I moved to Seattle for 5 years in the summer of 90. I was like 
the last salmon returning to the place of its birth after being 
gone its entire life, to return to fulfill its destiny. I was almost to the 
city with just one more pass to cross and little did I know what 
was waiting for me on top. There is a reservoir on top of the 
pass with a large group of old stumps surrounding  and in it, 
which brought me right back to my sixth grade class and the lesson 
about the reservoir of blood. The story beckons, as I near the city.
As I was passing North Bend and about to enter the city I was feeling 
a little cocky and apprehensive, but I asked, "So who am I going to 
meet", no answer. I'd only tried a few times before, once was when I 
asked if there wasn't something we could do to help the Cambodians 
during the time of the Killing Fields, I swallowed hard then because I 
was so young. There was no response then, but I got the message, 
you can't save everyone and that I should get used too the fact 
that a lot of people are going to die. 

 Then I said, I really want to talk to you, because we are so close 
to the date you gave me in my first lesson, when I was 9, that being 
before my birthday in July of 1999, when I'm 42. He never did talk 
to me that day but slowly over the next 5 years I met different people 
and the story slowly unfolded. 

 It didn't take long once I got to town for something to happen
though. I stayed initially with a childhood friend from Minnesota
while looking for a place. I told him and my fellow workers that
I was looking for a place on the water where I could be a caretaker
and live with my dog for a long time. About a month later while
at another of our companies job sites, I was looking at the house
next door, which had an extension ladder leading up to the front 
door (16 feet up). I thought this place looks like it needs some help. 
So one day the owner came by and I went over and asked about 
living there to give him a hand and he asked me if I wanted to stay 
a long time, I said sure, and we shook on it. So I built a bridge 16 
feet in the air and about 40 feet long to connect the garage and 
house and moved in with the raccoon. It had been his perch, for the 
lower floor was wide open to the lake and there was a tree growing 
up in front for easy access. 

So the dog and I had a spot on the southern tip of Mercer Island. 
The raccoon used to come and eat Molly's food and it was quite 
amusing actually. She'd go over and stand 2 feet away from the 
raccoon, barking and with the hair on her neck at attention, it 
would look up from the bowl and say, ya whatever, and go back to 
eating. She would get bored and come back and lay down, then I'd 
throw something, like a shoe at it, and it would leave, cheap 
entertainment. The only other excitement on the Island were the 
Mercer Island cops. I was driving a beat up old pickup and living on 
some expensive property. I had to have a little talk to a couple
of the boys and finally got a newer truck, and they left me alone.  
    The storm and the Secrets
 Now I'm nearing the end of my stay in Seattle in the fall of 94 and 
my dog had died a few months before and I was alone except for my 
ancestors who were beginning to let me feel their presence. I took 
a backpacking trip up into the mountains, to a lake in Montana, that 
by the outlet is a 500 foot cascading waterfall down to the valley floor 
below. I set up camp and got a large pile of wood for my stay. Then 
a storm moved in and it got nasty out and it was snowing hard with 
the wind howling and the snow blowing horizontal over the cliff and 
down into the valley. The show was so awesome with spectacular sets 
and the Symphony was howling through the trees and with the
 accompaniment of the crackle from the fire in the background. Words 
don't do justice to the scene.

 While the show continued I made some hot chocolate and kicked 
back to take it all in and think about what a crazy life I had, and what 
was going down, and how close 1999 was. When I was young during 
the first lessons I rarely thought about this subject because it was 
taboo. But once I thought about what might be good on a personnel 
level about this if it did come to pass, besides helping others. I 
thought about the knowledge that I would get first, before I tried 
to give it all away. Then feeling a little cocky and afraid, I looked out 
over the cliff into the storm and asked, "I want to know the secrets 
of the Universe, stars, and planets.". The response was, "And the 
weather, and the price will be very high.", well already knowing 
about the assassination attempts, and the final one, I thought well 
no kidding. But I had grown accustomed to that, and worried a little 
about what I didn't know, and what They might be going to do to me.
 I didn't want to give Them any ideas, as if They needed any, so I tried 
not to think about the subject. So I loaded a bowl and made some hot 
chocolate and enjoyed the rest of the show and thought about what 
a strange life it has been.

