Return to Montana
 I'm back in Montana and its September(95) and winter will be here 
soon and they want me to write this book. So I decided to go back up 
to the lake to start the project and I'm told while I'm there I'll have 
a vision. Though the tease and the reality had been going on for 
awhile now, I didn't know if, when or what, might happen. I spent the
first night at the high camp, where the story of my childhood lessons
were put on a cassette tape, the first time I had ever tried to start 
saving the story for others. Up at the lake I'm told to prepare by 
gathering a pile of wood for the nights fire. Then lay out the sleeping 
bag and say my prayers. I laid down and waited, not knowing if this was
just another tease or what. Well nothing happened, and when I awoke in 
the morning the teacher was in a good mood and started to point out 
things in the book and I made notes in the margins for about an hour or 
two then the conversation went south and the pen was put down. Later 
in the day I packed up and left, because I didn't feel like fishing and
just wanted to get back and deal with my problems, like bills, etc.. 

 On the way back he leaned on me heavily and the 7 mile walk sucked, 
and by the end I said that I'll make a prophecy that if what you said
was supposed to have happened didn't, that I would burn the book by 
sundown. I got back and checked, then started a fire and destroyed 
the cassette and began to pull pages out of the book and throw them
into the fire, and it felt good to watch it burn and fad away.
Usually the voice is just in my head and there is no feeling of 
something separate, just the voice. But this time it was like he 
was sitting above me watching like a benevolent father instructing 
his son, not upset though, and as much as I hoped it would be this 
easy to get rid of this, I knew this was still just the beginning 
of graduate school. 

 So the writing was put on hold and I started looking for work as a 
carpenter to pay the bills. After about six weeks of hearing how I 
should quit and write, I got a loan and did just that before 
Thanksgiving. I started working some on the house, which needed it,
and bought a ski pass. I was looking forward to spending some time 
on the slopes for the first time in my life. I picked up the pen and 
began some work on the new Quatrains that I had started in Seattle.

 Thanksgiving day was quiet and that night as I sat at my desk in the 
dark and cold home I heard "And one of the Kings wants to talk to 
you.". I had a few seconds to think about it wondering who it might 
be, one of the ones I knew or one of the two unknowns. Then Christ 
spoke, "My greatest hardship was that I couldn't have a family as a 
man.", and after I could feel His spirit for awhile which seemed like 
an eternity even though it was less than a minute. The message was 
very clear, WAKE UP and deal with it, just like Abraham's all 
those years ago. I was so blown away by the meeting that 
I put the pen down and didn't pick it up until Spring.

 On the twenty third of December I was really depressed from the 
lessons as they had been leaning on me very hard all fall. I was 
stoking the fire and as I went to close the stove door I heard, "Leave 
it open someone wants to talk to you.". After turning around and 
looking up I saw Abraham standing before me. He was an outline made 
up of an aura about four to six inches wide that started at the 
floor on one side and went up and down the other side forming the 
outline of a man. I could feel how proud he was to say, "God made a 
covenant with me that one day, ... , and you are the one." and I said, 
"Because of the way I'm being treated I don't want to talk about it, 
but you are welcome to sit by my fire.". So we sat down and I never 
looked over to see if I could still see him though I could feel his 
spirit for about 20 minutes or so, just like as a little boy, "deal with it".
Then I hear and the rest of the Kings are on your left side. Who are 
they? I only know Abraham, Moses, Christ, and Michel and there are 
so many who could be the last two and I just don't know and I don't 
want to guess so as not to offend anyone. There were many others 
also. I was definitely looking for a place to hide as this was 

 The rest of the winter I spent snow boarding and working on the 
house a little. Every day I would drag myself up to the hill even 
though I was in serious pain with both shoulders trashed, and my
teacher kept harping about the weight of the world on my shoulders,
no pain no gain. But I didn't care because I might never get an 
opportunity to ride like this again and it snowed a lot that January. 
I think about the movie about Nostradamus and how they depicted 
his lessons and compared to mine, some being in the middle of a 
class or while surrounded by people. The mobile class room and 
while I rode up the chair lift the story was forced down my throat. It 
started with a review of the early lessons then expanded on them 
and added new ones. I might be riding the chair with someone it 
didn't matter the lessons just flowed into my head, the stories of 
blood and destruction. Around the beginning of March, Shekhina
said to, "be careful",  as I was riding through the trees. My teacher
was pushing me to write, and a little while after the warning a freak
accident in the trees almost broke my ankle, "write the book". Well 
Spring came and by then I had one piece of paper with generally a 
word or two or maybe a phrase being the most written on a line. 
There was some serious pressure put on me to write, so one beautiful 
sunny day I took a walk up to the waterfalls, with a pen and some paper 
and the single sheet, where some very powerful words had been written 
during the winter. The writing took about 4-5 hours, but it was so intense 
that I had to take a nap up there before I could finish. When I was done 
I had 9 pages filled with verses. I was told a few things, one thing
was that I wasn't going to die in 99 and would see the next
millennium, I said some prayers and went back home. Though every
now and then, He would lay death at my door, to rattle my cage.

 After that was done, I went back to work for a few months, because 
I was broke again, and knew while the time was getting closer, it still 
was at some point in the future. Though all the time, there is that 
background commentary, to quit and ... . I was planning on taking 

the boat up to Alaska in August and September. Late in the spring

I was told I would get a birthday present, that I wouldn't like. It came

a few days after my birthday when a 747 blew up off of Long Island

on it's way to France. I didn't know what was going to happen just

that some people were going to die on or around my birthday. It

fit into the story since this is building to my going to France in 1999,

and that a lot of people are going to die in the next century.