The University of Minnesota Duluth, what a beautiful campus
overlooking Lake Superior, I went there in the spring of 75. I
was fortunate and was able to get a bed in the village which was
a cluster of mobile home type structures on campus. They had one
bedroom at each end of the unit that 2 people shared. The one that
I was in had a beautiful view of the lake and I used to love to
watch the sunrise over the lake with all its grandeur and the colors
of a masterpiece, the awakening of a new day. My roommates were
some nice guys, they were seniors and I was a freshman so it
took a little while to get used to each other. It was harder for
Bono my roommate, because his roommate from the previous quarter
wasn't going to school and he had thought he was going to have
the room all to himself. So I understood his position and I
didn't make it easy in the beginning because I made a couple of
rules that we were going to live by. He was a really good guy
and I hope all has gone well in his life. The rules, well the
first was that we were going to take turns cleaning the shower
and that it was going to get cleaned on a regular basis. The
other, well I kept and old tennis shoe by my bed and if late at
night it got too loud, well generally saying be quiet was enough 
but the shoe always worked. I do remember we had a great food fight
once in the house, it was our side against the other side. Bono 
also kept a bird feeder outside the front door and Morning and 
Evening Grosbeaks would come by dressed in their fancy colored
attire for their meal.

 Well back to business, one of my classes was about Roman History 
and one day while following the lecture along in the text book, we 
were listening to a story about what the Romans would do when 
things would get to screwed up and the politicians couldn't get it
together. Well some things haven't changed, politicians being
lost. What they would do is suspend the rules for 6 months and
pull someone off the street and let them rule while the Senators
got there act together. While the professor was talking about it
my teacher/tormentor said "and you can't run away from this". I
said I'm not going to be that hard, but now that the time is
almost upon us, I can say I have tried to run away. I can relate
to Jonah, though I'm afraid you will not respond the same way
the Ninevites did. When Jonah showed up unannounced and spoke
against the city, the King ordered everyone to put on sack cloth
and repent. I came announced, and the Church and others don't want
to hear. They foolishly think they can not listen and it will go
away. I have sort of gotten used to what will happen to me as much 
as a person can anyway. My fear is for those of you who hear but 
will not listen, who will see but will not change. It is those who 
will fulfill what I just wrote, that I feel the most sorry for.

 We had an assignment for the class to write a paper on a topic 
of our choosing. While wandering around the Library looking up
different topics about Roman history I started to get "the feeling".
Then I was lead toward the subject of Ciscero and while paging through 
a book on his life the voice said "and you will be like Ciscero". He
was a famous Orator in ancient Rome and gave advice to politicians
and the people. This is something that I will do, is to give advice to
people, nations and individuals, and those who listen will fair better
than those who don't.

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