                   The Window    
It was around the Christmas of 94 while taking a shower, one word 
came through, choose, I sort of chuckled and thought whatever, 
he likes to talk in the shower because it goes well with the passage 
from the Bible, Hebrews 4.12-13;

                Indeed, the word of God is living
                and active, sharper than any two edged
                sword, piercing until it divides soul
                from spirit, joints from marrow; it is
                able to judge the thoughts and intentions
                of the heart. And before Him no creature
                is hidden, but all are naked and laid
                bare to the eyes of the One to whom we
                must render an account.
 Then in Jan/95, the Big Meeting, where I was allowed to look 
through the window and ask a few questions. I had been waiting 
for years for this and I was so overwhelmed by the experience 
that two of the three questions were dumb ones. I was out with 
some friends at a club in Pioneer Square, when I could feel a 
presence approaching so I moved away by myself into the crowd 
on the dance floor. While it is usually like someone talking in 
your ear though with no feeling of separation this was the first 
time that he was above me looking down on me, I couldn't see 
anything but the feeling was very intense. 
 Then before me it was like looking through a window and I could
see 2 paths, a long one on the left and a short one on the right.
As I traveled down the paths looking for the differences in them,
it became clear that the one on the right would help the most
people. Then it ended and I traveled on the left and slowed down
to take a closer look at what I was doing to try and figure out a
time frame for when the other had ended. I made my choice, and the
window closed, in real time less than a minute probably had passed.

 Then  I asked the questions and listened to the answers, at the 
end of the session I couldn't think of anything else to ask at the 
time and was to arrogant and stupid to ask what I knew he was looking
down on me waiting to see if I would. Of course, ask for a last name,
so who are you anyway? I had remembered who he said his first name 
was earlier and with no way to verify it, I was just waiting to see 
what he wanted me to do and if it would help others. I had always 
said I would do what was asked no matter what the personnel cost 
might be though I was apprehensive about being used for something 
bad. When I went back to the folks I was with my friend asked what 
had happened, he said I had looked like ... , I just shrugged it 
off and told him nothing.

 I have finally come to the position that this is all part of the
plan and that this is my part and I'll do the best I can with
the realization that it won't be perfect, and I apologize for
the mistakes I will unfortunately make. The after glow from that
experience lasted about a month and I have never felt anything
like it before or since, that has lasted that long, a couple of
other times in 99, but the after glow was just a couple of days
or so.

 Sometimes a lesson has involved a movie, as the one did that 
finally put a lot more of the puzzle together. I had been getting 
a slight tug to see the movie Nostradamus and I was curious because 
I thought maybe I could learn something that might help some good 
come from this. So when it came out to the video stores I rented it 
and things came together. Near the end of the film he is talking to 
his wife Ann, and is explaining the book and the letter to Cesar 
(their son) to her, when he tells her, "That at the end of the 20th century",
 at this point the voice says the line, "and I hope my son understands." 
leaving out one word from the movie, spiritual, as in spiritual son. 
But as the story goes, I am related through his daughter, because his
sons didn't have any children, her name is Magdalene. Then it was 
off to the Library to order his book, and thinking it would take 
forever to translate it, but when I got there they had several books 
on him and he showed me which one to take "The Final Prophecies of 
Nostradamus by Erika Cheetham".  That was to be one of my two text 
books for Graduate school which was just starting, the other I 
finally opened six months later and was the one I feared most, the 
Bible. I had known since this began that one day I would read and 
study the greatest book, but only an ignorant fool would not have
been totally intimidated. Though only a fool would have tried to
run away.

 This was near my birthday and I was about to have my first public 
lesson, and it was hard. I was told to tell the people who owned the 
house I was staying at something that I didn't want to say. I had 
not talked to anyone yet about this, and I had only mentioned it in 
a letter to one person six months earlier. While I was working that
day he was going on about things and at one point says, and I won't
be as easy as your father was on you. I laughed nervously as I 
thought, no kidding you've already broken my body, and the emotional
part is worse, like dumping the reservoir on an 11 year old kid.
Then I had to write a letter to the public and I could feel his hand 
helping me to write. I understand now much better what was taught as 
a child how the hand of God helped to write the Bible. This was the 
first big push to go public and I was shaking like a leaf back then. 
I remember being curled up in the fetal position and whining for a 
few minutes, "I don't want to know the future". Then I sat up and 
thought oh well, I guess what I had hoped would never happen, is 
going to, and that I had better brace myself for a difficult finish 
to my life as a man.

 Now on my Birthday it was pretty clear what he wanted me to say
and it was very clear in my mind that I didn't want to do it. I
was tell the Grandparents who owned the place that one of there
grandsons who I liked had an aneurysm in his right common carotid
artery. He wasn't going to be hurt, this would be a sign. One of
the early stories about Nostradamus was how he saved a child and
the child had been blessed the rest of his life. Though it was 
also a fact that most of his first predictions were false and I
wanted to avoid as much of that as possible, the twist in the wind
phase. Also, similar to the "window" experience, he was above me
and he felt like a cold hearted prick when he asked me a question;
"What do you think about bluffing?". My reply was; "Not much, but
I suppose sometimes it has its purpose.". Of course thinking great,
I'm going to tell these people this and nothing is going to happen
and they'll think I'm crazy, ... , just lovely.

 Then he went through a little deal to say to the press and I had
to rehearse it. Part of it was about a bottle of Champagne that he
had me buy and that we would have with the people from Sarajevo
after the Serbs left because I was to threaten them, with an 
earthquake. I practiced a few times, but eventually just said, I'll deal 
with it when they come to call.

