The Strategic Sham & the Grave Sin

After the council and the finance committee almost unanimously said they wanted to put the buildings

to good use and pay off the Catholic Schools who we had purchased the buildings from, the plan for the

Vanity Center was delayed. Now since the new Pastor had no backing he hatched a plan to spread the sin,

it was called "the process", and for fancy words "The Strategic Plan". Of course it was nothing more than

a Song and Dance to produce a glossy brochure with the old trumped up numbers to justify his original

position. Then to replace council members with as the husband of one stated that the council is full of people

who are "yes people", they will do what they are told, which is how many boards work, the false prestige of

being on a council or board. They would be better off spending the time in prayer, or honestly trying to obey

Jesus and do His will. Like promoting Eucharistic Adoration and the Rosary and the REAL teachings of the

Catholic Church. It is your right to build a Vanity Center, if I simply seek the truth.


 The "process" was broken up into 3 parts. The first was the history of the parish with things like missing

funds and other items left out. Then the second part was to figure out our goals, so we would "know who

we are", so after more than a year of playing this charade they came up with 3 items; The Sacraments,

Evangelization and Social Justice. When I mentioned this to the Bishop he asked what was wrong with

that? I told him those are the 3 commands Jesus gave us, if we didn't say that was our mission we wouldn't

be a Catholic Parish. Now we had been promised that we would discuss the assets, buildings, at the end of

the process. But when the time came they were so arrogant they didn't even have one phony meeting. The

"great strategic plan" is already on it's way to the garbage bin, with the easiest part of the plan, which is to

release it, ignored. This still has not been done though it was promised over a year ago. The only reason

for their decision, to tear down the building, being the false numbers, or at the least very deceptive ones.

After all there is no upper limit, as long as you want to spend money someone will take it. An example

is a council member said they could put gold trim around there new meeting room. When asked about the

estimates and for justification for them, the Pastor simply states; the numbers were, "his truth".

  Why is it a grave if not mortal sin? The leaders have the right to squander money, that would be one

issue, and is still a sin. But taking from the children by negating a contract for over a million dollars which is

the only reason the buildings exist today. Then to not do anything for the poor and the youth with the assets

we have, these are very serious issues, and we are warned frequently in Scripture about this. From

Proverbs; 14:31 He that oppresses the poor reproaches his Maker: but he that honors Him hath mercy on the poor.

We were told if we want to help the children and poor mothers and others to go rent a building

somewhere else. These issues are bad enough, but the "process" is the worst of all. For they knowingly set

out to deceive and mislead the people, in a conscious act of the will and in a calculated manor they carried

out their plan. If I did not warn them then their sin would also be upon me and I want nothing to do with it. I

forgive them their sins against me but as for their other sins they must ask for forgiveness from God, and I

pray they do. For Jesus will ask all of us one day to account for what we have done, and contrary to the

apostasy being taught at my Parish the Old Testament is not a myth and Jesus' words:

"what you do to the least of these you do to Me" are to be taken literally.

Also this is like the man who built on sand, for this project is built on fabricated numbers, deception and

worst of all SINS. What is being done is worse than what was spoken of in the Gospel:25:25 And I was

afraid, and went and hid thy talent in the earth: lo, there thou hast that is thine. 25:26 His lord answered and said unto him,

Thou wicked and slothful servant. You don't fear God, because you ignore His commands, you squander millions

and ask for more. You only fear the truth and the light. But since you say you see, your SIN REMAINS.

A 40 year member of the Parish said it best at the 3rd Forum; "If I can't get an honest answer from my Pastor

I'm leaving.". Which he did, I only seek the truth. Hopefully someone will wake up before

millions of dollars are squandered.



Peace be with you, your servant and servant of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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