Seventh Grade and the Test

 Well first an interesting part that the skeptical will just
call coincidence because they do not grasp the completeness and
oneness of the Creator. I didn't think about it at the time and
it was only during graduate school that I understood. That it is
not only the grade, Seventh, which has meaning as I am the
seventh but also that this was the last year of the school as it
closed and I am the last one. That means the last male though,
from here until the end of time, the last two will be women, and
in the next millennium the greatest persons will be mostly women. 
 I had a male lay teacher that year, though since we were 
learning about reproduction the class would be split into girls 
and boys and we would go to the same nun I had the previous year 
for history. It was in her class that while looking at a text book 
there were three of the biggest butchers in history on the page:

  Alexander the loser   Caesar   Napoleon

and I new that in the space on the right I was to put Hitler's
name. Then the big test, and the teacher/tormentor asked, "and
how will you build your empire?". Fear gripped me as I gave my
response, "I don't want to.". I could feel the spirit getting
angry and this scared me all the more so I said, "I don't want to
conquer anyone, subjugate anyone, control anyone, etc., all that
I want is that by the things that I do that they will know that
we are all one. Then I added sheepishly and I want as few people
as possible to know me. The test was over. I will hold no office
and will accept no awards, all that I want you to do is Worship
God, and to listen and don't forget after I'm gone because that is when
He will test you, and the worst will come.

 After that I decided I should have two goals, if I was going to be 
this person, so I chose one from Christ's life and one from history 
and they are:

      1) From Christ, that the meek shall inherit the earth. 
      2) From History, to help bring about a period of peace longer 
         than Pax Romana (more than 200 years).

 I see my role will be several things, one of the main being an
advisor to all nations and people. Those who listen will fair
better than those who don't. The best example I can give you is
to read the story about building the skating rink for the kids
of Missoula. Back in Rudy's (male teacher) class we were talking
about metabolism and how different people have different rates.
Some were slow and some had a very high rate, at which point the
whole class turned and looked at me and I was quite embarrassed.
Rudy said, "Well Mr. Bernard what does this mean.", as he chuckled
and I thought to myself if you only knew the test I just took
and what has been going on. Then I thought that I would have to
do a better job of hiding and mellow out. One of the things I
stopped was my science experiments, that I was designing to help
understand life better. One example is I used to freeze minnows
at home and then bring them back to see if they would survive
and how long I could freeze them. I never did ask my mom, I just
hid them in the freezer. I also kept learning more about computers.
So I decided to get into sports and I could study later. I think it is 
important to use your body to whatever degree you can for a healthy 
well balanced life. Also to learn how to deal with people in a group 
setting. On teams I learned how to give to others, to help them
raise their play and for the group to attain our common goal.  
And the crap that goes along with coaches, parents, the back 
stabbing and all the usual stuff that goes on in a group.