2001 and 2002 Chapters


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SEPTEMBER 11  2001                                  9-11   The Warning           

BACK TO FRANCE                                        back to France, Spain, Portugal     

FRANCE 2001                                                 first part of the trip in France, pictures    

SPAIN  2001                                                     Nostradamus's house, drive across Spain 

PORTUGAL  2001                                           Portugal, Coimbra and Fatima     

BACK TO SALON 2001                                 the drive back across Spain       

THE GREATEST SOLDIER                           Mass on 11/11/01, Cathedral in Orleans

BACK TO PARIS and HOME                        return to Paris and the flight home  

DECLARATION & PROCLAMATION          1/13/02  the Bishop & Face of God

ROAD TO GARABANDAL                              the trip to Garabandal

ROAD HOME                                                       the 2nd part of the trip

ARK OF THE COVENANT                        story about the Ark of the Covenant

SEVEN YEARS DOWN THE ROAD               a brief summary through 2002

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