 I did tell the Grandmother of the child, and she was happy for
her grandson. They took me seriously for a little while since I
had gotten to know them over the last 5 years, but when nothing
happened, needless to say the relationship headed south, and 
about six weeks later I was asked to leave.

 At night he was starting to talk about all sorts of things and
it was scaring the hell out of me, the thoughts that go through
your mind while he's talking. I used to wear some shirts from 
family reunions, like they would somehow ward off my larger 
family. While the information was being passed to me, I would 
pace the floor back and forth just listening to one very wild 
story after another,  and look out across the lake at the lights 
dancing on the water, surreal. 

 I took a shake down cruise up to the San Juan Islands to get 
aquatinted with the boat I had just completely rebuilt, and to read  
the book I had just been given. I was able to put it off for awhile as 
I hooked up with an old friend from NY and his family for the first 
few days. Then I went to soak at Doe Bay and it began to rain 
heavily and the pressure was on to, "read the book, I wrote it for 
you". So I read the whole thing from end to end for the first time. 
I was tied off to a buoy and at night it was like a kaleidoscope
with the rain and the photo plankton in the water glowing when
they were agitated by the rain or some movement. 
           A Weekend in Missoula
  I went to Montana a month or so before I moved back to Missoula
 I was standing in the middle of the creek that flows by the place and 
thinking about this story and how soothing the song of the water 
tumbling over the rocks was when I heard for the first time, His sweet 
voice say, "This is yours". It was the Creator, and I was blown away, 
not knowing what to think, or feel, or do. It was simply unbelievable 
and lasted as long as it took to read those three words, and 
whew ... , just numb and humbled. I can see I'll be in big trouble 
when I get home in a few months, and have to deal with what 
lies ahead.
 Just before Bumbershoot I was driving home having a common argument 
from back then about so who are you and what do you want and if you
do something bad to someone I know that will only prove that you are
evil. Like I had some say in the matter and that everything would be
easy, what a fool. Well very quietly he whispered that a friend of
mine's brother was in trouble. So being afraid I asked if I should
tell him and he said no I'm the devil meaning it was to late, it was
done. When I got home there was one message on the answering machine.
It was from my friend, and it took me over a day to get up the courage
to call him back. When I finally did he said his brother was dead. I
never loose my temper but I came unglued and was very upset to put it
mildly. My teacher/tormentor was above me looking down and he felt
like a cold hearted ____. It is frustrating being so mad at someone 
who physically is not there. He calmed me down by going over the story
and then he said it was time to get my passport, which I did, and that
it was his (my friends brother) time to go and that is just the way it 
is. He also said "and this is for you", meaning this is how real it is 
and there will be some things for you, someday. I was looking at my
passport recently an the date it was issued was interesting, Sept. 11.

 While at Bumbershoot and listening to many great acts like Joan
Osborne, Bela Fleck, etc. I heard among other things to lift the lid 
on the toilet bowl and put the life you thought you would lead in it, 
now flush it down. Then just in case I wasn't getting the message I 
was told "You're ____ and it is going to suck.". Well at least we 
could agree on something. But it has sucked at one level since I was
a child, but I have developed a way of dealing with it, I look at it
as business, sort of, and I'll do what can and I remember what my 6th
grade teacher taught me about always trying to smile and be a happy
person, and so that is what I do. I was told that one day I you will 
envy Bill (Gates), a pause, then, his anonymity, YUCK.

 So who did I meet in Seattle anyway well first was a good friend 
of mine who grew up with me and I've known he was a part of this 
for 30 years, though he didn't find out until I told the others in 
the summer of 95. Though six months earlier I told one of the
persons I met in 93 a little bit about their part. Another will be 
our media spokesperson and when I told him I said that one day 
you will sit at a table with the President and she will listen to 
you. Along the way I became friends with a good man and his wife 
who was working for a major corporation at the time. It is not my 
place to tell you who these and the others are, it is up to them to 
join the team, and there are many others and we need all of you who 
think the 2 goals are worthy, because you're all children of God and 
this is His will. Well I could go on and on but ... . As you can see 
I began to get the answer to the question that I asked as I drove 
into the city five years earlier. As I left the city for home 
thinking about what a strange time I had there, I was given one last 
thing to fret about on the drive, when he said, "You are the last 
one.". Thinking, oh great, I'm going to have to say that this is 
the end. I'm very glad that this is not the case, I'm just the 
last of the seven kings, as we enter an age where women will be 
the most powerful, and in 1000 years I will whisper in her ear, 
you are the one.

 There are things all of you can do, rich or poor, young or old, like 
saying a prayer, to practicing random acts of kindness. This story 
is just beginning to be told and I don't know how big it is going 
to get because this is an interactive story and YOU have the biggest