9.11 HELP!!

     The Warning to America and the World

                God is Love, sometimes Tough Love


First look at the Quatrain 2.79;

La barbe crespe & noire par engin,         The beard frizzled & black through aircraft

Subjuguera la gent cruelle & fiere;            subdues the nation cruel and proud,

Le grand Chryen ostera du longin,            The great Chyren will free from a vast distance

Tous les captifs par Seline baniere            all the captives from the lunar banner.


On September 10, 2001 I mailed out 4 packets of information to Christian groups,

the ones overseas were to Fatima centers, explaining what is going on and asking

for help, the bill for shipping the 4 packets was $ 6.66. At the site below for the

Dictionary you'll also find the receipt from the Post Office. Now the key word from the

first 2 lines is "engin" which has several meanings, and I've enclosed the page from

the dictionary so go look for yourself, engin translation. But also in aviation the word

"engin" can mean aircraft. Thus he was shown or told the events of 9/11. How could

he do that? The answer is simple, who was his teacher? He said it was God, and

from Revelation's it was the lamb who was sacrificed and found worthy to open the

seals, Jesus. Chyren is another name for me it is tied together in Quatrain 6.27 and

8.54 and refers to the captives that I prayed for in Kabul, also I was told that He

had heard the prayers of those in captivity, the lunar banner is the emblem for Islam.

Here are some more Quatrains about this subject, you can look at the 3rd and 4th

letters to the Pope, to see them being used.

                                            Quatrain 4.43

Seront ouys au ceil les armes battre,                 Shall hear in (the) sky weapons fighting,

Celuy an mefme les diuns ennemis;                    that same year the divines (clergy) enemies;

Voudront loix sainctes injustement debatre        (they) want unjustly to debate (the) Holy laws,

Par foudre & guerre bien croyans a mort mis.    By thunderbolts & war many believers put to death.


I sent the first set of laws to the Pope in July of 2001, this will also come into play when the

2 witnesses walk the earth. There are many other Quatrains that talk about this time, "when

the cycle of the centuries is renewed", etc., I'll discuss those in another chapter.


 Many will not want to hear this, though I have heard similar versions from others. This is a

warning from our Father, the Creator, and if you think He is happy with the nation that He

has given the most to, you are mistaken. Before we look at the numbers and what they

tell us about the future lets look at our shortcomings.


 So roughly 3 thousand people died on 9/11, or more correctly 3 thousand sacred

vessels died, but the souls of the people still live. Now what condition are they in, for

that is the real question. How are their 401k plans, their retirement savings, pension

plans looking? Not to good, If the judgment were today less than 10% would make

the cut. Fortunately its not, but for a thousand or so they'll be with the 19 terrorists for

eternity. So if you had a friend, relative, or loved one who left us on 9/11, I would pray

for them. A good example are the 7 fireman who rode the building down with Josephine.

They all thought they were going to die, and how many asked for Jesus Christ's mercy?

In the interview I saw, only 1 mentioned it. They (the Trinity) were saddened by how few,

even though they knew they were going to die soon, were to proud still or foolish to ask

for mercy. Remember the 2 who were crucified with Jesus, one asked for help and was

saved, and the other, well he is with the terrorists. You need to ask yourself, where do

I want to be in a 1000 years, there are only 2 answers. John Lennon was a fool, and

didn't know what he was talking about. Imagine there is a Heaven above us and a Hell

below us. It is easy if you open your heart to see the love all around us, think long term

not just for the moment. There are plenty of signs all around, the Shroud of Turin, which

is the burial cloth of Jesus Christ. All of the miracles done all over the world.

Wars and problems are the way He chastises us for our bad behavior, just like a

parent with a child. This is what Jacinta one of the Fatima seers was told, and if you look

in the Bible when God got mad with the Jews He would raise up trouble for His wayward

people. A good example is the prophet Jeremiah, he told Israel what they didn't want to

hear and then raised up a pagan to overthrow the Israelites. Then when Nebachandeser

got to full of himself, God caused him to wake up in a field a babbling idiot. God is not

choosing Osama bin Laden because He thinks he is great, He is using him to do His

work. We used Afghanistan for our own purposes in the 1980's to stop Soviet expansion,

Norman Shwartzkof even helped train Osama bin Laden. Plus do you think God wants to

see Osama bin Laden succeed, of course not, and Islam is not going to dominate the

world, it is going to fade away, but that story is for the next book. Then when that war

was over, we walked away instead of helping Afghanistan  recover. I realize we sent them

food, but we should have done much more, similar to the Marshall plan after WW II, we

forgot the lesson from WW I, where we left the German people in abject poverty and Hitler

rose to power and started an even worse war. The 2 main adversaries, the Japanese

and Germans were both rebuilt and our now 2 of our closest allies. We also have the

failed policy of the Gulf War which still haunts us.


The United States of America is the most powerful nation on earth because God

wished it to be so. Our strength first comes from Him, then it is our freedom and

diversity of people all living as one, as He intended, and as it used to be long ago.

We are at a point in Human history where He is going to draw us back together

and enlighten us as we move into the third Millennium. They (Trinity) are going to

lay out in front of us in the clearest of terms that this is Their world, that They made

it, and that it is going to be Their way, period. You'll be free to choose, but this century

will, by the end, be where everyone worships God, the Father, the Son and Shekhina

the Holy Spirit. The false and misguided religions will be gone, the 3 religions that

have grown out of the Old Testament shall become one, and the world shall live in

peace. But between here and there is a bumpy ride.


God intends to humble the U.S. for our wayward ways. I've heard people complain

when they've heard this, doesn't the spoiled child always complain when they

don't get their way. Ask yourself some simple questions;


1) do you have a relationship with God, the Father, Son, and Shekhina the Holy Spirit

2) do you love your neighbors as yourself

3) do you pray daily

4) do you help others

5) do you go to Mass once a week


Everyone is capable of the first 4, unless you're totally incapacitated and can no

longer think. If you can pray than you can also help others by praying for others.

