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Before we look at the pages from the 9/11 commission report and the smoking guns,

lets look at  the correct Quatrain (verse) that Nostradamus wrote over 400 years ago,

the first 2 lines from Quatrain 2.79 are below; let there be no doubt that the Creator is

in charge and everyone will know it, this is the chapter I wrote right after the attack;

 SEPTEMBER 11  2001  , Quatrain 2.79;

La barbe crespe & noire par engin,         The beard frizzled & black through aircraft

Subjuguera la gent cruelle & fiere;            subdues the nation cruel and proud,

Here is the French Dictionary for the key word engin;


Below are some links to sites which look at what really happened that day and who knew what when?


Smoking gun #1, it pays to be on the right list, several government employees where tipped not to

fly on 9-11, here is an article from 9/12/01 in the San Francisco Chronicle on the Mayor who was

told not to take the flight that he had planed to take into NYC on 9-11, a lot of others wish they'd

been notified not to fly on Sept. 11.


Here is a look at smoking gun #2, while WTC buildings 4, 5 &6 were damaged and later torn

down, some how building number 7 magically imploded at 5:00 PM on 9/11/01. Nothing hit building

# 7 and it takes a long time, more than a day to set the charges to collapse a 47 story building.

Here are 2 graphics from the official 9-11 commission report, the first is footprint of the buildings;

                                          Lies and deceit

Notice how close Buildings # 4 and 6 are to the Towers and how far away (355 ft.) # 7 is.

Buildings # 4, 5 & 6 didn't fall but magically # 7 implodes at 5:00 PM 9-11-01 and this

is a thorough in depth and honest(?) investigation into what happened, and they don't

look at or even mention anything about building # 7, the truth is clearly NOT what

they were looking for. To view the collapse of Building # 7 click on this site;

The 4 gray buildings all came down on 9-11, the 3 red ones were damaged and later torn down. The blue

buildings had more damage than the yellow ones but all are still standing.

To view this CNN site which has several angles of the above picture.


Not to mention the question of why some people and government officials and the

Joint Chief's  were told not to fly and cancelled their flights on and just before Sept. 11,

I guess that would have been a tough question.


Now lets take a look at the "official report".

It took less than 20 minutes for the military to intercept Payne Stewarts jet when it failed to

respond, and this was just a private jet with no reason to think it was a serious threat, this

is standard procedure and has been for 50 years. Now here we have at 8:19 a hijacking

and the military knew there was a serious problem at 8:21 when the transponder was

turned off, this DOES NOT erase the plane from the screen, it just removes the number

which is next to the planes blip. This is a RED FLAG that something is wrong and a

response is made.


At 8:25 it is stated that Boston Center is aware the flight is hijacked, yet they WAIT until

8:38 to inform the military. The military has it's own radar system which monitors aircraft.


At 8:53 over 1/2 hour after the hijacking began there are jets in the air.


This is the most unbelievable part in the timeline at 9:21 over 34 minutes AFTER flight 11

has crashed into the North Tower, Boston Center tells the military that flight 11 is airborne

and headed for Washington.


Now lets look at the flight 175 timeline, they never even bothered to contact the military,

though the military already knew and could have diverted its jets. Which by the "Official

Timeline" were in the air and in the area. The kindest thing a person can say is we have

fools in charge and since NOT ONE person was reprimanded or fired, then our leaders

are inept fools or ... .


Now lets look at the next to flights

At 8:54 there is an unauthorized turn and 2 minutes later the transponder is turned off, RED FLAGS,

yet incredibly it is not until 40 minutes later at 9:34 that the FAA advises the military that flight 77 is

missing. It is a few minutes later that the Pentagon is crashed into, job well done. After 2 airliners

are high jacked and flown into the WTC Towers and Flight 77 is high jacked and heading back to

Washington DC, do you really believe the military could not respond? Notice there is no mention

of the military's air traffic control [NORAD] system which watches everything in the US, and what

they were doing.


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This is one of the best sites with information on many topics, along with 9-11, you

should check out Bohemian Grove at this site, and more links       9-11 links + more

  ALEX JONES his site has EXCELLENT INFORMATION      Home page


Very good site with detailed information on the timeline and more with links

to the news stories where the information was found, plus much more;


A group of relatives have hired Stanley G. Hilton, former chief of staff for Bob Dole to

bring legal action against the government.

Ellen Mariana who's husband was on flight #175 that hit the 2nd  WTC Tower,

her campaign and lawsuit for the truth.


Here is a list of Americans from the Government, military, etc.


                                PENTAGON ?

Here is a good look at the pentagon and the question, Where's the Boeing?.

Scroll down this site a ways and you'll see a video clip of what (?) hit the pentagon

and a still photo of the hole it made in the building.

This site has some interesting video and other links;

Fox news article about FAA destroying the 9-11 flight controller tapes,2933,119281,00.html 

more sites and info.

Mahatma Gandhi 9-11, 1906 short article on his first protest  12/20/06


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