Some days I wish tomorrow would never come and we could hold onto the 
moment forever. Tomorrow will be what we make of it and what the 
Creator allows to happen. There will be peace on earth, and the world 
will bow down before our Lord Jesus Christ the greatest human being 
that will ever walk the earth. Like I stated earlier about the passage 
in Isaiah 66.23 "that all flesh shall come to worship Me, saith the 
Lord". Christ said that no one knows the Father except through Him, 
for He is the truth, the way and the life. This is so because the 
Father wants it to be, and this is His world and we are His creations 
and like the word Islam means "to submit to Him", we will.
 So the task of bringing His story into the twenty first century and
spreading it around the world will be one of the first. This will be
done through the Internet, radio and TV, along with written articles
and books, and speeches. There will be great opposition to this as
many will put themselves above the will of God, but He will prevail.
 I have thought about computers and how to use them for our benefit
ever since that first lesson back in 1966 with a lot of thought going
towards the field of AI and medicine and knowledge in general, as in 
all of our knowledge, in all fields. I have thought about a Virtual
University that would be basically free to everyone from all nations.
This is a very doable project and should be set up in the private 
sector with government help only at the end by helping their people
plug in. Alexander S. once said while in the U.S. that everyone
must know everything for there to be a real democracy. I realize that
no one can know everything but they should have access to all of our
collective knowledge and be able to access it, and have it presented in 
a clear and concise format. 
 Also Warren Burger said that all inmates should be taught to read and
get a G.E.D. while in prison instead of just pumping iron and watching
soaps. Also they should have to read the Bible and demonstrate that they
understand it. Then after they get out it would be up to them to join
a church and to continue to develop a relationship with their Messiah
and through Him to have a relationship with their Creator and the Holy
Spirit. In the end it is "free will" but as a condition for release all
inmates should have to do these two things.
 We need to obey Mary the mother of Christ when she told the three
children at Fatima for everyone to pray for Russia that it becomes
consecrated to her Immaculate Heart. Russia can attain Superpower 
status through the plow as a bread basket to the World. China will 
also be converted, though I see more resistance there. The Jews will 
be first, followed by the Muslims. The Buddhists need to look at 
Siddartha's teachings. He said he was looking for the path to 
enlightenment not that he was the path to enlightenment. I feel they 
will be easier to bring over to Christ even before many who say they 
are Christians will heed His call. She asked us to go to Mass on the 
first Saturday of five consecutive months, and to say a Rosary 
everyday. Also that the Pope should convene all the Bishops in the 
world for the Consecration of Russia to her Immaculate Heart for 
this is her Son's will.
 It is time for the developed world to share more of it's wealth and
knowledge with the less fortunate. It would not be that hard and will
help to unite all God's children. This can be accomplished without
raising more taxes but through savings in Military budgets and by the
well off doing their part. With prayer and compassion and Love for all
we can change the world and bring about the peace that Christ promised
us 2000 years ago.
 This will not be easy, and many will sacrifice a lot as the weight of
their cross grows heavier. But He said He would not put a burden on you
that you can not handle if you ask for His help. The greatest thing
that will happen in the Twenty First century is the return of our Lord
Jesus Christ for what will be the culmination of a period of Human 
history that will be known as "The Second Coming". 

  Amen and Hosanna in the Highest