The Ark of the Covenant

       and the Lambs Blood


    There are several stories about where the Ark of the Covenant  might

be located, and this is the best one that I have seen. It was in 1978 that

Ron Wyatt was working in the Red Sea where Moses had crossed. He

had found old chariots and a ancient marker on the shore from the time

of Solomon. While diving during the daytime in the desert he had

become sunburned and had to take a break, he went back to Jerusalem

to wait for his flight to leave in a few days. He was walking around the

Old part of the city with an Israeli official who was going to show him

some old roman artifacts. When suddenly while walking along his left

arm pointed to a nook in a rock wall and he blurted out; "that is

Jeremiah's cave and the Ark of the Covenant is in there". Then the

official who was with him said that is fine we'll give you a permit and

help with the dig, which is not what they say. He didn't know why he had

said it because he wasn't looking for the Ark, or even thinking about it at

the time. After he went home he did some research and got ready for a

return trip to see what was there.


    When he got back with his crew, his sons and some locals they began

to excavate the area. The place is very close to the skull, Golgotha which

is a rock out cropping that still exists just outside the walls of the old city.

Golgotha in Hebrew means place of the skull, which is what the rock

formation looks like. Now as they kept excavating down from a rock wall

3 niches in the wall were found about the size to carry a sign about 1

meter square (3'X3'). Finally they got down to bedrock and found a

shelf jutting out from the wall, and just in front of it they found a post hole

with a plug in it, that was used to hold a cross for a crucifixion. If front of

the single hole were found 3 more in a line and they were 4 feet below the

single hole. Then they began to find the perimeter walls for an old church.

And a little farther back a round stone 13' 2" in diameter and 2 feet thick.

By the old coins they found they could date the place to late first or second

century. Why had the church been built around a crucifixion site, it must

have been someone important, like Jesus Christ.


    Under Jerusalem there are many cave systems and tunnels, some man

made and others natural. They finally broke into a tunnel and began to

explore and excavate, this went on for 4 years. Then one day near the end,

he was running out of time and money, and he prayed to God for help. One

day while they were taking a break a man came by and talked to him while

he was down in the hole. The man said "God bless Ron Wyatt" and walked

off. He came up to talk to the man but he was gone and no one up in the

area had seen anyone. So with the visit, from an Angel, they found new

strength to keep on working. They broke into a large cavern that had some

cherubims etched on the wall. But there wasn't anything in the room, so they

kept looking, finally they broke into another room that had a large stone

enclosure in it. When Ron wiggled his way in there he realized what he was

looking at and passed out for 45 minutes. After coming to he also realized

that they weren't going to get anything out the way they came in.


    The chamber was about 90 feet from the entrance but there was a lot of

turns and tight spots, some barely big enough for a man to fit through. On

another trip while looking at the stone container he noticed that the lid was

broken, and while inspecting that he noticed a crack in the bedrock right

above the hole in the lid, and there was what appeared to be dried blood

in the crack. What he was looking at finally started to sink in, they were right

below the single post hole in the ancient church. Then he bored a whole

through the side wall of the container and used an endoscope he had

borrowed from a doctor back home at the hospital he worked at. He saw

the Ark and some other items from the first Temple and on the Mercy Seat

there was more blood, that had dripped down through the crack and onto

the Ark. God had consecrated the old covenant with the blood of His Christ,

which after the His side was pierced ran down his side, down the cross and

into the cross hole. Then as the Bible says there was an earthquake,

Matt. 21.51,

                     And behold the veil of the Temple was rent in twain

                     from the top to the bottom, and the earth did quake,

                     and the rocks rent (split).


Then God split the  rock and made a crack from the bottom of the cross

hole down to the chamber where the Ark had been placed over 400 years

before by Jeremiah.


    Now Ron had some of the blood analyzed and it was found to have an

extra chromosome a Y chromosome along with the standard 23 pairs. The

authorities wanted to keep this under wraps, for the political ramifications

are huge, explosive. Because all 3 religions in the area, Christian, Judaism

and the Muslims all believe in Moses and the Ark, and all will want it. For

that has been and still is the way of man, not God's way, but his way. But

as you'll soon see this is from God to man and it will be His way, period.


    So for about a decade nothing much was said about it, for God has a

plan, obviously, and man is not going to get in the way of it being fulfilled.

The authorities wouldn't let Ron reveal or take any more samples to show

the world. After all it wouldn't look good for the Jews if the blood of Jesus

the Messiah was found on the Ark, since they still don't want to admit He

was who He said He was. It was in the late 90's that the Israelis decided

to remove the Ark and the other contents from the stone encasement. But

God had other plans. They sent down 4 Leviticus priests to begin the

preparations for the removal. When they never came back, the authorities

asked Ron to go see where they were. He found them dead, he thought

it looked like they had al suffered a brain aneurism . After the bodies were

removed the cave was sealed up and that is how it remains today. They

did try to take some photographs of the Ark but they always turned out

blurred, they tried a Polaroid, a 35mm, and a video camera all with the

same results.


            Quatrain 7.1

1     The Ark of the treasure for the sake of Achilles deceived

2      to the Procreators the quadrangle known

3      in the Royal act the (reason) why shall be known

4       (a) corpse seen hanging in view of the people.


     Now the first line is about the Ark and during the 1999 run around I was

deceived or bluffed as he likes to call it into having to go to Ethiopia to see

if the Ark they have there in Axum is the real one or not. Achilles is a code

name he could use for me because of a mark on my right heel. The story

about Achilles is that they held him by his heel when they dunked him in a

bath to make him immortal and the only way to get to him was through his

heel which wasn't protected. Line 2 is easy, the procreators are the most

Holy Trinity, and the quadrangle is the enclosure around the Ark, and They

always knew where it was and it was exactly where They wanted it. The

3rd and 4th lines are about the crucifixion, the 4th line is self explanatory.

The 3rd will become understood when God wants the Ark to really go

public, the royal act was the sacrifice of the Lamb for our sins with His

blood then dripping onto the Mercy Seat of the Ark of the Covenant.

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