A (quick) Walk through Time


eons ago--               Shekhina and our Almighty Father arrive and

                                  creation begins with the spirit we call Jesus.

                                  Adam and Eve are created

                                 They start over with Noah and his family.

about 1900 BC       The Patriartchs, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph

about 1300 BC        Moses comes and frees Israel.

about 1000 BC        David unites the tribes of Israel and his son

                                  Solomon builds the first Temple.

920 -586 BC            Israel splits into 2 kingdoms Prophets Zimra,

                                   Elijah, Elisha, Amos, Hosea, Isaiah, Micah,

                                   Zephaniah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Temple destroyed

538     BC                 Edict of Cyrus and Israel returns, Prophets Haggai

                                   Zecharriah, Malachi, Temple is rebuilt

about 0                      The messiah our Lord Jesus Christ is born.

30-33 AD                  Jesus teaches and is crucified, and rises from

                                   the dead.

                                   Mary Magdalene, Sara, others go to Provence

46-62 AD                  Paul's 4 journeys, Apostolic church grows.

70 AD                        Jewish revolt, Temple destroyed, Jews scattered.

100 AD                     John writes the book of Revelation and is the last

                                   apostle to die.

165                            St. Justin, martyred, 2 of his writings survive giving the

                                   earliest descriptions of the rite of Baptism and Sunday Mass

100-321                    Persecutions until Constantine converts and the Christianity is

                                   made the official state religion.

325                            Council of Nicaea declares Jesus's divinety.

431                            Council of Ephesus, Mary is called "Mother of God".

1054                          Orthodox Church splits from Rome

1095-1291                Crusades

1184                          Council of Verona starts the Inquisition of Heretics

1431                          Joan of Arc burns at the stake

1479                          Spanish Inquisition starts

1517                          Martin Luther challenges the Church

1534                          Henry the 8th starts the church of England

1565                          St. Augustine founds first catholic community, US

1566-8                       Nostradamus dies and Les Propheties is printed

1689                          June 17, King of France told to consecrate France

                                   to the sacred heart of Jesus, by St. Margret Mary.

                                   They refuse, he and his son and grandson, until the

1793                          French Revolution and in the tower he consented to

                                   if he was restored, he was let out, and guillotined.

538-1798                   millions Christians killed by Christians

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