina the Holy Spirit. Also we are to talk to Them, asking, 
thanking and repenting for different things. These prayers are 
to be done in silence because it is just between us and our 
Creator, and this will help us to understand how close our 
Creator is to all of us. This is the minimum, we can't pray
too much. Whenever we eat anything, we are to say thank you


 The story of Jonah and what he was told to do, and eventually
did fits well with what is unfolding. He was told to go to
Nineveh and preach against the city for all the wickedness that
they did. He fought against doing it and ran away until the Lord
forced him to do the Lord's work. I can relate very well to how
he must have felt, and know first hand what it is like to be
forced. In the Seattle chapter you can read what was done to
force me to go and get my passport. I have been beaten into
submission more than once, and They like to cause severe pain in 
my neck, as in you are a stiff necked person like the Israelites.
Though Their favorite way of getting my attention is to grab the
thigh They wrote on, and let me feel it. We will all eat our
portion of humble pie, and be beaten into submission.

 When Jonah arrived in Nineveh, the King quickly heeded his warning 
and began to repent and ordered all his subjects to do likewise, 
and God heard their cries of repentance and changed His mind about 
destroying the city. I hope and pray that is what happens now and 
that you will remember after I'm gone, because that is when the 
worst will happen. Sadly the Vatican has turned its back on the
will of God. For they have ignored the warnings of the greatest
prophet of the twentieth century and have her cloistered, so she
can not say in public what they don't want to hear. The more things
change the more they stay the same.


 The children of Israel had turned to a false god and he was the
only priest left for the Lord. So he called on the people to
bring forth the priests for Baal, which numbered 450, and he was
the only one for the Lord. He then said, lets prepare 2 animals
for sacrifice, one for Baal and one for the Lord, and we will
pray to our Gods and the offering that is consumed by fire this 
will be a sign of who the true God is. The priests for Baal 
prayed and chanted and cut themselves all day long but nothing
happened. Then Elijah dumped a lot of water on his altar until it
was drenched and then he prayed. Instantly the sacrifice was
consumed and the children of Israel repented and turned back to
the Lord. Now this relates to the future, in that we are going to
Israel and are going to say that we represent the Lord and are
here to do His work. Which is to bring forth the Arc of the
Covenant and to build a new temple. We will call on the Jews,
Muslims and anyone else who doesn't believe in Jesus Christ,
and testify before them, that they will before this is done. For
the Lord's chosen will be able to deliver the Arc. Then He will
gather all nations together and the Lord will show us all a
sign, it could be the Miracle promised at Garabandal. Everyone
 will come to be followers of our Lord Jesus Christ for He alone 
is the truth, the life and the way. 
Though for many it will take a tremendous amount of punishment 
as stated in "The Book of Revelation."
 Now Elijah prophesied that as the Lord God of Israel liveth
before whom I stand that there shall not be dew nor rain these 
years, but according to my word (Kings 17.1). I am saying that
the first trumpet has blown (Rev. 8.7) and that this will happen
in the U.S.. It began in 1999 with the fulfillment of several 
prophecies and in July/2000 I sent a letter to the Pope informing 
of this, among other things. The drought will spread across the 
U.S. until one third of the trees and all the grass is burnt (brown 
or black) by the sun. This drought will be the worst since white 
men walked the continent, and will not be lifted until this has 
happened and capital punishment is abolished in the U.S..


 He had the task of telling the people of Israel about their
wayward ways and that they would be overthrown and exiled for
70 years. There were false prophets as there are today. While
I say there is a 1000 year reign of Christ coming soon, though it 
will not come in my lifetime. Some Evangelicals are talking about 
a rapture where they will leave and miss what is coming, rubbish.
What will happen is called the purification, and the only way
to miss what is coming is to die. You will want to be "left
behind", I'll explain that more later. Jeremiah also left
papers for his ancestors to find after the 70 year exile was
over. Also in the Holy Land a stone was left that will connect 
myself, Nostradamus and the Abraham.


Jeremiah 20.7-18

    O Lord thou hast deceived me, and I was deceived, thou art

    stronger than I, and hast prevailed. I am in derision daily,

    every one mocketh me. For since I spake, I cried out, I cried

    violence and spoil, because the word of the Lord was made

    a reproach unto me, and a derision, daily. Then I said, I will

    not make mention of Him, nor speak any more in His name.

    But His word was in my heart as a burning fire shut up in my

    bones, and I was weary with forbearing, and I could not stay.

    ... But the Lord is with me as a mighty terrible One, therefore

    my persecutors shall stumble, and they shall not prevail,

    they shall be greatly ashamed, for they shall not prosper.

    There everlasting confusion shall not be forgotten. ...

    Sing unto the Lord, praise ye the Lord, for He hath delivered

    the soul of the poor from the hand of evildoers. ...   

    Cursed be the day wherein I was born, let not the day

    wherein my mother bare me be blessed. ... Because he

    slew me not from the womb, or that my mother might

    become my grave, and her womb to be always great with

    me. Wherefore came I forth out of the womb to see labour

    and sorrow, that my days should be consumed with shame?


So things aren't that bad, yet anyway.