Mother Theresa mentioned offering up your suffering for others. The greatest

gifts are not money or things that others see you do, but it is what you do for

others that our Father sees, for He sees everything and with a good relationship

with Them, They will forget our mistakes and remember the good things we've

done. They don't make it too hard for anyone, all are welcome.


The U.S. needs to give far more than it does, we barely scratch the surface of

what we could be doing. We need to end the need for abortion except for in the

rarest of cases. Not by legislation or overturning Roe Vs. Wade but by prayer

and love and a change of our spirits back to Them. We need to end capital

punishment, for this is a greater sin. Why, because a human being is a fully

consecrated being with a soul which maybe salvageable. If they remain in

prison and we help them to see the light. I'll talk more about the justice

system later. The unborn child is a sacred vessel and it is only our naivete

and poor understanding of the sacred vessel that allows some to terminate

a child. On judgment day there will be no aborted fetuses there, but the sin

of there termination will have to have been dealt with. Also, all those who

support capital punishment are murderers, for revenge is the Lords, and you

will have to have asked for forgiveness from the Lord or it will be counted

against you. We need to bring God back into our lives, the Bible will be

taught in all schools in the U.S. and the world. We need to show Them

more respect, stop using Their names in vane, etc..


Now by the numbers, the number 11 is very prominent with the day (11th)

 and the first flight was number 11, and the twin towers looking like 11, plus

many other ways to reach 11 have been talked about. Then it was flight 77

that hit the pentagon, and there were 19 terrorists. The flight that crashed in

Pennsylvania was flight 93 which has a personnel meaning about working

together. Before I discuss the numbers further lets look at a Quatrain 1.91;


Les dieux seront aux humains apparence,     

                                      The Gods shall to the Humans appear,

Ce qu'ilz seront auteurs de grand conflict;      

                                       that only They shall author the great war;

Avant ciel veu serain, espee & lance            

                           Before (the) sky's view serene, (from) weapons and rockets,

Que vers main gauche sera plus grand        

                 That towards the left hand side will be (the) most great affliction.


The Gods are the Father, Son, and Shekhina the Holy Spirit, They have let it be

known before that They use wars to punish us, and will again until we change.

Now the destruction that is predicted on the left side, is first in this conflict with

Afghanistan, on my map of the world the U.S. is on the left side. They are already

a pile of rubble from 20 years of fighting. But there is another conflict coming and

on my map of the world, China is to the left of the U.S. I'll talk more about this with

the war Quatrains in another book.


The number 11 is a huge number for our side,  it is for them that I'm building

a foundation which they will continue. They being the 2 who will come to fulfill

the 11th chapter in the book of Revelation. For They (Trinity) shall raise up twin

towers from America and place them over the whole world, and they shall be

hated. There will be many pseudo Christians who will hate them and many

who claim to know the Bible who will hate them and speak all sorts of lies and

profanity about them. For it is written in Matt. 21-23 that some will claim to

speak for the Lord but they do not do the will of the Father. Also in the 11th

chapter of the book of Rev. where it talks about their death, it says the world

will party and exchange gifts because they were tormented by them. Then in

verse 11.11 it states that after 3 and a half days they will rise up from where

they fell for the people had left them. What is Their will? That we love our

neighbor as we love ourselves.


Now the twin towers and the pentagon represent what many in America worship

most, the twin petty powers of money and military might. Do you think the 2

servants are going to preach that greed is good, and that might makes right.

If you do not heed Their warnings, the day will come as I have been told that in a

single day the U.S. will loose more people than in all the wars we have fought to

that day. The Creator wants to bring us back together to the time before the

tower of Babel when we were one and all spoke the same language, and the

Church is going to be out front in this matter, instead the bureaucracy is the last

in line and slowing everything down. We need to make changes in what we

think is important and how we use what we have been given.


Now about flight 77 hitting the pentagon, it is interesting that in July I sent the

Pope a letter which contained some of the new truths and laws about the earth. I

am the second and also the seventh, as in  2 - 7s and it has been a goal of mine

since childhood to get rid of all the militaries on the earth. One of the laws

was the formal statement of a prophecy by Jesus Christ that one day we will

teach war no more. For I have stated that there are to be no standing armies,

navies, or airforces for anyone. You can call it mutually assured wimpiness,

I think the chance is very slim to none that you will listen in my lifetime.

Also flight 77 was the last flight, and I am the last one, it was the 4th flight to

take off, now lets look at Quatrain 4.77, I've said that one of my names in the

Quatrains is Selin;

            1st 2 lines                     Selin king, Italy peaceful, kingdoms

                                                  united by the Christian king of the world


 The number 19 is a number associated with me as I am the one mentioned in

the last half of the 19th chapter and many in power both in the military and

business leaders will not like me because they don't see the big picture. Also

the number 93, the flight where people worked together to save others, I met

some important people in 93 that if we work together we can save a lot of



 Now about Tough Love, we are spoiled and greedy over here in the U.S. and

there are going to be changes, think about it, pray for guidance on the subject.

Basically we were spanked, and are going back to Afghanistan to do what we

should have done over a decade ago. I read what one woman said, it was

cruel if God did this, and that she was glad she is a pagan. So blind, that she

doesn't see that she is a part of the problem. There will be changes. Well how

many Afghans died helping us in the 80's, and how many more died after we

left, after using them, we got off easy. Plus I think most people would agree

that Bin Laden needed to be put out of business in Afghanistan, and one day,

everywhere. The bottom line is, if you think what is going on is random, then

you think like a monkey and not the way God thinks.

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